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23 produtos
  • e-book

    OpenStack Orchestration


    Exploit the power of dynamic cloud formation and auto-scaling features to fully implement OpenStack orchestrationAbout This BookSet up, manage, and troubleshoot Heat and effectively automate your datacenter and cloud-based servicesAchieve high...

  • e-book

    Learning OpenStack High Availability

    Rishabh Sharma

    Build a resilient and scalable OpenStack cloud, using advanced open source toolsAbout This BookLeverage the power of OpenStack to achieve high availabilityGet to grips with concepts such as Galeria Cluster for Glance and Cinder, MariaDB, and...

  • e-book

    OpenStack Administration with Ansible 2 -...


    Orchestrate and automate your OpenStack cloud operator tasks with Ansible 2.0About This Book• Automate real-world OpenStack cloud operator administrative tasks• Construct a collection of the latest automation code to save time on managing your...

  • e-book

    Openstack Cloud Computing Cookbook

    Jackson, Kevin

    A Cookbook full of practical and applicable recipes that will enable you to use the full capabilities of OpenStack like never before. This book is aimed at system administrators and technical architects moving from a virtualized environment to cloud...

  • e-book

    OpenStack Essentials - Second Edition

    Dan Radez

    Untangle the complexity of OpenStack clouds through this practical tutorialAbout This Book• Navigate through the complex jungle of components in OpenStack using practical instructions• This book helps administrators, cloud engineers, and even...

  • e-book

    OpenStack - Building a Cloud Environment

    Jackson, Kevin; Sunil Sarat; Alok Shrivastwa

    Learn how you can put the features of OpenStack to work in the real world in this comprehensive pathAbout This Book• Harness the abilities of experienced OpenStack administrators and architects, and run your own private cloud successfully• Learn how...

  • e-book

    OpenStack Essentials

    Radez Dan

    If you need to get started with OpenStack or want to learn more, then this book is your perfect companion. If you're comfortable with the Linux command line, you'll gain confidence in using OpenStack.

  • e-book

    OpenStack Sahara Essentials

    Omar Khedher

    Integrate, deploy, rapidly configure, and successfully manage your own big data-intensive clusters in the cloud using OpenStack SaharaAbout This Book• A fast paced guide to help you utilize the benefits of Sahara in OpenStack to meet the Big Data...

  • e-book

    Mastering OpenStack - Second Edition


    Discover your complete guide to designing, deploying, and managing OpenStack-based clouds in mid-to-large IT infrastructures with best practices, expert understanding, and moreAbout This Book• Design and deploy an OpenStack-based cloud in your...

  • e-book

    OpenStack Cloud Security


    If you are an OpenStack administrator or developer, or wish to build solutions to protect your OpenStack environment, then this book is for you. Experience of Linux administration and familiarity with different OpenStack components is assumed.

  • e-book

    OpenStack for Architects

    Ben Silverman; Michael Solberg

    Design and implement successful private clouds with OpenStackAbout This Book• Explore the various design choices available for cloud architects within an OpenStack deployment• Craft an OpenStack architecture and deployment pipeline to meet the unique...

  • e-book

    OpenStack Trove Essentials

    Sunil Sarat; Alok Shrivastwa

    Build your own cloud based Database as a Service using OpenStack TroveAbout This Book• Familiarize yourself with the concept of Database as a Service and make your existing system scalable and efficient with OpenStack Trove• Minimize the...

  • e-book

    OpenStack Networking Essentials

    James Denton

    Build and manage networks in OpenStack using NeutronAbout This Book• Deploy an all-in-one cloud based on OpenStack Liberty (2015.2) using RDO• Learn the fundamentals of the Neutron API including networks, subnets, and ports, and how to manage these...

  • e-book

    OpenStack Object Storage (Swift) Essentials

    Kapadia Amar; Rajana, Kris

    If you are an IT administrator and you want to enter the world of cloud storage using OpenStack Swift, then this book is ideal for you. Basic knowledge of Linux and server technology is beneficial to get the most out of the book.

  • e-book

    Implementing Cloud Storage with OpenStack...

    Varma, Sreedhar; Kapadia, Amar; Rajana, Kris

    This tutorial-based book has a step-by-step approach for each topic, ensuring it is thoroughly covered and easy to follow. If you are an IT architect or administrator who wants to enter the world of cloud storage using OpenStack Swift, then this book...

  • e-book

    Mastering OpenStack

    Khedher Omar

    This book is intended for system administrators, cloud engineers, and system architects who want to deploy a cloud based on OpenStack in a mid- to large-sized IT infrastructure. If you have a fundamental understanding of cloud computing and OpenStack...

  • e-book

    Software-Defined Networking (SDN) with...

    Sriram Subramanian; Sreenivas Voruganti

    Leverage the best SDN technologies for your OpenStack-based cloud infrastructureAbout This Book• Learn how to leverage critical SDN technologies for OpenStack Networking APIs via plugins and drivers• Champion the skills of achieving complete SDN with...

  • e-book

    Learning OpenStack


    Set up and maintain your own cloud-based Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) using OpenStackAbout This Book• Build and manage a cloud environment using just four virtual machines• Get to grips with mandatory as well as optional OpenStack components...

  • e-book

    Common OpenStack Deployments - Real-World...

    Matt Fischer

    OpenStack is today’s leading technology for building and integrating public and private clouds. Common OpenStack Deployments is a complete, practical guide to deploying OpenStack and understanding its internals. Key project contributor Elizabeth...

  • e-book

    Troubleshooting OpenStack

    Tony Campbell

    Get unstuck and start stacking!About This Book• Easily fix the nagging problems that commonly plague OpenStack and become the go-to person in your organization• Get better equipped to troubleshoot and solve common problems in performance,...

  • e-book

    Learning OpenStack Networking (Neutron) -...


    Wield the power of OpenStack Neutron networking to bring network infrastructure and capabilities to your cloudAbout This Book• This completely up-to-date edition will show you how to deploy a cloud on OpenStack using community-driven processes. It...

  • e-book

    Common OpenStack Deployments - Real-World...

    Elizabeth K. Joseph; Matt Fischer

    OpenStack is today’s leading technology for building and integrating public and private clouds. Common OpenStack Deployments is a complete, practical guide to deploying OpenStack and understanding its internals. Key project contributor Elizabeth...

  • e-book

    Production Ready OpenStack - Recipes for...

    Berezin Arthur

    Over 90 practical and highly applicable recipes to successfully deploy various OpenStack configurations in productionAbout This Book• Get a deep understanding of OpenStack's internal structure and services• Learn real-world examples on how to build...

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