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  • Beatriz - A Grande Pesca


    A Grande Pesca traz 10 belíssimas canções e conta, ainda, com participação especial da dupla Sérgio Marques e Marquinhos, na faixa 'Porta da Vitória'. A música-título do álbum foi escolhida como a primeira de trabalho por sua mensagem imponente de fé...

  • A Pesca Artesanal - Geração de Renda e Meio...

    Barreto,Wagner Davy Lucas; Barreto,Lidianne Pereira Gomes Lucas

    'A pesca artesanal é caracterizada principalmente pela mão de obra familiar, embarcações de pequeno e médio porte, área de atuação próxima a mares, rios e lagos, com equipamentos, em sua maioria, rudimentares variando de acordo com a espécie a ser...

  • Manual Completo de Pesca Desportiva

    Ford, Martin

    Manual Completo de Pesca Desportiva

  • Manual Pratico de Piscicultura

    Silva,Joao Moreira Ferreira

    Manual Pratico de Piscicultura

  • Guia Practica de La Pesca

    Cortay, Georges

    Guia Practica de La Pesca

  • Pesca e Piscicultura 2- Col Vis Mea In Labore

    Santos, Eurico

    Pesca e Piscicultura 2- Col Vis Mea In Labore

  • The Fly-Tying Bible


    The Fly-Tying Bible

  • Nymph Fly-tying Techniques


    Nymph Fly-tying Techniques

  • Fifty Places to Fly Fish Before You Die

    Santella, Chris; Atkinson,R. Valentine; Fitzgerald,Mike

    Information sure to delight both dedicated outdoorsmen and armchair anglers highlights an examination of the ultimate fishing destinations, described by some of the world's top fishermen and including essays on the cultural and natural history of...

  • Fly Fishing


    Fly Fishing

  • American Fly Tying Manual


    American Fly Tying Manual

  • Top Water

    Weaver,Tony; Letherman,Troy

    Top Water

  • Fishing Lessons

    Quinnett,Paul G.

    Fishing Lessons

  • Fishbugs

    Ames,Thomas, Jr.; Ames,Thomas, Jr.; Richards, Carl


  • Zipping My Fly


    A whimsical look at the world of fly fishing by the critically acclaimed journalist and sportswriter shares his globe-trotting odyssey in search of the perfect stream, from the Grand Teton Mountains, site of the World Fly Fishing Championship, to...

  • Oklahoma Sportfishing

    Gifford,John Allen

    Oklahoma Sportfishing

  • Guide Flies

    Klausmeyer, Dave

    Guide Flies

  • Fishing Basics


    A guide for fresh and saltwater anglers covers panfishing, warm-weather game fishing, fly fishing, ice fishing, offshore big game fishing, and saltwater fishing

  • Last Horizons

    Capstick,Peter Hathaway

    Recounts the author's wide-ranging hunting and angling exploits, his tracking of big game such as elephants, buffalo, and lions, and encounters with predators

  • Trout Bum

    Gierach, John

    Essays discuss trout, bass, fishing camps, mosquitoes, fly rods, night fishing, fly-tying, and favorite fishing spots

  • Extreme Fishing

    Green, Robson

    Actor and passionate fisherman Robson Green is on a mission to discover the weird, the wonderful and the way-off-limits that the angling world has to offer. Working alongside some of the finest in their field, his exhilarating adventure series...

  • Simple Flies

    Pfeiffer,C. Boyd

    Simple Flies

  • Salmon Summer


    A colorful photoessay captures a way of life on Kodiak Island in Alaska as one young boy and his family set out during the summer months to fish for salmon, just as his Aleut ancestors did.

  • Faithful Travelers


    In the shadow of his imminent divorce, the author embarks on a restorative fly-fishing trip through America with his inquisitive eight-year-old daughter, who betters him at his own hobby

  • False Albacore


    False Albacore

  • Ultralight Spinfishing

    Cammann,Peter F.

    Explores the thrill of catching big fish on a lightweight rod and six-pound test line, and discusses the tackle and technique necessary

  • American Waters


    The distinguished 'Outdoors' columnist for the New York Times describes how his passion for angling has taken him on a fly-fishing odyssey across America, from the Brooklyn waterfront and Montauk Point to the creeks of Montana, the Ozarks, the...

  • Fly Fishing

    Merwin,John; Hildebrand,Ron

    An illustrated, colorful guide to fly fishing for beginners explains the basics of fly casting, knot tying, stream reading, and how to catch bass, trout, salmon, and saltwater fish with a fly. Original.

  • The Complete Fishing Manual


    The Complete Fishing Manual is the definitive guide to fishing covering everything from strategies and techniques, to choosing bait, tackle and equipment. Whether you're beach-fishing for sharks or fly-fishing in the rivers of England, advice on...

  • Fundamentals of Building a Bamboo Fly-rod

    Elser,Bernard P.; Maurer,George E.

    Fundamentals of Building a Bamboo Fly-rod

  • Hemingway on Fishing

    Hemingway, Ernest; Lyons,Nick

    Hemingway on Fishing

  • Mariner's Weather

    Crawford,William P.

    Mariner's Weather

  • Bass Bug Basics

    Likakis,John M.

    Bass Bug Basics

  • Dances With Trout

    Gierach, John; Wolff,Glenn

    Dances With Trout

  • Creative Fly Tying

    Fauceglia,Ted; Pearson,Greg; Mercer,Mike

    Creative Fly Tying

  • Salt-water Fishing

    ., Vários Autores; Vários Autores

    Salt-water Fishing

  • The Compleat Angler

    Cotton,Charles; Walton,Izaak

    A classic English discourse on the techniques and rewards of fishing includes a chapter on fly fishing added to the fifth edition

  • Tying Better Flies


    Tying Better Flies

  • Imitative Fly Tying


    Imitative Fly Tying

  • Incredible Fishing Stories

    Morey,Shaun; Lee,Jared

    Gathers the stories of record catches, unusual fishing experiences, and humorous encounters

  • Fishing Dirty Tricks

    Smith,Glen-Bob; Villwock,Ray

    Fishing Dirty Tricks

  • Small Stream Bass

    Gifford,John Allen

    Small Stream Bass

  • Sex, Death, and Fly-Fishing

    Gierach, John

    The author offers sage observations on sex, fly fishing and the meaning of life and sport in essays that discuss the joy of success and the miseries of going fishless

  • Fly-Tying Tips & Reference Guide

    Stewart,Dick; Stewart,Dick

    Fly-Tying Tips & Reference Guide

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