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  • e-book

    Metanoia – Wi-Fé: descubra a senha que vai...

    Rossi,Padre Marcelo

    O maior fenômeno editorial no Brasil, padre Marcelo Rossi, lança seu novo best-seller. Metanoia é a continuação da série que já vendeu mais de 15.000.000 de exemplares no Brasil e começou com Ágape, Kairós e seguiu com Philia. Metanoia vem do grego e...

  • e-book

    Combate espiritual

    Reginaldo Manzotti

    O mais importante dos combates está mais perto do que imaginamos: no casamento, na educação dos filhos, no ambiente de trabalho, nos momentos de crise financeira e profissional, em nossa mente, em nossa fé... Mas e então? Como fazer com que o bem...

  • e-book

    O Desafio de Amar

    Kendrick,Stephen; Kendrick,Alex



    Citado no filme Prova de Fogo, o livro O Desafio de Amar é uma experiência devocional de 40 dias para maridos e esposas que desejam entender o amor incondicional independente de como esteja o seu casamento.O Desafio de Amar é ideal para ministérios...

  • e-book

    A Bíblia Sagrada

    Almeida,João Ferreira de

    A Bíblia Sagrada Completa com Índice Ativo, possibilita a navegação para qualquer passagem da Bíblia em poucos toques através dos Links Inteligentes de forma simples e rápida.Bíblia traduzida em português por João Ferreira de Almeida e a edição da...

  • e-book

    This Too - The Water Cave Tutelage

    Roy Melvyn; Wu Hsin

    The real life of Wu Hsin is a historical puzzle that may well never be resolved. Long lost texts have emerged from more than two milennia beneath the soil in South China. Written on bamboo and silk and entombed in burial sites of sages of the...

  • e-book

    Women and Christian Mission - Ways of Knowing...

    Adeney,Frances S.

    What are Christian women thinking about mission? How do they do mission? What informs their knowledge and action as they address issues in a complex world where religious proselytizing has become suspect? This empirical study explores those questions...

  • e-book

    O fim da ansiedade

    Max Lucado

    'Não andem ansiosos por coisa alguma...'Já descrita como 'o mal do século', a ansiedade é uma das doenças mais comuns no Brasil – o país tem a maior taxa do mundo de pessoas com transtornos relacionados a esse mal. As vendas de calmantes e...

  • e-book

    Welcome to the Shivoo! - Creatives Mimicking...


    Why do creatives struggle with a sense of purpose or value? Is finding a place of belonging so elusive? Perhaps you take for granted the ongoing creativity of God in this world, in your mind, in your fingers, in the projection of your life. Maybe you...

  • e-book

    Mitigating Circumstances

    Brian D. Baker

    The dramatic, real-life stories of how God used a private detective to minister to hardened, hopeless criminal offenders.

  • e-book

    Walking with God

    Andrew Murray

    l believer is to be carried out, waiting and working for God must have much greater prominence given to it as the true glory of our Christian calling..................

  • e-book

    The Essential Swami Ramdas


    In simple and eloquent language, Ramdas writes directly and from the heart and his message of certain deliverance through the unswerving remembrance of God is meant for all serious seekers of all religions.

  • e-book

    How to Create the Universe

    Mike Hockney

    This book explains how the entire universe can be created using just two ingredients: nothing at all and the principle of sufficient reason.This is the final book in The God Series.

  • e-book

    Breaking the Power of Limitation

    J. Larry Gunter

    Many people have struggles, hardships and failures not realizing that God is their answer. Some people feel hopeless, unsure and want to give up because they see no way out. Nothing is too hard for God to handle and only He can help us break the...

  • e-book

    The Acts of the Apostles


    In this volume, William Barclay discusses among other things the plan in Acts, Luke's skill as a historian, the accuracy of his sources, and the honesty with which he uses them. Full of unique insights and little-known information about the...

  • e-book



    Do mesmo autor de Zelota, best-seller internacional, uma história concisa e fascinante do nosso entendimento de DeusO aclamado escritor e estudioso de religião Reza Aslan desafia o ponto de vista dominante a respeito da nossa relação com o mundo...

  • e-book

    Blood and Faith - Christianity in American...

    Damon T. Berry

    Since the 1980 US presidential races, the term 'quot;religious right'quot; has come to signify a politically and socially conservative form of Christianity. This term implies a joining of socially conservative evangelical Christianity with...

  • e-book

    Discernment - The Art of Choosing Well,...

    Wolff Pierre

    Making good decisions are among the most difficult challenges in life. InDiscernment: The Art of Choosing Well, readers will find a comprehensive guide to making choices, either individually or in groups. It is based on the time-tested spiritual...

  • e-book

    Peter Berger and the Study of Religion

    David Martin; Heelas, Paul; Woodhead, Linda

    Peter Berger is the most influential contemporary sociologist of religion. This collection of essays is the first in-depth study of his contribution to the field, providing a comprehensive introduction to his work and to current thought in the study...

  • e-book

    Total Love

    Roberts,Frances J.

    Through prose, poetry, and prayers, beloved author Frances J. Roberts shares the message of God'apos;s 'quot;total love'quot; for His children. A companion book to Roberts'apos; million-selling Come Away, My Beloved, Total Love provides fresh food...

  • e-book

    Why Wait?


    Why Wait? is a best-selling abstinence education booklet for Christians. It discusses one of the biggest challenges among teens and singles: pre-marital sexual activity. This bestselling full-color ebook presents 24 reasons—12 biblical and 12 medical...

  • e-book

    Incorporating Children in Worship - Mark of...

    Michelle A. Clifton-Soderstrom; David Bjorlin

    Incorporating children in worship is a powerful and overlooked mark of God's kingdom. This book argues that children's full participation in worship signifies not only a vibrant, faithful communion but also offers a critical window into the Spirit's...

  • e-book

    The Future Shapes of Anglicanism - Currents,...


      To many people, the Church of England and worldwide Anglican Communion has the aura of an institution that is dislocated and adrift. Buffeted by tempestuous and stormy debates on sexuality, gender, authority and power - to say nothing of priorities...

  • e-book

    Barth'apos;s Theological Ontology of Holy...

    Alfred H. Yuen

    I was and I am an ordinary theologian, who does not have the Word of God at his disposal, but, at best, a 'Doctrine of the Word of God,' writes Karl Barth in the preface of Die christliche Dogmatik im Emtwurf. Properly appreciating the complex career...

  • e-book

    Religious Influences in Thai Female Education...

    Runchana P. Suksod-Barger

    In this study Runchana Pam Suksod-Barger examines the impact of religion on female access to education in Thailand from 1889 to 1931--the early Modernization Period in Thailand. Although Thailand had traditionally been a Buddhist nation-state,...

  • e-book

    Sacro-Egoism - The Rise of Religious...

    John S. Knox

    Sacro-Egoism: The Rise of Religious Individualism in the West discusses the relationship between secularization, participation in religious practices and belief, and the emergence of radical individualized expressions of faith in the West. Using...

  • e-book

    Toward an Anabaptist Political Theology - Law...

    Reimer,A. James

    A. James Reimer's (1942-2010) theopolitical project, intended to be a fully theologically conceptualized political theology, offers a constructive and creative contribution to this burgeoning field of theological inquiry. Reimer's thesis for this...

  • e-book

    Every Living Thing - Daily Use of Animals in...


    The agricultural world of Old Testament Israel swarmed with animals-birds, insects, fish, pack animals, pets, animals for hunting, and domesticated herds of sheep, goats, and cattle. Using information from the Bible, Ancient Near Eastern documents,...

  • e-book

    O maior amor de todos

    Brasil,Sociedade Bíblica Do

    A Páscoa está chegando...... mas você já se perguntou: 'O que a morte de Jesus significou?' 'Por que ele precisou sofrer?' 'O que Deus planejava com tudo isso?'Este livreto tem a intenção de ajudar você a encontrar estas respostas. Por meio de...

  • e-book

    Caribbean Diaspora in the USA - Diversity of...


    Caribbean Diaspora in the USA presents a new cultural theory based on an exploration of Caribbean religious communities in New York City. The Caribbean culture of New York demonstrates a cultural dynamism which embraces Spanish speaking, English...

  • e-book

    Death and the Maiden (Routledge Revivals) -...


    A remarkable number of Greek myths concern the plight of virgins - slaughtered, sacrificed, hanged, transformed into birds, cows, dear, bears, trees, and punished in Hades. Death and the Maiden, first published in 1989, contextualises this mythology...

  • e-book

    Pequeno livro para novos teólogos


    Estudar com o Dr. Kapic deve ser seriamente agradável. Sua alegria ao ensinar a teologia é contagiosa. Ao mesmo tempo, ele é sincero ao crer em como é essencial a boa teologia para a formação da mente e transformação de vidas para a glória de Deus....

  • e-book

    A Survey of the Bible - An Overview of the...

    Ronald F. Satta

    Among books, the Bible is unique. Compiled over a time period spanning some 1600 years, it includes contributions from over forty different writers. Yet it has a unified message and a clear theme--redemption through sacrifice, and most especially...

  • e-book

    Psalms - Poetry on Fire Book Five 12-Week...


    Every emotion of the heart is reflected in the Psalms with words that express our deepest and strongest feelings. They provide comfort and joy, leading us to the place where worship flows. This poetry on fire is divided into five books, mirroring the...

  • e-book

    The Extinction of Evolution


    The Extinction of Evolution explores what the world would be like if the theory of evolution were actually true. Written from the view that man created the idea of God, as opposed to God creating man, this book painstakingly examines this atheistic...

  • e-book

    Mais mil esboços bíblicos


    Mais Mil Esboços Bíblicos De Gênesis a Apocalipse Este livro quer ser uma chave para abrir a Palavra de Deus e ajudar aqueles que ministram a Palavra a se aprofundar nela e poder transmitir melhor as riquezas, bênçãos e conselhos das Escrituras para...

  • e-book

    Angels Watching Over Me

    Keturah L. Hadley

    Synopsis: Angels Watching Over Me tells the true account of some of the author'apos;s experiences with supernatural beings who she believes are angels. She states, 'quot;I believe that God assigns angels to each and every one of us. I believe that...

  • e-book

    Methodist Evangelism, American Salvation

    Mark R. Teasdale

    Powerful ideas have the capacity to inspire great good. They also have the capacity to prompt unspeakable acts of evil. The ideas of America and the gospel have been used for both. The situation was no different when the Methodist Episcopal Church...

  • e-book

    ¡Redimida! - El gozo de una vida transformada

    Clarensau, Kerry

    La gracia de Dios puede cambiar su vida completamente. Él quiere • sanar las heridas de su pasado • renovar su perspectiva • proteger su sexualidad • proveer relaciones vivificantes • enriquecer cada minuto de su tiempo Abra este libro y sumérjase en...

  • e-book

    O livro de ouro dos Orixás

    Batista D'Obaluayê

    O Livro de Ouro dos Orixás é uma obra magnífica e minuciosa sobre a cultura do povo africano, onde são relatados os fundamentos históricos e mitológicos, a discrições dos rituais da cultura africana. O livro é um verdadeiro documentário direcionado a...

  • e-book

    Transformado para transformar

    Jamilton Silva

    O livro narra a história de superação, fé e amor de Daniel Wesley Silva, jovem infrator que após sua conversão, define de maneira sublime a experiência religiosa em sua forma mais pura, a saber, aquela que possui expressão em sua origem etimológica...

  • e-book

    Livro de orações

    Custódio, Mauro Zequin

    Este livro traz orações para todos os momentos de sua vida, para cada dia da semana, devoções para diversas circunstâncias e necessidades. Um companheiro para todas as horas! Orai sem cessar. (1Ts 5,17) Parece que hoje esta exortação do apóstolo...

  • e-book

    Sublime Vipássana


    A Índia estende seus braços de 'Dhamma' (lei natural da libertação), através da 'Vipássana' (prática de visão interior da natureza impermanente da mente e do corpo), abraçando a humanidade deste planeta e convidando-a para que fuja dos falsos sonhos...

  • e-book

    Holy Bible In Latin& English - Vol. 3

    Catholic Church

    Volume 3. A beautiful Latin/English parallel edition of the Holy Bible. Volume 3 contains the entire New Testament. The text is the Latin of the Clementine Vulgate and the English of Douay-Rheims Challoner Revision. (NOTE: We also offer a smaller,...

  • e-book

    Mel'apos;s Book of Christian Poems

    Melania Chenoweth

    A beautiful inspirational book of Christian Poems by Award Winning Poet MELANIA CHENOWETH. Includes scriptures, and inspiring quotes from the author. * Two bonus poems by Award-Winning Christian Author and Poet AK Chenoweth ** Please note this book...

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