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  • Paranormal Parasites - The Voracious Appetite...


    The terrifying truth is that the Earth is one big farm. And to paranormal parasites...we are the cattle. Most people remain oblivious to the truth--there's a monstrous menagerie of supernatural entities that feed upon human victims without our...

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    Parasites and Infectious Disease - Discovery...


    This series of entertaining essays provides a unique insight into some of the key discoveries that have shaped the field of parasitology. Based on interviews with 18 of the world's leading parasitologists and epidemiologists, the stories of their...

  • e-book


    Margaux Baum

    Though not thought about as much as viruses or bacteria, parasites are behind much sickness and suffering in both animals and humans all over the world. Parasites range from microscopic protozoans to insects like ticks and lice and intestinal worms....

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    This Is Your Brain on Parasites - How Tiny...


    A riveting investigation of the myriad ways that parasites control how creatures—including humans—act, feel, and think

  • Max Steel - The Parasites

    Smith,Brian; Viz Media,

    Max Steel: The ultimate turbo-charged teen hero with a secret! Maxwell McGrath is just your average 16-year-old boy...until he starts experiencing uncontrollable Turbo Energy! To control this superpower, he must merge with a know-it-all alien...

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    Equine Parasites

    Dr. H. R. Parsani

    Though equine is an important pack animal in India and in many other countries, sufficient information is not available about its common parasitic diseases in textbooks on Veterinary Parasitology. The present book is, therefore, an attempt without...

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    People, Parasites, and Plowshares - Learning...

    Despommier,Dickson D.

    Dickson D. Despommier’s vivid, visceral account of the biology, behavior, and history of parasites follows the interplay between these fascinating life forms and human society over thousands of years. Despommier focuses on long-term host-parasite...

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    Sanitation, Latrines and Intestinal Parasites...

    Mitchell,Piers D.

    Sanitation and intestinal health is something we often take for granted today. However, people living in many regions of the developing world still suffer with debilitating diseases due to the lack of sanitation. Despite its clear impact upon health...

  • Foodborne Disease Handbook, Second Edition -...

    Hui,Y H

    A study of foodborne disease, focusing on viruses, parasites, pathogens and HACCP. This second edition contains new chapters on the role of US poison centres in viral exposures, detection of human enteric viruses in foods, environmental consideration...

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    Diseases and Parasites of Freshwater Fish - A...

    Various Authors

    This book contains classic material dating back to the 1900s and before. The content has been carefully selected for its interest and relevance to a modern audience. Carefully selecting the best articles from our collection we have compiled a series...

  • e-book

    The Mind Parasites


    Mind parasites are sucking the human mind dry. Humankind must develop paranormal abilities or perish.

  • e-book

    Natural Enemies - The Population Biology of...

    Crawley,Michael J.

    This book is about disease and death. It is an ecologist's view of Darwin's vivid evocation of Nature, red in tooth and claw. An international team of authors examines broad patterns in the population biology of natural enemies, and addresses general...

  • e-book

    Biology of Foodborne Parasites


    While a number of introductory books on basic and molecular biology are available, none highlight the foodborne parasitic pathogens. Until now. A state-of-the-art review, Biology of Foodborne Parasites charts significant progress and outlines key...

  • Alciphron - Letters From The Country And The...

    Wright, F A

    Excerpt from Alciphron: Letters From the Country and the Town, of Fishermen, Farmers, Parasites and Courtesans Form in literature to the classical Greeks was a con trolling and dominating force. A writer could not alter his form to suit his own...

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  • Of Veterinary Medicine, Vol. 5 - Parasites,...


    Excerpt from Of Veterinary Medicine, Vol. 5: Parasites, Parasitisms, Etc When two animals or plants, or an animal and plant form an interdependent existence or association the relation is explained by one of three designations, mutualism,...

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    Warnings to the Seven Churches - Parasites in...

    Tina Blount

    The Church is being invaded by spiritual parasites that are causing weakness, paralysis, blindness, and ineffectiveness in the Body of Christ today. Using the seven churches of the Book of Revelation as the backdrop for her teaching on this vital...

  • e-book

    Theories of Surplus and Transfer (Routledge...


    First published in 1990, this is an analysis of the history of western economics from Petty to Supply-Side, through the prism of the controversies over productive labour and its product. It treats the early economists'apos;...

  • The Practical Study Of Malaria And Other...

    Stephens,John William Watson

    Excerpt from The Practical Study of Malaria and Other Blood Parasites In the present handbook we propose to give the essentially practical methods, by Which those not familiar With laboratory methods may, undertheir own microscopes, follow all the...

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  • I Am John Galt Today's Heroic Innovators...

    Luskin,Donald L; Greta,Andrew

    Who is John Galt?It's been both a cry in the dark and a call to arms for generations of readers of Ayn Rand's great novels--which brilliantly portray a world like ours, a world of both great achievement and great crisis. This book answers that...

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  • Novel Approaches To The Control Of Helminth...

    Marcelo Beltrão Molento, James Miller

    The International Conference of Novel Approaches to The Control of Helminth Parasites of Livestock (NA) meetings has aimed to stimulate links between scientists and extension specialists and from developed, emerging and developing countries. The...

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  • Parasites And Pathogens of Insects

    "beckage,Nancy; Thompson, Stephen; Federici,

    Both volumes of Parasites and Pathogens of Insects provide in-depth coverage of the interface between insect parasites and pathogens and hosts, and explore the relationships between these partners. They emphasize biochemical and molecular...

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  • Parasites


    Hidden away within living tissues, parasites are all around us—and inside us. Yet, despite their unsavory characteristics, as we find in this compulsively readable book, parasites have played an enormous role in civilizations through time and around...

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  • Parasites And Pathogens of Insects

    "beckage,Nancy; Thompson, Stephen; Federici,

    Both volumes of Parasites and Pathogens of Insects provide in-depth coverage of the interface between insect parasites and pathogens and hosts, and explore the relationships between these partners. They emphasize biochemical and molecular...

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  • Parasites Like Me


    Parasites Like Me

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  • Parasites, People, and Places

    Esch,Gerald W.

    Parasites, People, and Places

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  • Avian Malaria Parasites and other...


    Avian Malaria Parasites and other Haemosporidia

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  • Foodborne Parasites

    Ortega,Ynes R. (edt)

    This book examines the two major parasite groups that are transmitted via water or foods: the single-celled protozoa, and the helminths: cestodes (tapeworms), nematodes (round worms), and trematodes (flukes). Each chapter covers the biology,...

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  • Rat Ass Pie


    Rat Ass Pie

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  • Biochemistry And Molecular Biology Of...


    The study of parasitic organisms at the molecular level has yielded fascinating new insights of great medical, social, and economical importance, and has pointed the way for the treatment and prevention of the diseases they cause. Biochemistry and...

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  • Politicians, Partisans and Parasites


    The political pundit, conservative commentator, and co-host of CNN's Crossfire offers an incisive and humorous take on the goings-on in Washington, D.C., from Congress to the president, as well as a behind-the-scenes look at life as a cable...

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  • Biology Of Aphid Parasites (Hymenoptera

    P. Starý

    Biology Of Aphid Parasites (Hymenoptera

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