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  • e-book

    Scales of Justice - Reimagining Political...

    Fraser, Nancy

    Until recently, struggles for justice proceeded against the background of a taken-for-granted frame: the bounded territorial state. With that “Westphalian” picture of political space assumed by default, the scope of justice was rarely subject to...

  • e-book

    Understanding Political Change - The British...

    Anthony Heath

    The central concern ofUnderstanding Political Change is to explore the social and political sources of electoral change in Britain. From the Labour successes of the 1960s through the reemergence of the Liberals as a national force in 1974 and the...

  • e-book

    Political Theology II - The Myth of the...

    Carl Schmitt

    Political Theology II is Carl Schmitt's last book. Part polemic, part self-vindication for his involvement in the National Socialist German Workers' Party (NSDAP), this is Schmitt's most theological reflection on Christianity and its concept of...

  • Team of Rivals - The Political Genius of...

    Goodwin,Doris Kearns

    An analysis of Abraham Lincoln's political talents identifies the character strengths and abilities that enabled his successful election above three accomplished candidates, in an account that also describes how he used the same abilities to rally...

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  • Political Liberalism

    Rawls, John

    Political Liberalism

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  • e-book

    Imperialism and Global Political Economy


    In Imperialism and Global Political Economy Alex Callinicos intervenes in one of the main political and intellectual debates of the day. The global policies of the United States in the past decade have encouraged the widespread belief that we live in...

  • Political Writings

    Sieyes,Emmanuel Joseph; Sonenscher,Michael

    Political Writings

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  • e-book

    The Principles of Political Economy and...


    This landmark treatise formulated the principles behind the market economy. Its foundation of the tenets of diminishing returns and economic rent led to the doctrines of distribution theory and international trade theory.

  • e-book

    Courts and Political Institutions


    The frontier between 'law' and 'politics' is not always clear-cut. A large area exists where courts operate, but where governments and parliaments also make decisions. Tim Koopmans compares the way American, British, French and German law and...

  • Political Judgement - Essays For John Dunn


    From Plato to Max Weber, the attempt to understand political judgement took the form of a struggle to define the relationship between politics and morals. This book by leading international scholars in the fields of history, philosophy and politics...

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  • Political Trust And The Politics Of Security...

    McDougall, James

    The EU and China are often characterised as parties whose bilateral political differences still remain too large to bridge, so that they have failed to convert rhetorical promises into tangible results of cooperation, particularly with regards to the...

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  • Political Hypocrisy - The Mask Of Power, From...

    Runciman, David

    What kind of hypocrite should voters choose as their next leader? The question seems utterly cynical. But, as David Runciman suggests, it is actually much more cynical to pretend that politics can ever be completely sincere. Political Hypocrisy is a...

  • Political Realism In Apocalyptic Times

    McQueen, Alison

    From climate change to nuclear war to the rise of demagogic populists, our world is shaped by doomsday expectations. In this path-breaking book, Alison McQueen shows why three of history's greatest political realists feared apocalyptic politics....

  • The Logic Of Political Survival

    De Mesquita,Bruce Bueno; Smith,Alastair; Morrow,James D.; Siverson,Randolph M.

    The authors of this ambitious book address a fundamental political question: why are leaders who produce peace and prosperity turned out of office while those who preside over corruption, war, and misery endure? Considering this political puzzle,...

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  • Political Corruption In Australia - A Very...

    Perry, Peter John

    This title was first published in 2001: Despite considerable expansion, the scholarly literature on political corruption has remained fragmentary, often polarized, consisting either of sweeping systematic statements, or case-specific examples. Perry...

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  • Political Campaign Communication - Inside And...

    Powell, Larry

    Now in its third edition, Political Campaign Communication: Inside and Out examines the intricacies of political campaigning through the eyes of both an academic and a political consultant. Unlike others in its field, this text takes a broad view of...

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  • Political Campaign Communication - Inside And...

    Powell, Larry

    Now in its third edition, Political Campaign Communication: Inside and Out examines the intricacies of political campaigning through the eyes of both an academic and a political consultant. Unlike others in its field, this text takes a broad view of...

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  • Political And Legal Approaches To Human...

    Campbell, Tom

    This collection explores and illustrates issues arising from 'political' approaches to human rights in contrast to the more traditional 'moral' approaches. Moral approaches conceptualize and justify human rights in terms of priority rights which are...

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  • Courts and Political Institutions

    Koopmans,Thijmen; Koopmans,Tim

    Courts and Political Institutions

  • Dover Books On History, Political And Social...

    ; Frederick II King of Prussia

    The king of Prussia from 1740 to 1786, Frederick the Great ranks among eighteenth-century Europe's most enlightened rulers. In addition to abolishing serfdom in his domains and promoting religious tolerance, he was an ardent patron of the arts and an...

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  • Political Emotions - Why Love Matters For...

    Nussbaum, Martha C

    Martha Nussbaum asks: How can we sustain a decent society that aspires to justice and inspires sacrifice for the common good? Amid negative emotions endemic even to good societies, public emotions rooted in love--intense attachments outside our...

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  • Dover Books On History, Political And Social...

    Kropotkin,Petr Alekseevich

    In this cornerstone of modern liberal social theory, Peter Kropotkin states that the most effective human and animal communities are essentially cooperative, rather than competitive. Kropotkin based this classic on his observations of natural...

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  • e-book

    Political Theory and the Modern State

    David Held

    This volume offers an incisive overview of central issues and controversies in political thought and analysis. It includes major discussions of the idea of the modern state, contemporary theories of the state, problems of power and legitimation, new...

  • e-book

    Political Marketing - Principles and...

    Lees-Marshment, Jennifer

     Substantially revised throughout, Political Marketing second edition continues to offer students the most comprehensive introduction to this rapidly growing field. It provides an accessible but in-depth guide to what political marketing is and how...

  • e-book

    Political Action in Václav Havel'apos;s...


    Political Action in Vaclav Havel’s Thought: The Responsibility of Resistance, by Delia Popescu, explores the Czech dissident’s theory of individual opposition, resistance to oppression, and individual responsibility. The book contributes to our...

  • Political Map Of The World

    Aa Publishing

    A new edition, fully updated, political sheet map of the world, based on the Van der Grinten projection. The map includes international boundaries, main cities, time zones, and national flags.

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  • e-book

    Political Reconciliation


    <P>The concept of reconciliation has emerged as a central term of political discourse within societies divided by a history of political violence such as South Africa, Chile, Australia and Northern Ireland. Although reconciliation is at odds with...

  • e-book

    Political Theology II - The Myth of the...


    Political Theology II is Carl Schmitt's last book. Part polemic, part self-vindication for his involvement in the National Socialist German Workers' Party (NSDAP), this is Schmitt's most theological reflection on Christianity and its concept of...

  • e-book

    Political Women

    Alana Jeydel

    Under what conditions are political elites responsive to social movements, and when do social movements gain access to political elites? This book explores this question with regard to the women'apos;s movement in the US, asking under what conditions...

  • e-book

    Political Culture and Participation in Rural...


    Despite China'apos;s rapid urbanisation and industrialisation, most Chinese still live in the vast countryside or have rural household registration. Although there was significant economic improvement in rural areas in the 1980s, the rural economy...

  • e-book

    Political Leadership, Nascent Statehood and...

    Isabell Schierenbeck; Ulrika Möller

    Do political leaders determine whether a polity will receive a democratic future or not? Research and advocates of democracy agree on the significance of political elites for democratization, yet there is a need for a more specific understanding of...

  • e-book

    Political Conventions

    Allan Bonner

    Launched in honour of President Obama's inaugural, this book was written during the most remarkable political season in American history. The author visited all major presidential campaign offices in New York and New Hampshire, attended the...

  • e-book

    Political Economy - Volume 2

    Oskar Lange

    Political Economy, Volume 2 provides information pertinent to the problems of political economy. This book presents the economic theory of social systems.Organized into four chapters, this book begins with an overview of the basic problems of the...

  • e-book

    Political Marketing - Theoretical and...

    Newman, Bruce I.; Andrzej Falkowski; Wojciech Cwalina

    This is the first integrated theory-to-practice text on marketing's role in the political process. It

  • e-book

    Political Psychology in International...

    McDermott, Rose

    This outstanding book is the first to decisively define the relationship between political psychology and international relations. Written in a style accessible to undergraduates as well as specialists, McDermott's book makes an eloquent case for the...

  • e-book

    Political Obligation - A Critical...


    Political obligation is concerned with the clash between the individual'apos;s claim to self-governance and the right of the state to claim obedience. It is a central and ancient problem in political philosophy. In this authoritative introduction,...

  • e-book

    Political Constitutionalism


    Judicial review by constitutional courts is often presented as a necessary supplement to democracy. This book questions its effectiveness and legitimacy. Drawing on the republican tradition, Richard Bellamy argues that the democratic mechanisms of...

  • e-book

    Political Institutions under Dictatorship

    Gandhi, jennifer

    Often dismissed as window-dressing, nominally democratic institutions, such as legislatures and political parties, play an important role in non-democratic regimes. In a comprehensive cross-national study of all non-democratic states from 1946 to...

  • e-book

    Political-Military Relations and the...


    Arab leaderships have been remarkably stable since the 1970s, particularly given the frequency of military coups in preceding years. Nonetheless, the military remains a key force in most Arab states and political leaders must maintain its loyalty if...

  • e-book

    Political Tolerance in the Global South -...


    What makes people agree to the extension of political rights to those they clearly dislike? This book moves beyond the extensive research on this question in western contexts to focus on the global south, offering unique empirical studies of...

  • e-book

    Political Communication Online - Structures,...

    Ognyan Seizov

    The impact of the Internet on political communication has been significant and multifaceted: it expanded the reach of political messages; opened the floodgates of decontextualization and intercultural misunderstanding; made room for new genres and...

  • e-book

    Political Change in Southeast Asia

    Bertrand, Jacques

    Southeast Asia is a vast and complex region, comprising countries with remarkably diverse histories and cultures. Jacques Bertrand provides a fresh and highly original survey of politics and political change in this area of the world. Against the...

  • e-book

    Political Scandals - The Consequences of...

    La Trice M. Washington

    This book questions whether the consequences associated with non-sex-based scandals carry greater penalties than sex-based political scandals in the twenty-first century. With analysis of over 50 political scandals, this book examines the impact...

  • e-book

    Political Frontiers and Boundaries (Routledge...

    Prescott,J. R. V.

    This classic work is a comprehensive treatment of the world'apos;s political frontiers and boundaries, and includes sections on boundaries in the air as well as chapters treating the subject in a regional manner, covering the continents in terms of...

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