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  • e-book

    Parabéns! Você Está Grávida - Orientações...

    Souza,Jose Bento de

    Quando a mulher engravida, seja pela primeira vez ou não, inúmeras incertezas passam por sua cabeça: será que meu bebê é perfeito? Será que estou com boa saúde? Preciso mudar minha alimentação? Que remédios devo evitar? E os enjoos? Estou engordando...

  • e-book


    Dave Boling

    An extraordinary epic of love, family, and war set in the Basque town of Guernica before, during, and after its destruction by the German Luftwaffe during the Spanish Civil War. In 1935, Miguel Navarro finds himself in conflict with the Spanish Civil...

  • e-book

    Level 3 - Martin Luther King

    Coleen Degnan-Veness

    Original / American EnglishMartin Luther King had a dream. He wanted blacks and whites to live together happily.  But in America in the 1950s and 1960s, all men were not equal. King led peaceful protests against the government and won changes for the...

  • e-book


    Naipaul ,V. S.

    Set on a troubled Caribbean island - where Asians, Africans, Americans and former British colonials co-exist in a state of suppressed hysteria - Guerrillas is a novel of colonialism and revolution. A white man arrives with his mistress, an...

  • e-book

    Os 4 pilares de uma Nação




    O livro de bolso agora em E-book, traz os 4 pilares mais importantes para o desenvolvimento de uma nação, discuti-los e aplica-los tornará a uma população mais independente do governo para tomar decisões e ter uma qualidade de vida melhor.Um cidadão...

  • e-book

    Guerra à corrupção


    Guerra à Corrupção: lições da Lava Jato é fruto da ação investigativa e da sagacidade de seu autor em busca das melhores informações, num texto absolutamente original com análise política qualificada, que nos traz os porquês da corrupção e no que a...

  • e-book

    Easystart - Maisie and the Dolphin

    Stephen Rabley

    Original / British EnglishMaisie King lives in the Bahamas. Her mother and father work at an Animal Hospital. Maisie has a new friend. His name is Ben and he’s a dolphin. Ben is very ill. Maisie helps him. Then Maisie has a big problem. Can Ben help...

  • e-book

    Locked - A Famous in Love Novella


    After a plane crash on a school trip August finds herself stranded on a desert island with the one person she never wanted be alone with - her boyfriend'apos;s brooding best friend, Noah, who has always seemed to hate her. But, devastated at the loss...

  • e-book

    Teóricos da Educação

    José Carlos Teodosio

    O teórico desempenha um importante papel na elaboração do conhecimento especializado. Historicamente, grande parte das teorias na área da educação é produto do trabalho constante de gerações de pesquisadores teóricos. Basta estudarmos as origens da...

  • e-book

    Lev Vygotsky - Revoltn Scientist

    Newman,Fred; Holzman,Lois

    First Published in 1993. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

  • e-book



    Returning from Death Benefit, embattled medical student Pia Grazdani decides to take a year off from her studies and escape New York City. Intrigued by the promise of the burgeoning field of medical technology, Pia takes a job at Nano, LLC, a...

  • e-book



    Originally published in 1995,this is a biography of William Ewart Gladstone (1809-98), which charts the political career and personal life of the only person who saw four terms as the British Prime Minister and who left behind a long and successful...

  • Projeto, Planejamento e Gestão de Produtos -...

    Jack, Hugh

    Este livro representa uma compilação de recursos, métodos, materiais e conhecimentos essenciais desenvolvidos e usados há mais de duas décadas. Os leitores encontrarão exemplos técnicos por meio de métodos e conhecimentos aplicáveis a todas as...

  • e-book





    Evelyn Thomas'apos;s plans for celebrating her twenty-first birthday in Las Vegas were big. Huge. But she sure as hell never meant to wake up on the bathroom floor with a hangover to rival the black plague, a very attractive half-naked tattooed man,...

  • e-book



    It was just another day in the life of a small Atlantic resort until the terror from the deep came to prey on unwary holiday makers. The first sign of trouble - a warning of what was to come - took the form of a young woman'apos;s body, or what was...

  • e-book



    A 28-year-old man seems the picture of health, until he fractures his leg while skating in New York'apos;s Central Park. Within twenty-four hours of his surgical treatment he is dead. Next, a 36-year-old mother has knee surgery to repair a torn...

  • e-book



    Don'apos;t miss a beat with the fourth and final novel in the New York Times and USA Today bestselling Stage Dive series from Kylie Scott.Positive. With two little lines on a pregnancy test, everything in Lizzy Rollins'apos; ordinary life is about to...

  • e-book


    Jessica Brody

    Following the events of the last book Seraphina and Zen have been separated once again and are living in different centuries, unable to reach each other. But Sera doesn'apos;t seem to mind - she has moved on and is living with the enemy in the...

  • e-book


    Jessica Brody

    After a daring escape from the scientists at Diotech who created her, Seraphina believes she is finally safe from the horrors of her past. But new threats await her and her boyfriend, Zen, at every turn as Zen falls prey to a mysterious illness and...

  • e-book



    Outbreak is Robin Cook at his hair-raising best. Blending a premise of consummate public concern with a galvanizingly suspenseful plot, he has perhaps created his signature work. When the director of a Los Angeles health maintenance clinic succumbs,...

  • e-book



    In a remote Catholic mission station in war-torn Sierra-Leone, renegade Irish alchemist, Father Jack, has succeeded where so many before him have failed. With a donation of the necessary body parts from Revolutionary United Front (RUF) rebel, General...

  • e-book



    Riley has made a bargain with Heaven, and now they'apos;ve come to collect. Lucifer'apos;s finest are ruling the streets and it seems that Armageddon might be even closer than Riley imagined. But with her soul and her heart in play it'apos;s all she...

  • e-book



    Stand by as Riley prepares to kick some serious demon butt for the last time in this thrilling, dramatic and sexy conclusion to THE DEMON TRAPPERS series. Riley'apos;s always known that Beck had a chequered history, but she'apos;s not prepared for...

  • e-book



    Two doctors suspect something is very wrong at the enormous medical center where they work. And soon they will put their careers-and their lives-in deadly jeopardy, as they penetrate the eerie inner sanctums of a medical world gone mad.

  • e-book



    It'apos;s 1923 and London is a whirl of jazz, dancing and parties. Violet, Daisy, Poppy and Rose Derrington are desperate to be part of it, but stuck in an enormous crumbling house in the country, with no money and no fashionable dresses, the...

  • e-book



    'apos;Like John Grisham and Patricia Cornwell, the author, a practising doctor from Florida, mines his professional life for clever plots and gruesomely convincing details'apos; (DAILY MAIL). A seizure has to be one of the most frightening conditions...

  • e-book



    SHORTLISTED FOR THE FOLIO PRIZE.One long last summer for Dad Lewis in his beloved town, Holt, Colorado. As old friends pass in and out to voice their farewells and good wishes, Dad'apos;s wife and daughter work to make his final days as comfortable...

  • e-book



    George Wilson, M.D., a radiology resident in Los Angeles, is about to enter a profession on the brink of an enormous paradigm shift, foreshadowing a vastly different role for doctors everywhere. A new smartphone app is being developed that is far...

  • e-book


    Turow, Scott; Scott Turow

    Life would seem to have gone well for George Mason. His days as a criminal defence lawyer are long behind him. At fifty-nine, he has sat as a judge on the Court of Appeals in Kindle County for nearly a decade. Yet, when a disturbing rape case is...

  • e-book



    Herb returns to the remote planet he has been furtively trying to build a city on, to find it a swarming nightmare of self-replicating machinery. Eva has taken desperate steps to escape the tedium of her pointless life ... only to end up in the...

  • e-book



    It is 2099 - and the world is gradually drowning, as mighty Arctic ice floes melt, the seas rise, and land disappears forever beneath storm-tossed waves. For 15-year-old Mara, her family and community, huddled on the fast-disappearing island of Wing,...

  • e-book



    Harold and Raymond McPheron are finally waving goodbye to their beloved Victoria, a young mother with a first chance at an education. Betty and Luther Wallace are struggling to keep their heads above water and their children out of care, and in the...

  • e-book


    Lelic, Simon

    'apos;Find what you were looking for, Inspector?'apos; Every day the same question. A different uniform but the same question. They thought Lucia enjoyed being here. They thought that was why she kept coming back. But they were asking the wrong...

  • e-book



    With her young son'apos;s potentially fatal neuroblastoma in complete remission, New York City medical examiner Laurie Montgomery returns to work at the Office of Chief Medical Examiner. Worried that she still has what it takes, Laurie finds her...

  • e-book


    Chelsea Cain

    'apos;Turn yourself in,'apos; Archie said. He pressed the fingers of one hand into his right temple, trying to slow the pulse of blood that beat against his skin. Susan was taking notes, recording everything. He didn'apos;t care. 'apos;I'apos;ll do...

  • e-book


    Sebold, Alice; Alice Sebold

    In a memoir hailed for its searing candour and wit, Alice Sebold reveals how her life was utterly transformed when, as an eighteen-year-old college freshman, she was brutally raped and beaten in a park near campus. What propels this chronicle of her...

  • e-book



    From the consummate master of techno-horror comes a spellbinding novel of medicine gone mad. It starts as the marriage of true minds-two gifted young physicians burning with the will to heal, soul mates as well as lovers. From that first moment in...

  • e-book



    Riley'apos;s beginning to think being a demon trapper isn'apos;t all it'apos;s cracked up to be. Her dad'apos;s been stolen by a necromancer, her boyfriend'apos;s gone all weird and she'apos;s getting warm and fuzzy feelings for someone who'apos;s...

  • e-book



    The explosive new thriller from New York Times-bestselling author and master of the medical thriller, Robin Cook, takes readers back to where the genre began, and the questions posed in Coma: what happens when innocent hospital patients are used as...

  • e-book



    Through a crisis of medical malpractice emerges evidence of how the medical profession itself is being harmfully transformed by the intrusion of powerful business interests. Not least is the growing prevalence of 'apos;Concierge Medicine'apos; where...

  • e-book


    Hanif Kureishi

    'apos;It is the saddest night, for I am leaving and not coming back.'apos;Jay is leaving his partner and their two sons. As the long night before his departure unfolds he remembers the ups and downs of his relationship with Susan. In an unforgettable...

  • e-book


    Jennifer Gascoigne

    Australia is the sixth largest country in the world and the only one that covers a whole continent. The largest state, Western Australia, is about the same size as Western Europe. Despite its size, Australia has a small population at just over 23...

  • e-book



    Nightwood is not only a classic of modernist literature, but was also acknowledged by T. S. Eliot as one of the great novels of the 20th century. Eliot admired Djuna Barnes'apos; rich, evocative language. Barnes told a friend that Nightwood was...

  • e-book


    Tim Winton

    Bruce Pike can hear the sea at night and longs to go to the shore. When he befriends Loonie, his small town'apos;s wild boy, that dream is realized. Together, intoxicated by the treacherous power of the waves and by the immortality of youth, the two...

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