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  • Conj Escolar C/Reg/Esq 45/60+Transf.563


    Contém: régua 30 cm, esquadro 26 cm e transferidor 360º. Cor: cristal

  • e-book

    Reg Harris - The rise and fall of...

    Dineen, Robert

    Reg Harris, whose statue overlooks the Manchester Velodrome, is the legend who all track cyclists want to emulate. He was a poor, working-class boy born in the Depression who escaped the Lancashire mills to utterly dominate his sport. He triumphed as...

  • e-book

    Reg Kray - A Man Apart

    Kray, Roberta

    A MAN APART discovers who the real Reg Kray was, deconstructing the man lost beneath the layers of attitude and opinion, exaggeration and distortion, destined to spend so much of his life behind bars. As Reg'apos;s confident, Roberta was closer to...

  • audio livro



    Reformierte Evangeliumsgemeinde Villingen-Schwenningen

    R$ 24,90
    (Assinatura Mensal com Conteúdo Ilimitado)
  • e-book

    ArchiMate® 2.1 –...

    Andrew Josey et al.

    ArchiMate®, an Open Group Standard, is an open and independent modeling language for Enterprise Architecture that is supported by different tool vendors and consulting firms. ArchiMate provides instruments to enable enterprise architects...

  • e-book

    ArchiMate® 2.1 –...

    Andrew Josey et al.

    ArchiMate®, an Open Group Standard, is an open and independent modeling language for Enterprise Architecture that is supported by different tool vendors and consulting firms. ArchiMate provides instruments to enable enterprise architects...

  • e-book

    White Lion Hunt

    Reg. D. Lyons

    Second Edition, Victor DeBeers is a Big game hunter, known as 'the Flying Dutchman' around the globe,a ladies man!But he has no idea of how his world is about to come crashing down... when he hunts the rare subspecies male White Lion of South Africa...

  • e-book

    Projectmanagement op basis van...

    Heemst, Gabor; Fredriksz,Bert Hedeman & Gabor Vis; Bert Hedeman& Gabor Vis Fredriksz

    Dit boek is een praktisch gebruikersboek voor het dagelijks werken in projecten. In dit boek wordt de procesgerichte aanpak van projectmanagement beschreven en worden de thema’s behandeld die daarbij nodig zijn. De inhoud van dit...

  • e-book

    Projectmanagement op basis van...

    Fredriksz,Bert Hedeman & Gabor Vis

    Dit boek is een praktisch gebruikersboek voor het dagelijks werken in projecten. In dit boek wordt de procesgerichte aanpak van projectmanagement beschreven en worden de thema’s behandeld die daarbij nodig zijn. De inhoud van dit...

  • e-book

    The Return

    Reg Cribb

    A career thug and his junior partner in crime take a late night train from Perth to Fremantle, menacing passengers along the way. For an hour they own the train.

  • e-book

    The Academic Research Library in A Decade of...

    Reg Carr

    This book starts from the premise that the last decade has brought more changes for the academic research library than any ever previously known. The book provides an authoritative overview and analysis of the issues and challenges affecting academic...

  • e-book

    Education in Edge City - Cases for Reflection...

    Karen Ford; Reg Hinely; Alexandra Leavell

    This volume is an extended case study of a hypothetical school district--its residential communities, a middle school and secondary school, its students, teachers, administrators, parents and board members. An integrated series of cases, all dealing...

  • Research Accounting Reg V17 Rar17h


    The scope of service provided by professional accountants is influenced by legislation and case law as well as the dictates of a variety of government and private sector agencies: including State Boards of Accountancy, Academic Accreditation Bodies,...

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  • e-book


    Johnston,Reg; Zachoda, Melanie; 1stWorld Library

    'Ingram Mountain' tells the story of ADAM FINLAY, a wealthy businessman who, through association with an environmental group learns of the serious problems facing planet earth. He commits himself to helping reverse the deadly trends by embarking on a...

  • e-book

    Memories Are Forever

    Reg Simpson

    This book is about childhood memories of growing up during World War 2.

  • e-book

    The Wisdom of Snowy Dalton

    Reg Mounsey

    Reg Mounsey's life story is one of courage and determination in a seemingly heartless world. Reg is an optimist despite the rough roads which he has travelled. He has surmounted situations which could have ground him down, but his love of living and...

  • e-book

    Observations By a Souvenir from Down Under

    Reg Simpson

    Realistic views on life made by an iconic souvenir from Australia.

  • e-book

    Shurik`en the'apos;Super Ninja'apos; Book I...

    Reg. D. Lyons

    Super Summer $ale! 50 % off! Since Mac Mathews was twelve, he knew he would never be normal again! A boy with Electromagnetic powers caused by a freak accident in an EM Test Chamber. The only way he would be able to control these inherited strange...

  • Paisagem Cultural Brasileira Reg Centro Oeste

    Junior,Alcino Izzo

    Esta obra traz: Paisagem Natural; Expressão Regional; Espaço de cultura; Mapa: Acessos; Roteiros Históricos; Mapa: Cidades, Parques e Áreas Urbanas; Festas Tradicionais; Bibliografia.

  • What We Do


    An award-winning artist combines stunning oil paintings with a simple text to make an interactive picture book for toddlers, teaching them about all sorts of animals, their natural habitats, and doing what they love to do.

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  • This Little Light of Mine

    Sandland,Reg; Lewis,Earl B.; Lewis,Earl B.

    Through the words of a well-known African-American spiritual and art from an award-winning illustrator, a little boy finds that through simple, kind acts--such as helping a neighbor with her groceries and befriending a lonely boy--he has the power to...

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  • e-book

    Foundations of ITIL® V3

    Bon, Jan Van; Veen, Annelies van der

    Foundations of ITIL and its predecessors have become the industry classic guide on the topic of ITIL. Over the years this authoritative guide has earned its place on the bookshelves and in the briefcases of industry experts as they implement best...

  • The Three Golden Oranges

    Ada,Alma Flor; Cartwright,Reg

    Three brothers desire different types of wives and so seek the advice of a wise old woman who tells them that their wishes can be granted if they are able to pick the correct oranges off the special tree and bring them to her.

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  • At the Edge of the Woods

    Cotten,Cynthia; Cartwright,Reg

    A rhyming counting book, filled with vibrant illustrations, invites little ones to count up to ten with the help of adorable animals that live in the deep, dark woods. 15,000 first printing.

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  • The Lot at the End of My Block

    Lewis, Kevin; Cartwright,Reg

    A cumulative story about the construction of a building begins with an empty lot at the end of the block and ends with a new house and neighbors. By the author of Chugga-Chugga Choo-Choo.

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  • e-book

    A pocket companion to PMI - PMBOK®...

    Zandhuis,Anton; Paul Snijders; Thomas Wuttke

    This pocket guide is based on the PMBOK Guide® Fourth Edition.This pocket guide supplies a summary of the PMBOK Guide® , to provide a quick introduction as well as a structured overview of this method for project management.This...

  • e-book

    The Krays - The Final Countdown - The...


    The Krays were a product of their age, nurtured by a doting mother and created by their community, the East End of London. Their name alone conjures up images of power, violence and greed - and even brother Charlie couldn't steer the twins Ron and...

  • e-book

    Born Fighter

    Kray, Reg

    Reg Kray is one of Britain's most notorious criminals. Together with his brother Ron, he rose through the ranks of London's East End gangland to run an evil empire of vice and villainy. But, after half a lifetime behind bars, Reg wants to set the...

  • e-book

    The Last Godfather - The Life and Crimes of...


    It used to be thought that no single person could rule the mean streets of Glasgow. Arthur Thompson proved this to be wrong. From an ordinary working-class family, Thompson started out as a bouncer and minder. Hard yet bright, he learned quickly....

  • e-book

    Killers, Crooks and Cons - Scotland'apos;s...


    KILLERS, CROOKS AND CONS chronicles the astonishing crimes that horrified 20th-century Scotland. Taking each decade in turn, Reg McKay tells the true tales of the crimes that shook the nation, often the world. And these crimes will shock you still....

  • Exequibilidade Das Decisões Proferidas No...

    Lacreta Gobbi,Juliana Vianna

    “O modelo desenvolvido pelo mercado para a atuação da ANBIMA tem sido tão bem sucedido que não se tem notícia de qualquer contestação pelos integrantes da associação quanto ao resultado final de um processo por ela instaurado. É claro que, durante o...

  • 70-687 Confg Win8 8.1 Mup Reg Card

    ; MOAC (Microsoft Official Academic Course)

    70-687 Confg Win8 8.1 Mup Reg Card

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  • 70-687 Confg Win8 8.1 Mlo Reg Card

    ; MOAC (Microsoft Official Academic Course)

    70-687 Confg Win8 8.1 Mlo Reg Card

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  • Linear Algebra

    Allenby, Reg

    As the basis of equations (and therefore problem-solving), linear algebra is the most widely taught sub-division of pure mathematics. Dr Allenby has used his experience of teaching linear algebra to write a lively book on the subject that includes...

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  • Flight

    Reg Grant

    From the Wright brothers' first powered flight, to Concorde's final voyage and the tragic crash of the Columbia, Flight takes you on a sky-high journey through the history of aviation. Charting the trailblazers, jet test pilots and constant...

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  • Numbers And Proofs

    Allenby, Reg

    Numbers and Proofs' presents a gentle introduction to the notion of proof to give the reader an understanding of how to decipher others' proofs as well as construct their own. Useful methods of proof are illustrated in the context of studying...

    sob encomenda
  • Flight

    Grant,Reg (NRT)

    Charting the trailblazers, jet test pilots and constant progress at the cutting-edge of technology, every aspect of flight is explored. Recalling memorable events - record-breaking flights, aerial warfare and terrorist hijackings - this is the story...

    sob encomenda
  • Rings, Fields And Groups

    Allenby, Reg

    Rings, Fields and Groups' gives a stimulating and unusual introduction to the results, methods and ideas now commonly studied on abstract algebra courses at undergraduate level. The author provides a mixture of informal and formal material which help...

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  • e-book

    Giving a Lecture: From Presenting to Teaching

    Dennick,Reg; Exley,Kate

    This handy guide uses a multi-disciplinary approach, based on sound educational theory, in order to give straightforward and practical advice to the new and practising university or college teacher.

  • e-book

    The Death of the Irish Language

    Reg Hindley,

    Using a blend of statistical analysis with field survery among native Irish speakers, Reg Hindley explores the reasons for the decline of the Irish language and investigates the relationships between geographical environment and language retention....

  • e-book

    Deadly Divisions - The Spectre Chronicles

    Ferris, Paul; Mckay,Reg

    Glasgow, 1989. James Addison, aka Addie, has been a very busy man. Wanted for every type of crime for over a decade, there is only one hitch - he has never been seen, let alone caught. So, who or what is Addie? Does he even exist?When a small-time...

  • e-book

    Functional Tissue Engineering : Chapter 23...

    Butler,David L.; Juncosa-Melvin,Natalia; Shearn,Jason

    Chapter 23 from Translational Approaches in Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine,Jeremy J. Mao, Gordana Vunjak-Novakovic, Antonios G. Mikos, Anthony Atala, Editors

  • e-book

    Industrial Biofouling

    Bott, T. Reg

    Industrial Biofouling discusses the the challenges--and to a lesser extent, the benefits--of biofilms on industrial processing surfaces. It addresses the operating problems caused by establishment and growth of microorganisms, thereby enabling...

  • e-book

    The Famine and the Fear

    Reg Corns

    It was 1845 in Ireland when the potato famine struck. Its impact on two of the many Irish families was devastating.All they had was the potato, it was their provider until the blight came that is, then starvation and disease followed and with it the...

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