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  • Corpse Party Musume - Vol. 2

    Orie,Mika; Kedouin ,Makoto

    Na dimensão paralela onde tudo parece ser amaldiçoado, Satoshi e Yuka Mochida continuam em busca da saída para finalmente se libertarem desse pesadelo dentro da escola.Porém, cada vez que eles atravessam os corredores e entram nas salas de aula,...

  • The Ant's Party - Macmillan Children's...


    The Ant's Party - Macmillan Children's Readers

  • Caderno Universitário Espiral Capa Dura 1X1...


    Caderno Emoji Universitário 1X1 96 Folhas Capa Com Laminalçao Fosca, Uv Reserva, Espiral Branco, Bolsa De Papel, Adesivos, Guarda, Divisória E Pauta Decoradas.

  • e-book

    Leon Trotsky and the Organizational...

    Le Blanc,Paul; Thomas Twiss; Dianne Feeley

    Trotsky’s own words on revolutionary organization, from 1917 to 1940, highlight the dynamics of democratic initiative and principled centralism.

  • Party At The Palace - DVD



    Party in the Palace é o nome do DVD retirado do show realizado em junho de 2002 no palácio de Buckingham, em Londres, onde reuniram-se ícones da música pop para comemorar o jubileu de ouro da Rainha Elizabeth II. Dentre os artistas que se...

  • Corpse Party - Another Child - Vol. 2


    O Colégio Satsukiyama está prestes a fechar suas portas e cada um de seus alunos seguirá para lados diferentes na vida. Tamaki Minase decide permanecer na cidade e conseguir um emprego, para ela, talvez seja a última chance de ver Yuuma Shindou, por...

  • Caderno Universitário Espiral Capa Dura 1X1...


    Caderno Disney Pixar Universitário 1X1 96 Folhas Capa Com Laminação Fosca, Uv Reserva, Espiral Branco, Bolsa Plástica E Pêster (Duplo)

  • Arbitragem e Acesso À Justiça - o Novo...

    Filho,Napoleão Casado

    O lançamento da obra “Arbitragem e Acesso à Justiça” apresenta estudo único no campo da arbitragem, inédito em língua portuguesa, de grande atualidade e modernidade: o financiamento de causas arbitrais por investidores, que não são partes no...

  • Caderno Universitário Espiral Capa Dura 10X1...


    Caderno Emoji Universitário 10X1 200 Folhas Capa Com Laminalçao Fosca, Uv Reserva, Espiral Branco, Bolsa De Papel, Adesivos, Guarda, Divisória E Pauta Decoradas.

  • Party Politics In Indiana During The Civil...

    Woodburn, James Albert

    Excerpt from Party Politics in Indiana During the Civil War It is a sad truth that Indiana is the most proslavery of all the Northern States it Our people hate the negro with a perfect if not a supreme hatred The proposal to repeal the Missouri...

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  • Party-Tyranny, Or An Occasional Bill In...

    Defoe, Daniel

    Excerpt from Party-Tyranny, or an Occasional Bill in Miniature: As Now Practised in Carolina Defpicable he be, but has a full Liberty to bring his Grievances to their Feet, and has Reafon to expeet fuitable Redrefs. About the Publisher Forgotten...

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  • Caderno Espiral Capa Dura 1/4 96 Folhas...


    Caderno espiral 1/4 capa dura, 96fls, laminação brilho na capa.

  • e-book

    Party Tonight

    Isa Adam

    Though Mandy knows her fiance Sean loves her, she isn't exactly how sure how much and to what lengths he would go to prove it. For that reason, she throws a huge wild party to try and see if Sean is ready to accept her for what she is with all her...

  • Party Monster

    St. James,James

    A shocking exposé of the New York Club scene at its worst follows Michael Alig from South Bend, Indiana, to Manhattan, where this Midwest nerd became a leading club promoter and eventually found trouble after killing a drug dealer. Originally...

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  • e-book

    Party Change in Southern Europe


    It has been argued that political parties are weakening. In Southern Europe, however, political parties have shown remarkable pragmatism. Not only have they played a crucial role in the installation and consolidation of democracy, mostly in the 1970s...

  • e-book

    Party and Society

    Cedric de Leon

    Political parties are central to democratic life, yet there is no standard definition to describe them or the role they occupy. 'Voter-centered' theoretical approaches suggest that parties are the mere recipients of voter interests and loyalties....

  • e-book

    Party Policy in Modern Democracies

    Laver,Michael; Benoit,Kenneth

    A new and wide-ranging empirical overview of party policy in 47 modern democracies, including all of the new democracies of Eastern Europe.It updates and radically extends Policy and Party Competition (1992), which established itself as a key...

  • e-book

    Party Mobilization, Class and Ethnicity - The...

    Aguiar,Gary G.

    This study seeks to explain the types of strategies party elites use to attract voters. How do party elites decide which kinds of incentives to offer, at what period, in what way, and to which groups? This study investigates the efficacy of competing...

  • e-book

    Party Systems and Country Governance

    Kenneth Janda; Jin-Young Kwak

    Party Systems and Country Governance focuses on the variety of party systems across the world and their effects on country governance and the conceptualisation and measurement of country governance. International aid agencies have spent millions of...

  • e-book

    Party Strategies in Western Europe


    This book examines political party system change from a party-centric perspective and assesses how, and to what extent, established political parties in western Europe can maintain their dominant positions.Parties are increasingly competing in a...

  • e-book

    Party Systems in East Central Europe

    Cabada, Ladislav; Vít Hloušek; Petr Jurek

    This book maps the development of the party system in East Central Europe. It also provides political analysis of the central issues related to party politics, including the ties of political parties to broader social processes, the operation of...

  • e-book

    Party Change, Recent Democracies, and...

    Marco Lisi

    This study enriches and updates the theoretical debate on party change with detailed empirical research on Portuguese political parties. By examining the evolution of political parties in this recent democracy, this work raises new points about party...

  • e-book

    Party Politics in Central and Eastern Europe...


    What impact has EU membership had on party politics in Central and Eastern Europe? Although there is an emerging body of literature on the Europeanization of political parties, most of these accounts focus exclusively on Western Europe. Drawing on a...

  • e-book

    Party and Society

    Cedric de Leon

    Cedric de Leon is associate professor of sociology at Providence College.

  • e-book

    Party Primaries in Comparative Perspective

    Antonella Seddone; Giulia Sandri

    Primary elections for choosing party leaders and candidates are now becoming commonplace in Europe, Asia and America but questions as to how much they hinder a party's organizational strength and cohesion or affect electoral performance have largely...

  • e-book

    Party System Formation in Kazakhstan -...

    Isaacs, Rico

    Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, Central Asian states have developed liberal-constitutional formal institutions. However, at the same time, political phenomena in Central Asia are shaped by informal political behaviour and relations. This...

  • e-book

    Party Brands in Crisis

    Noam Lupu

    Why have so many established political parties across Latin America collapsed in recent years? Party Brands in Crisis offers an explanation that highlights the effect of elite actions on voter behavior. During the 1980s and 1990s, political elites...

  • e-book

    Party Movements in the United States and...

    Schwartz,Mildred A.

    Party movements can be described as political organizations that both participate in the electoral process and have social movement qualities. They appear frequently in both Canada and the United States. Many of these movements face huge...

  • e-book

    Party Politics in Taiwan

    Fell, Dafydd

    In 1991 Taiwan held its first fully democratic election. This first single volume of party politics in Taiwan analyzes the evolution of party competition in the country, looking at how Taiwan'apos;s parties have adjusted to their new multi-party...

  • e-book

    Party Politics in America


    The seventeenth edition of Party Politics in America continues the comprehensive and authoritative coverage of political parties for which it is known while expanding and updating the treatment of key related topics including interest groups and...

  • e-book

    Party and State in Post-Mao China


    In recent decades, China has become a quasi-capitalist economic powerhouse. Yet it continues to be ruled by the same Communist Party-dominated government that has been in power since 1949. But how has China’s political system achieved such longevity?...

  • e-book

    Party and Factional Division in Texas

    Clifton McCleskey; James R. Soukup; Harry Holloway

    Here is the first attempt by scholars to make a comprehensive analysis of voting patterns in Texas. Examining the results of fourteen elections from 1946 through 1962 and organizing a vast fund of statistics relative to Texas political parties and...

  • e-book

    Party Politics in America

    Hershey,Marjorie Randon

    The seventeenth edition of Party Politics in America continues the comprehensive and authoritative coverage of political parties for which it is known while expanding and updating the treatment of key related topics including interest groups and...

  • e-book

    Party Government in the New Europe


    This truly comparative volume examines the 'quot;life cycle'quot; of party governments in Europe from 1990 onwards, and analyses its role and function in contemporary European parliamentary democracies.The life and the performance of party...

  • e-book

    Party Favour: A Collection of Five Erotic...

    Coldwell,Elizabeth; Dixon, Landon; Cash, Catelyn

    A collection of five erotic stories with mixed themes including m/f, m/m, menage and fem dom from Xcite Books.

  • e-book

    Party Time - The Extraordinary Confessions of...


    An action-packed roller-coaster account of a life spiralling out of control featuring wild women, gangsters and a mountain of drugsShaun Attwood arrived in Phoenix, Arizona, a penniless business graduate from a small industrial town in England....

  • e-book

    Party for Mother'apos;s Best Friend (Erotica)

    Long, Tina

    Jake is back and Chloe wonders why her mother does not just marry him. She and Jake have been best friends for a very long time. And now that he is back, her mother wants to throw him a party. Chloe decides to take him along for some of her shopping...

  • e-book

    Party'apos;s Over

    Autum Rose

    Party's Over is a collection of thirty poems on a variety of topics ranging from disordered eating to typical teenage relationship woes.

  • e-book

    Party Games

    Carnegie, Jo

    'apos;More essential than suncream in your beach bag this summer . . . Sexy, glamorous and fun'apos; HEATFOR THE PERFECT LIFE . . . YOU MAY HAVE TO BREAK SOME RULESI'apos;m Vanessa Powell. People think they know me because I'apos;m famous. They think...

  • e-book

    Party Games: A Collection of Five Erotic...

    Baker,Jim; Marsden,Sommer; Carol,DMW

    A collection of five sexually explicit erotic stories with mixed and varied themes including threesomes, bondage, voyeurism and girl on girl action.

  • e-book

    Party Girls Die in Pearls


    “A rollicking murder mystery. . . . a wildly entertaining romp. . . . Laugh? I died.”—VogueThe New York Times bestselling author of Bergdorf Blondes takes us back to the decadent 1980s in this comic murder mystery set in the tony world of Oxford...

  • e-book

    Party at Rideau Hall - Early Voices -...

    Downie,Mary Alice; Robertson,Barbara; Errington,Elizabeth Jane

    This selection of writings by twenty-nine Canadian women presents a unique portrait of Canada through time and space, and a range of voices from high-born wives of governors general to a fisherman's wife in Labrador. All of which demonstrate how...

  • e-book

    Party Pooper - That'apos;s Why We Invited Moo

    Mari K. Eder

    Benson the miniature schnauzer has it made. He has good food, the run of the house, and a loving family all to himself. He's the king of the doggie castle, and life is good. But when his perfect world is invaded by Maggie, the new dog, he's beside...

  • e-book

    Party of Delight - Erotica Short Story

    Long, Tina

    Marc was happy to meet his new neighbors and he offered them to use his pool since they were really stunning. He particularly loved their generous boobs. However, his old heart could not resist to the pleasure they gave him. He found himself in...

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