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  • The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck - A...


    In this generation-defining self-help guide, a superstar blogger cuts through the crap to show us how to stop trying to be 'positive' all the time so that we can truly become better, happier people.For decades, we’ve been told that positive thinking...

  • Zero To One

    Thiel, Peter; Masters, Blake

    The next Bill Gates will not build an operating system. The next Larry Page or Sergey Brin won’t make a search engine. If you are copying these guys, you aren’t learning from them. It’s easier to copy a model than to make something new: doing what we...

  • Batman - Return To Arkham - Edição Limitada -...



    O Cavaleiro das Trevas irá proporcionar novas aventuras totalmente emocionantes neste box sensacional. Trata-se do game para Xbox One Batman - Return To Arkham que vem com dois dos melhores jogos da aclamada série, Batman Arkham Asylum e Batman...

  • Naruto Shippuden - Ultimate Ninja Storm 4...



    Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja® Storm 4 Road to Boruto conclui a série Ultimate Ninja Storm e agrega todos os conteúdos de DLC para Storm 4 e os exclusivos bônus de pré-venda e lançamento! Os jogadores não vão receber apenas o jogo e conteúdos de...

  • The To All The Boys I've Loved Before...


    New York Times bestselling author Jenny Han's beloved novels are now available together in this delightful paperback boxed set! What if all the crushes you ever had found out how you felt about them...all at once? Lara Jean Song keeps her love...

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  • Reembalado - Computador All In One...


    O primeiro AIO UltraWide do mundoTela curva UltraWideA tela curva se ajusta naturalmente ao nosso campo de visão e é a forma ideal para qualquer exibição, proporcionando uma distância igual de todas as partes da tela para os olhos. Além disso, a tela...

  • Kit One Million Privé Eau De Parfum 50Ml +...

    R$ 389,00
    em 12x sem juros de R$ 32,41
  • Questions I Want To Ask You


    A mystery about family, secrets, and how to move forward when the past keeps pulling you back, perfect for fans of David Arnold and Jeff Zentner.Patrick 'Pack' Walsh may not know where he's going in life, but he's happy where he is. Then, on his...

  • e-book

    Gone to Ground - One woman'apos;s...

    Marie Jalowicz-Simon

    Berlin 1941. Marie Jalowicz Simon, a nineteen-year-old Jewish woman, makes an extraordinary decision. All around her, Jews are being rounded up for deportation, forced labour and extermination. Marie takes off the yellow star and vanishes into the...

  • Things I Don't Want To Know - On Writing


    A shimmering jewel of a book about writing from two-time Booker Prize finalist Deborah Levy, to publish alongside her new work of nonfiction, The Cost of Living.Blending personal history, gender politics, philosophy, and literary theory into a...

  • 'twelve To One" V Fighter Command Aces of the...

    Holmes,Tony (com)

    'twelve To One' V Fighter Command Aces of the Pacific War

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  • e-book

    Beyond Surrender - One Family'apos;s Quest to...


    What could be more different from Western culture and convenience than the harsh life of West Africa? After surrendering to missions in Benin, Barbara Singerman and her family found that the only similarity between themselves and the Beninese was...

  • e-book

    Talk to Me Jesus One Year Devotional - Daily...


    In this one-year devotional, Talk to Me Jesus, Jesus speaks directly to you with words to pierce into every region of your life with the tender love of all eternity. Through these daily readings, the loving words of Jesus flood over you with new hope...

  • e-book

    Table for One - The Savvy Girl'apos;s Guide...


    Honest, spunky, girl-to-girl talk on being solo on Sundays, answering irritating questions, pursuing your dreams, and finding true satisfaction as a single woman.

  • e-book

    Keeping Secrets - One Woman'apos;s Story from...

    Ilonka Deaton

    She didn'apos;t think she mattered to anyone, much less to God. Life was little more than a nightmare, a dark narrative that included seduction and child rape, emotional brutality, and all the countless injustices that flow in its wake. It began when...

  • e-book

    I Want to Stop Smoking...So Help Me God! - A...

    Simpson,Judy Murphy

    The purpose of I WANT TO QUIT SMOKING, SO HELP ME GOD, is toassist smokers using a Christian-based approach.Judy Murphy Simpson, having worked with thousands of smokers, has found that including Christian principles and concepts into the quitting...

  • e-book

    I Choose to Pray for My Husband - Trusting...

    Fulton, Angela

    This book was written as an instrument to teach wives GOD'S way for the Marriage Covenant and how to pray for their husbands and Marriages. In this book The WORD of GOD is the source for how to respond to situations that may occur in Marriage. It...

  • e-book

    I Refuse To Die - It'apos;s My Time To Live!

    Nottage,Mattie Monique

    “I Refuse To Die, It’s My Time To Live!” is an all-encompassing book which exposes how the enemy uses the spirit of death to sabotage your dreams, visions and ideas, while ultimately seeking to destroy your divine purpose and destiny.  Within the...

  • e-book

    Surrendered Showgirl - One Life Divinely...

    Dana McCartney Candillo

    A Riveting and Powerful Memoir of the transformation and metamorphosis of a young girl living the "glamourous life" of a model and a stripper, whose life de-railed and de-escalated to a rapid halt! It is the story of a Divine Appointment and a Divine...

  • e-book

    I Want to Believe - Finding Your Way in an...


    For anyone struggling with doubt comes this honest and engaging conversation about the tensions inherent in of a life of faith, encouraging them to keep wrestling and keep seeking, confident that doubt is part of a life of faith and that life's...

  • e-book

    I Fall to My Knees - Devotional Prayers...

    Laura Freudig

    I Fall to My Knees is a brand-new collection of devotional prayers and Bible promises that will guide readers from the apostle Paul’s prayer for the church at Ephesus in Ephesians 6.  

  • e-book

    I Learned to Lean on Jesus with Faith in...

    Zackery,Juanita Collier

    I Learned to Lean on Jesus with Faith in Action is a compelling story of how Juanita Zackery learned about faith in Hebrews 11:1-40 and how to put it in action.

  • You Got Into Where? - How I Received...


    ''You Got Into Where?'' is the first college admissions guide written by a student who is fresh out of the college admissions process. Learn how I was admitted to schools like the University of Southern California and New York University with full...

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  • e-book

    I Dare to Say - African Women Share Their...


    Featuring the real-life experiences of contemporary African women who tell of atrocities, pain, motherhood, marriage, love, and courage in their daily life, this gripping collection brings greater awareness to a continuing struggle. Denied a voice by...

  • e-book

    Hiking Through - One Man'apos;s Journey to...

    Stutzman, Paul

    With breathtaking descriptions and humorous anecdotes from his 2,176-mile journey along the Appalachian Trail, Paul Stutzman reveals how immersing himself in nature and befriending fellow hikers helped him recover from a devastating loss.

  • e-book

    Die Trying - One Man'apos;s Quest to Conquer...

    Buskin,Richard; Parfet,Bo

    An exhilarating and inspiring story of one man's journey to overcome nature- and his own fears.

  • e-book

    Explosion Green - One Man'apos;s Journey To...

    David Gottfried

    Explosion Green tells the twenty-year story of the global green building movement through the eyes of David Gottfried, the man who helped start it all.  Explosion Green reveals the inner workings of the building industry as it comes to grips with the...

  • Six To One - A Nantucket Idyl (Classic...

    AUTHOR,UNKNOWN; Unknown,Author

    Excerpt from Six to One: A Nantucket Idyl Mr. Edgerton as he sits, appears to be of medi um height and is of that brown-haired, grey-eyed type, as common in the temperate zone as the red color among horses. The face indicates an intel lectual...

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  • e-book

    Unfinished Business - One Man'apos;s...


    Tuesdays with Morrie meets Eat, Pray, Love in this inspiring memoir of one man'apos;s midlife journey to attend to the loose ends in his life, and the unexpected rewards that follow.

  • e-book

    Living to One Hundred and Twenty Years

    Scipio,Messenger K Hezekiah

    New Scientific Data Suggest Faith in God Can Prolong Life. Researchers at Pew Research Center Religion and Public Life Project (2013) conclude Americans will live to be 120 years by 2050. Other studies suggest that the first babies to live to be 150...

  • e-book

    I Dare to Dream - Making Possible the...

    Yong,Dr Low Lee

    A true story detailing the obstacles and challenges one man had to go thorough before realizing his dream as a doctor. Belittled by teachers and looked down upon because of his background and poor command of English, Lee Yong was deemed as a no-hope...

  • e-book

    I Hate to Leave This Beautiful Place


    A memoir of the haunting and redemptive events of the acclaimed writer’s life—the betrayal of a con-man father; a murder-suicide in his family’s house; the presence of an oystercatcher—each one, as the saying goes, stranger than fiction.

  • e-book

    I Stooged to Conquer - The Autobiography of...


    Telling the full story of the head Stooge, this work reveals the life-long career of a legendary funnyman. Born into a working-class family in Brooklyn, Moe Howard transformed his real-life experiences of getting into mischief with his brother Shemp...

  • e-book

    I Choose To Live - A Self-Made Millionaire...

    Weisz, Mischa; Wade Hemsworth

    When he was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer in 2007, Mischa Weisz had all he needed to face the fight of his life. This inspiring memoir documents how its possible to thrive even in the toughest conditions.

  • e-book

    I Hated to Do It - Stories of a Life

    Farber,Donald C.

    For over 40 years, Donald C. Farber was Kurt Vonnegut’s attorney, literary agent, and close friend. In this deeply felt memoir, Farber offers a rare portrait of Vonnegut that is both candid and entertaining. A renowned entertainment lawyer with a...

  • e-book

    I Stooged to Conquer - The Autobiography of...


    Telling the full story of the head Stooge, this work reveals the life-long career of a legendary funnyman. Born into a working-class family in Brooklyn, Moe Howard transformed his real-life experiences of getting into mischief with his brother Shemp...

  • e-book

    I Want to Destroy Myself - A Memoir

    Malika Amar Shaikh

    Malika Amar Shaikh was born to Communist-activist parents—her father, Shahir Amar Shaikh, was a trade-union leader and legendary Marathi folk singer. Brought up amidst the hurly-burly of Maharashtrian politics of the 1960s, and exposed to the best...

  • e-book

    I Talk Back to the Devil

    A. W. Tozer

    Tozer tells us 'it is one of the devil's oldest tricks to discourage the saints by causing them to look back at what they were.' Indeed, Satan has been in the business of intimidating and silencing the people of God for a very long time. But as we...

  • e-book

    I Really Want to Change...So, Help Me God


    For readers who are truly serious about allowing the power of God to transform their lives, I Really Want To Change...So, Help Me God is a practical guide on how to do it. Always direct and to the point, James MacDonald is a practical pastor with a...

  • The Way I Used To Be


    'After fourteen-year-old Eden is raped by her brother's best friend, she knows she'll never be the way she used to be'--

  • Superdicas Para Um Trabalho De Conclusão De...


    TCC, TGI, TGA, TGF… Os nomes são muitos, mas o “bicho de sete cabeças” é o mesmo: um trabalho de conclusão de curso que apavora só de pensar. Afinal, o tempo geralmente é curto, as informações são muitas e você não sabe nem por onde começar. Pois...

  • e-book

    I Have Been Brought to This Place

    Gary A. Rath

    Are you ready for the journey of your life?

  • e-book

    I Never Went to Kindergarten and I Still...

    Robert Steuernagel

    A memoir of my life divided into sections showing how various misunderstandings, experiences,points of view,and opinions have shaped it.

  • e-book

    I Promise Not To Suffer - A Fool for Love...


    A hilariously harrowing and heartfelt memoir—Gail D. Storey is the Nora Ephron of wilderness adventure!

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