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Resultados para: penance

14 produtos
  • e-book


    Reed, Rick R.

    Bound by misery. Marked by sin. Set free by death.Barely into their teens, without homes, they dwell in neon shadows, the violent eddies of urban America. They trade their innocence for money, abuse their hopes, and then a monster comes...A monster...

  • e-book

    Penance Corporation of America III - Forced...

    Chris Bellows

    Will Antoinette De La Corte Be Freed? The cruelly dominant and one time unscrupulous federal prosecutor, Antoinette De La Corte is being secretly held within the walls of the Penance Corporation. Masked, pierced, forcibly fattened and impregnated,...

  • e-book

    Penance Corporation of America

    Chris Bellows

    Book I: Muffin Brown Aspires and Book II: The Judge'apos;s Revenge by Chris Bellows Two novels in one volume When a government penal facility is turned over to a publicly traded corporation and run for profits instead of the rehabilitation of the...

  • e-book

    The Penance Stone


    Six months in a secluded, Japanese village. To Harper Gray, it's the perfect getaway and a place to write her next book. The best part is she'll be all alone, safe in a mountainside retreat and isolated from the rest of the world. Because evil comes...

  • e-book

    Reyyan'apos;s Penance


    Reyyan is just eleven when the Soviets torture and execute his beloved elder brother in front of him and his mother. Devastated by the loss of her firstborn, she too gives up life moments later, leaving Reyyan an orphan. After the Soviets withdraw...

  • e-book

    Life'apos;s Penance

    Keith F Shovlin

    Lincoln Burke is at a crossroads in his life. He isn't ready to take the next step with his longtime girlfriend Lise Phillips, and his job is nothing but a dead end. After his friend Rick Bestest ends up in the hospital, his married friends separate,...

  • e-book

    Marion Arleigh'apos;s Penance

    Brame, Charlotte M.

    In this gripping mystery from Charlotte M. Brame's 'Everyday Life' series, a beautiful young woman named Marion Arleigh finds herself targeted by a pair of conniving siblings who prey on her innocence and naivete. Will Marion figure out she's being...

  • e-book

    Past Convictions - The Penance of Louis the...

    Booker,Courtney M.

    As much historiography as reception history, Past Convictions analyzes and explicates the production of historical narratives, the subsequent contestation and appropriation of these narratives, and the insight such activities allows us into how...

  • e-book

    The Politics of Penance - Proposing an Ethic...

    Michael Griffin

    'Bless me Father, for I have sinned,' says the penitent to open the dialogue in Catholic confessionals across the globe and throughout the ages. Along with the priest's words, 'For your penance . . .' this encounter is an icon of Catholic life. But...

  • Meditations On Our Last End - And On Sin And...


    Excerpt from Meditations on Our Last End: And on Sin and the Sacrament of Penance It is indispensably necessary for us to be upon our guard against the allurements of the world, and to entertain the highest esteem for all Christian virtues. Now what...

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  • Brother Cadfael's Penance


    Medieval Benedictine monk Brother Cadfael leaves Shrewsbury to rescue his thirty-year-old secret son, who has been taken prisoner in the Civil War between Empress Maud and her cousin, King Stephen. Reprint. K. PW.

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