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  • O Zohar - O Livro do Esplendor

    Bension, Ariel

    O Zohar foi escrito na forma de uma longa novela em que grandes rabinos do século II discutem e explicam os segredos dos cinco livros de Moisés (a Torá) e de outros livros das Escrituras Sagradas. Dentre esses grandes rabinos, destaca-se a figura de...

  • O Vórtice

    Hicks,Jerry; Hicks,Esther

    Este livro desvenda uma miríade de falsas premissas que estão na raiz de todo e qualquer problema relacional e conduz-nos para uma compreensão clara do funcionamento do poderoso Vórtice criativo que atrai e encadeia os relacionamentos que desejamos....

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  • Polar Lands

    Hynes, Margaret

    Explores the environment of the North and South Poles, including geography, climate, and animal life, and discusses exploration and scientific research.

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  • Polar Bolero

    Gliori, Debi

    Gentle illustrations enhance this bedtime tale about a magical place where the not-so-sleepy meet in order to do their dance that gets them ready for a night of dreams.

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  • Polar Bear Night

    Thompson,Lauren; Savage,Stephen

    A little polar bear cub wakes up on a still, Arctic night and walks out to explore her snowy world. Suddenly, the stars stir in the sky and begin to fall like snowflakes. Soothing words and luminous pictures show how an Arctic night can be just as...

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  • Polar Bear Patrol

    Stamper,Judith Bauer

    When Ms. Frizzle announced that her class would be studying the North Pole, the students never thought it would lead them to the top of the world. They also never thought they'd get to see seals, caribou, musk oxen, and polar bears in person, but...

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  • e-book

    Polar Explorers for Kids - Historic...


    Heroism and horror abound in these true stories of 16 great explorers who journeyed to the Arctic and Antarctic regions, two exquisite and unique ice wildernesses. Recounted are the exciting North Pole adventures of Erik the Red in 982 and the...

  • e-book

    Polar Distress - (Dr. Critchlore'apos;s...

    Sheila Grau

    Runt Higgins has a long to-do list. He needs to find out who cursed him, and why; he needs to make up with his best friend, Syke; and he needs to pass the Junior Henchman Training Program. That last one? Not likely. Professor Murphy hates Runt and is...

  • e-book

    Polar Bear Son - An Inuit Tale


    A lonely old woman adopts, cares for, and raises a polar bear as if he were her own son, until jealous villagers threaten the bear'apos;s life, forcing him to leave his home and his 'quot;mother,'quot; in a retelling of a traditional Inuit...

  • e-book

    Polar Creatures

    Sen, Benita

    Filled with intriguing facts, this book promotes an understanding of how the wild creatures of the polar regions interact with, and have adapted to, their unique environment.

  • e-book

    Polar Bears

    Leslie Beckett

    Polar bears live in one of the most extreme habitats on Earth: the Arctic. As readers discover how polar bears survive the harsh conditions, they explore important science curriculum topics, including habitats and adaptations. Even reluctant readers...

  • e-book

    Polar Bears and Penguins - A Compare and...


    Polar bears and penguins may like cold weather but they live at opposite ends of the Earth. What do these animals have in common and how are they different? You might see them near each other at a zoo but they would never be found in the same...

  • e-book

    Polar Bear Club

    Wei Menghua

    Wei Meng Hua is a science researcher, she has written many children'apos;s works about nature and travel. Her Arctic Adventure Series is famous for intriguing stories and filled with scientific knowledge'apos;s of the wild life'apos;s on the north...

  • e-book

    Polar Bears - Arctic Hunters

    Pearl, Norman

    These beautiful bears are the largest carnivores that live on land. Young readers will learn how these huge animals hunt, hibernate and survive in the bitter cold of the Arctic.

  • e-book

    Polar Bears


    Imagine living in one of the coldest places on Earth-the Arctic. This book introduces readers to a regular and interesting inhabitant of the Arctic, the polar bear. They're huge meat-eating roamers of the harsh tundra, especially suited to a life on...

  • e-book

    Polar Bear S-express


    All of her life, Kaitlin is drawn to wounded animals that need her help. Yet, when she follows an injured turtledove, and its mate, into the woods near her remote cabin in Alaska, she finds out the bird really doesn't need her help. The only question...

  • e-book

    Polar Bears and Other Scares

    Ron Truman

    Polar Bears and Other Scares is the memoir of Ron Truman, who began freelance writing when bored with his day job. He parlayed his writing ability into a 40-year communications career. Seeking excitement and novelty, he welcomed hazards and avoided...

  • e-book



    A polar bear hunts down a group of poachers in the Canadian Arctic.

  • e-book

    Polar Bear Plunge

    Linda Glaz

    Brice Taylor might not be on Aleni Callan's Christmas list, but she finds him under her tree anyway. Nurse Aleni Callan's anger toward God is fueled when Brice Taylor enters her life. Not only does Brice have no regard for his own life-as evidenced...

  • e-book

    Polar Doom Virulent Strain

    Jack A. Vitulli

    The pandemic spreads over virgin populations threatening the entire breath of humanity...Melting polar ice wakes dormant spores that had been locked away for eons beneath the frozen tundra. The pandemic grows with unprecedented tenacity. Asia is...

  • Polar Bears - Level 2

    National Geographic

    Polar Bears - Level 2

  • e-book

    Polar Region Explorers 2-Book Bundle - River...


    A special 2-book bundle of Anthony Dalton'apos;s outstanding writing on Canada'apos;s polar regions, their history, and their greatest explorers.Includes: River Rough, River Smooth and Arctic Naturalist

  • e-book

    Polar Winds - A Century of Flying the North

    Metcalfe-chenail, Danielle

    With historical research and rare interviews, explore the highs and lows of aviation north of the 60th parallel. This journey takes readers from hot air balloons above the Klondike gold fields, to international bids for the North Pole, to...

  • Polar Bear In Trouble - American English -...


    Polar bears are one of the largest and most dangerous hunters in the North.Their bodies are built for winter and they do best in colder areas.Unfortunately,polar bears are now threatened by recent climate changes.How does the global climate affect...

  • Polar Bear Night


    The New York Times Best Illustrated picture book--now in a board edition! One keen, clear night, a polar bear cub wakes inside her warm den. Something in the moonlit stillness quietly beckons. What is it? The little cub sets out for the snow and sky...

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  • Polar Rescue!

    Golden Books

    Polar Rescue!

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  • Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What do You Hear?

    Bill, Jr. Martin

    Bill Martin's playful story combining animals, colours and sounds, beautifully illustrated by Eric Carle, now appears in a chunkyboard-book format. A simple rhymthic text introduces the reader to a menagerie of wild animals from a roaring lion to a...

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  • e-book

    Polar Covalence


    Polar Covalence provides a detailed account of a successful approach to understanding chemistry from knowledge of atomic structure and the properties that result from this structure. This book discusses the nature of multiple bonds.Organized into 16...

  • e-book

    Polar Bear Truths

    Virinia Downham

    If you love Polar Bears and you are curious to learn some insightful truths from these beautiful animals then you just have to get Polar Bear Truths.Discover the truths that all Polar Bears hold dear. You are going to be entertained by Polar Bear...

  • Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What do You Hear?


    Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What do You Hear?

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  • Polar Shift

    Cussler, Clive

    Polar Shift

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  • e-book

    Polar Bears

    Mark Haddon

    InPolar Bears, award-winning writer Mark Haddon balances humour and pathos to tell of one man'apos;s struggle to love, support and live with someone suffering from a psychological condition.

  • e-book

    Polar Bears


    InPolar Bears, award-winning writer Mark Haddon balances humour and pathos to tell of one man'apos;s struggle to love, support and live with someone suffering from a psychological condition.

  • Polar- Came From The Cold


    Ripped out of retirement by an assassination attempt, the world's most deadly spy—Black Kaiser—is on a collision course with a stab-happy torture expert and a seductive but deadly redhead. His mission only ends if he dies or kills everyone out to get...

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  • Polar Volume 2 Eye For An Eye


    Left adrift in arctic waters with a gunshot wound to the head, adrift in arctic waters, Christy White was rescued from an icy death by a mysterious man. She craved retribution, and he taught her how to get it--how to make sense of her past and how to...

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  • Polar Bear Horizon - With CD


    Polar Bear Horizon - With CD

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  • Polar Oceanography - Chemistry - Biology -...


    Polar Oceanography is an integrated synthesis of the biological, physical, geological, and chemical processes that occur in the polar oceans. The book represents the first modern interdisciplinary synthesis of this field.

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  • e-book

    Polar Bear Pirates and Their Quest to Engage...

    Webster, Adrian

    Conquer complacency and transform your team into a happy, winning crew. Polar Bear Pirates are highly focused, successful characters, they can’t help but motivate everyone around them and just like you; they love to have some fun. In their latest...

  • Polar Worlds


    How does a puffin carry so many fish in its beak?Who led the first team of men to the North Pole?How do you build an igloo?How does a macaroni penguin feed its chick?Polar Worlds, a new book in the visually stunning, groundbreaking INSIDERS series,...

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  • Lcf Polar L'heure Du Crime

    Renaud Dominique

    Lcf Polar L'heure Du Crime

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  • Oso Polar, Oso Polar, Que Es Ese Ruido/Polar...

    Martin,Bill; Carle, Eric; Mlawer, Teresa (TRN)

    Zoo animals from polar bear to walrus make their distinctive sounds for each other, while children imitate the sounds for the zookeeper.

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  • Penny Polar Bear and Her Loud Snore

    Flemming, Paul; Goode,Jon

    Young readers may click Penny's jaws as she finds a cozy cave and snores the winter away, to the dismay of passing Arctic animals.

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  • The Polar Bear Son


    A lonely old woman adopts, cares for, and raises a polar bear as if he were her own son, until jealous villagers threaten the bear's life, forcing him to leave his home and his 'mother,' in a retelling of a traditional Inuit folktale.

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  • The Polar Express the Movie

    Cho,Heidi; Morgan,Melissa; Broyles,William; Van Allsburg,Chris; Zemeckis,Robert; Van Allsburg,Chris (ilt)

    The perfect movie souvenir, a lushly illustrated book includes fun facts, holiday projects, songs, and games based on the new movie being released this holiday season. Original.

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