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  • Certain Justice

    James, P. D.

    Venetia Aldridge QC is a distinguished barrister. When she agrees to defend Garry Ashe, accused of the brutal murder of his aunt, it is one more opportunity to triumph in her career as a criminal lawyer. But just four weeks later, Miss Aldridge is...

  • e-book

    A torre negra

    James, P. D.

    O detetive Adam Dalgliesh atravessa uma profunda crise existencial e decide abandonar a carreira de investigador. Precisando recuperar a saúde, une o útil ao agradável: parte para a pequena Dorset, no litoral sul da Inglaterra, atendendo ao apelo de...

  • Biologia Molecular do Gene - 7ª Ed. 2015

    Watson,James D.; Baker, Tania A.; Bell, Stephen P.

    A descoberta da estrutura do DNA em 1953 representa um dos maiores avanços científicos da biologia. James D. Watson, um dos cientistas responsáveis pela descoberta, foi posteriormente reconhecido com o Prêmio Nobel por esta notável contribuição à...

  • Atlas Colorido de Histologia - 6ª Ed. 2014

    Gartner,Leslie P; Hiatt, James L.

    Prático, didático e abrangente, o Atlas Colorido de Histologia é ferramenta indispensável para os estudantes de Biologia, Medicina, Odontologia e áreas afins, que desejam aprofundar-se no assunto e preparar-se não apenas para exames teóricos, mas...

  • The Lighthouse

    James, P. D.

    Commander Adam Dalgliesh and his team are called in to solve a sensitive high profile case on Combe island off the Cornish coast of England at a time when Dalgliesh is dealing with his uncertain future with Emma Lavenham, Kate Miskin struggles with...

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  • Morte Em Pemberley

    P.d. James

    Inspirado no universo literário de Jane Austen, Morte em Pemberley insere os protagonistas de Orgulho e preconceito numa trama de mistério e assassinato. O ano é 1803. Elizabeth Bennet e Fitzwilliam Darcy já estão casados, tiveram dois filhos e sua...

  • Gestão de Projetos - 2ª Ed. 2014 - Tradução...

    Clements,James P.; Gido,Jack

    Com esta obra, o leitor aprenderá tudo o que precisa saber para ter sucesso no ambiente corporativo atual, que está cada vez mais orientado a projetos, além de diversos segredos para organizar e gerenciar equipes de projeto de forma eficaz com...

  • e-book

    Miocene II - The Resurgence of Ancient...

    James P Usavage

    When a letter arrives containing $2,500 in cash and a mysterious request, Thomas Mulberry and his wife, Marjorie, find themselves in a high-stakes race to find the truth behind the secretive Miocene II project.

  • Histologia Essencial

    Hiatt, James L.; Gartner, Leslie P.

    O Histologia Essencial apresenta conceitos de maneira resumida, e leitura fácil e agradável com muitas ilustrações coloridas – ideal para os estudantes que precisam apreender uma grande quantidade de informação em um tempo limitado.

  • e-book

    James P. Cannon and the Origins of the...

    Palmer, Bryan D.

    Bryan D. Palmer's award-winning study of James P. Cannon's early years (1890-1928) details how the life of a Wobbly hobo agitator gave way to leadership in the emerging communist underground of the 1919 era. This historical drama unfolds alongside...

  • e-book

    The Boscome Valley Mystery

    Sir Arthur Conan Doyle; P. James Macaluso

    Sherlock Holmes, the world's 'only unofficial consulting detective', was first introduced to readers in A Study in Scarlet published by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in 1887. It was with the publication of The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, however, that...

  • P.S. Your Cat Is Dead


    Actor and fledgling writer Jimmy Zoole finds his life caught in downward spiral as his girlfriend leave him, he loses his job, his best friend is dead, and his apartment has been robbed twice, a situation that culiminates on New Year's Eve when Eddie...

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  • e-book

    Student Activism and Civil Rights in...

    James P. Marshall

    In the 1890s, Mississippi society still drew a sharp line between its African American and white communities by creating a repressive racial system that ensured white supremacy by legally segregating black residents and removing their basic...

  • e-book

    Russian Thought After Communism

    Scanlan, James P.

    An examination of Russia's philosophical heritage. It extends from the Slavophiles to the philosophers of the Silver Age, from emigre religious thinkers to Losev and Bakhtin and assesses the meaning for Russian culture as a whole.

  • e-book

    Federal Domestic Outlays, 1983-90 - A Data...

    James P McGough

    First Published in 1979. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an Informa company.

  • e-book

    Technology, Culture and Development - The...

    Scanlan, James P.

    Although scholars have devoted much attention to the impact of technology on society, they have tended to slight the question of how technology is affected by social systems. The authors of this volume take precisely this approach in their...

  • The Story Of Peter Pan - Unabridged In...


    The Story Of Peter Pan - Unabridged In Easy-To-Read Type

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  • P.S. - Wild Nights! - Stories About The Last...

    Oates, Joyce Carol

    New York Times bestselling author Joyce Carol Oates imaginative look at the last days of five giants of American literature, now available in a deluxe paperback edition in Ecco s The Art of the Story Series.Edgar Allan Poe, Emily Dickinson, Samuel...

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  • e-book

    Hispanic and Latino New Orleans - Immigration...

    Sluyter, Andrew; Case Watkins; James P. Chaney

    Often overlooked in historic studies of New Orleans, the city'apos;s Hispanic and Latino populations have contributed significantly to its development. Hispanic and Latino New Orleans offers the first scholarly study of these communities in the...

  • e-book

    The War on Terror - The Legal Dimension

    Col. James P. Terry

    Examining the legal dimension of the war on terror, James P. Terry carefully explores the myriad juridical concerns that must be addressed in prosecuting a war with few established legal boundaries.

  • e-book

    Pretense of Glory - The Life of General...

    James G. Jr. Hollandsworth

    In this first modern biography of Nathaniel P. Banks, James G. Hollandsworth, Jr., reveals the complicated and contradictory nature of the man who called himself the 'quot;fighting politician.'quot; Despite a lack of formal education, family...

  • e-book

    A Laboratory Introduction to Psychology

    Allison, James; James, Allison; William B. Vance; John W. P. Ost

    A Laboratory Introduction to Psychology was written to acquaint the student with the concepts and methods of laboratory science as they apply to psychology. It is assumed that the laboratory course will follow or accompany a comprehensive course in...

  • e-book

    Mathematica by Example

    Abell, Martha L.; Braselton, James P.

    Mathematica by Example, Fifth Edition is an essential desk reference for the beginning Mathematica user, providing step-by-step instructions on achieving results from this powerful software tool. The book fully accounts for the dramatic changes to...

  • e-book

    Places of Worship - Exploring Their History

    James P. Wind

    Whether Christian churches, Jewish synagogues, Islamic mosques, Buddhist temples, or the gathering places for other faiths, buildings designed for worship are significant to both their own community of believers and their larger communities. Coming...

  • e-book

    Theories of Political Economy

    Caporaso, James A.; Levine, David P.

    'Political economy' has been the term used for the past 300 years to express the interrelationship between the political and economic affairs of the state. In Theories of Political Economy, first published in 1992, James A. Caporaso and David P....

  • My Best Friend & Me - James & Cooper Finger...

    Vermeulen, Mariska

    James and Cooper the crocodile live in Australia, and they love going outdoors to play. Come along and join them as they experience some wild adventures! Barron's adorable 'My Best Friend & Me' series just keeps getting bigger! Vivid designs and...

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  • A Taste For Death

    James, P. D.

    Two men lie in a welter of blood in the vestry of St Matthew's Church, Paddington, their throats brutally slashed. One is Sir Paul Berowne, a baronet and recently-resigned Minister of the Crown, the other an alcoholic vagrant. Dalgliesh and his team,...

  • Neurociência Clínica e Reabilitação

    Schenkman,Margaret L.; Bowman,James P.; Gisbert,Robyn L.; Butler,Russell B.

    O sistema nervoso é responsável por mecanismos complexos e altamente organizados, por meio dos quais os seres humanos interagem com o mundo. Muitas abordagens de reabilitação física são baseadas na neurociência, que neste livro é introduzida de...

  • e-book

    The Professional Edge - Competencies in...

    Bowman, James S.; West, Jonathan P.; Berman, Margo

    The new context and character of public service - shifting values, entrepreneurship, information technology, multi-sector careers - require enhanced technical, ethical, and leadership skills. This concise and readable work describes what it means to...

  • Manual de Fotografia

    Folts,James A.; Lovell,Ronald P.; Zwahlen,Fred C., Jr.

    Este livro é para aqueles que nunca usaram uma câmera fotográfica e também para quem tem conhecimentos básicos, mas quer melhorar suas habilidades em fotografia. Escrito em linguagem simples e direta, abrange tópicos contemporâneos, como fotografia e...

  • Medida e Avaliação do Desempenho Humano - 4ª...

    Morrow,James R.; Jackson,Allen W.; Disch,James G.; Mood,Dale P.

    'Medida e Avaliação do Desempenho Humano', quarta edição, auxilia estudantes e profissionais a identificar e solucionar problemas relacionados ao desempenho humano nas áreas de cinesiologia, educação física, saúde e aptidão física. O livro introduz...

  • e-book

    O enigma de Sally

    James, P. D.

    Em Martingale, mansão de aristocratas ingleses em decadência, a jovem Sally Jupp, empregada da casa e mãe de um menino, é assassinada horas depois de anunciar seu casamento com o filho da família, Stephen, um médico elegante e refinado. Sally fora...

  • Peter Pan

    Barrie,James Matthew

    The character of Peter Pan first came to life in the stories J. M. Barrie told to five brothers three of whom were named Peter, John, and Michael. Peter Pan is considered one of the greatest children's stories of all time and continues to charm...

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  • Love Drugged

    James Klise

    Love Drugged Fifteen-year old Jamie Bates has a fail-safe strategy for surviving high school: fit in. Keep a low profile. And, above all, protect his biggest secret - he's gay. After accepting flirtatious advances from Celia, the richest and most...

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  • Dirty Liar

    James, Brian

    The 'powerful, compelling' (Booklist) new novel from Brian James, now in paperback. Benji has to escape his home. His mother's boyfriend has crossed the line, and Benji can't deal with it anymore. So he leaves behind everything he knows to go live...

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  • Story Thieves

    Riley, James

    A hilarious, action-packed series launches with a story-within-a-story, from the bestselling author of the Half Upon a Time trilogy. Life is boring when you live in the real world, instead of starring in your own book series. Owen knows that better...

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  • Middle School

    Patterson, James

    Rafe Khatchadorian has enough problems at home without throwing his first year of middle school into the mix. Luckily, he's got an ace plan for the best year ever, if he can pull it off. With his best friend Leonardo the Silent awarding him points,...

  • Dinotopia - Journey to Chandara

    Gurney, James

    Professor Denison, the intrepid 19th-century explorer, is back! Some time ago, the professor discovered a lost island where humans and dinosaurs dwell in harmony. Now the professor and Bix, his dinosaur companion, have been summoned to the forbidden...

  • Hollow Pike

    Dawson, James

    Lis London decide empezar una nueva vida y se muda a casa de su hermana. que vive en Hollow Pike. Sin embargo. no todo allí es nuevo para ella: la floresta de este pequeño y misterioso pueblo. que esconde una historia inquietante. es la misma que...

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  • Tarzan Stickers

    Petruccio, Steven James

    Sixteen reusable, peel-and-apply sticker illustrations depict the 'King of the Jungle' in exciting action poses: fighting a gorilla, stalking his prey, swinging from a vine, and many more. Sure to thrill Tarzan fans of all ages! 16 full-color...

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  • Otra Vuelta De Tuerca

    James, Henry

    Una joven inglesa llega a una vieja mansión en el campo para encargarse de la educación de un niño y de una niña que han quedado huérfanos. Poco tiempo después de su llegada. descubre que los niños reciben periódicas 'visitas' de sus antiguos...

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  • Infinity Ring - 01

    Dashner, James

    Infinity Ring - 01

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  • Infinity Ring - 7

    Dashner, James

    From the publishers of Spirit Animals and The 39 Clues and the mind of James Dashner, #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Maze Runner. Action, humor, and real history collide in the Infinity Ring series! They've sailed on the Santa Maria,...

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  • Cowboys Stickers

    Petruccio,Steven James

    Cowboys Stickers

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