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  • Film Genre


    Film Genre

  • Lunch at the Zoo

    Altman,Joyce; Chrustowski,Rick

    Describes how zoo nutritionists learn what to feed the animals in their care, the feeding procedures used by large zoos, and the nutritional needs of a variety of zoo animal.

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  • e-book

    Theory of Narrative


    Narrative is a powerful element of human culture, storing and sharing the cherished parts of our personal memories and giving structure to our laws, entertainment, and history. We experience narrative in words, pictures, and film, yet regardless of...

  • Dominando o Coreldraw 9 - A Biblia


    Dominando o CorelDRAW 9 - A Bíblia é o recurso ideal para usuários principiantes, intermediários, e especializados do programa gráfico da Corel. Este best-seller oferece um exame profundo e claro de todas as características e recursos, incluindo...

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  • Dominando o CorelDRAW 8 - A Bíblia


    Este é o guia completo da última versão do popular programa de desenho da Corel. Esta nova edição cobre todos os recursos, funções e capacidade do programa. Dotado de uma abordagem que oferece confiança aos principiantes e ao mesmo tempo amplia o...

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  • Mastering Coreldraw 5


    Mastering Coreldraw 5

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  • Mastering Coreldraw 4


    Mastering Coreldraw 4

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  • Mastering Coreldraw 8


    Mastering CorelDRAW 8 is the comprehensive guide to the latest version of Corel's popular graphics program. Written by acclaimed CorelDRAW expert Rick Altman, this new edition of the long-standing best-seller covers every feature, function, and added...

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  • Mastering Coreldraw 4/Coreldraw 4 Instant...

    Altman,Rick; PADWICK ,GORDON

    Mastering Coreldraw 4/Coreldraw 4 Instant Reference

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  • Mastering - Mastering Coreldraw 7


    Learn how to master the latest version of CorelDRAW from popular CorelDRAW trainer, Rick Altman. This comprehensive guide covers all the product's main features and is loaded with techniques on how to create a broad range of graphic images. Graphic...

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  • Mastering Pagemaker 6 For Windows, With...

    Altman,Rebecca Bridges; Altman,Rick

    Mastering PageMaker 6 for Windows 95 is the essential guide to this best-selling desktop publishing tool from Adobe. Whether you are new to PageMaker 6, or already designing brochures for your business, this book is the perfect companion to success....

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  • Mastering Coreldraw 6 - With CD ROM


    Mastering CorelDRAW 6 is the comprehensive guide to the Windows 95 version of Corel's popular graphics program. Written by acclaimed CorelDRAW expert Rick Altman, this new edition of a long-standing best-seller covers every feature, function, and new...

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  • Mastering Pagemaker 5.0 For Windows

    Altman,Rebecca Bridges; Altman,Rick

    Mastering PageMaker 5.0 for Windows is a unique, hands-on guide that combines step-by-step tutorials for beginners with advanced concepts for experts. Take a fast-paced look at PageMaker 5.0. A special QuickStart chapter introduces you to major...

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  • The Sounds of Early Cinema

    Domitor Conference 1998 (Library of Congress); Abel,Richard (edt); Altman,Rick (edt)

    The Sounds of Early Cinema

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