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  • Sports Word Search Puzzles

    D'Agostino, Frank J

    Calling all sports fans! When you're not watching or playing your favorite games, you can have more sporting fun with this collection of 100 word search puzzles. Sports enthusiasts, trivia buffs, and anyone who loves brain games will appreciate these...

  • Spark Game Time! Puzzles & Activities

    Holm, Sharon Lane

    Spot the differences between two pictures of a school of fish, guide a pirate through a maze to find his treasure, count the buzzing bees in a garden scene, and figure out a secret code! Forty-six puzzle pages include word searches, hidden pictures,...

  • Sudoku Puzzles 100 - Vol. 3

    ., Vários Autores; Vários Autores

    O Sudoku é uma espécie de quebra-cabeça de números e foi inventado no século XVIII pelo suíço Leonhard Euler. Em abril de 1984, foi introduzido no Japão por Nikoli, no jornal Monthly Nikolist, como 'Sûji wa dokushin ni kagiru', que pode ser traduzido...

  • Will Shortz Presents Sudoku Forever: 200 Easy...

    Shortz, Will

    The next in our new series: easy to hard sudoku puzzles.Are you sweet on sudoku? Then you're sure to enjoy these 200 puzzles that get progressively challenging as you go. Features: - 200 easy to hard puzzles - Big grids for easy solving -...

  • Will Shortz Presents Fireside Sudoku: 200...

    Shortz, Will

    The weather outside may be frightful, but these puzzles are so delightful! Kick back and relax with these 200 sudoku puzzles that get progressively challenging as you go.Features: - 200 easy to hard puzzles- Big grids for easy solving- Introduction...

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  • e-book

    Veni Vidi Didici - Have Fun Learning Latin...

    Jason Talley

    An engaging Latin guide filled with all sorts of fun and laughs that make learning the language a blastWho says Latin class needs to be boring? Veni Vidi Didici turns the boring classroom approach of Victorian times on its head. From historical...

  • Around The World Word Search Puzzles

    Fremont, Victoria

    Travel the world with this first-class puzzle treasury!Where would you find the Spanish Steps? What's the modern-day name for Byzantium? Where's Wrigley Field? These and many other questions related to an international array of cultures are asked and...

  • U.S. Presidents & First Ladies Word Search...

    D'Agostino, Frank J

    History buffs, trivia enthusiasts, and anyone who loves brain games will welcome this collection of word search puzzles. Each of the 92 puzzles and their solutions offer an entertaining approach to American history. Every page contains clues to facts...

  • Name That Show - 100 Illustrated T.V. Show...

    Rogers, Paul

    It's never been easier to discover and binge on new and classic TV shows, and never before have so many great series been available on screens large and small. This entertaining puzzle book by the author of Name That Movie celebrates the current...

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  • Will Shortz Presents Hard Sudoku Volume 3 -...

    Shortz, Will

    The next in our new series of only the hardest puzzles for serious sudoku solversDo you have what it takes? These 200 challenging sudoku puzzles from Will Shortz will keep your mind sharp!Features: - 200 hard puzzles- Big grids for easy solving-...

  • My Weird School: Jokes, Games, And Puzzles


    Come play with A.J. and the gang from My Weird School!In this fun and zany activity book starring the kids of Dan Gutman's wildly popular My Weird School series, kids can enjoy a million hundred weird jokes, games, and puzzles. (Or at least 196...

  • Will Shortz Presents Math Magicians Sudoku -...

    Shortz, Will

    From the legendary New York Times crosswords editor, Will Shortz Presents Math Magicians Sudoku: 150 Puzzles for Clever Kids provides young mathematic wizards with an assortment of beginner challengesStarting with a sudoku lesson from Shortz, kids 8...

  • Sudoku Puzzles 2

    Carey,Craig Robert

    Sudoku Puzzles 2

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  • e-book

    Puzzles, Paradoxes, and Problem Solving - An...

    Douglas R. Shier; Marilyn A. Reba

    A Classroom-Tested, Alternative Approach to Teaching Math for Liberal Arts Puzzles, Paradoxes, and Problem Solving: An Introduction to Mathematical Thinking uses puzzles and paradoxes to introduce basic principles of mathematical thought. The text is...

  • e-book

    Puzzles of Government Formation: Coalition...

    Winter,Lieven De; Andeweg, Rudy W.; Dumont,Patrick

    Understanding the formation of governments has always been central to political science. Traditionally this topic has been considered from a rational choice theory perspective and the empirical testing of these theories; however neither approach...

  • e-book

    Puzzles and Epiphanies (Routledge Revivals) -...

    Sir Frank Kermode

    This book, first published in 1962, is a collection of twenty-four essays written by Frank Kermode between 1958 and early 1961, and are all concerned with criticism and fiction. Puzzles and Epiphanies: Essays and Reviews 1958-1961 includes essays on...

  • e-book

    Puzzles of Amish Life - People'apos;s Place...


              Revised edition! People'apos;s Place Book #10. A sociologist provides a way to understand the Amish people'apos;s intentional way of living in a world far different from their own. Fun to read. How do the Amish thrive in the midst of modern...

  • Sudoku Puzzles 1

    Carey,Craig Robert

    Sudoku Puzzles 1

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  • Set Puzzles - Find Sets, Group Them, Fill The...

    Phillips, Dave

    Play a hand of poker, serve a troop of monkeys two bananas each, and string together a set of charms! This unique collection by expert maze designer Dave Phillips entices puzzlists into organizing picture tiles into sets by following paths governed...

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  • 101 Puzzles In Thought And Logic


    Solve murder problems and robberies, see which fishermen are liars and how a blind man can identify color ? purely by reasoning! Hours of mind-strengthening entertainment.

    sob encomenda
  • Math Puzzles

    Dk Publisher

    Math Puzzles

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  • Crossword Puzzles In Large Type


    Crossword Puzzles In Large Type

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  • Calculator Puzzles, Tricks and Games


    A collection of games, tricks, and puzzles which illustrate the capabilities of a calculator

    sob encomenda
  • Punchline Puzzles

    Merrell,Patrick; Shortz,Will

    Punchline Puzzles

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  • Sudoku Puzzles 100 - Vol. 7


    Sudoku Puzzles 100 - Vol. 7

  • Spanish Crossword Puzzles For Practice And...

    Rojas-Otero, Palmira I

    Spanish-language students at all levels can sharpen their vocabulary and spelling skills with these entertaining crossword puzzles. The 72 amusing challenges contain everyday terms related to technology, food, animals, anatomy, and other practical...

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  • The Canterbury Puzzles

    Dudeney,H. E.

    The Canterbury Puzzles

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  • Minecraft Sudoku 9

    Brainfreeze Puzzles; Philip Riley

    These puzzles are 'not' dressed to the 9 s ! That s because not one of these sudoku contains the number 9 as a given, so solvers must do some mining to discover where they belong. Pixel-y, nerdy, creative, and challenging, 'Ninecraft Sudoku' features...

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  • Spark Let's Go! Puzzles & Activities

    Newman-D'Amico, Fran

    Getting from here to there is lots of fun with these 40 travel-themed activities that provide hours of entertainment. Kids can take a ride in a plane, go on a fishing trip, and visit a farm, amusement park, the beach, and other exciting places....

  • Usa Today Crossword - 200 Puzzles From the...

    USA Today

    Usa Today Crossword - 200 Puzzles From the Nation's No. 1 Newspaper

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  • Crack The Code! - Activities, Games, And...

    Hutt, Sarah

    Use coding to make your dreams come true in this fun-filled activity book published in partnership with the nonprofit organization Girls Who Code! You might not realize it, but coding is everywhere--not just in our computers and phones. The video...

  • Easy Sudoku Puzzles #3

    Sander, Sonia

    Easy Sudoku Puzzles #3

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  • Sudoku 215 Puzzles

    Danesi, Marcel

    Sudoku 215 Puzzles

    sob encomenda
  • Easy Sudoku Puzzles 1

    Sander, Sonia

    Easy Sudoku Puzzles 1

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  • The Greatest Puzzles Of All Time

    Costello, Matthew J.

    The Greatest Puzzles Of All Time

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  • Easy Sudoku Puzzles 2

    Sander, Sonia

    Easy Sudoku Puzzles 2

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  • Impossible Folding Puzzles And Other...

    Waeber, Marie-jo; Sarcone, Gianni A

    Do all problems have solutions? Is complexity synonymous with difficulty? This original collection of mathematical puzzles and paradoxes proves that things aren't always what they seem! Readers will discover that nothing is as easy or as difficult as...

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  • French Crossword Puzzles For Practice And Fun

    McCoy, Heather

    French-language students at all levels can sharpen their vocabulary and spelling skills with these entertaining crossword puzzles. The 72 amusing challenges contain everyday terms related to French culture, technology, food, animals, anatomy, and...

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  • 500 Iq Puzzles


    500 Iq Puzzles

    sob encomenda
  • Astounding Acrostic Puzzles


    Astounding Acrostic Puzzles

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  • Samurai Sudoku 2

    Conceptis Puzzles

    More challenges for the sudoku warrior! These 77 puzzles begin with typical sudoku-solving techniques, but then grow more complicated. Instead of figuring out just one game, you have to complete five multiple grids with overlapping corners. No grid...

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  • Dover Recreational Math - Puzzles And Games...

    Badger, Terry M

    A man looks at a picture on the wall and says, 'Brothers and sisters have I none, but this man's father is my father's son. At whose portrait is the man looking?Answer: At the portrait of his son. Puzzle #29 from Chapter I, 'Logic Puzzles'If you like...

    sob encomenda
  • The New York Times Easy Crossword Puzzles


    The New York Times Easy Crossword Puzzles

    sob encomenda
  • The New York Times Light & Easy Crossword...


    The New York Times Light & Easy Crossword Puzzles

    sob encomenda
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