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  • Penny Perigo - São Atrai Confusão




    Meu nome na verdade não é Penny Perigo É Penelope Jones. Essa coisa de “Perigo” é uma BRINCADEIRA do meu pai. Mas eu não vejo graça nenhuma.Além disso, não é verdade que eu seja um perigo. É só que às vezes minhas IDEIAS BRILHANTES não são assim tão...

  • Os Botões de Napoleão - As 17 Moléculas que...

    Burreson,Jay; Le Couteur,Penny M.



    Será que podemos explicar o fracasso da campanha de Napoleão na Rússia, em 1812, por algo tão insignificante quanto um botão? Quando exposto a temperaturas baixas, o estanho se esfarela, e todas as fardas dos regimentos de Napoleão eram fechadas com...

  • Penny Perigo É Uma Catástrofe Total


    Meu nome na verdade não é Penny Perigo. É Penelope Jones. Essa coisa de “Perigo” é uma brincadeira do meu pai. Não é verdade que eu seja um perigo... Sério.Por exemplo, o desastre com o Rooney, que é o rato de estimação da nossa classe, não teria...

  • e-book

    Penny Dreadful Pastimes

    Cownley,E. J.

    Curious about the weird and unusual things that go on behind closed doors? Steal a glance at the gunky underbelly of society and indulge in some dark humour with laughs from a genre long since dead: the penny dreadful.Socialite werewolves, evil twins...

  • e-book


    Alan Coghlan

    You are insignificant! Penny will destroy your family. She'll take your kids for all they're worth and it will have meant nothing because she is the living dead and hers is a living hell!Cliff has to defend his children. It's just one day till the...

  • e-book

    Penny Dreadful

    Baer,Christopher Will

    To play the Game of Tongues, you must first understand the caste system. Phineas Poe, antihero of Kiss Me, Judas, returns to Denver to find reality rewritten and the laws of reason fractured. When Poe is enlisted by his old ally, Detective Moon, to...

  • e-book

    Penny Pieces


    Penny Pieces is a collection of Pnny Birch's tales of corporate punishment, public humiliation and perverted pleasures from nettling to knicker-wetting. This time Penny lets her characters do the talking but, whether finding novel uses for a climbing...

  • Penny Lee and Her TV


    Penny Lee loves to watch television so much that she has no time for anything else, but one day when the television stops working, her dog Mr. Barkley shows her some of the other fun things they can do.

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  • Penny Polar Bear and Her Loud Snore

    Flemming, Paul; Goode, Jon

    Young readers may click Penny's jaws as she finds a cozy cave and snores the winter away, to the dismay of passing Arctic animals.

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  • O Natal Encantado Das Fadas




    O Natal Encantado Das Fadas

  • e-book

    Penny the Beach Westie - Big Trouble for a...

    M.A. Schueler

    Synopsis: Penny loves visiting the beach with her owner. Actually, this little West Highland Terrier loves going on all kinds of adventures. At the beach, she meets three new friends and this strange friendship leads to some unexpected consequences....

  • e-book

    Penny Ann and Patches

    K. Love

    This is a story about a young girl that does not like change. She eats only one thing everyday for lunch, and that is spaghetti. One day Penny Ann looks down at her plate to find a vegetable was added to her plate. Through the enlightening...

  • e-book

    Penny'apos;s Perfect Present

    Chapman,Gary; Osborne,Rick

    A fun book for kids that teaches the secret to relationships In Penny’s Perfect Present, Penny struggles to feel loved amid all the hustle and bustle around her. She just wants to spend time with her loved ones, but everyone is so busy. Will the...

  • e-book

    Penny Pineapple and the chocolate forest


    Penny Pineapple keeps a promise and is rewarded with ingredients from the chocolate forest.

  • Penny in Harness


    Penny in Harness

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  • e-book

    Penny Dreadful #1

    Andrew Hinderaker; Krysty Wilson-Cairns

    The hit TV series is presented in comics for the first time! This prequel reveals the terrifying events that led Vanessa to try and find her missing childhood friend, Mina Harker, and exposes the true nature of the vampiric monsters infesting...

  • Penny Perigo - Toca o Terror


    Ilustrações de Jess Mikhail. Meu nome na verdade não é Penny Perigo. É Penelope Jones. Essa coisa de “Perigo” é uma BRINCADEIRA do meu pai. Mas dessa vez eu não estava tentando ser um PERIGO, de jeito nenhum… Não, eu só estava tentando FAZER O MEU...

  • Penny Pepper - Tatort Winterwald


    Als Penny und ihre Detektivbande von den ersten verschwundenen Weihnachtsbäumen hören, glauben sie noch an einen Zufall. Aber bald wird klar: Hier ist ein Serientäter am Werk. Eine ganze Baumfarm brennt ab, eine andere wird von einer seltsamen...

  • Penny Pepper - Chaos In Der Schul


    Beim Talentwettbewerb an Pennys Schule geht alles schief: Die rechnende Ratte Rudi ist nicht mehr in ihrem Käfig, statt flotter Rockmusik ertönen bayerische Volkslieder, und gerade als Dschastin seine Spürhund-Fähigkeiten unter Beweis stellen will,...

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  • Penny Pepper Vol. 5 - Spione Am Strand


    Wie es der Zufall so will, trifft sich Pennys gesamte Detektivbande nebst Hunden Mailie und Dschastin im italienischen Fiorente, um dort die Sommerferien zu verbringen. Und das ist auch gut so. In dem Luxushotel, in dem Floras Familie logiert, gehen...

  • Penny Pepper - Alarm Auf Der Achterbahn


    Jetzt sind sie eine echte Detektivbande: Penny, ihre beste Freundin Ida, ihre zweitbeste Freundin Marie und die Angeberzicke Flora, die gar keine Angeberzicke ist. Und nicht zu vergessen: Spürhund Dschastin, der zwar einen etwas dämlichen Namen hat,...

  • Penny Pepper - Diebesjagd In London

    Rylance, Ulrike

    Oma hat beim Preisausschreiben eine Reise nach London gewonnen. Für fünf Personen. Und Penny und ihre Freundinnen dürfen mit. Doch schon kurz nach der Ankunft verschwindet Omas kostbare Goldkette, dabei hat Reiseleiterin Emily doch noch so...

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  • Penny And Her Doll - I Can Read! - Level 1


    Penny loves her new doll. The doll is absolutely perfect, from her head to her toes. But Penny's doll needs a name. What should Penny call her?

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  • Penny Pepper Auf Klassenfahrt


    Hurra! Penny und ihre Freundinnen fahren mit der Klasse auf die Burg Schlotterstein. Die entpuppt sich dann allerdings als wahres Spukschloss: Eine Falltür öffnet sich wie von selbst, die halbe Klasse verirrt sich im Irrgarten, Fledermäuse fliegen...

  • Penny And Her Marble - I Can Read! - Level 1


    In the third easy-to-read book about Penny the mouse, written by Caldecott Medalist and bestselling author Kevin Henkes, Penny finds a beautiful marble on her neighbor's lawn and must decide whether or not to keep it. With age-appropriate vocabulary,...

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  • Penny Pepper - Alles Kein Problem

    Rylance, Ulrike

    Penny Pepper ist 10 Jahre alt und hat drei große Wünsche (und ungefähr eine Million kleine):1. Einen Hund2. Detektivin werden und Kriminalfälle lösen3. Nicht auf die Geburtstagsparty der Angeberzicke Flora zu müssenWunsch Nummer 3 erfüllt sich schon...

  • Penny And Her Song - I Can Read! - Level 1


    Penny loves her song. It's a good song, a really wonderful song. Will it ever be the right time to sing it?

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  • e-book

    Penny& Jelly - Slumber Under the Stars

    Maria Gianferrari

    In this young and funny picture book companion to Penny & Jelly: The School Show, Penny is invited to go to a slumber-under-the-stars sleepover—but with no pets allowed, how can Penny enjoy the night? Readers of Pinkalicious and Ladybug Girl will...

  • e-book

    Penny Stock Pro Trading System

    Rick Dorn

    If you are ready to learn proven strategies that work when it comes to penny stock investing, then 'The Penny Stock Pro Trading System' is a 'must have.'There is a method to the game that consists of many small steps. When these steps are followed...

  • e-book

    Penny and Peter

    Haywood, Carolyn

    Penny'apos;s shenanigans reach new heights when he teams up with his older, adopted brother, Peter.

  • e-book

    Penny Dreadful #3

    King,Chris; Krysty Wilson-Cairns

    The veil is lifted on the unholy events that took place in Africa that bound together the lives of Sir Malcolm and Sembene. On an expedition to seek the source of the Nile, they witnessed nightmarish scenes that left their mark forevermore... and...

  • e-book

    Penny Dreadful #4

    Andrew Hinderaker; Krysty Wilson-Cairns

    In the dark and dank Essex church, Vanessa casts the tarot and reaches out to Mina, who appears on a mission from The Master. In the howling fury that accompanies the descending somnolent women, Mina offers Vanessa a deal; she can save the lives of...

  • e-book

    Penny Dreadful #2

    Andrew Hinderaker; Krysty Wilson-Cairns

    The horrifying truth of Mina'apos;s disappearance is revealed to Vanessa, Sir Malcolm and Sembene, and they realize they face a foe that exists outside anything they'apos;ve encountered. As they frantically regroup, they learn they are not the only...

  • e-book

    Penny Dreadful #5

    Andrew Hinderaker; Krysty Wilson-Cairns

    Harker has fallen under the spell of the Master, but Vanessa can see the benefit of such a fate. She implores Harker to lead them to their prey, in the hope that Mina will reveal herself, and his footsteps take them to the bloody opium den... and...

  • e-book

    Penny Dreadful and the Horrible Hoo-Hah - For...

    Joanna Nadin

    More tales of mishap and misadventure from the incorrigible but hilarious Penny Dreadful; three stories in one book.

  • e-book

    Penny Dreadful Is a Record Breaker - For...

    Joanna Nadin

    My name is not actually Penny Dreadful. It is Penelope Jones. The 'apos;Dreadful'apos; bit is my dad'apos;s JOKE. But I am definitely not dreadful... it'apos;s just sometimes people don'apos;t appreciate the brilliance of my ideas! I mean, it was a...

  • Penny The Puppy - Fairy Animals Of Misty Wood

    Small, Lily

    Enter an enchanted world of fairy animal friends!Penny the Puppy is trying to learn something very important in school--how to count. The only problem is that Penny keeps getting distracted. How is a puppy supposed to concentrate on her numbers when...

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  • e-book

    Penny Dreadful Cooks up a Calamity - For...

    Joanna Nadin

    My name is not actually Penny Dreadful. It is Penelope Jones. The 'apos;Dreadful'apos; bit is my dad'apos;s JOKE. But I do not mean to be dreadful... sawing Bridget Grimes in half for the school show was supposed to be a GOOD THING. And I didn'apos;t...

  • e-book

    Penny Dreadful Is a Complete Catastrophe -...

    Joanna Nadin

    My name is not actually Penny Dreadful. It is Penelope Jones. The 'apos;Dreadful'apos; bit is my dad'apos;s JOKE. But it is not even true that I am dreadful... honest. You see, the DISASTER with Rooney, our class rat, might not have been such a...

  • e-book

    Penny Prayers - True Stories of Change

    Marion Amberg

    Engraved on every penny is a prayer - a prayer that can lift burdens and instill a deep peace, even in the worst of times. Penny Prayers is a collection of special moments that give testimony to God'apos;s abundance and faithfulness. By saying the...

  • Penny The Puppy, Paige The Pony, And Bailey...


    Enter an enchanted world of fairy animal friends!In Penny the Puppy . . .Penny the Puppy is trying to learn how to count, but she keeps getting distracted. With help from some new friends, Penny might just find a way to keep her numbers straight!In...

    sob encomenda
  • e-book

    Penny Dreadful Is Incredibly Contagious - For...

    Joanna Nadin

    My name is not actually Penny Dreadful. It is Penelope Jones. The 'apos;Dreadful'apos; bit is my dad'apos;s JOKE. But in fact I am completely UNDREADFUL. It is just that sometimes my BRILLIANT IDEAS turn into DISASTERS. E.g. I didn'apos;t mean for...

  • e-book

    Penny Dreadful Is a Magnet for Disaster - For...

    Jess Mikhail

    My name is not actually Penny Dreadful. It is Penelope Jones. The 'apos;Dreadful'apos; bit is my dad'apos;s JOKE. But I do not see the funny side. Plus it is not even true that I am dreadful. It'apos;s just that sometimes my BRILLIANT IDEAS...

  • e-book

    Penny Dreadful Causes a Kerfuffle - For...

    Joanna Nadin

    My name is not actually Penny Dreadful. It is Penelope Jones. The 'apos;Dreadful'apos; bit is my dad'apos;s JOKE. But this time I really wasn'apos;t trying to be DREADFUL... No. I was just trying to DO MY BEST, so it is completely not my fault that...

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