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17 produtos
  • Reflexões Sobre Skakespeare


    Publicado originalmente em 2013 na Grã-Bretanha, o livro Reflexões sobre Shakespeare trata da ampla experiência do autor, o encenador britânico Peter Brook, que desde 1945 vem montando peças de William Shakespeare (1564-1616). Em cerca 120 páginas,...

  • e-book

    Peter Brook - A Biography

    Kustow, Michael

    Peter Brook is one of the most influential directors of our time, whose productions are a byword for imagination, energy and innovation. He was born into a Russian émigré family in London and, after a turbulent time at Oxford University, he veered...

  • e-book

    Peter Brook'apos;s Woman in Mahabharata

    Indrajit Bandyopadhyay

    The book analyses in details how Peter Brook portrays the major woman characters of Mahabharata in his theatre and screen-play 'The Mahabharata.' The author compares Brook's portrayal with the Mahabharata Text and finds that it is not so easy to...

  • Peter Brook


    An authorized portrait of the master director, published to coincide with his eightieth birthday, offers insight into his artistic idea about 'empty space' theater, his direction of noteworthy Shakespearean and other productions, and his personal and...

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  • e-book

    Experimental Theatre - From Stanislavsky to...


    `It is a pleasure to read. Well-written, free of cant, impressively wide-ranging. The book is really an introduction to the avant-garde.'apos; - John Lahr

  • e-book

    Experimental Theatre - From Stanislavsky to...

    Roose-Evans, James

    `It is a pleasure to read. Well-written, free of cant, impressively wide-ranging. The book is really an introduction to the avant-garde.'apos; - John Lahr

  • e-book

    Conference of the Birds - The Story of Peter...


    Conference of the Birds is John Heilpern'apos;s true story of an extraordinary journey. In December 1972, the director Peter Brook and an international troupe of actors (Helen Mirren and Yoshi Oida among them) left their Paris base to emerge again in...

  • e-book

    Historical Distillates - Chemistry at the...

    Brook,Adrian G.; W.A.E. (Peter) McBryde

    Historical Distillates examines the history of the Chemistry Department at the University of Toronto, describing important events and triumphs through the years.

  • Towards a Poor Theatre

    Grotowski,Jerzy; Barba,Eugenio; Barba,Eugenio; Brook,Peter

    Towards a Poor Theatre

  • The Open Door


    The former director of the Royal Shakespeare Company and current head of the International Centre for Theatre Creation in Paris presents three wide-ranging essays on his work--how he selects a play, how he directs, and what he seeks to achieve....

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  • Evoking (and Forgetting) Shakespeare


    Evoking (and Forgetting) Shakespeare

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  • e-book

    Reflexões sobre Shakespeare

    Peter Brook

    Peter Brook é um dos mais renomados diretores de teatro de todos os tempos. Em Reflexões sobre Shakespeare, ele reflete sobre uma fascinante variedade de temas shakespearianos, da atemporalidade da obra do dramaturgo inglês à maneira de como os...

  • Espacio Vacio , El


    Espacio Vacio , El

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  • A Porta Aberta


    ´O que é teatro? O diretor Peter Brook examina essa questão em três ensaios. Usando experiências pessoais, Brook aborda o teatro não como um acontecimento cultural, mas sim como um acontecimento de cultura. Embora as civilizações ocidentais muitas...

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  • O Espaço Vazio


    O Espaço Vazio

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  • Conversations With Peter Brook 1970-2000


    Conversations With Peter Brook 1970-2000

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  • L'espace Vide

    Brook Peter

    Peter Brook n'est pas seulement un metteur en scène et pas seulement un théoricien, même pragmatique, du théâtre. Sans l'avouer, du moins dans ce livre, il a de plus grandes ambitions. Le théâtre est pour lui, à coup sûr, une fin. Mais il est aussi...

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