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  • e-book

    Rez Salute - The Real Healer Dealer


    Since 2001, Indian Country has seen great changes, touching everything from treaty rights to sovereignty issues to the rise (and sometimes the fall) of gambling and casinos. With unsparing honesty and a good dose of humor, Jim Northrup takes readers...

  • e-book

    Rez Life - An Indian'apos;s Journey Through...


    Celebrated novelist David Treuer has gained a reputation for writing fiction that expands the horizons of Native American literature. In Rez Life, his first full-length work of nonfiction, Treuer brings a novelist’s storytelling skill and an eye for...

  • e-book

    Marketing de Conteúdo

    Rez ,Rafael

    Se você... É um Empresário que quer expandir seu negócio no mundo digital, atraindo o interesse de mais clientes e aumentando suas vendas; Ou é um Empreendedor trabalhando em uma ideia ou em negócio em fase inicial e quer alcançar mais pessoas; Ou é...

  • audio livro

    Battle Rez Bears


    The BRB podcast, Reviving Raid Knowledge For Returning And New Raiders.

    R$ 24,90
    (Assinatura Mensal com Conteúdo Ilimitado)
  • On the Rez


    The author visits the Pine Ridge Reservation and shares his observations of the heroism, humor, and tough spirit that keeps these people afloat in the midst of crushing poverty.

    sob encomenda
  • e-book

    Walking the Rez Road


    Walking the Rez Road contains forty short stories and poems featuring Luke Warmwater as a central character. Luke is a Vietnam veteran who has survived the war but is having 'quot;trouble/surviving the peace'quot; on a reservation where everyone is...

  • Scalped Vol. 7- Rez Blues


    Organized crime and current Native American culture hit head-on in this brutal series as the lead characters inch closer and closer to the vices that could do them in for good.

    sob encomenda
  • e-book

    Cinema and Inter-American Relations

    P. Rez Melgosa,Adri N.

    Cinema and Inter-American Relations studies the key role that commercial narrative films have played in the articulation of the political and cultural relationship between the United States and Latin America since the onset of the Good Neighbor...

  • e-book

    Developing Writing Skills in Spanish

    Mu Oz-Basols,Javier; David, Marianne; P. Rez Sinus a.,Yolanda P.

    Developing Writing Skills in Spanish provides intermediate and advanced level students with the necessary skills to become competent and confident writers in the Spanish language. With a focus on writing as a craft, Developing Writing Skills in...

  • e-book

    Severo Sarduy and the Neo-Baroque Image of...

    Pérez, Rolando; P. Rez,Rolando

    Severo Sarduy never enjoyed the same level of notoriety as did other Latin American writers like García Márquez and Vargas-Llosa, and his compatriot, Cabrera-Infante. On the other hand, he never lacked for excellent critical interpretations of his...

  • e-book

    Running in Heels - A Memoir of Grit and Grace...

    Mary A. Pe?rez

    Readers who praised this story of coming of age -- and coming into grace -- will love this new book club edition!More than a memoir, this book is a promise of hope for anyone who was abandoned as a child, to anyone who woke up hungry and went to bed...

  • e-book

    Presidential Impeachment and the New...

    P ©rez-li ± 8n, an Bal

    Documents the emergence of a new pattern of political instability in Latin America. Traditional military coups have receded in the region, but elected presidents are still ousted from power as a result of recurrent crises. An bal P ©rez-Li ± 8n...

  • Wiley Series In Dynamics And Control Of...

    Sira-Ram?rez, Hebertt; Rodr?guez, Carlos Garc; Cortes Romero, John; Ju?rez, Alberto Luviano

    Algebraic Identification and Estimation Methods in Feedback Control Systems presents a model-based algebraic approach to online parameter and state estimation in uncertain dynamic feedback control systems. This approach evades the mathematical...

    sob encomenda
  • e-book

    Cultural Competence in Health Education and...

    Miguel A. Pérez; Raffy R. Luquis; Miguel A. P?rez

    Cultural Competence in Health Education and Health Promotion, 2nd edition, examines the importance of ethnic and cultural factors for community health practice. Edited and written by a stellar list of contributors who are experts in field, this book...

  • Marketing de Conteúdo - A Moeda do Século XXI

    Rez ,Rafael

    Se você... É um Empresário que quer expandir seu negócio no mundo digital, atraindo o interesse de mais clientes e aumentando suas vendas; Ou é um Empreendedor trabalhando em uma ideia ou em negócio em fase inicial e quer alcançar mais pessoas; Ou é...

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  • Reservation of Education


    Reservation of Education

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