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  • Ritchie & Black Tie - Old Friends - The Songs...


    Ritchie & Black Tie (Fabio Tagliaferri, Mario Manga e Swami Jr) apresentam o novíssimo trabalho Old Friends, com canções de Paul Simon

  • Much ADO About Nothing

    Shakespeare, William; Werstine,Paul; Mowat,Dr Barbara a

    A new, beautifully packaged edition from the Folger Shakespeare Library puts the best possible version of William Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing into a freshly designed collectible format, featuring wonderful illustrations, additional resources...

  • So Beautiful Or So What


    Novo e aguardado álbum de Paul Simon, o primeiro de estúdio desde Surprise de 2006. Produzido por Phil Ramone (Ray Charles, Paul Mc Cartney, James Taylor) e o próprio Paul Simon. So Beautiful Or So What traz Simon elaborando suas canções em torno da...

  • The Definitive Paul Simon Songbook


    The Definitive Paul Simon Songbook

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  • On The Rocks' - Vol. 5 - Paul Simon & Friends...


    Paul Simon - Neste concerto, realizado em 23 maio de 2007, um grupo sem precedentes de artistas dividiu o palco do Warner Theatre (Washington, D.C.) para homenagear Paul Simon, que naquela noite era agraciado com o primeiro Prêmio Gershwin de Canção...

  • audio livro

    Paul Simon: The Life


    <b>A publishing event from music legend Paul Simon: an intimate, candid, and definitive biography written with Simon’s participationbut without editorial controlby acclaimed biographer and music writer Robert Hilburn.</b><BR><BR>Through such hits as...

    R$ 24,90
    (Assinatura Mensal com Conteúdo Ilimitado)
  • Robin Hood

    Creswick, Paul; Wyeth, N. C.; Wyeth, N. C.

    An abridged version of the legend of Robin Hood, who plundered the king's purse and poached his deer and whose generosity endeared him to the poor.

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  • Paul Revere and the Bell Ringers

    Winter, Jonah; Dodson,Bert

    Young Paul Revere and his friends form a club whose members ring the bells at Christ Church, an experience which teaches him responsibility and other lessons that he uses as an adult in the American Revolution.

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  • Paul Revere and the Bell Ringers

    Winter, Jonah; Dodson,Bert

    Young Paul Revere and his friends form a club whose members ring the bells at Christ Church, an experience which teaches him responsibility and other lessons that he uses as an adult in the American Revolution.

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  • e-book

    Paul Simon - A Life


    The definitive biography of legendary singer-songwriter Paul Simon.Paul Simon, one of the country'apos;s most popular musicians, has been a dynamic creative force for more than half a century. Now New York Times bestselling biographer Marc Eliot...

  • e-book

    Paul Simon - An American Tune

    Cornel Bonca

    In Paul Simon: An American Tune, Cornel Bonca considers Simon’s vast trove of songs in the biographical and cultural context in which he wrote them: from the pop cultural revolution of the 1960s which Simon himself helped to create, the...

  • The Noel Diary

    Evans,Richard Paul

    New York Times Bestseller In this new holiday-themed novel from the #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Mistletoe Promise and The Walk, a man receives the best Christmas present he could ask for: the chance to re-write the past. Bestselling...

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  • Petit Gâteau - e Outros Bolinhos Doces e...


    Não mais de 15 minutos de preparação para satisfazer o seu desejo de doce. De Um bom Pettit gâteau ! Atenção, sucesso !

  • Paul Bowles

    Carr,Virginia Spencer

    Presents the life of the American writer, describing his childhood precocity, his relationships with other writers and composers, his marriage to writer Jane Auer, his exile in Morocco, his drug addiction, and his political beliefs.

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  • Dinosaurs

    Willis,Paul M. A.; Chan,Jimmy; Chan,Kimmy

    Introduces dinosaurs, discussing the different categories, what they looked like, what they ate, how we know about them through the study of fossils, and why they may have become extinct.

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  • Michael Vey

    Richard Paul Evans

    The head of the resistance, known only as the voice, believes that the best way to wipe out the Elgen is to steal their money. That means capturing the Joule, the Elgen boat that serves as a floating treasury. Michael and his friends have learned...

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  • Topsy-Turvy


    Sabrina is tired of her friends thinking that her life is perfect, so she casts a spell that will force them to see how her life really is, but something goes wrong and now she and her aunts don't have magic, but mortals do.

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  • Where in the World Is Sabrina Spellman?


    Staying awake the night before exams is a challenging task for Sabrina until she performs a spell to keep herself alert, but an unforeseen problem occurs the next day that has the rest of the school feeling rather sleepy.

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  • Michael Vey Complete Collection Books 1-7 -...

    Evans,Richard Paul

    All seven electrifying books in the New York Times bestselling Michael Vey series are now available in a collectible paperback boxed set! To everyone at Meridian High School, Michael Vey is nothing special, just the kid who has Tourette's syndrome....

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  • Seek


    Rob becomes obsessed with searching the airwaves for his long-gone father, a radio announcer.

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  • Arthur Ashe

    Mantell,Paul; Henderson,Meryl

    Growing up in the segregated South, Arthur Ashe's young life was filled with prejudice and difficult challenges, yet despite all the obstacles, young Arthur discovered his talents on the tennis court, grew to become the first African-American to win...

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  • The Final Spark - Michael Vey Series #7

    Evans, Richard Paul

    Michael Vey is missing and it’s up to the Electroclan to find him in this electrifying seventh installment of the New York Times bestselling series!The final book in the Michael Vey series opens with the Electroclan facing a devastating loss: Michael...

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  • Dragon's Hoard

    Stewart,Paul; Riddell, Chris

    When Sir Knight saves a damsel in distress, she is forced to return the favor.

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  • Ten Little Witches


    When Harvey's friend decides to hold an Other Realm Halloween party for mortals, Harvey brings Sabrina along, and when the host and several guests start disappearing, Sabrina's the only one willing and able to take on such a mystery.

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  • The Bike Race Mystery

    Casale,Paul; Keene,Carolyn

    When George's bicycle disappears shortly before the big bike race, Nancy Drew and her friends investigate.

    sob encomenda
  • The Homebrewer's Recipe Guide

    Kilgore,Maura Kate; Hertlein,Paul; Higgins,Patrick

    Offers a collection of recipes for pale ales, ambers, stouts and lagers

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  • Breakout


    While acting in her own one-woman play about an L.A. traffic jam, Del's comedy is actually a reflection of her own life, when she fled Los Angeles eight years earlier, and her struggle for identity and community.

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  • Tea at the Treedome

    Collins,Terry; Lawrence; Burns,Peter; Tibbitt,Paul; O'Hare, Mark; O'Hare,Mark; Lawrence

    When SpongeBob's new friend, Sandy Cheeks, invites him to a tea party, he doesn't realize that she lives in a dome filled with air.

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  • Tow!

    Bailer,Darice; Lopez, Paul

    'Tow! Leo drives a flatbed tow truck. All day, the big truck hauls vehicles that get stuck--even an airplane ...'

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  • Vigilance

    Abrams,J. J.; Ruditis,Paul

    Struggling with work ethics that require her to work with criminals whom she would rather see behind bars, Sydney is alarmed when some of the APO's shadier contacts are targeted by a highly trained vigilante organization.

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  • The Nobel Book of Answers

    Kaestner,Elisabeth (TRN); Carter, Jimmy; Angelis,Paul De (TRN); Stiekel,Bettina

    A collection of essays written by various Nobel Prize winners about their fields of endeavor.

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  • Toby Toucan and His Noisy Beak

    Flemming, Paul; Morris, joshua; Morris,Joshua; Goode, Jon; Goode,Jon

    Toby Toucan and His Noisy Beak

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  • Lucy Lobster and Her Clacky Claws

    Flemming, Paul; Goode, Jon; Goode,Jon

    Young readers are invited to click Lucy's claw as she tries to choose what act to put on in the talent show

    sob encomenda
  • Polly Pelican and Her Big Beak

    Flemming, Paul; Morris, joshua; Morris,Joshua; Goode, Jon; Goode,Jon

    Polly Pelican and Her Big Beak

    sob encomenda
  • Alex Alligator and His Fearsome Jaws

    Flemming, Paul; Morris, joshua; Morris,Joshua; Goode, Jon; Goode,Jon

    Alex Alligator and His Fearsome Jaws

    sob encomenda
  • Rainbow Party


    As discussed on the Oprah show, a novel delves into what takes place at a Rainbow Party--an event where oral sex is performed by multiple girls on guys with the main goal of gaining a 'rainbow' in various shades of lipstick--following Ginger and her...

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  • Abiyoyo Returns

    Jacobs,Paul Dubois; Seeger,Pete; Hays,Michael

    When a huge boulder blocks the dam and creates havoc on the town's crops, a young girl suggests that they bring back the monster Abiyoyo, but the townfolk aren't too eager to see this monster return despite her magical plan to keep him in check.

    sob encomenda
  • Fearless Jack

    Johnson,Paul Brett

    Jack's innocent boasting gets him in trouble when the sheriff requests his help in ridding the town of wild boars, grizzly bears, and other dangerous creatures, but not wanting to let them down, Jack tries to do what he can and, surprisingly,...

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  • The Casefiles

    Gallagher,Diana G.; Ruditis,Paul

    A companion book to the popular hit television series includes exclusive cast and production interviews, cast profiles, annotated episode listings, and a day-on-the-set journal.

    sob encomenda
  • Lovingly Alice

    Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds; Christensen,Paul

    A final prequel to the Alice series presents fifth-grade Alice as she gets answers to curious questions and comes to terms with what she learns about friendships, babies, her body, and life in general. Reprint.

    sob encomenda
  • The Carousel Mystery

    Casale,Paul; Keene,Carolyn

    When River Heights acquires a carousel, Nancy and her friends are excited to ride the antique horses and win prizes by grabbing for the brass ring, but when the ring disappears, Nancy is on the case to find out what happened to it.

    sob encomenda
  • The Lighthouse Mystery

    Casale,Paul; Keene,Carolyn

    While on vacation in Maine, Nancy and her friends are skeptical of claims that the historic town lighthouse may be haunted until they find mysterious clues leading them on a treasure hunt.

    sob encomenda
  • Joust of Honor

    Stewart,Paul; Riddell,Chris; Riddell, Chris

    Close to winning the big jousting tournament, Free Lance is presented with a large sum of money if he pretends to lose the next competition, but just as he is about to accept the financially profitable deal, a princess in need comes to seek his help...

    sob encomenda

    Stewart,Paul; Riddell,Chris

    An unbonded knight traveling as a 'free lance' meets more than his share of trouble when he signs on with Lord Big Nose to recover a crown from the Lake of Skulls.

    sob encomenda
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