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  • Product Leadership

    Cooper,Robert G.

    Most businesses fall short of the new product performance achieved by leading firms by a factor of 2 times or more. It's no accident that top performers consistently win at new products. The top 20% of companies earn twice as much for their money....

  • e-book

    Electrical Product Safety

    Holland,David; Tzimenakis,Jimmy

    Electrical Product Safety: A Step-by-Step Guide to LVD Self Assessment provides a step-by-step approach to meeting the LVD and reducing safety approval costs. It is a practical and easy to follow guide aimed at helping manufacturers of electrical...

  • e-book

    Lean-Driven Innovation - Powering Product...

    Norbert Majerus

    In 2005, Goodyear'apos;s research and development (R&D) engine was not performing up to its full potential. The R&D organization developed high-quality tires, but the projects were not always successful. Goodyear embarked on a major initiative to...

  • e-book

    What You Need to Know Before Beginning...


    This Element is an excerpt from From Concept to Consumer: How to Turn Ideas Into Money (9780137137473) by Phil Baker. Available in print and digital formats.   Start any product design project the right way--and dramatically improve your odds of...

  • Creativity in Product Innovation

    Mazursky,David; Goldenberg,Jacob

    Creativity in Product Innovation

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  • e-book

    New Product Development - from Initial Idea...


    Marc Annacchino'apos;s New Product Development will maximize return on development dollar invested by providing the reader with an interdisciplinary understanding of the new product development process. New Product Development is the last frontier in...

  • Supply Chains and Total Product Systems - A...

    Warren, James P.; Rhodes, Ed; Carter,Ruth

    Supply Chains and Total Product Systems - A Reader

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  • Supply Chains And Total Product Systems - A...

    Warren, James P.; Warren,James P.; Rhodes, Ed; Carter,Ruth; Rhodes,Ed; Carter,Ruth

    This wide-ranging reader locates supply chain management, lean production and related practice within the holistic concept of total product systems. Demonstrates the strategic relevance of managing supply chains and supply networks to organizational...

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  • Discrete Choice Theory of Product...

    Anderson,Simon P.; De Palma,Andre; Thisse,Jacques-Francois

    This important study shows that an understanding of product differentiation is crucial to understanding how modern market economies function and that differentiated markets can be analyzed using discrete choice models of consumer behavior.Product...

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  • e-book

    Product Design for Manufacture and Assembly,...

    Boothroyd,Geoffrey; Dewhurst,Peter; Knight,Winston A.

    Hailed as a groundbreaking and important textbook upon its initial publication, the latest iteration of Product Design for Manufacture and Assembly does not rest on those laurels. In addition to the expected updating of data in all chapters, this...

  • e-book

    Building Product Models - Computer...

    Charles M Eastman

    Building Product Models thoroughly presents the concepts, technology, and methods now used to work out what will become the building product model - a new, digital representation for architecture, civil engineering, and building...

  • e-book

    Branding and Product Design - An Integrated...

    Monika Hestad

    Why do winning brands appear to be more creative and authentic than less successful ones? Despite the strong link between famous brands and the products sold under their name, there is still a gap in understanding the relationship between product...

  • e-book

    Product and Systems Development - A Value...

    Weiss,Stanley I.

    A thorough treatment of product and systems development in terms of value to all stakeholders Product and Systems Development compiles more than twenty years of research and practice from a value perspective, from vision and marketing to design,...

  • e-book

    Product Launch Authority


    Discover The Step-By-Step Product Launch System Guiding You From Start To Finish So You Can Profit Massively!A product launch is the most powerful way to build a lot of excitement and anticipation for a product, as well as to guarantee a huge...

  • Product Design


    Product Design

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  • Product Design In the Sustainable Era


    Product Design In the Sustainable Era

  • Combination Products - Regulatory Challenges...

    Gopalaswamy,Venky; Gopalaswamy,Smita

    The field of combination product development (products born of the integration of medical devices, biologics, and drugs) is so new that, while literature abounds on each part individually, there are very few publications, including FDA documents,...

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  • e-book

    Thinking - Objects: Contemporary Approaches...


    Globalisation, technology, the media and the need for a sustainable future are all part of contemporary product design. This guide to product design reveals how designers can learn to read the signals an object sends, interpret meaning, discover...

  • Product Design For the Environment

    Giudice,Fabio; Risitano,Antonio; La Rosa,Guido

    Product Design For the Environment

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  • e-book

    Product Training for the Technical Expert -...

    Bixby,Daniel W.

    I was pleased to review Dan's new book - pleased because he addresses an old topic in a new way. He is making no assumptions for trainers who are not fully experienced and seasoned. He takes them step-by-step through practical and realistic methods...

  • audio livro

    Product Life by Atomica Creative

    R$ 24,90
    (Assinatura Mensal com Conteúdo Ilimitado)
  • Product Marketing For Tech Companies


    Product Marketing For Tech Companies

  • e-book

    Design for Six Sigma: in Technology and...

    Antis,David,; Slutsky,J., L.; Creveling,C., M.

    '''The authors of this book have worked as designers and consultants leading the transition from build, test, and fix to disciplined, fact-based designs that delight customers and stakeholders alike. I am not aware of any other book that discusses...

  • e-book

    Product Marketing for Technology Companies


    The author compresses his twenty years of experience to take a step-by-step approach to the product life-cycle, and covers areas such as:* selecting target markets* creating a positioning statement* writing a financial paragraph* motivating...

  • audio livro

    Product Hunt


    Product Hunt Radio (PHR) is for the product geeks. Each week Ryan Hoover and Erik Torenberg are joined by founders, investors, and product people in the startup community & beyond to chat about products, technology, and the people who make them. Join...

    R$ 24,90
    (Assinatura Mensal com Conteúdo Ilimitado)
  • audio livro

    Product: All The Responsibility


    Brought to you by Nils Davis and Rob McGrorty, this podcast will help you become a better Product Manager, Marketer, Innovator, or Entrepreneur. Through interviews with prominent guests, original thought content, and tough questions, this podcast...

    R$ 24,90
    (Assinatura Mensal com Conteúdo Ilimitado)
  • Product Stewardship - Life Cycle Analysis And...


    Consider the Consequences of Bringing a Chemical to MarketProduct Stewardship: Life Cycle Analysis and the Environment explores the regulatory and scientific aspects of the life-cycle consequences of bringing a chemical to market. Using case studies...

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  • e-book

    Product Design for the Web - Principles of...

    Randy J. Hunt

    Web designers are no longer just web designers. To create a successful web product that’s as large as Etsy, Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest–or even as small as a tiny app–you need to know more than just HTML and CSS. You need to understand how to...

  • e-book

    Product and Process Modelling: A Case Study...

    Cameron, Ian T.; Gani,Rafiqul

    This book covers the area of product and process modelling via a case study approach. It addresses a wide range of modelling applications with emphasis on modelling methodology and the subsequent in-depth analysis of mathematical models to gain...

  • e-book

    Product Liability Law in Transition - A...

    Magdalena Dr Tulibacka

    This volume examines the evolution of Central European product liability systems, with particular reference to the effect of the implementation of the Product Liability Directive in the context of the recent enlargement of the EU. This book also...

  • e-book

    Product Life Cycle Assessment to Reduce...

    Keoleian,Gregory A.

    Life cycle design is a proactive approach for integrating pollution prevention and resource conservation strategies into the development of more ecologically and economically sustainable product systems. Cross media pollutant transfer and the...

  • e-book

    Product Experience


    Product Experience brings together research that investigates how people experience products: durable, non-durable, or virtual. In contrast to other books, the present book takes a very broad, possibly all-inclusive perspective, on how people...

  • e-book

    The Product Managers Handbook, 3E


    Previous editions sold more than 17,000 copiesNow includes a CD-ROM with Excel Worksheet templates and features new chapters on product management brand strategy and international perspectivesLinda Gorchels is a well-known product management...

  • e-book

    Exclusive Product Offering - Creating...

    Babinski,Tony; Cesvet,Bertrand; Alper,Eric

    This is the eBook version of the printed book. This Element is an excerpt from Conversational Capital: How to Create Stuff People Love to Talk About (9780137145508), by Bertrand Cesvet, Tony Babinski, and Eric Alper. Available in print and digital...

  • e-book

    The Product Manager'apos;s Desk Reference


    Grab the all-you-need reference and manage your products effectively and efficientlyNow, product managers at every level can have an authoritative, one-stop reference to strategizing, introducing, and managing products at their fingertips. The...

  • e-book

    Plastic Product Material and Process...

    Donald V Rosato; Matthew v Rosato; Dominick V Rosato

    This book is for people involved in working with plastic material and plastic fabricating processes. The information and data in this book are provided as a comparative guide to help in understanding the performance of plastics and in making the...

  • Superior Product Development - Managing The...

    Kennedy,Michael; Wilson,Clement; Trammell,Carmen J.

    Superior Product Development presents lessons learned by actual firms whose high-value, robust and timely products have been technical and market successes. An improved product development process is the key to a resurgence in US ability to develop...

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  • Hacking Product Design - Help Any Team Build...


    UX designers today can piece together several frameworks and have a new website or app up and running in a matter of days--as long as everyone on the project has the same vision, that is. Implementing a product is no longer a problem, but...

  • Leading Product Development - The Senior...

    Wheelwright,Steven C

    In their groundbreaking book Revolutionizing Product Development, Steven C. Wheelwright and Kim B. Clark demonstrated how project leaders for product development could apply new innovations to bring products to market at breakneck speed. Now, in...

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  • Revolutionizing Product Development - Quantum...

    Wheelwright,Steven C

    Today, a company's capability to conceive and design quality prototypes and bring a variety of superior products to market quicker than its competitors is increasingly the focal point of competition, contend leading product development experts Steven...

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  • Experimental Ecodesign - Architecture ,...


    Experimental Ecodesign - Architecture , Fashion , Product

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  • Response Surface Methodology: Process And...

    Montgomery,Douglas C.; Myers,Raymond H.

    Response Surface Methodology: Process And Product Optimization Using Designed Experiments, 2nd Editi

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  • Food Product Development - Based On...

    Side,Catherine; Side,Catherine

    This IFT Basic Symposium is the collective work of a team of seasoned food industry consultants whose experiences and observations provide a 'how to' guide of successful product and process development. Their information-packed presentations will...

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  • e-book

    Plastics Engineered Product Design


    This is a comprehensive book which collates the experience of two well-known US plastic engineers and enables engineers to make informed decisions. It includes a unique chronology of the world of plastics, a resource not found elsewhere. The use of...

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