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  • Pandora - As Crônicas Vampirescas

    Rice, Anne

    O narrador deste romance é o vampiro David Talbot. A história começa no século XXI, tendo como cenário um lotado café parisiense. Lá a belíssima jovem Pandora - de pele de porcelana, olhos topázio e de inteligência incomum - é convidada por David e...

  • A Queda - Pandora - Controle Sobrenatural

    Fonseca, Nazarethe



    'A Queda - Pandora, Controle Sobrenatural'. Zoe Lessa e outros detetives da agência de Controle Sobrenatural Pandora lutam para manter incógnita a presença do sobrenatural na cidade de Sacramento, reduto de todos os tipos de criaturas. Mas a rotina...

  • Pandora - A Namorada do Death Jr.

    Ibardolaza,Honoel A.

    Pandora é uma garota longe de ser normal. Impulsiva, excêntrica, corajosa e com uma peculiar curiosidade por portas e caixas fechadas, ela namora com Death Jr, filho da Morte em pessoa e tem poucos, mas leais amigos. Quando sua curiosidade a leva até...

  • e-book

    A caixa de Pandora

    Eliana Sá

    A história da menina Pandora que, sem querer, abre uma caixa e deixa sair todos os males do mundo, que até então ela não conhecera. A caixa fora um presente de Zeus, querendo se vingar de uma travessura, o roubo do Fogo pelo Homens. O mito grego,...

  • A Câmera de Pandora - A Fotografia Depois da...


    Oprimida pela tecnologia digital e deslocada de suas funções essenciais, a fotografia se transformou em outra coisa. Diante do desconcerto ou da cegueira, Joan Fontcuberta esmiúça aqui o que sobra: os restos de alguns valores que fizeram com que a...

  • A Caixa de Pandora

    Addis ,Ferdie

    De presente de grego, esse livro só tem a definição. Se história antiga sempre foi seu calcanhar de Aquiles, não se preocupe. Ao contrário do que o nome diz, 'A caixa de Pandora' vai lhe trazer apenas coisas boas. Um verdadeiro banho de cultura, onde...

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  • A Garota dos seus Sonhos e o Cara Quase...


    A coleção Reconstruir propõe um trabalho de adaptação de mitos clássicos da humanidade para a atualidade. Com brilhantismo e competência, Sonia Rodrigues mostra que produzir textos na escola pode ser bastante divertido e prazeroso. Além de...

  • Pandora Hearts vol. 1


    The air of celebration surrounding fifteen-year-old Oz Vessalius's coming-of-age ceremony quickly turns to horror when he is condemned for a sin about which he knows nothing. He is thrown into an eternal, inescapable prison known as the Abyss from...

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  • e-book



    No picture ever came more beautiful than Raphael'apos;s Pandora. Discovered by a dashing young lieutenant, Raymond Kelvedon in a Normandy Chateau in 1944, she had cast her spell over his family - all artists and dealers - for fifty years. Hanging in...

  • e-book


    Ken Down

    When IT expert and involuntary time traveller James Powell finds himself in possession of a beautiful young girl - and discovers that slavery is legal in his new home - there can be only one outcome. His struggle to provide for himself and his...

  • e-book

    Pandora'apos;s Star

    Hamilton,Peter F.

    The first part of the epic Commonwealth Saga, Pandora'apos;s Star by Peter F. Hamilton is a fantastic galaxy-spanning novel from the master of space opera.Earth AD 2329: Humanity has colonized over four hundred planets, all interlinked by wormholes....

  • e-book



    Many of Henry James' most acclaimed works of fiction are set at the intersection between European and American culture. The novella Pandora takes its tension from the differences between the Old World and the New -- as well as the surprising...

  • e-book

    Pandora'apos;s DNA - Tracing the Breast...


    Would you cut out your healthy breasts and ovaries if you thought it might save your life? That’s not a theoretical question for journalist Lizzie Stark’s relatives, who grapple with the horrific legacy of cancer built into the family DNA. It is a...

  • e-book

    Pandora'apos;s Brain

    Chace, Calum

    Around half the scientists researching artificial intelligence (AI) think that a conscious AI at or beyond human level will be created by 2050. If they are right, the consequence could be an intelligence explosion, in which the AI rapidly and...

  • e-book

    Pandora'apos;s Box 3

    Sharp, Kerri

    This is the third of the popular Pandora'apos;s box anthologies of erotic writing by women. The book includes extracts from the best-selling and most well-liked titles of the past year as well as four completely new stories.Pandora'apos;s Box 3 is a...

  • e-book

    Pandora'apos;s Daughters

    Kalyani Shankar

    Pandora'apos;s Daughters looks at eight prominent women leaders in modern India who have achieved great power in the male-dominated world of Indian politics, examining their traits and personalities, tactics and manoeuvres, strengths and...

  • e-book


    (3374568) thank you for your continued support and wish to present you this new edition. It has long been the custom of the North German Lloyd steamers, which convey passengers from Bremen to New York, to anchor for several hours in the pleasant...

  • e-book

    Pandora'apos;s Gift - Pandora Series - Book...

    Carolyn Mathews

    Pandora disappears on a secret mission, putting her relationship in jeopardy, so the prophecy of an archangel can be fulfilled.

  • e-book

    Pandora - Evolution Gone Wrong

    Miss Christie Nortje

    On 21/12/2012 a deadly ancient virus, we now know as 'Pandora' escapes from deep beneath the earth crust. After a minor earthquake hits. Lying dormant for centuries this ancient killer once responsible for the extinction of the dinosaurs, spreads...

  • e-book


    Henry, James

    The work presents a woman of the new era in America. In an array of characters belonging to the elite, James has created a woman who is self-made and self-possessed; who knows what she wants and is ready to achieve her goals. The intriguing character...

  • e-book

    Pandora - The dominatrix and her psychic and...

    Nano, Slave

    Pandora's life is about to change. She lives in a dystopian future in a post war world, in which the UK is occupied by China, with her irritating electronic household management system, Nano Mk II, and has a boyfriend who is indifferent to her...

  • e-book

    Pandora'apos;s Hideaway


    Rules are suspended and the game's a risky, dangerous one in Pandora's Hideaway - a South Seas tropical paradise owned and ruled by an anarchist and daunting sexual Dominant, Carlos Sanchez. After being caught having sex with her fiancé's brother,...

  • e-book

    Pandora In The Congo

    Pinol, Albert Sanchez

    It is 1914. In the heart of the Belgian Congo, Garvey, a bedraggled British manservant, emerges from the jungle. He is the lone survivor of a mining expedition in which both his masters have died, and all of the party's African porters have fled....

  • e-book

    Pandora'apos;s Box (Book 1 of the Sin Series)


    it all starts when seven children are saved from the evil organization Pandora's Box, who sought to experiment on them and use them as weapons. now, they find themselves in a new home surrounded by experiment survivors just like them. but is this new...

  • Pandora Hearts vol. 7


    The past holds everyone in its thrall, and Oz, Alice, Raven, Break, and their acquaintances are no exception, especially as recollections of the tragedy of Sablier elude even those who were present. Indeed, with his own body playing host to Jack...

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  • Pandora Hearts vol. 2


    'The answer you seek lies within them.' Oz Vessalius may have survived his stint in the Abyss, but he is no closer to discovering the truth behind the 'sin' for which he was condemned. On the advice of a mysterious man who appeared to him when Alice...

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  • Pandora Fosforos de Seguranca


    Pandora Fosforos de Seguranca

  • Pandora Hearts vol. 3


    Having returned from the infernal Abyss only to find his whole world changed, young 'sinner' Oz Vessalius embarks on an attempt at normalcy after being reunited with his best friend and valet, Gilbert, whom he had presumed dead. But during a trip...

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  • Pandora Hearts vol. 12


    With Pandora and the Baskervilles in a race to discover the whereabouts of the seals that secure Glen Baskerville's body, Oz and his friends are caught up in the ensuing fury of this ruthless hunt. Amidst this chaos, Oscar Vessalius organizes a brief...

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  • Pandora Hearts vol. 15


    Brother, master, friend... There once was an impure soul who, unknowingly, sealed a contract with Humpty Dumpty in the dark bowels of Sablier. But the time has come for him to face both his true self and his sins. Reexamining the events that have led...

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  • Pandora Hearts vol. 14


    Just when it seems the tragedy of Sablier is on the verge of recurring at Isla Yura's residence, the sinister blade of the Headhunter swings once more. From the darkness where the mysteries of Fianna's House and Humpty Dumpty converge, one truth will...

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  • Pandora Hearts vol. 5


    Guided by Jack Vessalius, the man from Alice's memories, Oz wanders back into the world of lost memories in search of Alice. There, he stumbles upon the devastating tragedy of Sablier, the century-old disaster which sent the old capital into the...

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  • Pandora Hearts vol. 4


    As Oz Vessalius and his valet, Gilbert, are reunited with their dear Uncle Oscar, they fail to notice an alienated Alice lost in thought stumbling right into the lurking Xerxes Break. Before Alice can take heed of Break's warning of a trap set by the...

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  • Pandora In The Crimson Shell: Ghost Urn Vol....


    The exciting cyberpunk series from two manga legends: Shirow Masamune, the creator of Ghost in the Shell, and Rikudou Koushi, the creator of Excel Saga!The planet is in a constant state of tumult. Rival countries vie for power and resources while...

  • Pandora In The Crimson Shell: Ghost Urn Vol....


    LAST SUPPERBunny-san continues to have the worst luck ever. Stuck in a top-secret facility, captured by mysterious robots, and handcuffed, it is looking less and less certain that she'll be getting out of this one alive. When she's offered dinner...

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  • e-book

    Pandora Gets Jealous


    13-year-old Pandora discovers a magical box and accidentally unleashes its contents.

  • e-book

    Pandora Gets Vain

    Hennesy, Carolyn

    Pandy and her friends are back in paperback, and this time they're chasing Vainity.

  • e-book

    Pandora Gets Lazy

    Hennesy, Carolyn

    Ancient Greece'apos;s coolest tween can'apos;t afford to be lazy

  • e-book

    Pandora'apos;s Box


    Some people, when they are told they must not do something, simply have to do it. Pandora is one of these people. Talented and the perfect companion for her husband, Pandora has this one fatal flaw. She tries her hardest to stay away from the box she...

  • Pandora's Box (Book 1 Of The Sin Series)

    Stone, Nathan

    Seven children are rescued from the evil organization known as Pandora's Box who had sought to use them as both experiments and weapons. Now they have been dropped in the middle of a new school for experiment survivors just like them. But is this new...

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  • e-book


    Stanley Alexander Brandino

    Tudo o que Miguel queria era esquecer o passado, mas um telefonema durante a madrugada mudou a sua vida e o levou de volta à pequena cidade de Dobraduras, onde vários acontecimentos estavam adormecidos até então. Uma reunião forçada colocou sob o...

  • Codinome Pandora

    Jéssica, Thyaly

    O mundo é feito de escolhas, algumas com mais consequências que outras. Alice Carter sempre entendeu isso. Entendia também que o mundo era um local perigoso para se viver. Uma jovem britânica de 18 anos que cresceu em um mundo problemático, assolado...

  • e-book



    François-Marie Arouet wrote under the nom de plume of Voltaire, and produced works in almost every literary form, including plays, poems, novels, essays, and historical and scientific works. Fate would make us wretched here, But hope shall dry up...

  • e-book

    Pandora'apos;s Box

    Ade Solanke

    On holiday with her streetwise son in Lagos, a British-Nigerian mother is in turmoil. Should she leave her only child in a strict Lagos boarding school, or return him to the battlefields of inner London? A family spanning three generations and two...

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