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  • Cadê As Calças do Papai Noel?


    Ho ho ho... Ah, não!O Papai Noel perdeu as calças! Como ele vai entregar os presentes agora? E, para piorar, as renas resolveram se esconder também! Quem vai levar o trenó?Felizmente, o bom velhinho pode contar com a sua ajuda! Participe de uma busca...

  • The Silhouette Colouring Book


    The Silhouette Colouring Book is a strikingly beautiful colouring book that allows boys and girls to explore an excitingly different way of colouring. Brimming with scenes made up of striking silhouetted shapes combined with vibrant backdrops. Filled...

  • e-book

    Training For Armageddon Niagara Camp in the...

    Merritt,Richard D.

    Over the past 225 years the oak savannah at the mouth of the Niagara River -- designated as a Military Reserve but regarded by the local citizenry as their common lands-- has witnessed a broad spectrum of military, political and cultural happenings....

  • e-book

    On Common Ground - The Ongoing Story of the...

    Merritt,Richard D.

    A large tract of land in Niagara-on-the-Lake has witnessed an extraordinarily rich military and political history. It was the site of the first parliament in Upper Canada, saw numerous negotiations between First Nations and early settlers, and was...

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