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  • Origami - 100 Folhas Para Destacar - 5...

    Lucy Bowman

    Este bloquinho tem 100 folhas estampadas para destacar e criar incríveis origamis. São 5 modelos de origami para você se inspirar. São 5 modelos de origami para você se inspirar.

  • Origami - Darwin e Os Triângulos Mágicos

    Genova, Carlos

    Dobrar papel é uma prática antiga, provavelmente de origem chinesa. Acredita-se que o origami tenha tido inicialmente um caráter religioso. Educadores importantes intuíram seu valor pedagógico e aplicaram o origami em seus projetos, buscando soluções...

  • Flocos de Neve - Kit de Origami


    Os flocos de neve tornara-se fáceis e divertidos de fazer com este livro. Criar flocos de neve espetaculares para um inverno maravilhoso, fazer decorações fantásticas para um cenário de natal mágico ou para surpreender os amigos com bonitos cartões...

  • Bijuterias de Origami - Mais de 40 Projetos...


    Desde os materiais e equipamentos essenciais até os métodos de acabamento, passando pela escolha do papel e pelas dobras básicas, a autora apresenta tudo o que é preciso saber para dominar as técnicas de origami e de montagem de bijuterias.Ao longo...

  • Origami For Children - Book & Paper Pack

    Ono, Mari; Ono,Roshin

    'Origami for Children' is the perfect introduction to origami, the fun Japanese papercraft for parents and children of all ages. Divided into six sections, the projects cover a fun range of themes, from classic origami designs such as animals to...

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  • A Cidade de Origami

    Gilbert, William

    Refletir a beleza e a complexidade do mundo que nos cerca, em papel. Trazer para a ponta dos dedos o exercício da criação: a folha plana que se transforma em mesa, barco, casa, caminhão.Este é o desafio do origami. E este é o desafio deste...

  • Origami - With 24 Sheets Of Origami Paper

    Mitchell, David

    More than 20 origami projects feature vibrant full-color illustrations as well as 24 sheets of 9 x 9 paper, perforated for easy removal. Models begin with simple traditional folds such as the cicada and gradually progress to more complex figures,...

  • Origami - Origami And Math - Simple To...

    Montroll, John

    Paperfolders at every level of expertise will appreciate this original compilation of models inspired by mathematical principles. Origami master John Montroll presents 39 projects, each made from a single square sheet of paper. Models range from the...

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  • Origami - Large Origami Paper - 24 9 X 9...

    ; Dover

    The size, color and texture of origami paper are important factors in creating the fascinating sculptures that comprise the centuries-old art of Japanese paper folding. While almost any kind of paper could be used, a sturdy yet easy-to-fold square...

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  • Origami Aircraft

    Merrill, Jayson

    Advanced paperfolders looking for even greater challenges will find them in this carefully illustrated book. Clear instructions and step-by-step diagrams show how to construct origami aircraft that actually fly! Sixteen models -- all made from square...

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  • Origami - Origami Paper - 24 7 X 7 Sheets In...

    ; Dover

    For centuries, the ancient Japanese art of paper folding has provided challenging and rewarding entertainment for hobbyists. To achieve the best results, origamists need special paper that can stand up to intricate folding. This package contains 24...

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  • Origami From Around The World


    Origami From Around The World

  • Origami Paper Kimono Patterns Small 6 3/4

    Tuttle Publishing

    Kimono fabrics and patterns are opulent, exquisite and unique. Origami Paper Kimono Patterns, available in large and small paper sizes, takes some of the lovely kimono fabric patterns and transforms them into paper. These paper packs make a great...

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  • Origami Animals

    Palacios, Vicente

    Origami enthusiasts at all levels of experience will delight in these imaginative animals. Created by expert paperfolder Vicente Palacios, the simple but detailed folding instructions include helpful two-color illustrations of each step. Twenty...

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  • Origami For Beginners


    Origami For Beginners

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  • Origami Paper Traditional Prints

    Tuttle Publishing

    Origami Paper Traditional Prints

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  • Origami Boxes and More!


    This book presents a new collection of origami boxes and bowls, highlighting 25 original projects that are sure to please children and adults alike. Become an expert in origami, with projects including the classic Japanese Box, the Five Happiness...

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  • Origami for Beginners

    Temko, Florence

    Origami for Beginners

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  • Origami Stars

    Montroll, John

    'Such a beautiful book! A well-done guide for people already versed in making origami. The author has made the directions easy to follow with pictures and labeled diagrams.' Washington Gifted Middle SchoolExplore a fabulous galaxy of stars to become...

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  • Origami Gone Wild - More Than 20 Original...

    Montroll, John

    From the internationally renowned origami master comes this menagerie of more than 20 jungle and forest animals. John Montroll presents an exciting array of challenges that range in complexity from fairly easy to advanced. Paperfolders of all skill...

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  • Origami Studio Kit

    Lafosse,Michael G.

    Welcome to Origami Studio— an artist's workshop in a box! This all-inclusive kit with instructional DVD will teach you to easily create beautiful origami as if you are right in the studio. World renowned origami master, Michael LaFosse will guide you...

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  • Origami Fun Kit for Beginners

    ., Vários Autores; Vários Autores

    Origami Fun Kit for Beginners

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  • Kusudama Origami

    Lukasheva, Ekaterina

    Discover kusudama, a traditional Japanese paper sphere formed by modular origami construction techniques. Kusudama, meaning 'medicine ball,' originally served as holders for incense or potpourri. Today they're used as decorations or gifts.This guide...

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  • Origami Farm

    Ono, Mari

    Origami Farm

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  • Stealth Aircraft Origami

    Merrill, Jayson

    Advanced paperfolders can get stealthy with eight finely-detailed bombers and fighters. Based on actual American, Russian, Chinese, and Japanese stealth aircraft, the full-color and camouflaged models include the B-2 Spirit, Northrop Grumman's B-21,...

  • Origami Extravaganza

    ., Vários Autores; Vários Autores

    This book with easy-to-follow instructions for 45 different traditional Japanese designs and an attractive sturdy box that can store paper and act as pedestal to display finished products. 160 pieces of folding paper included.

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  • Origami Paper Kimono Patterns Large 8 1/4


    Kimono fabrics and patterns are opulent, exquisite and unique. Origami Paper Kimono Patterns, available in large and small paper sizes, takes some of the lovely kimono fabric patterns and transforms them into paper. These paper packs make a great...

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  • Origami Papercraft - Origami Dinosaurs For...

    Montroll, John

    An internationally renowned origami master recaptures the prehistoric allure of dinosaurs with this new series of original models. Twenty famous and lesser-known creatures from the Mesozoic era include a tyrannosaurus, apatosaurus, pterodactylus,...

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  • Origami Flowers

    Sakoda,James Minoru

    Origami Flowers

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  • Origami - Birds In Origami

    Montroll, John

    With this expert guide from origami expert John Montroll you can learn to fold charming versions of a flock of favorite birds: swan, flamingo, duck, stork, goose, and other popular varieties -- over a dozen in all. Easy-to-follow instructions and...

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  • Origami From Angelfish To Zen


    Origami From Angelfish To Zen

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  • Origami Paper Geometric Prints

    Tuttle Publishing

    Origami Paper Geometric Prints

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  • Origami Insects

    Lang,Robert J.

    Origami Insects

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  • Origami Chess - Cats Vs. Dogs


    Chess: A game of strategy, intellect, and paper folding? Add a new element of fun to any game of chess with Origami Chess: Cats vs. Dogs. A 112-page book tells the history of the game of chess, gives a brief description of each of the six cat breeds...

  • Origami Tessellations


    Origami Tessellations

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  • Origami Birds

    Montroll, John

    Thirty-four original models by an origami expert feature illustrated directions for creating a fabulous array of avian creatures. Ranging in difficulty from intermediate to complex, the figures include a hen, chick, and rooster; waterfowl such as a...

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  • Origami Bugs Folded Kit

    Tuttle Publishing

    Origami Bugs Folded Kit

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  • Origami Dinossaurs

    Lafosse, Michael G.

    Origami Dinossaurs

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  • Origami Flowers

    Lafosse, Michael G.

    Origami Flowers

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  • Origami - Bringing Origami To Life

    Montroll, John

    Add a new dimension of realism to your origami! Using innovative folding techniques, matched with clear, easy-to-follow directions, you will almost feel the ground shake when the apatosaurus is around, and hear the baying of the coyote as it howls...

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  • Origami Paper Animal Print

    Tuttle Publishing

    Origami Paper Animal Print

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  • Origami



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  • Origami For The Enthusiast


    Origami For The Enthusiast

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  • Origami Birds And Insects

    Montroll, John

    Origami is a challenging and unusual art. It requires square sheets of paper, which are formed into sculptures of animals or other objects by the process of folding.Origami can be folded from almost any paper, but is most attractive when made from...

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