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  • Lev Neo - Com Luz


    Bem-vindo ao Lev neo, o e-reader da Saraiva.Sua experiência de leitura nunca mais será a mesma.• COM LUZ - ILUMINAÇÃO LED. Muito mais conforto para ler à noite.• TOUCH SCREEN. Comandos com a ponta de um dedo.• AGRADÁVEL PARA LEITURA EM QUALQUER...

  • Superbird - Cambridge English Readers Level 2


    Tells the story of the crash of the space ship 'Superbird' and its only survivor, Mary Mount.

  • Moby Dick - Macmillan Readers


    Moby Dick - Macmillan Readers

  • Surprise! Reader 2: Super & Duper Go To...

    Allan, David; Clark,Tessa

    Surprise! Reader 2: Super & Duper Go To Ireland

  • Seasons - Penguin Young Readers 2


    A look at the four seasons and different types of weather.

  • Persuasion 2 - Penguin Readers - Pack CD - 3ª...

    Austen, Jane

    When they were very young, Anne Elliot and Captain Wentworth were in love. They did not marry, but Anne never forgot her love for him. Now, many years later, they meet again. Does Wentworth feel anything for Anne, or is he only interested in her...

  • Callum The Caterpillar - Primary Readers -...

    Cadwallader, Jane

    Callum é solitário e não tem nenhum amigo para brincar. A fadinha Tulipa decide ajudá-lo e faz uma mágica com sua varinha. De repente surgem amigos por todos os lados, o que o deixa muito feliz! Porém, logo se aborrece, pois não há mais espaço para...

  • Food Stories Advanced - Macmillan Readers...

    Editora Macmillan

    Food and literature have a long relationship and food is used to shed light on characters and relationships, from meals as the centre of family life to food as a political symbol. This collection brings together five stories and extracts all with...

  • Lost On The Coast - With CD-ROM / Audio CD –...

    Sampedro,Rick; Sampedro,Steve

    Uma baleia bebê fica encalhada em uma praia após um vazamento de óleo. Está muito quente e, a baleia não consegue respirar. Muitas pessoas aparecem, mas, ninguém sabe como ajudar até que, Rawiri chega. Rawiri tem um plano. Será este plano bom o...

  • The Princess Diaries - Audio CD Included -...


    The Princess Diaries - Audio CD Included - Macmillan Readers

  • Three Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes - Level 4...

    Doyle, Arthur Conan

    Penguin Readers are written by specialist ELT authors. The language, vocabulary, style and content of every book is carefully graded to make sure it suits the learner's own language ability. Every Penguin Reader has a range of activities in the book...

  • Reader - Level 2 - Hibernation

    Kosara, Tori

    Learn all about animals and what they do during the winter! During the cold winter months, some animals go into a deep sleep called hibernation. You'd be surprised to learn about all of the other animals that hibernate besides bears, like squirrels,...

    sob encomenda
  • Theatrical Readers - The Princess And the Pea...

    Andersen, Hans Christian

    The Princess and the Pea Theatrical Reader has ben adapted from the original classic tale by Hans Chistian Andersen about a prince´s quest to find a real princess that he can marry.

  • Theatrical Readers - Teacher´s Guide

    Allan,David; Clark,Tessa

    Presents illustrated comic-strip readers. This work is designed so that when students have read the story, and completed the activity pages at the end of the book, they are ready to perform the play. Each story is recorded on a cassette/CD along with...

  • Frankenstein - Reader

    Evans, Virginia; Dooley, Jenny

    Frankenstein - Reader

  • Bestseller Readers 4: The Three Musketeer -...

    Dumas, Alexandre

    Bestseller Readers 4: The Three Musketeer - Book + Audio CD

  • Bestseller Readers 1: Heidi - Book + Audio CD

    Spyri, Johanna

    Bestseller Readers 1: Heidi - Book + Audio CD

  • Thumbelina Reader - Penguin Kids- Level 2


    Thumbelina is a very small girl. She sleeps in a shell next to the window.One night, an ugly toad takes her. She is scared, she wants to go home!She meets fish, insects and a bird ... Can she find a prince?

  • Bestseller Readers 4: Great Expectations -...

    Dickens, Charles

    One of Dickens' most popular novels, Great Expectations tells the story of an orphan called Pip and his attempts to rise from a poor childhood and become a gentleman. On his way, he meets memorable characters, such as Magwitch the convict, beautiful...

  • Illustrated Readers Level 3 - David...

    Dickens, Charles

    His father dies before David is born, but he is a very happy young boy - until his mother marries cruel Mr Murdstone. This is only the first of many changes, both good and bad, that David faces as he grows up and finally becomes a famous writer. This...

  • From Reader to Reading Teacher

    Field,Mary Lee; Aebersold,Joann

    From Reader to Reading Teacher

  • Surprise! Reader 1: Super & The Princess

    Allan, David; Clark,Tessa

    Surprise! Reader 1: Super & The Princess

  • Brazil - Macmillan Readers - Audio CD...


    The new Macmillan Cultural Readers are factual Readers focusing on countries of the world, and include chapters on history, traditions, daily life, cities, nature and sport. These colour-rich, photographic titles encourage the reader to interact with...

  • e-book

    Rebecca - Upper Intermediate ELT/ESL Graded...

    Maurier, Daphne Du

    Written specifically for students of English, this English Language Teaching (ELT/ESL) eBook is a Upper Intermediate-level Macmillan Reader. Rebecca's death had been in all the newspapers. Everyone thought that she had drowned in the sea near...

  • Hamlet - Macmillan Readers


    Hamlet - Macmillan Readers

  • Happiness - First Readers

    Marques, Amadeu

    What is hapiness? Different people will probably give you complettely different answers to that question. Tony, a very special boy, has a simple answer, one that reflects his own brave way of looking at life. And you may look at life in a different...

  • The Beach - Helbling Readers - With CD


    Anna está muito feliz. É um dia lindo. Um dia perfeito para a praia. Mas Nina não está feliz. Ela está em um barco, longe da praia. Esta é a história de duas garotinhas e sobre como um lugar pode significar coisas diferentes para cada um.

  • Excalibur- Graded Readers Student's Book...

    Mitchell,H. Q.

    Excalibur- Graded Readers Student's Book Level 3

  • Cinderella - Theatrical Readers - Teacher´s...

    Bell, Jessica

    The Theatrical Readers are accompanied by Theatrical Readers Teacher´s Guide which provide teachers with useful advice on how to put on the plays. They give practical advice on rehearsals and how to choose the cast. There are also clear instructions...

  • Monkey - Pearson Readers 5


    Monkey - Pearson Readers 5

  • Life Exchange - Reader

    Evans, Virginia; Dooley, Jenny

    Life Exchange - Reader

  • Mowgli - Primary Readers Level 4 - With CD +...

    Mitchell,H. Q.

    “Primary Readers” - A six level series; - Use of basic grammatical structures and limited vocabulary; - Glossy detailed illustrations on each page; - Simple activities and a picture glossary every four pages; - Fully dramatized version of the story...

  • Content-area Readers: The Computer Age


    Content-area Readers: The Computer Age

  • Phonics Show - Readers - Vol. 4


    Phonics Show - Readers - Vol. 4

  • American Life - Reader


    American Life - Reader

  • Content-area Readers: Use Your Senses


    Content-area Readers: Use Your Senses

  • The Caves / Lucky Accident - Macmillan...


    The Caves / Lucky Accident - Macmillan Children's Readers

  • e-book

    Lucky Number - Starter ELT/ESL Graded Reader

    Milne, John

    Written specifically for students of English, this English Language Teaching (ELT/ESL) eBook is an starter-level Macmillan Reader. Charlie's family is poor, so he cannot go to school. He works as a shoeshine boy and dreams of being rich. Then one day...

  • The Bourne Identity - Level 4 - Pack CD -...


    The man has been shot many times. Who wants to kill him, and why? The man can't remember. As he begins to learn about his past, he becomes even more confused. Does he have a future? Or will he be killed before he knows who - or what - he really is?

  • Pedro´s Project - First Readers - Level 4 -...


    Pedro muda-se para a Inglaterra e faz muitos amigos. Lá, todos gostam dele, menos Luke. Pedro e seus amigos decidem participar da competição de ciências, mas Luke, que também quer ganhar a competição, tenta sabotar o projeto de Pedro.

  • Riverboat Bill - Macmillan Children's Readers


    Riverboat Bill - Macmillan Children's Readers

  • Viking Tales - Macmillan Readers – With Extra...

    Editora Macmillan

    Viking Tales - Macmillan Readers – With Extra Exercises And Audio CD

  • Picture Puzzle - Macmillan Readers


    Picture Puzzle - Macmillan Readers

  • Moby Dick - Penguin Readers 2 - Pack CD MP3 -...

    Melville, Herman

    The Penguin Readers are graded at seven levels of difficulty from easystarts to level 6 (Advanced). They fall into three sub-categories (Contemporary, Classics and Originals) ithin the one series, making the selection of titles easy and enjoayable,...

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