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  • Monday Or Tuesday - Eight Stories

    Woolf, Virginia

    Monday Or Tuesday - Eight Stories

  • All American Girl - Ready Or Not


    All American Girl - Ready Or Not

  • e-book

    Walden - Or Life in the Woods

    Henry David Thoreau

    Walden is one of the best-known non-fiction books ever written by an American. It details Thoreau's sojourn in a cabin near Walden Pond, amidst woodland owned by his friend and mentor Ralph Waldo Emerson. Walden was written with expressed seasonal...

  • e-book

    Jacks or Better

    Donna Lamb

    by Donna Lamb -- It all started in the fifth grade. Tommy wanted to play jacks but the girls wanted to do something else - just for fun. A BigCloset Premium story.

  • N Or M? - Com CD - Col. Wmf Idiomas

    Christie, Agatha

    Em plena Segunda Guerra Mundial, o melhor agente secreto da Inglaterra é assassinado. Os assassinos são agentes nazistas anônimos, conhecidos somente como N e M, que podem estar em qualquer lugar. A única pista aponta para a sonolenta cidadezinha...

  • Head Or Heart


    'Quando o assunto é amor, devemos acreditar no coração ou na mente? Esta é a questão que Christina Perri levantou ao começar a escrever seu segundo álbum Head or Heart. Após o sucesso de seu álbum de estreia lovestrong, seguido pelo estouro do...

  • e-book

    Moby Dick - or, The Whale

    Herman Melville

    Call me Ishmael, Moby-Dick begins, in one of the most recognizable opening lines in Western literature. The name has come to symbolize orphans, exiles, and social outcasts - in the opening paragraph of Moby-Dick, Ishmael tells the reader that he has...

  • e-book

    Pan Tadeusz - or The Last Foray in Lithuania

    Mickiewicz, Adam

    Pan Tadeusz is an epic poem by the Polish-Lithuanian poet, writer and philosopher Adam Mickiewicz. The book was first published in June 1834 in Paris, and is considered by many to be the last great epic poem in European literature. The story takes...

  • e-book

    Do or Die - An Inspector Green Mystery

    Fradkin, Barbara

    Ottawa Homicide Inspector Michael Green is obsessed with his job, a condition which has almost ruined his marriage several times. A young student and scion of a rich family is found expertly stabbed in the stacks of a university library, and Green...

  • e-book

    Behind a Mask - or, A Woman'apos;s Power

    Louisa May Alcott

    Alcott wrote passionate, fiery novels and sensational stories under the nom de plume A. M. Barnard. Among these are 'Behind a Mask,' 'Pauline's Passion and Punishment,' and 'A Long Fatal Love Chase.' Her protagonists for these tales are willful and...

  • e-book

    Or Give Me Death - A Novel of Patrick...

    Rinaldi, Ann

    Told from the point of view of the Henry children, this compassionate tale explores the possibility that Patrick Henry's immortal cry of "Give me liberty, or give me death," which roused a nation to arms, was first spoken by his wife as she pleaded...

  • e-book

    ****, or, The Anatomy of Melancholy

    Matthew Selwyn

    Hailed as a modern day ‘Catcher in the Rye’, Matthew Selwyn’s acclaimed debut novel ‘****, or, The Anatomy of Melancholy’ is a startling look into the addled mind of a young man hooked on the culture of the internet and desperately reaching out for...

  • e-book

    Or the Bull Kills You - (Max Cámara 1)


    Either you kill the bull, or the bull kills you - traditional proverb.Chief Inspector Max Cámara hates bullfighting but one hot afternoon in Valencia he has to replace his boss, judging a festival corrida that stars Spain'apos;s most famous young...

  • e-book

    Checkmate or Top Trumps - Cuba'apos;s...

    Rey, Daniel

    RUNNER-UP OF THE 2017 BODLEY HEAD & FINANCIAL TIMES ESSAY PRIZECuba is on the brink of seismic change - but in the age of post-Fidel, post-Obama and post-truth, the country'apos;s future hangs in the balance as it finds itself facing a decisive...

  • e-book

    Born in a Barn or My Education - An...

    Reuben B. Reynolds

    Throughout his life Reuben has demonstrated strong values, based on respect for traditional institutions such as family and society. Social housing has played a key role and his experience both as a tenant and dynamic campaigner confirms that safe,...

  • e-book

    The Swiss Family Robinson - or, Adventures on...

    Jean Rudolph Wyss

    A huge storm wrecks the Swiss Family Robinson's ship en route to Australia. Heroically all six of them - mother, father and four boys - fight their way toward a distant island. Surviving the storm is only the first of their many adventures together...

  • Dear Dumb Diary - Am I The Princess Or The...

    Benton, Jim; Kelly,Jamie

    Jamie is crushing on Hudson. Someone too-gross-to-be- named is crushing on Jamie. And Hudson is crushing on . . . Princess Turd of Turdsylvania (a.k.a. The Prettiest Girl in the World). Middle school may be grim, but it's no fairy tale. And crazy...

  • e-book

    Epicoene or The Silent Woman

    Ben Jonson

    This text is part of the New Mermaids series of modern spelling, fully-annotated editions of English plays. Each volume includes a critical introduction, biography of the author, discussions of dates and sources, textual details, a bibliography and...

  • e-book

    Clotel, or the President'apos;s Daughter

    Cashin, Joan E.; William Wells Brown; William, Wells Brown

    Originally published in 1853, Clotel is the first novel by an African American. William Wells Brown, a contemporary of Frederick Douglass, was well known for his abolitionist activities. In Clotel, the author focuses on the experiences of a slave...

  • e-book

    Convergence or Conflict in the Taiwan Strait...

    J Michael Cole

    Years of rapprochement between Taiwan and China had convinced many that the Taiwan issue had been resolved, and that it was only a matter of time before the two former opponents would reunite under One China. But a reenergized civil society,...

  • e-book

    Religion or Belief, Discrimination and...

    Paul Weller; Ghanea, Nazila; Kingsley Purdam

    In recent years, controversial issues related to religion or belief, discrimination, equality and human rights have come to the fore, especially in the context of public debates around multiculturalism following the'apos;social policy shock'apos;...

  • e-book

    Life or Death - A Matter of Choice?

    Daniel J. Baum

    Our bodies are ours to control, free from state interference - or so it would seem from the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. But how is this principle really applied? This is the question that legal expert Daniel Baum explores inLife or Death.

  • e-book

    Walden - Or Life in the Woods

    Henry David Thoreau

    Walden is one of the best-known non-fiction books ever written by an American. It details Thoreau's sojourn in a cabin near Walden Pond, amidst woodland owned by his friend and mentor Ralph Waldo Emerson. Walden was written with expressed seasonal...

  • e-book

    Walden (Or Life in the Woods) (Rediscovered...

    Henry David Thoreau

    Walden is one of the best-known non-fiction books ever written by an American. It details Thoreau's sojourn in a cabin near Walden Pond, amidst woodland owned by his friend and mentor Ralph Waldo Emerson. Walden was written with expressed seasonal...

  • Walden; Or, Life In The Woods

    Thoreau, Henry David

    Walden; Or, Life In The Woods

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  • e-book

    FRANKENSTEIN or The Modern Prometheus (The...

    Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley

    This is theRevised 1831 Edition of FRANKENSTEIN; OR, THE MODERN PROMETHEUS, a novel written by the English author Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley about the young science student Victor Frankenstein, who creates a grotesque but sentient creature in an...

  • The Hobbit: Or There And Back Again

    Tolkien, J. R. R.

    'In a hole in the ground, there lived a hobbit.' So begins one of the most beloved and delightful tales in the English language. Set in the imaginary world of Middle-earth, at once a classic myth and a modern fairy tale, 'The Hobbit' is one of...

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  • Cinderella, Or The Little Glass Slipper

    Charles Perrault

    From the acclaimed and popular illustrator of the New York Times bestseller Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Snow White, comes a unique and visually stunning spin on Cinderella—published to coincide with the release of the major-motion picture...

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  • e-book

    Write or be Written - Early Modern Women...

    Ursula Appelt

    Although the field of early modern women's studies has blossomed in recent years, little attention has been paid to women poets of the period. This new collection is specifically designed to fill the gap, applying new critical methodologies and...

  • Ac/Dc - Rock Or Bust - Digipack


    “Rock or Bust” trás a essência de AC/DC em sua melhor forma. O álbum tem uma inovadora e criativa capa 3D, que dá a sensação de explosão do logotipo icônico da banda, à medida que a capa é movimentada em diferentes direções. As 11 músicas são...

  • e-book

    The Storm Or, the Howler (after Plautus)

    Oswald, Peter

    Descending from the heavenly sphere of the gods to the mortal world below, Arcturus raises a mighty storm. For Labrax, a 'apos;procurer'apos; of women, the storm brings shipwreck and ruin. For his two female captives it offers a chance of escape....

  • e-book

    For Sale Or Swap

    Brugman, Alyssa

    For sale or swap. Eye-catching brown pony. Fully educated. Royal quality. Consider swap for beginner'apos;s mount. Shelby is convinced her reliable but ugly pony, Blue, is holding her back at Pony Club. If only she had a beautiful horse, everyone...

  • e-book

    Peter Pan - Or The Boy Who Would Not Grow Up...

    J.m. Barrie

    J. M. Barrie's classic tale adapted for the stage in this version by Trevor Nunn and John Caird for the Royal National Theatre's production in 1997.

  • e-book

    Miss Muffet, or What Came After

    Singer, Marilyn

    From an award-winning poet, a hilarious picture book in verse that chronicles the adventures of Miss Muffet and her spider friend, Webster, after the whole tuffet episode.

  • e-book

    Microbrewery, Distillery, or Cidery -...

    The Staff of Entrepreneur Media

    The experts at Entrepreneur provide a two-part guide to success. First, craft enthusiasts and entrepreneurs looking to start their own brand of high-end beers and spirits will find the necessary tools and expert advice in this new addition to the...

  • e-book

    Fail Fast or Win Big - The Start-Up Plan for...

    Bernard Schroeder

    Entrepreneurs have long been taught that to be successful, they need to spend months perfecting a business plan and finding investors before they can finally launch their business. But with the marketplace changing at lightning speed, this notion is...

  • Slaughterhouse-Five or the Children's Crusade

    Vonnegut, Kurt

    Billy Pilgrim survives capture by the Gemans in World War II, the Dresden bombings, and the struggle for financial success only to be kidnapped in a flying saucer and taken to the planet Tralfamadore

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  • Ali His Camera Or 1 Pack CD - Penguin Readers...


    Ali His Camera Or 1 Pack CD - Penguin Readers - 2Nd Ed.

  • Une Aventure D'astérix, Vol. 2. La Serpe D'or


    Une Aventure D'astérix, Vol. 2. La Serpe D'or

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  • e-book

    To Be Or Not To Be - A Question of Survival

    Duncan Williams

    To be or Not to be: A Question of Survival examines the problems that plague humankind as a whole. The book points out major problems in society and provides plausible explanation, along with the possible remedies to the predicaments.The opening...

  • e-book

    Or You Could Kiss Me


    In the winter of 2036, in a shabby apartment in Port Elizabeth, two old men search for a way to say goodbye after a lifetime spent together. In the perfect summer of 1971, in a very different South Africa, their handsome younger selves search for the...

  • e-book

    Hold My Hand Or Else


    What about all that stuff you keep reading about: the moonlit walks, the red roses, waves softly kissing the sandy shore? It doesn'apos;t exist. Does it have to be a problem just because you don'apos;t want to hold your mother'apos;s hand anymore and...

  • e-book

    Or Not

    Mandabach, Brian

    When 14 year-old Cassie Sullivan-smart, sensitive, and perceptive-stands up for her beliefs, the flagpole Christian majority decides she'apos;s the school Antichrist.  Cassie had no idea defending Darwin and refusing to sing 'quot;Proud to be an...

  • Freckles Or 2 Pack CD - Penguin Readers - 2nd...


    Freckles Or 2 Pack CD - Penguin Readers - 2nd ed.

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