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183 produtos
  • Meu Primeiro Álbum - Menina

    Editora Manole

    “Meu primeiro álbum – Menina” é um livro-diário para guardar as lembranças dos primeiros anos de vida de sua menininha. Repleto de belas imagens de ursinhos de pelúcia, evocando o suave universo infantil, este diário é perfeito para celebrar momentos...

  • A Menina Loas - Um Processo de Construção da...


    Esta publicação trata da trajetória da Assistência Social brasileira nesta última década sob a iluminação da LOAS. A beleza deste texto pode ser encontrada a partir de dois aspectos que permeiam sua leitura: em primeiro lugar, pela linguagem...

  • À Primeira Vista

    Levithan,David; Lacour, Nina

    Esqueça amor “à primeira vista”. Esta é uma história de amizade “à primeira vista”... ou quaseMark e Kate são da mesma turma de cálculo, mas nunca trocaram uma única palavra. Fora da escola, seus caminhos nunca se cruzaram... Até uma noite, em meio...

  • Menina Brilhante - Um Guia Prático Para...

    Grant,Ian; Grant,Mary

    “Menina Brilhante” é uma obra que vai ajudar pais e mães a tornar a vida com suas filhas mais divertida, a ter mais tempo para acompanhar o crescimento e o desenvolvimento delas, reduzindo as preocupações e os temores que acompanham a educação de...

  • e-book

    One Indian Girl Parody

    Rashmi B

    Sonal is a divorced and attractive Indian girl. She is working as a software engineer in an investment bank in Bangalore. She has money, she can afford sex outside marriage. She also has opinion on everything. She is dating various marriage prospects...

  • e-book

    Green Girl - Book One of The Greenskin...

    Sara Mariam TaGalbi

    In a nation conquered by the more technologically advanced Cessor and a time when dragons are fading into legend, Allanas is born in a remote mountain village that ultimately rejects her. Suspicious of her changing skin color, she is accused by her...

  • e-book

    Boomer Girl - Fighting Midlife One Crisis at...


    Faster than a sudden mood swing, more powerful than +3.0 reading glasses, able to sleep five hours in a single night! Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird, it's a plane . . . (Holy hot flash, Batman!) . . . it's Boomer Girl!Picking up where Wonder Woman...

  • e-book

    The Girl I Left Behind


    At the height of the Vietnam War protests, twenty-eight-year-old Judith Nies and her husband lived a seemingly idyllic life. Both were building their respective careers in Washington—Nies as the speechwriter and chief staffer to a core group of...

  • If I Was Your Girl

    Russo, Meredith

    My name is Amanda. I'm 18. When you look at me, you might see that I'm pretty and popular; you might think my life is easy. But being me has never been easy. Because I haven't always been Amanda. When I was born, I was named Andrew. Now, at my new...

  • e-book

    The Girl Who Never Was - Otherworld Book One

    Skylar Dorset

    'quot;Romantic, suspenseful, and witty all at once-Alice in Wonderland meets Neverwhere.'quot;-Claudia Gray, New York Times bestselling author of the Evernight series'quot;Today is my birthday.'quot;In Selkie'apos;s family, you don'apos;t celebrate...

  • e-book

    Atlas Girl - Finding Home in the Last Place I...

    Emily T. Wierenga

    In this lyrical memoir, a disillusioned pastor's daughter searches the globe for God and finds him in the most unexpected place--back home.

  • One Little Flower Girl

    Dussling, Jennifer

    Here comes the bride . . . but first comes the flower girl! Come along on this rhyming story as our little flower girl discovers how special her part is in the big day -- and how much fun a wedding can be. Sweet, delicate art by Janie Bynum takes the...

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  • A Moça do Vestido Azul - Um Romance Sobre a...

    Arnold, Gaynor

     Baseado na vida e no casamento do escritor inglês Charles Dickens, A moça do vestido azul conta a história de Dorothea e Alfred Gibson, uma história de amor sem final feliz. Depois de décadas de casamento, ela foi rejeitada e excluída da vida de um...

  • e-book

    The One Pound Pony Girl


    A lifelong enthusiast of anything horse-related, Gabrielle Aston is intrigued when her new lover offers her the chance to actually become a human pony for him. Thinking it will be a fun and delightfully sexy game to play, it is only after she has...

  • Because I Was A Girl

    Melissa de La Cruz

    Because I Was a Girl is an inspiring collection of true stories by women and girls about the obstacles, challenges, and opportunities they've faced...because of their gender. Edited by #1 New York Times-bestselling author Melissa de la Cruz, the book...

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  • e-book

    Just a Girl from Kansas - One Woman'apos;s...

    Rebekah Moan

    'Just a Girl from Kansas' is one woman's journey along the yellow brick road of guys, gurus, and goodies. Rebekah kept getting signs to move to San Francisco and finally one day she paid attention. She packed two suitcases and a backpack and flew to...

  • e-book

    Blemished Heart - One Girl'apos;s Escape from...

    Fern Boldt

    Lizzy Bauman keeps getting into trouble. Every time she'apos;s punished, a dark spot is added to her heart. Resolving to do better, she writes down her misdeeds in a little book. She desperately wants to erase the blemishes and prevent any more from...

  • e-book

    Gypsy Bride - One girl'apos;s true story of...


    'apos;I felt like Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and all the other fairy-tale princesses, and Pat was my Prince Charming.'apos;Sam Skye Lee had often thought about getting married, but never imagined that her dress would be bright pink with...

  • e-book

    My Thai Girl and I - How I found a new life...


    This is about how Andrew Hicks met Cat, a 'Thai girl' half his age and how they set up home together in her village out in the rice fields of North Eastern Thailand. He'll tell you of toads in the toilet, of ants' eggs for breakfast, how they took up...

  • e-book

    I'apos;mperfect Girl

    Elena Emma

    I'MPERFECT GIRL is the story of Haven's hedonistic, emotional, and spiritual journey of self-discovery through the thorny mazes of the contemporary dating scene in search of her ultimate soul mate. It is the tale of Fifty Shades of Gray in the life...

  • e-book

    I Kissed a Girl! (and My Boyfriend Caught...


    3am Confessions Presents Unusual & Forbidden Hookups!A girl is caught by her boyfriend getting intimate with his sister, her best friend! A girl gets a very special 'Birthday Gift' from her best friend's father! Two young girls discover 'the feminine...

  • e-book

    I am the Girl

    Jillian Godsil

    I am the Girl

  • e-book

    Girl with a One-Track Mind - Confessions of...

    Lee, Abby

    The bestselling book that changed the way we talk about sex...'apos;They say men think about sex every eight seconds - I want to know what they think about for the other seven...'apos;Abby Lee is smart, sassy, and perpetually single. Frustrated with...

  • e-book

    Girl Fun Selections One: A Collection of Five...

    Diamond, Lucy; Lake, Lynn; Meadows, Kitty

    Five lesbian stories with subthemes of BDSM, paranormal, older woman from Xcite Books from Xcite Books winners of ETO's Best Erotic Book Brand 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013.  

  • e-book

    I Kissed a Girl

    Perry, Regina

    Everyone'apos;s heard the Katy Perry song, but have you ever been tempted...?If so, you'apos;re not alone: most heterosexual women have had same-sex fantasies, and this diverse collection of short erotic fiction takes us way beyond kissing. Indulge...

  • e-book

    Gossip Girl 5 - I Like it Like That

    Ziegesar,Cecily Von

    The eagerly awaited fifth title in the gossip-licious, high impact series

  • Gossip Girl - Because I'm Worth It

    Von Ziegesar,Cecily

    With the college applications complete and summer in full bloom, Serena, Dan, Vanessa, Blair, and Jenny have got an interesting vacation ahead in New York City before heading off to college where they plan to fulfill all of their dreams. Original.

  • e-book

    Gossip Girl 10: Would I Lie to You

    Von Ziegesar, Cecily

    The tenth book in this gossip-licious series

  • e-book

    Gossip Girl 6 - You'apos;re the one that I...

    Ziegesar, Cecily Von

    The sixth in the sizzling gossip-filledGossip Girl series

  • e-book

    Gossip Girl 3 - All I Want is Everything

    Ziegesar, Cecily Von

    The third in this gossip-filled series featuring the privileged lifestyle of the Manhattan super-rich

  • e-book

    Gossip Girl 4 - Because I'apos;m Worth It

    Von Ziegesar, Cecily

    The fourth in the entertaining, compulsive, gossip-filled read

  • e-book

    I Call Myself Earth Girl

    Jan Krause Greene

    When Gloria discovers that the baby in her womb was conceived in a past life, she must unravel the mystery that ties her to the past and future.

  • Go Girl! 24 - Um Sonho Realizado


    Um sonho realizado.O sonho de Zoe se realizou: ela vai andar a cavalo! No aniversário, a garota ganhou de presente aulas de equitação. Mas Zoe nunca montou antes. Será que essa experiência vai ser tão incrível quanto ela imaginou?

  • e-book

    Beautiful - A beautiful girl. An evil man....

    Piper, Katie

    'apos;I heard a horrible screaming sound, like an animal being slaughtered ... then I realised it was me.'apos;When Katie Piper was 24, her life was near perfect. Young and beautiful, she was well on her way to fulfilling her dream of becoming a...

  • e-book

    The Girl of Ghassan

    Jurji Zaidan

    Available in English for the first time, a classic from Arabic fiction. From the moment Hammad laid eyes upon Princess Hind, he fell deeply in love with her.His only wish was to be by her side, so he entered a horse race held by her father, the great...

  • e-book

    Because I am a Girl

    Harris, Joanne; Moggach, Deborah; WELSH , IRVINE; Joanne Harris; Butcher, Tim

    Because I am a girl I am less likely to go to school Because I am a girl I am more likely to suffer from malnutritionBecause I am a girl I am more likely to suffer violence in the homeBecause I am a girl I am more likely to marry and start a family...

  • e-book

    Tank Girl - Two Girls One Tank #2

    Martin, Alan

    Perhaps it'apos;s too much booze that'apos;s got our swill-swigging hero seeing double, or maybe there really is a doppelganger on the scene? Whatever the case, it'apos;s time for Tank Girl to solve the case of her pilfered Panzer!

  • e-book

    Tank Girl - Two Girls One Tank #1


    Fresh off the back of their latest calamitous chapter comes this shiny new Tank Girl tale from series creator, Alan Martin and artist extraordinaire, Brett Parson! Expect a healthy dose of delirium and plenty of ball-crunching action in this...

  • e-book

    Tank Girl - Two Girls One Tank #3

    Martin, Alan

    With the gang back together, what better way to celebrate than breaking out the big guns and shooting the crap out of a heavy-metal militia? How about all that plus cake? It'apos;s welcome home parties - Tank Girl style!

  • e-book

    Tank Girl - Two Girls One Tank #4


    Our hedonistic heroine and her long-lost chum come to blows as Two Girls One Tank reaches its tear-jerking terminus. Keep the tissues handy, folks; you'apos;re gonna need the whole box!

  • e-book

    One Dress. One Year. - One Girl'apos;s Stand...

    Aughtmon,Susanna Foth; Bethany Winz

    The compelling story of one high school student who wore one dress for one year as a call to free victims of human trafficking and in the process found freedom herself.

  • e-book

    The Girl I Left Behind Me - Beginner Piano...

    Silver Tonalities

    Traditional Irish Folk Song for Beginner PianoA SilverTonalities Arrangement!Easy Note Style Sheet MusicLetter Names of Notes embedded in each Notehead!

  • e-book

    When I Was a Little Girl - A Pair of Sweet...

    Vanessa Carvo

    The Young & Rich Widow Who Loses Her Fortune - An upper crust young Boston widow is so used to her high society lifestyle that when her fortune changes she holds onto her life as it was, for as long as possible, before taking a surprising offer to...

  • e-book

    Sarahs Sexploits - The Beginning - One...

    Red, K T

    Sarah works in a male-dominated environment and finds herself fantasising and daydreaming about some of the men that work there - especially one of them. When an opportunity presents itself, she initiates a 'Friends with Benefits' arrangement with...

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