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  • Minha Cozinha Em Paris - Receitas e Histórias


    Um dos dez melhores livros de culinária do ano, por Washington Post, Los Angeles Times e Chicago Tribune.“David Lebovitz é um espécime raro: magnífico contador de histórias e, ao mesmo tempo, brilhante e rigoroso escritor de receitas. Eu vou com ele...

  • Paris - A Guide To The Fashion Cities Of The...

    Hess, Megan

    Paris - A Guide To The Fashion Cities Of The World

  • Paris At War - 1939-1944


    Paris at War chronicles the lives of ordinary Parisians during World War II, from September 1939 when France went to war with Nazi Germany to liberation in August 1944. Readers will relive the fearful exodus from the city as the German army neared...

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  • Paris - Small Format

    Serge Ramelli

    Paris is the City of Light, love, and savoir vivre. And this world-class capital is surely one of the planet's most photographed destinations, whether by tourists snapping a quick souvenir shot or professionals with high-end cameras. The brief...

  • Paris

    Targat, Corinne

    Le Paris éternel, le Paris lumière, le Paris insolite, le Paris nature, le Paris créatif et moderne... c'est une capitale aux multiples facettes que l'on vous propose de découvrir dans cet ouvrage illustré par 1001 photos. Paris reste la première...

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  • Paris

    Bennet,Guy Pierre


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  • Paris Vogue


    Since its beginnings, Vogue has set the benchmark for fashion magazines the world over. Radical, captivating and full of life, this is the face of the world’s most influential magazine and the original style bible.This book brings together in one...

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  • Paris Sketchbook

    Kelly,Mary A.; Moireau,Fabrice; Moireau,Fabrice

    A beautiful collection of sketches and watercolors captures the breathtaking grandeur of Paris and essence of life in its streets. 10,000 first printing.

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  • Proust's Duchess - How Three Celebrated Women...

    Weber, Caroline

    From the author of the acclaimed Queen of Fashion--a brilliant look at the glittering world of turn-of-the-century Paris through the first in-depth study of the three women Proust used to create his supreme fictional character, the Duchesse de...

  • Sweet Paris


    Any Parisian will tell you that theirs is the city of romance, light and delicious sweets that are like no others on earth. Take your tastebuds on a tour of Paris in this sumptuous collection of sweet pastries, magnifique desserts and chocolates to...

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  • Paris

    Higonnet,Patrice; Goldhammer,Arthur (TRN)

    A cultural study of Paris from the mid-eighteenth century to World War II portrays the city as a capital of revolution, science, empire, literature, and art, examining the area in different times and from various perspectives to consider its...

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  • Eugène Atget - Paris


    Desfrute de um passeio íntimo por Paris com cerca de 500 imagens de Eugène Atget, o fotógrafo que se tornou famoso com seus retratos urbanos. Andando por avenidas e becos, pátios e arcadas dos 20 distritos da capital francesa, Atget compreende um...

  • Monumental Paris

    Tocqueville,Aude de

    Spanning the Seine, and spreading out beneath the heights of Montmartre and Montparnasse, Paris is an ideal subject for the panoramic photographer Hervé Champollion, in whom the City of Light has found a talented heir to Paris’s photographic...

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  • Spectacular Paris

    Scheller,William G.

    An outstanding gift or souvenir in a new affordable package, Spectacular Paris celebrates all that shines in the wonderful City of Light. In this celebration and photographic portrait, Spectacular Paris brings the best of this awe-inspiring city into...

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  • Paris

    Perouse de Montclos,Jean-marie

    A fascinating, lavishly illustrated history of the art and architecture of Paris combines more than eight hundred illustrations with detailed descriptions to capture the diverse beauty of Notre Dame's Gothic splendor, the French Impressionist...

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  • The Best Of Doisneau - Paris


    The legendary photographer’s quintessential portraits of Paris—including several previously unpublished works in an affordable new paperback. Robert Doisneau’s ability to infuse images of daily life with poetic nuance has given enduring popular...

  • Receitas de Bistrô - Os Segredos do Mais...

    Auboyneau,Bertrand; Simon,Fançois

    Com as melhores receitas de Bertrand Auboyneau, proprietário do célebre Bistrot Paul Bert, este livro é uma homenagem aos bistrôs parisienses. Além das receitas, o renomado crítico de gastronomia François Simon, do jornal Le Figaro, explica as dez...

  • Yvon's Paris


    Presents images taken by the photographer flaneur between the First and Second World Wars, in a volume depicting the City of Light at different times of day and in varying weather conditions.

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  • Paris Between Empires


    Presents a political and social history of the golden age of Paris, from the fall of Napoleon I in 1814 to Louis-Napoleon becoming emperor Napoleon III in 1852.

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  • Paris - The Monocle Travel Guide


    There's the food, the culture, the architecture, the art --Notre Dame and Montmartre and the Louvre --and then there's the side of Paris you've never seen, until now. Paris: the city of love, the city of light - the city everyone thinks they know...

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  • Paris In Photographs, 1890S

    Toledano, Alex

    Internationally renowned as the home of cutting-edge fashion, art treasures, gourmet dining, and architectural marvels, Paris ranks among the world's top tourist destinations. Visitors from everywhere are drawn to the City of Lights, and this...

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  • Paris Hangover


    Fleeing her fashion career and a dysfunctional relationship with an egocentric boyfriend, New Yorker Klein hopes to start over from her new home in a tiny Parisian walk-up and begins to navigate the mysterious world of French dating, a situation that...

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  • Picasso In Paris: 1900 - 1907


    In 1900 Pablo Picasso went to Paris to visit the Universal Exhibition and experience life in the art capital of the world. His training had been in provincial Spanish art schools, but in the space of just a year he was offered an exhibition at the...

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  • Antiquaires: Flea Markets of Paris


    The legendary flea markets of St. Ouen in Paris are like no others. More like curated galleries than temporary stalls, the mix of antique and modern furniture, books, art, decorative objects, and curiosities draws millions of visitors-including top...

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  • The Paris Cookbook

    Wells, Patricia

    Accompanied by stunning black-and-white photographs that capture cultural diversity and essence of Paris, a wonderful cookbook explores the culinary delights of this beautiful city, from the three-star cuisine of Joel Robuchon to traditional foods,...

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  • Women In This Town - New York, Paris,...


    ?Women in This Town is a photographic street-style book capturing women with a distinct look in their natural urban habitat.

  • Suzanne's Children - A Daring Rescue In Nazi...

    Nelson, Anne

    'Immersive...Suzanne's Children vividly dramatizes the stakes of acting morally in a time of brutality.'--The Wall Street Journal A story of courage in the face of evil. The tense drama of Suzanne Spaak who risked and gave her life to save hundreds...

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  • Amo Paris

    Ducasse,Alain; Frédérick; Hermé,Grasser

    Do croissant matinal à beira do Canal Saint-Martin ao jantar mágico na Torre Eiffel, o estrelado chef Alain Ducasse nos leva à descoberta de sua Paris gastronômica. Um belo livro de reportagem fotográfica traçado de acordo com o desejo de seu...

  • Judgment of Paris

    Taber,George M.

    Looks at an event held in 1976 in which French judges, during a blind taste-test, chose unknown California wines to be superior to Frances' best wines.

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  • Brecheret e a Escola de Paris


    O livro “Brecheret e a Escola de Paris” resgata um período importantíssimo na vida do artista: sua chegada à capital da França para incrementar ainda mais o talento que lhe fora destinado. Nos anos que passou na Europa, Victor Brecheret chamou a...

  • Taschen's Paris - Hotels , Restaurants &...

    Taschen,Angelika; KNAPP,VINCENT

    Este livro apresenta o guia atualizado da cidade de Paris com recomendações cuidadosamente selecionados dos melhores hotéis, lojas, restaurantes, cafés e bares. Inclui guia rápido organizadas como um dicionário para facilitar as pesquisas e um mapa...

  • A Taste Of Paris

    Downie, David

    In his trademark witty and informative style, David Downie embarks on a quest to discover 'What is it about the history of Paris that has made it a food lover's paradise?' Long before Marie Antoinette said, 'Let them eat cake!' (actually, it was...

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  • My Little Paris

    Pechiodat,Fany; Pechiodat,Amy; Brunet,Anne-flore

    My Little Paris is the favorite website of Parisian women (200,000 women in Paris are members). In their first book, the creators of the site share their best-kept secret addresses in this book, to be the first in a series. Oh so chic and a little...

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  • Sorolla And The Paris Years

    Pons-Sorolla, Blanca; Gerard-Powell, Veronique; Lobstein,Dominique; Fernandez, Maria Lopez

    Published on the occasion of a major retrospective, this gorgeous new survey focuses on the paintings related to the years Joaquin Sorolla spent in Paris. A native of Valencia, Spanish Impressionist Joaquin Sorolla (1863 1923) first went to Paris in...

  • Pathways To A Sustainable Economy - Bridging...

    Hossain, Moazzem

    The focus of this edited volume is to identify challenges facing organizations in achieving zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 and a new energy economy, and to explore solutions from various sectors of the economy to enable the transition to a...

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  • Colors of Paris


    Colors of Paris

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  • Graffiti Paris


    Graffiti artists in Paris, much like in New York and Los Angeles, have transformed urban spaces—sidewalks, metro stations, staircases, abandoned buildings—into showrooms that exhibit their work in all of its many mediums, from a proliferation of...

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  • Private Paris

    Patterson, James

    Someone is targeting the most powerful people in Paris--only Jack Morgan can make it stop. When Jack Morgan stops by Private's Paris office, he envisions a quick hello during an otherwise relaxing trip. But Jack is quickly pressed into duty after...

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  • Long Shadows


    A powerful and insightful account follows the author as she embarks on a journey around the world to investigate areas still reeling from past conflicts, from the United States and its memory of slavery to Japan, France, and Germany, where the...

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  • Sightseers - Paris 1789


    Uses a travel guide format to show what life was like in Paris at the time of the French Revolution

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  • Tarot De Paris

    Thomas,J. Phillip

    Tarot De Paris

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  • O Chic de Paris - Decoração e Design de...

    Catherine Scotto

    O chic de Paris – decoração e design de interiores abre as portas dos mais belos endereços da capital francesa, revelando os estilos e a art de vivre de renomados profissionais da cena parisiense (designers, estilistas, arquitetos, galeristas,...

  • The Paris Style Guide - Shop, Eat, Sleep

    Rambaud ,Elodie

    In this sophisticated insider’s guide to the best of Paris shopping, Parisian native and resident, stylist and interior decorator Elodie Rambaud provides a personal tour of the city, pointing out choice boutiques of every kind, mapping out the best...

  • The Little Paris Bookshop A Novel

    George, Nina

    Monsieur Perdu can prescribe the perfect book for a broken heart. But can he fix his own? Monsieur Perdu calls himself a literary apothecary. From his floating bookstore in a barge on the Seine, he prescribes novels for the hardships of life. Using...

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