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11 produtos
  • O Jeito de Peter Lynch de Investir - As...

    Lynch,Peter; Rothchild,John

    Neste livro, Peter Lynch revela como alcançou o sucesso no mercado de investimentos e se tornou o gestor número 1 de ações nos Estados Unidos.O autor ensina também a diferenciar negócios com boas perspectivas daqueles sem perspectiva alguma, a partir...

  • e-book


    Rothchild,John; Lynch,Peter



    O livro campeão de vendas nos Estados Unidos que todo investidor deveria ter!* Tradução: Ivan Pedro Ferreira SantosPeter Lynch é o gestor de ações número um dos Estados Unidos. Seu lema é: os investidores amadores também podem tornar-se especialistas...

  • e-book

    OS GRANDES INVESTIDORES - Peter Lynch - 1ª...


    Como estas pessoas conseguiram ser tão bem-sucedidas? Quais estratégias elas usaram para conseguir suas fortunas? O que você pode aprender de suas técnicas? Glen Arnold revela as histórias dos maiores investidores de todos os tempos: Warren Buffett,...

  • Beating the Street

    Lynch, Peter; Rothchild,John

    A completely revised and updated edition of a bestselling investment book by a Wall Street legend offers understandable advice on investments, taking readers through a step-by-step process of financial self-management. Reprint. Tour.

  • Learn To Earn: A Beginner's Guide To The...

    Lynch, Peter; Rothchild,John

    'Public companies are everywhere, and they surround you from morning to night. . . . Nearly everything you eat, wear, read, listen to, ride in, lie on, or gargle with is made by one. Perfume to penknives, hot tubs to hot dogs, nuts to nail polish are...

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  • Learn to Earn

    Lynch, Peter; Rothchild,John

    Written in an accessible style, an introduction to the basics of investing explains how to read a stock table in the newspaper, understand an annual report, and why everyone should pay attention to the stock market. Original. 150,000 first printing.

  • One Up On Wall Street

    Lynch, Peter; Rothchild,John

    Peter Lynch is America's number-one money manager. His mantra: Average investors can become experts in their own field and can pick winning stocks as effectively as Wall Street professionals by doing just a little research. Now, in a new introduction...

  • e-book

    Taking Aim

    Oates, Joyce Carol; Averett,Edward; Aronson,Marc; Block,Francesca Lia; Crutcher,Chris; Weaver,Will; Wynne-Jones,Tim; Wein,Elizabeth; Galloway,Gregory; Myers,Walter Dean; Lynch,Chris; Cart,Michael; Johnson,Peter; Shanower,Eric; Flinn,Alex; Koertge, Ron; Joyce Carol Oates; Hubbard,Jenny

    Powerful, riveting, and real. Sixteen celebrated authors bring us raw, insightful stories that explore guns and teens in a fiction collection that is thought provoking and emotionally gripping. For fans of Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock and Give a Boy a...

  • Handbook of Organizational Theory And...

    Lynch,Thomas D.; Cruise,Peter L.

    Handbook of Organizational Theory And Management

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  • Taking Aim - Power And Pain, Teens And Guns

    Oates, Joyce Carol; Johnson,Peter; Averett,Edward; Aronson,Marc; Block,Francesca Lia; Crutcher,Chris; Cart,Michael; Weaver,Will; Wynne-Jones,Tim; Wein,Elizabeth; Galloway,Gregory; Flinn,Alex; Myers,Walter Dean; Lynch,Chris; Shanower,Eric; Oates,Joyce Carol; Koertge, Ron; Hubbard,Jenny

    Powerful, riveting, real. Sixteen celebrated authors bring us raw, insightful stories that explore guns and teens in a fiction collection that is thought provoking and emotionally gripping. For fans of Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock and Give a Boy a Gun...

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  • Wildlife & Conservation Volunteering

    Lynch, Peter

    A unique feature of this guide is its dedicated focus on wildlife and environmental conservation volunteering. It is aimed at all three sectors of the age and career spectrum: young people such as gap year students and backpackers; the larger market...

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