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  • Ghost In The Shell - Perfect Book 1995-2017


    “Ghost in the Shell Perfect Book” é o livro definitivo sobre as animações e o filme baseados no mangá de sucesso mundial. Conheça em detalhes todas as animações já feitas de Ghost in the Shell, passando pelas tramas, detalhes de armamentos e robôs,...

  • Perfect - Flawed 2


    The thrilling, shocking and romantic sequel to the bestselling YA debut FLAWED is finally here. When we embrace all our flaws, that’s when we can finally become PERFECT…Celestine North lives in a society that demands perfection. After she was branded...

  • Perfect Pairings

    Beckett, Fiona

    If you've ever tasted a food you love with a wine that matches it perfectly, you'll know that the combination of the two can be even better than the food or wine on its own. But how to find those divine pairings? With 'Perfect Pairings', an updated...

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  • My Not So Perfect Life


    Katie Brenner has the perfect life: a flat in London, a glamorous job, and a super-cool Instagram feed. OK, so the truth is that she rents a tiny room with no space for a wardrobe, has a hideous commute to a lowly admin job, and the life she shares...

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  • Perfect Pretty Little Liars Vol. 3


    In Rosewood, Pennsylvania, four perfect-looking girls aren't nearly as perfect as they seem.Aria can't resist her forbidden ex. Hanna is on the verge of losing her BFF. Emily is freaking out over a simple kiss. And Spencer can't keep her hands off...

  • Perfect Entertaining


    Perfect Entertaining

  • Perfect Chemistry

    Elkeles, Simone

    Perfect Chemistry

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  • Bad Girls With Perfect Faces

    Weingarten, Lynn

    When I looked up, his smile was wide and real. “Ready?” he said.I faked a smile back. I had gotten so good at faking things.I thought: You brought this on yourself, Sasha. You will have to pretend forever now.He squeezed my hand again. He couldn’t...

  • Perfect Family

    Oughton, Jerrie

    After her summer romance with Nicholas Canton ends in heartbreak and leaves her in trouble, Welcome Marie O'Neal must make the hardest decision of her life and wonders who she can turn to for help in her small Southern town in 1955.

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  • Perfect Puppy

    Calmenson,Stephanie; Yezerski,Thomas (ilt)

    A little puppy wants to be perfect so that his owner will always love him, and even though he makes mistakes, he learns that he is loved anyway.

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  • Perfect Strangers

    Malcolm,Jahnna N.

    Bitter enemies since freshman year, Madison and Jeremy get paired in an anonymous 'pen pal' program which proves to develop into a steamy paper romance, but class election day reveals not only the new class president, but the class's hottest couple...

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  • Perfect Pumpkin Pie

    Cazet, Denys

    Mr. Wilkerson, lover of pie, returns as a ghost on Halloween to demand some good pie from Jack and his grandmother.

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  • Perfect Harmony

    Smith, Charles R.

    A collection of poems that capture the feelings and expression of music in some of its forms.

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  • Perfect Pets/mascotas Maravillosas

    Johnston,Dileri Borunda; Stanley,Mandy

    Presents illustrations of several pets with their English and Spanish names.

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  • e-book

    Face to Face With Fear: How to Transform Fear...

    Trobe, Krishnananda; Trobe,Amana

    Face to Face with Fear offers a roadmap with specific tools and guidance for how to transform fear into love. Sharing openly from his own life, his experiences working as a psychiatrist and seminar leader and his many years as a disciple of an...

  • Pushing Perfect

    Falkoff, Michelle

    Kara Winters is always striving for perfection. But when her anxiety takes over, the price of perfection spirals out of control…'Perfect' Kara Winters has always hated her nickname. Especially now that she no longer lives up to it. She used to have...

  • Better Than Perfect


    They say the higher you climb, the harder you fall - how will Juliet cope when her perfect world starts to crumble around her? Juliet seemingly has it all. Popular, pretty, with laidback, loving parents, a devoted boyfriend and an effortless straight...

  • Past Perfect, Present Tense


    Presents a collection of short stories that deal with the ways things could be, including 'The Electric Summer' and 'Shotgun Cheatham's Last Night Above Ground.'

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  • Pushing Perfect - International Edition

    Falkoff, Michelle

    A girl's quest for perfection results in dangerous consequences in this smart, suspenseful YA novel by the author of Playlist for the Dead. Fans of We Were Liars and The Secret History will devour this layered, ensemble-cast novel, which will keep...

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  • Another Perfect Day


    What started out as another perfect day for a superhero performing heroic feats suddenly goes awry.

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  • Picture Perfect


    When the Mural House, a San Francisco landmark built in the 1920s, is reopened, Phoebe invites her sisters to attend and they quickly discover that the evil locked up for so long has been released.

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  • Picture Perfect


    With music star Nikki scheduled to make an appearance at Far Hills Middle School, Madison and her friends are excited, except for Aimee, whose actions seem quite out of the ordinary.

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  • Virtually Perfect

    Gutman, Dan

    When twelve-year-old Yip uses his father's new software to make a computer simulation of a boy his age, the creation breaks out of cyberspace into the real world and begins to complicate Yip's life.

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  • The Perfect Thanksgiving

    Spinelli,Eileen; Adinolfi,Joann

    As one family prepares the perfect Thanksgiving dinner with lace napkins and a beautiful pie, another one faces chaos as the turkey burns and their dessert falls to the floor, in an amusing holiday tale about two families that have more in common...

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  • Future Perfect

    Larsen, Jen

    Future Perfect

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  • The Perfect Monster

    Grindley, Sally; Waters,Erica-jane (ilt)

    Mungus Bigfoot is the most gruesome, scariest monster in his class, but when he is ordered to teach sweet little Emily Twinkletoes how to act like a proper monster, she teaches him a lesson instead.

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  • A Perfect Friend


    Still grieving over the death of his mother, eleven-year-old Ben finds solace in the special relationship he forms with an elephant in a visiting circus.

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  • My Perfect Life

    Sheldon, Dyan

    Ella has no interest in running for class president at her suburban New Jersey high school, but her offbeat friend Lola tricks her into challenging the rich and overbearing Carla Santini in a less-than-friendly race.

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  • My Perfect Life

    Sheldon, Dyan

    Ella has no interest in running for class president at her suburban New Jersey high school, but her offbeat friend Lola tricks her into challenging the rich and overbearing Carla Santini in a less-than-friendly race.

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  • The Perfect Friend

    Romanova,Yelena; Kulikov,Boris

    Archie the dog is unsure about his role in the family when a new baby arrives.

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  • A Perfect Snow


    Seventeen-year-old Ben must deal with a violent white-supremacy hate group in his small Montana town because his father and his friends are involved with it.

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  • The Perfect Formula

    Willson,Sarah; Csupo,Gabor; Klasky,Arlene; Germain,Paul; Grant,Mel

    When Tommy and his friends fear that a pair of crooks are trying to steal baby Dil's formula, they devise a cunning plan that will chase the burglars away forever

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  • e-book

    Perfect Princess

    Meg Cabot

    Sleeping Beauty, Victoria, Cleopatra, Snow White, Elizabeth,Pocahontas, Mia Thermopolis: all princesses Do YOU have what it takes to be a princess?princess mia will help you find outBest-selling Princess Diaries author Meg Cabot and acclaimed fashion...

  • e-book

    Perfect Game

    Leslie Dana Kirby

    Lauren Rose has recently moved to Phoenix to begin a new life as she starts a prestigious emergency medicine residency, but she could end up doing life in the Arizona State penitentiary instead.Lauren has always lived in the shadow of her more...

  • e-book

    Perfect Match

    JJ Ryan

    Seattle trauma doctor Patrick Quinn has never been in love. In fact, he'apos;s never even had a long-term relationship. In his limited personal life, getting a date is only half the problem. Being able to keep it, despite emergency duties in the ER,...

  • e-book

    Perfect Timing

    Jane O'apos;Reilly

    The journey from friends to lovers starts with a very brave first step. Or a catalytic event. Sometimes both. After years of putting her life on hold, musician Ruby Thorpe is finally ready to leave the small English town she grew up in. She'apos;s...

  • e-book

    Perfect Lies

    White, Kiersten

    This explosive sequel to Mind Games, which New York Times bestselling author Holly Black called 'a brutal, exciting gem of a book,' is a lightning-fast, wickedly smart tale of two sisters trapped in a web of deceit—perfect for fans of Sara Shepard's...

  • e-book

    Perfect Shelter

    Deborah Pierson Dill

    'Curse God and die!' That's the advice Job got from his wife, and it sounds good to Elaine Mallory. After a life spent seeking and doing God's will, the course of one turbulent spring strips her of everything but her life. Maybe she's not quite...

  • e-book

    Perfect Little Ladies

    Abby Drake

    Nobody knows that better than Elinor Young, one of the posh housewives of Westchester County. She's worked hard all her life to get where she is. With her perfect husband, gorgeous grown-up children, and a house with more rooms than she can count,...

  • e-book

    Perfect Lies

    Liza Bennett

    The owner of a New York ad agency, Meg Hardwick learned from her '60s-era parents the dangers of leaving life to chance. But on a mad Manhattan night, Meg's carefully put-together world comes undone--with a vengeance.A Perfect MarriageMeg's artist...

  • e-book


    Grace, Viola

    Tyanni has spent the last two years in a hospital bed with no chance to live a normal life. Her sister has remained at her side and kept her interested in the world by looking through their family trees, and a genetics scan turns up surprising news,...

  • e-book

    Perfect - Anorexia and me

    Halban, Emily

    Emily Halban developed anorexia in her final year at school. She went on to university at Oxford where her disease took on a powerful dimension and by her final year she was so debilitated that she had to sit her exams in a separate room where she...

  • e-book

    Perfect Family

    Oughton, Jerrie

    Welcome Marie O'apos;Neal is finally starting to enjoy her 15th year and can'apos;t wait to turn 16. She meets Nicholas Canton and, though her parents don'apos;t approve, the two start dating. Soon Welcome is head over heels in love and she...

  • e-book

    Perfect Chaos - Twelve Steps To Succeeding At...

    Leonard, Carol

    Based on a true story, this tale is about a screenwriter who quits her job to follow her dreams. She's trying to use positive thinking to reach her goals. It doesn't work out too well for her, and she feels lost, confused and hopeless.

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