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  • Cruel Crown - A Red Queen Novella

    Aveyard ,Victoria

    Two women on either side of the Silver-Red divide tell the stories no one else knows.Discover the truth of Norta's bloody past in these two revealing prequels to #1 New York Times bestseller Red Queen. Also includes an exclusive excerpt of the hotly...

  • A Verdadeira História do Queen


    Nesta obra você vai conhecer os bastidores e os segredos de uma das maiores bandas de todos os tempos e descobrir como seus integrantes se tornaram os “campeões do mundo” da música. Apesar da morte de Freddie Mercury, em 1991, o Queen ainda é uma das...

  • Queen - A Night At The Odeon - Hammersmith...


    Em 24 de Dezembro de 1975 no Hammersmith Odeon em Londres, o Queen estava trazendo um show inovador ao palco deste local lendário, transmitido ao vivo pela TV BBC, e levando ao clímax o ano mais movimentado e emocionante de suas carreiras até aquele...

  • A Arte e Os Segredos da Pintura Em Cerâmica,...

    Melo,Rosa Cabral De

    Rosa Cabral de Mello nasceu nos Açores, na ilha de São Miguel, em uma região chamada Lomba do Loução, Portugal. Lá aprendeu a costurar. A mudança para o Brasil se deu aos 23 anos, em 1938, já casada e com o primeiro filho Octavio, de apenas 2 meses....

  • Queen - A Night At The Odeon - Hammersmith...



    Este show do Queen no Hammersmith Odeon em Londres (1975) foi o ultimo do ano na movimentada e emocionante turnê de A Night Of The Opera, que sela a transformação de novos artistas ambiciosos em uma das maiores e mais importantes bandas do...

  • Queen Bee! - Angela Nicely

    Macdonald, Alan

    The second book in a brand new series from David Roberts and Alan MacDonald, the best-selling team that brought you Dirty Bertie. Angela Nicely might look like she’s made of sugar and spice and all things nice, but nothing could be further from the...

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  • O Poder da Oração Vitoriosa - Aprenda a...

    Garlock,Ruthanne; Sherrer,Queen

    Quem crê na existência da dimensão espiritual sabe que a vida é cheia de batalhas, e a Palavra de Deus é a arma mais forte de sua artilharia. Quando você usa a Bíblia nos momentos de oração, sejam eles de petição ou ações de graças, limita o poder do...

  • Julio Le Parc - da Forma À Ação


    'Um dos protagonistas da arte latino-americana desde a década de 1950, o argentino Julio Le Parc iniciou sua carreira fortemente inspirado pelo concretismo e pela crença de que a arte pode ser uma força transformadora em prol de uma sociedade mais...

  • The Scarecrow Queen - A Sin Eater's Daughter...


    The rebellion is in peril. The dangerous Sleeping Prince, once thought to be nothing more than a fairy tale, has awoken from his enchanted sleep and is set on vengeance. As he tightens his hold on the kingdoms of Lormere and Tregellan, the net closes...

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  • Queen Of Easter

    Engelbreit, Mary

    Hippity-hoppity--here comes the Easter Parade!Ann Estelle dreams of wearing a hat covered with ribbons and flowers for the neighborhood Easter Parade. But when her mother gives her a plain straw hat instead, she wonders how she can be the Queen of...

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  • Queen Liliuokalani - Royal Prisoner


    In Book 6 of The Treasure Chest, Felix and Maisie take a trip to New York City to visit their father and meet his new girlfriend. While there, Maisie reveals to Felix that she has a jeweled crown she took from The Treasure Chest. The twins travel to...

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  • Queen Zixi Of Ix - Or The Story Of The Magic...

    Baum,L. Frank

    Queen Zixi Of Ix - Or The Story Of The Magic Cloak

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  • Dork Diaries 9 - Tales From A Not-So-Dorky...

    Russell,Rachel Renee

    Nikki's diary is up to the month of April, and springtime is sure to bring more wacky adventures with her friends Chloe, Zoey, and Brandon.

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  • Queen Mary - A Life And Intimate Study...

    Woodward, Kathleen

    Excerpt from Queen Mary: A Life and Intimate Study SO this book came from what was, at the beginning, an intention to' write only Of Her Majesty's work. Throughout my enquiries I have been altogether unhampered; I went to all parties, to all classes,...

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  • e-book

    Queen Margot - A Play in Five Acts



  • Queen For A Day

    Vários Autores

    Queen For A Day

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  • Beauty Queen


    Ever since the magic mirror erased his memory, my brother, Jonah, doesn't believe that we really visit different fairy tales. So it's a relief when the mirror sucks us into a story -- and this time, it's Beauty and the Beast! Hoorah! Or, maybe not....

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  • The Queen's Hat

    Antony, Steve

    From Steve Antony, the author and illustrator of PLEASE, MR. PANDA and BETTY GOES BANANAS! A sudden gust of wind sets off a marvelous adventure for the Queen, lots of Queen's men, and one very special hat. Just where will that hat land? Following a...

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  • The Queen's Handbag

    Antony, Steve

    From Steve Antony, the author and illustrator of Please, Mr. Panda, I'll Wait Mr. Panda, and Green Lizards VS. Red Rectangles. A very naughty thief has stolen the Queen's handbag! There's only one thing to do: chase the thief all over the landmarks...

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  • e-book

    Queen Elizabeth II, A Very Peculiar History -...


    EIIR Queen Elizabeth II, 60 Years a Queen, A Very Peculiar History' uniquely explores the life and times of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II as we approach her 2012 Diamond Jubilee. The story that unfolds is one of doughty determination - the story of...

  • Queen of Scots

    Guy,John A.

    A new historian of Mary Queen of Scots draws on new sources to shatter various myths surrounding this odd monarch and uncover some of the scandals and political machinations underpinning, and undermining, her throne.

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  • True Bookbiographies - Queen Elizabeth II

    Zeiger, Jennifer

    True Bookbiographies - Queen Elizabeth II

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  • Mix - Trauma Queen


    Every tween girl knows what it's like to have a mom who can be a little embarrasing at times. But for Marigold, it goes way beyond embarrassing. Marigold's single mom is a performance artist, meaning she stages dramatic, wacky performances to express...

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  • The Lightning Queen


    Nothing exciting happens on the Hill of Dust, in the remote mountains of Mexico in the 1950s. There's no electricity, no plumbing, no cars, just day after day of pasturing goats. And now, without his sister and mother, eleven-year-old Teo's life...

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  • The Snow Queen

    Andersen,Hans Christian

    Hans Christian Andersen's The Snow Queen, the classic tale of friendship, love, and bravery, is beautifully retold with lavish illustrations by master artist Bagram Ibatoulline.Best friends Kai and Gerda would do anything for each other. When Kai...

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  • Who Was Queen Elizabeth?


    Our bestselling series is fit for a queen! The life of Queen Elizabeth I was dramatic and dangerous: cast out of her father's court at the age of three and imprisoned at nineteen, Elizabeth was crowned queen in 1558, when she was only twenty-five. A...

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  • Who Was Queen Victoria?


    Her reign of 63 years and seven months is known as the Victorian Era, a period of industrial, cultural, scientific, and political change that was marked by a great expansion of the British Empire. But Victoria was raised under close supervision and...

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  • Glitter Snow Queen Sticker Paper Doll

    Miller, Eileen Rudisill

    Meet the enchanting sorceress from the land of snow! Generations of children have delighted in Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale about the Snow Queen, and the mysterious ruler of a wintertime world has inspired the animated Disney film 'Frozen.'...

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  • e-book

    The Queen - A Patrick Bowers Thriller


    While investigating a double homicide in an isolated northern town, Special Agent Patrick Bowers uncovers a plot that will put his skills to the ultimate test.

  • e-book

    Queen of Shadows - Throne of Glass 4

    Maas,Sarah J.

    Sarah J. Maas'apos;s New York Times bestselling Throne of Glass series reaches new heights in this sweeping fourth volume.Everyone Celaena Sardothien loves has been taken from her. But she'apos;s at last returned to the empire-for vengeance, to...

  • e-book

    Queen Bee Wannabee

    Kristen Gerrish

    Amanda Pendleford is the most popular girl at Lakeside Junior High and she is determined to keep her Queen Bee status no matter whom or what gets in her way. A secret she has kept threatens to derail her popularity but it's the secret she doesn't...

  • Little King And Queen Sticker Paper Dolls

    Stillerman, Robbie

    Charming medieval and contemporary costumes await this adorable royal twosome. 2 dolls, 20 stickers.

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  • Blair The Beauty Queen Sticker Paper Doll

    Stillerman, Robbie

    This diminutive darling comes with a full wardrobe of dazzling costumes befitting her role as a beauty pageant queen. Fur-trimmed boots and jacket, a glittering evening gown, a ruffled dance costume, and sequined denims are accompanied by footwear...

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  • Stef Soto, Taco Queen

    Torres, Jennifer

    A heartwarming middle grade about family, friendship, and finding your voice (plus, tacos!).Seventh grader Estefania 'Stef' Soto is itching to shake off the onion-and-cilantro embrace of Tia Perla, her family's taco truck. She wants nothing more than...

  • A Mil Por Hora - Confissões de Speed Queen

    O' Nan,Stewart

    1, 2, 3, testando...No corredor da morte, uma criminosa relembra sua vida e os acontecimentos que a condenaram, diante de um gravador, ao reunir material para um grande livro a ser publicado após sua morte. Um empolgante road-book, comparado em seu...

  • The Queen's Embroiderer - A True Story Of...


    From the author of How Paris Became Paris, a sweeping history of high finance, the origins of high fashion, and a pair of star-crossed lovers in 18th-century France.Paris, 1719. The stock market is surging and the world's first millionaires are...

  • e-book

    Queen Victoria: Demon Hunter

    Moorat,A. E.

    There were many staff at Kensington Palace, fulfilling many roles; a man who was employed to catch rats, another whose job it was to sweep the chimneys. That there was someone expected to hunt demons did not shock the new Queen; that it was to be her...

  • Dover Children's Classics - The Snow Queen

    Andersen,Hans Christian

    When Gerda's beloved playmate, Kai, disappears one winter afternoon, all of the grownups give him up as forever lost. But Gerda knows in her heart that Kai can be rescued, and with nothing more than the clothes on her back, she journeys to a far...

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  • Queen of Scots

    Guy,John A.

    A new historian of Mary Queen of Scots draws on new sources to shatter various myths surrounding this odd monarch and uncover some of the scandals and political machinations underpinning, and undermining, her throne. Winner of the Whitbread Award for...

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  • The Blot On The Queen's Head - How Little Ben...

    Jenkins, Edward

    Excerpt from The Blot on the Queen's Head: How Little Ben, the Head Waiter, Changed the Sign of the Queen's Inn, Hotel Limited, and the Consequences Thereof Nothing was more extraordinary than the way in which this inn had gone on extending. It was...

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  • e-book

    What a Thing to Say to the Queen - A...


    About thirty years ago the Guardian first published two amusing anecdotes about the Queen Mother. Readers reeled to see stories actually printed in a national newspaper that until then had had only an underground existence in certain circles. After...

  • The Spring Cleaning - As Told By Queen...

    Burnett,Frances Hodgson; Hodgson Burnett, Frances

    Excerpt from The Spring Cleaning: As Told by Queen Crosspatch Iand my Green Workers waken everything up - and a nice time we have of it. After it is all over my Green Workers are so tired I let them go to sleep for a month. Last Spring was a very...

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  • Adventures From The Land Of Stories: Queen...


    Learn about all things royal from fan favorite character Queen Red Riding Hood in this fun addition to the #1 New York Times bestselling series, The Land of Stories.From beloved author Chris Colfer comes a magnificent guide for anyone who is either...

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  • Rainbow Magic Special Edition - Alicia The...


    Alicia the Snow Queen Fairy makes sure that everyone has a happy and fun time during the winter. But when her magic falls into Jack Frost's icy hands, the season goes haywire. Fairyland might end up frozen! Fortunately for Alicia, Rachel and Kirsty...

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