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  • e-book

    Aussie Grit - My Formula One Journey


    Mark Webber was at the centre of one of the most captivating chapters in the history of Formula One. In 2010, while racing for Red Bull, he and his team mate Sebastian Vettel went head to head for the World Championship. There could only be one...

  • e-book

    An Aussie Christmas gel

    Clare Revell

    On an extended holiday from the UK, John Connington finds himself in Sydney, Australia with no lodging, and only a telephone number from a friend-of-a-friend offering him a place to stay. Trusting that God knows what He's doing, John makes the call....

  • e-book

    Hot Aussie Weekend - An Erotic First...

    White, Liia Ann

    Newlyweds Jaycee and Campbell are stressed. Constantly working, trying to set up a secure future for themselves, they rarely spend time alone, enjoying each other's company. So, to celebrate their first anniversary, Campbell whisks away his wife on a...

  • e-book

    Aussie Surfing Heroes

    Baker,Tim; Occhilupo,Mark; Fanning,Mick

    Two surfing legends in one book!Occy is the magically talented child star who crashed and burned, then miraculous crawled from the wreckage to claim his destiny. Mick is the ferociously determined, disciplined athlete, who overcame personal tragedy...

  • e-book

    Aussie Rules For Dummies

    Jim Maine

    Created especially for the Australian customer! Facts, tips and stats for players, spectators and coaches! Fully updated with all the latest rule changes and including expanded skills, coaching and training chapters, Aussie Rules For Dummies, 2nd...

  • e-book

    Aussie Surfa - The Surf Guide

    Melanie Lumsden-Ablan; Roque'apos;Bo'apos; Ablan III

    Aussies love the beach with over 11,500 beaches stretching along our huge 37,000 kilometres of coastline. Bet you didn't know - each year, more than 55 million trips will be made to one of 400 patrolled Aussie beaches and well over 3 million visitors...

  • e-book

    The Great Aussie Bloke Slim-Down


    The story of one man who had the guts to lose his gut. This is a book that will finally help an ordinary bloke lose weight. (Don'apos;t worry, it has nothing to do with wearing a red bandana.)Ever struggled with your weight? Or did you stop...

  • e-book

    Dick Johnson - The autobiography of a...

    Dick Johnson; James Phelps

    The incredible story of Dick Johnson - the Aussie battler who became an all-time V8 great. Ford legend Johnson did not get his break in motorsport until he was famously smashed out by a rock in the 1980 Bathurst 1000. But true to his never-say-die...

  • e-book

    Aussie Kid Heroes

    Bates, Dianne; Gardner,Marjorie

    This book, in Guinness Book of Records style, tells the remarkable true stories of some of Australia's youngest heroes. At different times and in different ways, these brave, clever, adventurous, creative, athletic, caring or enterprising young...

  • e-book

    English, The Aussie Way - A Fun Guide to...

    Lynne Maree Walsh

    Synopsis: Written by a Sydney native, English, The Aussie Way: A Fun Guide to Australia'apos;s Colourful Phrases, Words, and Expressions offers an amusing way for English or non-English speakers around the world to learn the colloquial phrases for...

  • e-book

    Drongo'apos;s Guide to Basic Aussie Meat...

    Pip Evans; James Diggins

    Drongo's Guide to Basic Aussie Meat Cooking is an all-in-one guide to buying, storing, preparing and cooking fresh meat. Find out what's good for you, how much it costs and how to easily turn everyday ingredients into wholesome, nutritious meals that...

  • e-book

    The Raffle Gods - An Aussie bloke goes bush,...

    Dan Holliday

    When Beastly nearly kills a friend, he knows it is time to take a rest from his job, as a Kings Cross night club bouncer, and get out of town for a while. Travel with Beastly as he heads out bush to find his sense of self again. In a sense, a 'coming...




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  • Bush Songs From the Australian Outback


    Bush Songs From the Australian Outback

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