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  • Gestão de Projeto do Produto

    Vieira, Darli; Debaecker, Denis; Bouras, Abdelaziz

    A despeito dos inúmeros avanços nas áreas de tecnologia e gestão, desperdícios extraordinários continuam fazendo parte do dia a dia das organizações em atividades de projeto do produto. A razão pode estar em diferentes gargalos do processo, incluindo...

  • Edição antiga - Vaidade , Vitalidade ,...


    Como escolher o filtro solar adequado à sua pele? O Viagra traz algum risco para a saúde? E os cremes anti-rugas? Realmente cumprem o que está prometido nos rótulos? Nesse livro, o premiado químico inglês John Emsley responde a essas e a muitas...

  • Projeto, Planejamento e Gestão de Produtos -...

    Jack, Hugh

    Este livro representa uma compilação de recursos, métodos, materiais e conhecimentos essenciais desenvolvidos e usados há mais de duas décadas. Os leitores encontrarão exemplos técnicos por meio de métodos e conhecimentos aplicáveis a todas as...

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    Ann Cleeves'apos; bestselling series of crime novels, featuring Detective Jimmy Perez, and now also adapted for a major BBC television series, draw their inspiration from the place in which they take place: Shetland.An archipelago of more than a...

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    Riley has always wanted to be a Demon Trapper like her father, and she'apos;s already following in his footsteps as one of the best. But it'apos;s tough being the only girl in an all-guy world, especially when three of those guys start making her...

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    Outbreak is Robin Cook at his hair-raising best. Blending a premise of consummate public concern with a galvanizingly suspenseful plot, he has perhaps created his signature work. When the director of a Los Angeles health maintenance clinic succumbs,...

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    Angela Dawson, M.D., appears to have it all: at thirty-seven, she owns a fabulous New York City apartment, a stunning seaside house on Nantucket, and enjoys the perks of her prosperous lifestyle. With her controlling interest in three busy specialty...

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    Simon Murray was nineteen when he joined the French Foreign Legion. Inspired by the romantic myths of Beau Geste, he found himself in the ranks of one of the world's greatest - and toughest - fighting forces. He kept a unique diary of the hard living...

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    Why does Britain and its former colonies send children to school as young as four and five, when in eighty-eight per cent of the world the starting age is six or seven? Sue Palmer, author of bestselling Toxic Childhood, uncovers the truth: it's not...

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    He sought to create the son of his dreams-and invented a nightmare. Robin Cook'apos;s techno-medical thriller probes every father'apos;s greatest fear. Drawing on a horror theme as old as Frankenstein, as fresh as tomorrow'apos;s headlines, Mutation...

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    It'apos;s 1923 and London is a whirl of jazz, dancing and parties. Violet, Daisy, Poppy and Rose Derrington are desperate to be part of it, but stuck in an enormous crumbling house in the country, with no money and no fashionable dresses, the...

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    Evelyn Thomas'apos;s plans for celebrating her twenty-first birthday in Las Vegas were big. Huge. But she sure as hell never meant to wake up on the bathroom floor with a hangover to rival the black plague, a very attractive half-naked tattooed man,...

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    Riley'apos;s beginning to think being a demon trapper isn'apos;t all it'apos;s cracked up to be. Her dad'apos;s been stolen by a necromancer, her boyfriend'apos;s gone all weird and she'apos;s getting warm and fuzzy feelings for someone who'apos;s...

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    When the Abbot spoke, his voice was thin and resigned. 'apos;It is the end of our monastery. By nightfall I will be dead and our walls will lie shattered. A terrible evil is coming from the forest . . .'apos; A monastery in Tibet is overrun with...

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    Jennifer Gascoigne

    Australia is the sixth largest country in the world and the only one that covers a whole continent. The largest state, Western Australia, is about the same size as Western Europe. Despite its size, Australia has a small population at just over 23...

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    'apos;Save Our Sharks says the new kiddie-friendly cartoon propaganda poster in the atrium of my local swimming pool. And I'apos;m thinking: 'quot;Fuck. Is nothing sacred?'quot; I mean, whatever next? Save Our Cancerous Cells? Save Our Plague...

  • e-book


    Aatish Taseer

    Set over twenty years of convulsive change, Noon is the story of Rehan Tabassum, a young man whose heart is split across two cultures'apos; troubled divide. Throughout his young life, Rehan has been aware of his father'apos;s absence. The journey to...

  • e-book


    Tim Winton

    Bruce Pike can hear the sea at night and longs to go to the shore. When he befriends Loonie, his small town'apos;s wild boy, that dream is realized. Together, intoxicated by the treacherous power of the waves and by the immortality of youth, the two...

  • e-book


    Joseph D'apos;Lacey

    Abyrne is a decaying town, trapped by an advancing wilderness. Its people depend on meat for survival. Meat is sanctified and precious, eaten with devout solemnity by everyone.But a handful of people suspect Abyrne is evil, rotten to its religious...

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    Axel Vander, distinguished intellectual and elderly academic, is not the man he seems. When a letter arrives out of the blue, threatening to unveil his secrets - and carefully concealed identity - Vander travels to Turin to meet its author. There,...

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    Sebold, Alice; Alice Sebold

    In a memoir hailed for its searing candour and wit, Alice Sebold reveals how her life was utterly transformed when, as an eighteen-year-old college freshman, she was brutally raped and beaten in a park near campus. What propels this chronicle of her...

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    In the summer of 1992, Jeremy Howe and his wife, Lizzie, were tending to last-minute holiday preparations. Lizzie was leaving to teach at a summer school before she could join Jeremy and their two daughters, Jessica, six and Lucy, four, at the...

  • e-book


    China Miéville

    On board the moletrain Medes, Sham Yes ap Soorap watches in awe as he witnesses his first moldywarpe hunt. The giant mole bursting from the earth, the harpoonists targeting their prey, the battle resulting in one'apos;s death & the other'apos;s glory...

  • e-book


    China Miéville

    Embassytown: a city of contradictions on the outskirts of the universe. Avice is an immerser, a traveller on the immer, the sea of space and time below the everyday, now returned to her birth planet. Here on Arieka, humans are not the only...

  • e-book


    A.C. Wonderland

    The town of Eryale is at war with the North. In defence of their hometown, Neil's girlfriend is tasked by her mentor with casting a spell which will determine the outcome of the entire region. But magic requires a price and the greater the spell the...

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    In a remote Catholic mission station in war-torn Sierra-Leone, renegade Irish alchemist, Father Jack, has succeeded where so many before him have failed. With a donation of the necessary body parts from Revolutionary United Front (RUF) rebel, General...

  • e-book



    A 28-year-old man seems the picture of health, until he fractures his leg while skating in New York'apos;s Central Park. Within twenty-four hours of his surgical treatment he is dead. Next, a 36-year-old mother has knee surgery to repair a torn...

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    Set in one town in the north east of England, this debut novel from Abigail Tarttelin is a brilliant, unforgettable moment in the life of two teenagers: a sweet taste of young life, a love letter to hope. Published in a variety of formats and working...

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    Rush, Cristopher

    For the first time ever in 400 years, an author has dared to take on the voice of the world’s most famous playwright. Christopher Rush’s novel takes as its dramatic theme the deathbed meeting between William Shakespeare and his lawyer, as they meet...

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    Originally published in 1997, Drown instantly garnered terrific acclaim. Moving from the barrios of the Dominican Republic to the struggling urban communities of New Jersey, these heartbreaking, completely original stories established...

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    Duffy, Carol Ann; Duffy,Carol Ann

    Everyman is successful, popular and riding high when Death comes calling. Forced to abandon the life he has built, he embarks on a last, frantic search to recruit a friend, anyone, to speak in his defence. But Death is close behind, and time is...

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    The mutant white rat had grown and mated, creating offspring in its own image. They dominated the others, the dark-furred ones, who foraged for food and brought it back to The Lair. Now the dark rats were restless, tormented by a craving they could...

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    SHORTLISTED FOR THE FOLIO PRIZE.One long last summer for Dad Lewis in his beloved town, Holt, Colorado. As old friends pass in and out to voice their farewells and good wishes, Dad'apos;s wife and daughter work to make his final days as comfortable...

  • e-book



    Deep in the jungles of Peru the contest of the century is underway. It's a race to locate a legendary Incan idol - one carved out of a strange kind of stone. But a stone which, in the present age, could be used as the basis for a terrifying new...

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    Banville, John; Banville,John

    'apos;Superbly illuminates the man, the time, and the everlasting quest for knowledge'apos; Observer Johannes Kepler, born in 1571 in south Germany, was one of the world'apos;s greatest mathematicians and astronomers. This novel brilliantly recreates...

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    Weapons glitter, men's voices are raised in battle-song and bright banners crack and flap in a sharp breeze; armies of steel and bronze are marching to war as the ruthless king of the southern realm executes his plan to seize dominion over the Four...

  • e-book


    Jessica Brody

    Following the events of the last book Seraphina and Zen have been separated once again and are living in different centuries, unable to reach each other. But Sera doesn'apos;t seem to mind - she has moved on and is living with the enemy in the...

  • e-book


    Terence J Dawson

    This revised edition provides a clear and accessible account of kangaroos.

  • e-book


    Jessica Brody

    After a daring escape from the scientists at Diotech who created her, Seraphina believes she is finally safe from the horrors of her past. But new threats await her and her boyfriend, Zen, at every turn as Zen falls prey to a mysterious illness and...

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    The world's bestselling master of the medical thriller, Robin Cook skillfully combines human drama and high-tech thrills with the latest breakthroughs and controversies of modern medicine. Now, in his most daring novel yet, a mysterious transmission...

  • e-book



    The first edition ofDolores was published in 1911. It sold well, and was promptly forgotten. Now that her career of sixty years is ended, and her long achievement more and more acclaimed, Dolores, standing at that remote beginning, is curiously...

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    'apos;A dazzling and virtuosic adventure'apos; Joseph O'apos;Connor, author of Star of the Sea Internationally Bestselling Winner of the Man Asian Literary Prize 2008 'apos;With Ilustrado, Miguel Syjuco obliges us to remake the canons of our great...

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    This 20th Anniversary Edition features a foreword by Lauren Beukes and three fantastic new short stories, all set in the extraordinary world of Vurt... Take a trip in a stranger'apos;s head. Travel rain-shot streets with a gang of hip malcontents,...

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    'apos;A gripping, flawless novel . . . memorable, atmospheric and chilling'apos; Sophie Hannah Sixteen year old Shelley and her mother move to Honeysuckle cottage in the middle of the countryside, fleeing their fears and anxieties and hoping to put...

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