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  • Re:Zero – Começando Uma Vida Em Outro Mundo -...

    Nagatsuki, Tappei



    Subaru Natsuki, um adolescente do ensino médio, é invocado de repente para um outro mundo enquanto voltava de uma loja de conveniência. Essa seria a tão famosa invocação a um outro mundo?! No entanto, ele não encontrou a pessoa que o invocou, foi...

  • Re:Zero – Começando Uma Vida Em Outro Mundo -...

    Nagatsuki, Tappei



    Subaru Natsuki, um adolescente do ensino médio, é invocado de repente para um outro mundo enquanto voltava de uma loja de conveniência. Essa seria a tão famosa invocação a um outro mundo?! No entanto, ele não encontrou a pessoa que o invocou, foi...

  • Tokyo Ghoul: Re, Vol. 3


    In the world of Tokyo Ghoul, sometimes the only way to fight monsters is to become one... The Commission of Counter Ghoul is the only organization fighting the Ghoul menace, and they will use every tool at their disposal to protect humanity from its...

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  • Re:Zero – Começando Uma Vida Em Outro Mundo -...

    Nagatsuki, Tappei

    Re:Zero – Começando Uma Vida Em Outro Mundo - Vol. 2

  • e-book

    Res Judicata


    Cyril MacIntyre is on the case again, working for his eccentric mother and giving new meaning to the term 'legal aid' in this sequel to Quid Pro Quo.

  • Hindu Widow Re-Marriage Other Tracts (Classic...

    Gandhi, Mahatma

    Excerpt from Hindu Widow Re-Marriage Other Tracts Early marriage of girls would be greatly checked by the free introduction of widow re-marriage. As the state of the Hindu society now exists virgins are available both for bachelors and widow ers. The...

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  • Mãos de Ventos e Olhos de Dentro - Col. Dó -...


    Sentados na calçada, o Tico e a Lia adoravam brincar de ver as figuras que as nuvens formavam no céu. Um dia, o Tico ficou sabendo que a amiga enxergava as coisas de uma maneira diferente, e então a brincadeira mudou.

  • Re-Echoes From Coondambo (Classic Reprint)


    Excerpt from Re-Echoes From Coondambo Page 139, line 3, for re Noah and the vine, read re Noah and vine. Page 149, line 8, for The saddest heart read Of saddest heart. Page 179 line 16, for Yet I remarked read yet still remarked. Page 209, line 28,...

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  • We're Going On A Bear Hunt: Snow Globe...

    Rosen, Michael

    Bear lovers, rejoice! Shake up a snowstorm in this gorgeous gift edition of the award-winning classic by Michael Rosen and Helen Oxenbury. We're going on a bear hunt. We're going to catch a big one. Will you come, too? For over a quarter of a century...

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  • You're Only Young Once (Classic Reprint)


    Excerpt from You're Only Young Once And having straightened everything out, she walked over to the telephone. She was going to begin her experiment. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare and classic books. Find...

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  • Res Int'l Bus & Fin 14


    Res Int'l Bus & Fin 14

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  • Res Social Strat Mobil Rssm20h


    Res Social Strat Mobil Rssm20h

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  • Res In Soc Stratific & Mobility V23


    Research in Social Stratification and Mobility continues its tradition of publishing the best and most innovative research on the changing landscape of social inequality the world over. This issue focuses on different dimensions of social closure and...

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  • Res Judicatae - Papers And Essays (Classic...


    Excerpt from Res Judicatae: Papers and Essays T is difficult to describe mankind either in a book or in a breath, and none but the most determined of philosophers or the most desperate of cynics have attempted to do so, either in one way or the...

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  • Res Judicatae - Papers And Essays (Classic...


    Excerpt from Res Judicatae Papers and Essays The first two essays in this volume were composed as lectures, and are now printed for the first time; the others have endured that indignity before. The pa pers on 'the Letters of Charles Lamb' and...

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  • Res Neg Org V 6


    Res Neg Org V 6

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  • The Case Of Requisition - In Re A Petition Of...

    Scott, Leslie

    Excerpt from The Case of Requisition: In Re a Petition of Right of De Keyser's Royal Hotel Limited; De Keyser's Royal Hotel Limited V. The King Leading cases in Constitutional Law are chiefly concerned with establishing the rights of individual...

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  • Res In Political Sociology V14


    Res In Political Sociology V14

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  • Res In Trans Econ Vol. 12


    Shipping is by far the most significant mode of transportation for the carriage of freight. In terms of volume alone, no other mode comes close. Its dominance is even more overwhelming when distances are accounted for. This book is concerned with the...

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  • Res In Organ Beh Vol. 26


    This twenty-sixth volume of Research in Organizational Behavior presents a set of well-crafted and thoughtful essays on a series of research topics. They range from efforts to redirect the study of leadership, to analyses of interpersonal...

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  • Res In Trans Economics V 14


    Many transport economists have for some time proposed marginal social cost as the principle on which prices in the transport sector should be based and, in recent years, their prescription has come to be taken more and more seriously by...

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  • A Última Gota - Col. Dó - Ré - Mi - Fá - Nova...

    Diego,J. L.

    Kika chegou da escola superpreocupada com a falta d'água no planeta. Mestre Li a aconselhou a ler a história de chuvisca, a última gota, que fugiua dos exércitos clonadores. Em seu caminho, a gotinha se deparou com muitas cenas de escazzez e...

  • The Reason You're Alive

    Quick, Matthew

    The New York Times bestselling author of The Silver Linings Playbook offers a timely novel featuring his most fascinating character yet, a Vietnam vet embarking on a quixotic crusade to track down his nemesis from the war.After sixty-eight-year-old...

  • Old Times Re-Visited In The Borough And...


    Excerpt from Old Times Re-Visited in the Borough and Parish of Lymington, Hants As to the Sketches which accompany the text, and I hope enliven it, perhaps I may be allowed to say a word or two. For several reasons it was found impossible to employ...

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  • Pearl - An English Poem Of The Fourteenth...


    Excerpt from Pearl: An English Poem of the Fourteenth Century, Re-Set in Modern English The English in which the Poet to some dis, trict where there had heen lary and Perhaps, as the late Sir James. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes...

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  • Res In Trans Econ V13


    This book represents the proceedings of a conference held at KobeUniversity, that brought together some of the world's leading researchers in the field oftransportation planning and policy.It contains a compendium of papers representing...

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  • Reperusals And Re-Collections (Classic...

    Smith, Logan Pearsall

    Excerpt from Reperusals and Re-Collections There is something reassuring, too (at least, I find it so), in these renewals of former admirations. We all endeavour, as Spinoza says, to persist in our own being and that endeavour is, he adds, the very...

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  • Res 51, Spring 2007

    Pellizzi,Francesco (edt)

    Res 51, Spring 2007

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  • Res Pública - Ensaios Constitucionais

    Paulo Ferreira da Cunha

    Res Pública - Ensaios Constitucionais

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  • From Middy To Admiral Of The Fleet - The...

    Macaulay, James

    Excerpt from From Middy to Admiral of the Fleet: The Story of Commodore Anson, Re-Told to Boys What was the estimate of him in former days may be seen from the way in which Cowper speaks of him, in his touching and beautiful poem, The Castaway, '...

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  • A Handbook For Travellers In Japan - Revised...

    Chamberlain, Basil Hall

    Excerpt from A Handbook for Travellers in Japan: Revised and for the Most Part Re-Written The values are decimal, with the yen, or dollar, as the unit. One yen contains 100 sen or cents; one sen contains 10 rin. The currency consists of gold which is...

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  • Indian Hostilities In New Mexico - Message Of...

    Buchanan, James

    Excerpt from Indian Hostilities in New Mexico: Message of the President of the United States, Transmitting, in Compliance With a Resolution of the House, Information Concerning Indian Hostilities in the Territory of New Mexico The department...

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  • Ticonderoga Past And Present Mixed, A...

    Stoddard, Seneca Ray

    Excerpt from Ticonderoga Past and Present Mixed, a Companion to Lake George, Being a History of Ticonderoga: Illustrated Ah! Your fame has preceded you, sir; you are spoken of at some length in the city directory. Hope you are feeling well. About the...

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  • A Memoir Of Major-General Sir R. R. Gillespie...

    Thorn, William

    Excerpt from A Memoir of Major-General Sir R. R. Gillespie, Knight Commmander of the Most Honorable Order of the Bath, &C About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare and classic books. Find more at...

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  • Introduction To The Literature Of Europe In...

    Hallam, Henry

    Excerpt from Introduction to the Literature of Europe in the Fifteenth, Sixteenth, and Seventeenth Centuries, Vol. 2 of 2 May' 3 Su plement to Lucan 187 Milton's uigatin Poems 187 chapter 'vl. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of...

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  • Remarks On National Education - Being An...

    Combe, George

    Excerpt from Remarks on National Education: Being an Inquiry Into the Right and Duty of Government to Educate the People The public appear to be now nearly unanimous on the point, that the people should be educated; but considerable differences of...

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  • Speech Of Hon. Charles Sumner, Of...

    Sumner, Charles

    Excerpt from Speech of Hon. Charles Sumner, of Massachusetts: Delivered in the Senate of the United States, May 31, 1872 Something also must be attributed to indi vidual character; and here [express no epin ion of my own; 1 shall allow another to...

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  • The Confederate Veteran - Address Of Gen. E....

    Alexander, Edward Porter

    Excerpt from The Confederate Veteran: Address of Gen. E. P. Alexander on Alumni Day, West Point Centennial, June 9, 1902 And sullenly 'twixt us and them Flows by Potomac's river.' The Confederate veteran! With these words does there not arise in...

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  • The Itinerary Of John Leland The Antiquary,...

    Leland, John

    Excerpt from The Itinerary of John Leland the Antiquary, Vol. 1: Published From the Original Ms. In the Bodleian Library N 'tis prefix'd to the Ti'anfiript of (ome Parts of Mr. Le Iand' Itinerar that he gave to the Badl anlihraiy. B Land. MDXLIX....

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  • The Character And Influence Of The Indian...

    Turner, Frederick Jackson

    Excerpt from The Character and Influence of the Indian Trade in Wisconsin: A Study of the Trading Post as an Institution It would appear that the traders at first sailed from port to port, bartering as they went. After a time they stayed at certain...

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  • A Second Letter To The Right Honourable...

    Price, Joseph

    Excerpt from A Second Letter to the Right Honourable Edmund Burke, Esq.: On the Subject of the Evidence Referred to in the Second Report of the Select Committee of the House of Commons, Appointed to Enquire Into the State of Justice in the Provinces...

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  • Helps To A Spiritual Life - For Religious And...

    Schneider, Joseph

    Excerpt from Helps to a Spiritual Life: For Religious and for All Persons in the World Who Desire to Serve God Fervently The following little work was compiled and published by Rev. F. Schoenbold from the writings of Rev. Joseph Schneider, s.j., the...

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  • A Brief Exposition Of The Doctrine Of The New...


    Excerpt from A Brief Exposition of the Doctrine of the New Church: Which Is Meant by the New Jerusalem in the Apocalypse I. That the Churches, which by the Reformation, separated themselves from the Roman Catholic Church, dissent in various things;...

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  • The History Of England, Vol. 9 - Continued...


    Excerpt from The History of England, Vol. 9: Continued From the Late Right Honorable Sir James Mackintosh, L. L. D. M. P The French king meanwhile had brought his re sources into action against Spain, the empire, Holland, and England, by land and sea...

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