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  • The Little Prince

    Saint-Exupéry, Antoine De

    A beautiful gift edition of this touching and wise classic children's book, with the original translation by Katherine Woods and full-colour illustrations. A pilot stranded in the desert awakes one morning to see the most extraordinary little fellow...

  • A Guerra da Rainha Vermelha - Prince Of Fools...




    A nova trilogia de Mark LawrenceMark Lawrence, um dos autores de fantasia mais consagrados dos últimos anos, expande seu universo fantástico com uma nova e instigante trilogia. A DarkSide Books tem o prazer de apresentar A Guerra da Rainha Vermelha...

  • Hunting Prince Dracula

    Maniscalco, Kerri

    In this hotly anticipated sequel to the haunting #1 bestseller Stalking Jack the Ripper, bizarre murders are discovered in the castle of Prince Vlad the Impaler, otherwise known as Dracula. Could it be a copycat killer...or has the depraved prince...

  • Prince Of Thorns


    When he was nine, he watched his mother and brother killed before him. By the time he was thirteen, he was the leader of a band of bloodthirsty thugs. By fifteen, he intends to be king.It's time for Prince Honorous Jorg Ancrath to return to the...

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  • Prince Caspian - The Return To Narnia

    Lewis, C. S.

    Four children return to Narnia to help Prince Caspian and his army of Talking Beasts battle the evil forces that have seized the kingdom. Reprint. 500,000 first printing.

  • Prince - Purple Rain Deluxe



    Purple Rain Deluxe inclui o set original de Paisley Park remasterizado sob a supervisão do próprio Prince. O disco traz ainda 11 pérolas descobertas no cofre de Prince: From The Vault & Unreleased. Entre as faixas nunca lançadas, estão: ''Possessed''...

  • e-book

    Prince of Dreams

    Kleypas, Lisa

    A wealthy and bitter exile, he most dangerous and desirable man in all of England, he burns to possess a proud, headstrong beauty who is promised to another. But winning Emma Stokehurst's exquisite hand through threats and determination does nothing...

  • e-book

    Prince of Power

    Staab, Elisabeth

    This Fight Is Personal... Wizards and vampires have been mortal enemies since the beginning. Now Anton, son of the Wizard Master, has one last chance to steal the unique powers of the vampire king'apos;s beautiful sister, Tyra...and then kill her....

  • e-book

    Prince of Foxes - The Best-Selling Historical...


    Set in Renaissance Italy, this classic of American popular fiction is the story of Andrea Orsini, a peasant boy who rises to perform delicate political, military, and romantic missions for Cesare Borgia.

  • e-book

    Prince Charlie'apos;s Witch


    Contains mild spanking.An American girl goes back 250 years to help Bonnie Prince Charlie win the British throne, and London's two most beautiful actresses along with it. She soon finds that she herself is the prize in yet another battle, between the...

  • e-book

    Princes and Peasants


    The second in the epic historical Tsar'apos;s Dragons series by award-winning novelist Catrin Collier, featuring the lives of Welsh and Russian settlers in the industrial city of Hughesovka, Ukraine in the 1870s.

  • e-book

    Prince Otto, a Romance

    Robert, Louis Stevenson
    (3374353) thank you for your continued support and wish to present you this new edition. You shall seek in vain upon the map of Europe for the bygone state of Grunewald. An independent principality, an infinitesimal member of the German Empire, she...

  • e-book

    Prince of Scorpio [Dray Prescot 5]

    Akers,Alan Burt

    Dray Prescot has fought long and hard through perilous lands to claim the hand of the heiress to the mighty Vallia. Yet, when finally he sets foot in that long-sought empire, it is not as hero or noble... It is as an unknown, a mendicant, and finally...

  • e-book

    Prince Hagen

    Upton Sinclair

    [Shows a primeval forest, with great trees, thickets in background, and moss and ferns underfoot. A set in the foreground. To the left is a tent, about ten feet square, with a fly. The front and sides are rolled up, showing a rubber blanket spread,...

  • e-book

    Prince of Darkness


    A stranger has come to Middleburg, Maryland, a visitor from abroad with a mysterious purpose. But this quaint, affluent community has dark secrets of its own. And when the interloper, Peter Stewart, becomes involved with the bewitching, seductive...

  • e-book

    Prince Henry the Navigator the Hero of...

    C. Raymond Beazley

    Prince Henry the Navigator the Hero of Portugal and of Modern Discovery 1394-1460 A.D. - The Original Classic Edition

  • e-book

    Prince of Power

    Staab, Elisabeth

    This Fight Is Personal... Wizards and vampires have been mortal enemies since the beginning. Now Anton, son of the Wizard Master, has one last chance to steal the unique powers of the vampire king'apos;s beautiful sister, Tyra...and then kill her....

  • e-book

    Prince of the Playhouse


    A Love in Laguna NovelDriven by his desire to become a successful fashion designer and concerned with hiding his questionable past, Ru Maitland has let obsession with action movie star Gray Anson on the big screen replace his social life. Then...

  • Prince Of Dorkness - More Notes From A...


    With his newfound vampire powers and his girlfriend Chloe, Nigel Mullet is finally happy and popular as the school year begins. But then a new guy, Jason, appears at school. All the girls think he's better looking than Nigel. He's definitely stronger...

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  • Prince In Disguise

    Strohm,Stephanie Kate

    Someday I want to live in a place where I never hear 'You're Dusty's sister?' ever again. Life is real enough for Dylan-especially as the ordinary younger sister of Dusty, former Miss Mississippi and the most perfect, popular girl in Tupelo. But when...

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  • Prince William, Maximilian Minsky, And Me


    Prince William, Maximilian Minsky, And Me

  • Prince William, Maximilian Minsky And Me


    Nelly Sue Edelmeister is a skinny thirteen-year-old Berlin schoolgirl with thick glasses and a brilliant career in astronomy ahead. But that's before she discovers Prince William, and the odd, but oddly attractive, Maximilian Minsky - former New...

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  • Prince Lestat

    Anne Rice

    Rice once again summons up the irresistible spirit-world of the oldest and most powerful forces of the night, invisible beings unleashed on an unsuspecting world able to take blood from humans, in a long-awaited return to the extraordinary world of...

  • Prince Of Fools - Red Queen's War 1

    Lawrence, Mark

    From the critically-acclaimed author of The Broken Empire series comes a brilliant new epic fantasy series, The Red Queen War. If you like dark you will love Mark Lawrence. And when the light breaks through and it all makes sense, the contrast is...

  • Prince Lestat And The Realms Of Atlantis

    Anne Rice

    'In my dreams, I saw a city fall into the sea. I heard the cries of thousands. I saw flames that outshone the lamps of heaven. And all the world was shaken . . .' --Anne Rice, Prince Lestat and the Realms of Atlantis At the novel's center: the...

  • Prince Valiant Vol. 17 - 1969-1970


    After his long sojourn in the Mediterranean, Prince Valiant is back in Britain, where he takes on a new, intricate mission on behalf of King Arthur. Here, Valiant finds himself in the middle of a conflict between Saxon settlers and violent Viking...

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  • Prince of Wolves


    Seeking refuge from the pain of the past, Joelle Randall journeys to the rugged Canadian Rockies to build a new life for herself and unwittingly falls for handsome Luke Gevaudan, a magnetic loner and the last of an ancient race of werewolves

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  • Prince Of Dogs


    Set in an alternate Europe where bloody conflicts rage, the second book of the Crown of Stars epic fantasy series chronicles a world-shaking conflict for the survival of humanity Sanglant--the Prince of Dogs, King Henry's bastard son; though believed...

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  • The Little Prince

    Saint-Exupéry, Antoine De

    'The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched, they are felt with the heart.'After crash-landing in the Sahara Desert, a pilot encounters a little prince who is visiting Earth from his own planet. Their strange and moving meeting...

  • Prince In Disguise


    Someday I want to live in a place where I never hear 'You're Dusty's sister?' ever again. Life is real enough for Dylan-especially as the ordinary younger sister of Dusty, former Miss Mississippi and the most perfect, popular girl in Tupelo. But when...

  • Le Petit Prince

    Saint-Exupéry,Antoine De; Sfar,Joann

    Joann Sfar met son art au service du livre de son enfance. À la fois fidèle au récit d'Antoine de Saint-Exupéry et libre de son mouvement, l'auteur du Chat du Rabbin donne un corps à l'aviateur, un sourire au petit prince. Il nous offre une œuvre...

  • Prince's Son Of Scandal


    Carrying the prince's secret heir!For one night, reclusive heiress Trella Sauveterre throws off the fear-ridden shackles of her childhood abduction--succumbing to a sizzling seduction, she falls unexpectedly pregnant! Deeply uncomfortable in the...

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  • Prince Ricardo Of Pantouflia


    'I'm sure I don't know what to do with that boy!' said King Prigio of Pantouflia. 'If you don't know, my dear,' said Queen Rosalind, his illustrious consort, 'I can't see what is to be done. You are so clever.' The king and queen were sitting in the...

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  • Prince Darling And Other Stories - Based On...

    Lang,Andrew; LANG ,ANDREW

    Excerpt from Prince Darling and Other Stories: Based on the Tales in the Blue Fairy Book Once upon a time there lived a king, who was so just and kind that his subjects called him The Good King.' About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds...

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  • Prince Perindo's Wish - A Fairy Romance For...


    Excerpt from Prince Perindo's Wish: A Fairy Romance for Youths and Maidens I now come to facts which I am very reluctant to mention, but as they must be mentioned sooner or later, I shall trust to the clemency of my youthful readers, and break to...

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  • Prince Dusty - A Story Of The Oil Regions...


    Excerpt from Prince Dusty: A Story of the Oil Regions Poor Arthur obeyed; and, as he walked slowly toward the only place in the world he could call his home, great tears rolled down his cheeks. When the other children, who were hiding in the bushes,...

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  • Prince Of Underwhere

    Hale, Bruce

    It's tough to be Zeke.He's got his hands full with his prissy, know-it-all sister; his mean cousin Caitlyn, who's house-sitting for his missing parents; and a bully making life tough at school. And now, thanks to a stinky, scruffy, good-for-nothing...

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  • Prince Hal - Or The Romance Of A Rich Young...

    Andrews,Eliza Frances

    Excerpt from Prince Hal: Or the Romance of a Rich Young Man All that I would maintain here is that in this one, of the influence of Christian names, however it sined footing, he was serious; and he would lose all kinfof patience whenever he saw people...

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  • Prince Charlie (Classic Reprint)


    Excerpt from Prince Charlie Amongst others, the wall barred the easterly progress of William Masters. In his instance no chagrin resulted. It was a boast of his that he possessed views of his own the things which other people smile at unpleasantly...

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  • Prince Saroni's Wife - And The Pearl-Shell...


    Excerpt from Prince Saroni's Wife: And the Pearl-Shell Necklace I have never thought, answered Saroni, caressing her arms, and meeting her gaze smilingly. It is glori ous to love I have always not known what I was meant to do but I saw you, and I...

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  • Prince Carrotte And Other Chronicles (Classic...


    Excerpt from Prince Carrotte and Other Chronicles The lettuce threw himself into an easy-chair, and, draw ing a red silk handkerchief from his pocket, began to fan with it violently. Suddenly he turned abruptly towards the onion. Well, this is a...

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  • Prince Otto - A Romance (Classic Reprint)

    Stevenson,Robert Louis

    Excerpt from Prince Otto: A Romance Rin CE otto, as my husband has said, P was projected in California, but was not taken up seriously until the year 1883, when we were living in the little chalet, La Solitude, in Hyeres. The labour that went into...

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  • Prince Ricardo Of Pantouflia - Being The...

    Lang,Andrew; LANG ,ANDREW

    Excerpt from Prince Ricardo of Pantouflia: Being the Adventures of Prince Prigio's Son Sword of Sharpness, the seven-league Boots, the Wishing Cap, and many other useful and delightful gifts, in which her Majesty did not believe! But after Prince...

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  • Prince - 4Ever - Deluxe - 2 CDs



    Multi-talentoso, Prince foi um cantor, compositor, instrumentista, dançarino e produtor musical que experimentou gêneros como o funk, R&B, soul, jazz, rock, pop e hip hop nos mais de 35 discos de sua carreira. A coletânea Deluxe Prince 4Ever traz 40...

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