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  • Ritchie & Black Tie - Old Friends - The Songs...


    Ritchie & Black Tie (Fabio Tagliaferri, Mario Manga e Swami Jr) apresentam o novíssimo trabalho Old Friends, com canções de Paul Simon

  • O Pato Mandão


    A gansa viajou no feriado e o pato ficou responsável por cuidar da lagoa. Mas ele se empolgou em pouco... Proibido espirrar água! Proibido pescar! Proibido apostar corridas! Logo, ele colocou avisos por todo lado! É proibido mergulhar! (Conforme as...

  • e-book

    Ritchie'apos;s - The Inside Story

    David F. Ritchie

    This insider's guide tells how David F. Ritchie founded and developed Ritchie's, achieving national and international recognition for skill, reliability, and service as auctioneers and appraisers. Ritchie reminisces about the firm's struggles and...

  • Turismo - Princípios, Práticas e Filosofias

    Goeldner,Charles R.; Ritchie,J. R. Brent; Mcintosh,Robert W.

    Turismo: princípios, práticas e filosofias oferece uma introdução abrangente ao setor que mais cresce no mundo. Dezenas de milhares de alunos da área de turismo e hospitalidade em todo o planeta usaram edições prévias desta obra no início de suas...

  • e-book



    Created by filmmaker Guy Ritchie (Lock Stock..., Snatch and Sherlock Holmes). The Gamekeeper just wanted to be left alone and to forget about his dark past. But now it has come back to haunt him, forcing him to confront a secret that has remained...

  • e-book



    Created by filmmaker Guy Ritchie (Lock Stock..., Snatch and Sherlock Holmes). Nature'apos;s Remedy To Man'apos;s Disease. With gangsters and Ruskies hot on his trail, it'apos;ll take an explosive revelation to knock Brock (aka The Gamekeeper) off his...

  • e-book

    Guy Ritchie'apos;s Gamekeeper Graphic Novel,...


    Created by filmmaker Guy Ritchie, (Lock Stock..., Snatch and Sherlock Holmes). The second volume in the Gamekeeper series. With the announcement of the existence of the Draganov Equation - a formula that contains the means to produce cold fusion -...

  • e-book



    Created by filmmaker Guy Ritchie (Lock Stock..., Snatch and Sherlock Holmes). The last time the peace of Glen Morgan was disturbed, it had fatal consequences for the owner of the estate, scientific publisher Jonah Morgan. Now, in the wake of his...

  • e-book



    Created by filmmaker Guy Ritchie (Lock Stock..., Snatch and Sherlock Holmes). Things are going to get worse before they get better as the Gamekeeper'apos;s world continues to erupt into brutality and violence! Recent revelations have shaken Brock to...

  • e-book



    Created by filmmaker Guy Ritchie (Lock Stock..., Snatch and Sherlock Holmes). Brock, the Gamekeeper, stalks the grimy back alleys of Amsterdam with murder on his mind. His prey is responsible for the death of the only man ever to know the secret of...

  • e-book

    Guy Ritchie'apos;s Gamekeeper Graphic Novel,...


    Created by Guy Ritchie (Lock Stock..., Snatch and Sherlock Holmes) and written by acclaimed comic book writer Andy Diggle (The Losers) with striking artwork from Mukesh Singh (Devi, Dinosaurs Vs. Aliens). Patience is the virtue of the gamekeeper....

  • e-book



    Created by filmmaker Guy Ritchie (Lock Stock..., Snatch and Sherlock Holmes). As Brock begins to piece together the mystery behind the death of Jonah Morgan, his own mysterious background is brought further to light. And now he is out of his element...

  • e-book



    Created by filmmaker Guy Ritchie (Lock Stock..., Snatch and Sherlock Holmes)Patience is the virtue of the gamekeeper. Waiting for the right moment to strike anything that threatens the balance between man and nature. He is nature'apos;s remedy to...

  • e-book



    Created by filmmaker Guy Ritchie (Lock Stock..., Snatch and Sherlock Holmes). THE HUNTER BECOMES THE HUNTED! Guns, gangsters, Russian spies and explosives ignite as Brock ventures into enemy territory to rescue the imprisoned Krista Morgan. The story...

  • e-book



    Created by filmmaker Guy Ritchie (Lock Stock..., Snatch and Sherlock Holmes). Brock, having fought through the scrub and brush of jungle-like Amsterdam, finally faces his quarry, the coal broker Van Allan. But unanswered questions still abound: why...

  • e-book



    Created by filmmaker Guy Ritchie (Lock Stock..., Snatch and Sherlock Holmes). START OF NEW SERIES! With the announcement of the existence of the Draganov Equation - a formula that contains the means to produce cold fusion - the world turns it'apos;s...

  • Jean Ritchie's Kentucky Mother Goose Songs...


    Jean Ritchie's Kentucky Mother Goose, is a collection of songs rhymes and stories recalled by Jean from her own childhood. The youngest of 14 children in a singing family from Viper Kentucky she grew up surrounded by the ballads hymns play-party...

    sob encomenda
  • e-book


    W. E. Ritchie

    She was getting ready for bed, sitting at her dressing table in the half light. Softly, she hummed a tune to herself as she brushed her long hair, her slender fingers carefully gathering the strands of golden tresses containing  just a hint of subtle...

  • e-book


    William E Ritchie

    These Poems are visual as well as literate; they can be read in many ways. Some can also be read down as well as across, some verses are totally interchangeable. This is a journey through a World of colour and imagination. 

  • e-book



    Music is an abstract force that flows through the heart of the World, for most people, an essential ingredient creating a soundtrack to their lives, but even more than that, bringing peace, meaning, harmony, to a sometimes fractious existence.Yet...

  • e-book


    William E Ritchie

    WHAT MAKETH A MAN?To the external observer, there was nothing extraordinary about him; he had lived what would seem, to the disinterested, a very normal, almost boring life, a steady job, an unremarkable upbringing in a non-descript town by...

  • e-book

    Little Girl Lost

    Jean Ritchie; Probert-wright,Barbie

    Two sisters. A broken childhood. A heartbreaking journey.The extraordinary true story of surviving the unimaginable ... In 1945, seven-year-old Barbie and her sister Eva were trapped, terrified, in wartorn Germany. With their father missing, and...

  • e-book


    William E Ritchie

    THE DAY THE MONEY DIED is the story of a fraud on a massive scale, involving credit cards, property and banking. As the recent Banking crisis shows, the World is vulnerable to these forces that surround us, using the instant responses of the internet...

  • e-book


    William E Ritchie

    ALL THAT IS FOREVER LOSTA man and a woman share a journey of life mainly through the eyes of the woman’s own private thoughts about him and his life, and the events of her own life; the death of a young friend signals the beginning of a poetic...

  • e-book

    Return from Tomorrow

    Sherrill,Elizabeth; Ritchie,George G.

    In this bestselling life-after-death story, George Ritchie tells of his transforming encounter with the Son of God, who led him to encounters with other nonphysical beings at the very doorway of eternity.

  • e-book

    Fairy Fingers A Novel

    Ritchie, Anna Cora Ogden Mowatt
    (3166421) thank you for your continued support and wish to present you this new edition. They were seated in the drawing-room of an ancient château in Brittany, the Countess Dowager de Gramont and Count Tristan, her only son, a mansion lacking...

  • e-book

    Looking for Evelyn

    Maggie Ritchie

    'quot;You can see, taste and feel the dusty red roads of the South African bush in this rich, evocative exploration of love, jealousy and betrayal in post-colonial Zambia in the 1970s.'quot; - Jackie Copleton. Chrissie Docherty returns to the...

  • e-book

    Hosts of Erravilla

    Reba A. Ritchie

    Will the past and present hosts of Erravilla help to heal April's past and hold the keys to unlocking her future? Hosts of Erravilla is an enduring story of self-discovery love and forgiveness.

  • e-book

    The ordinary

    Christopher Ritchie

    2015 IndieFab Book Awards Silver Winner, HorrorBorn from humanity - destined to destroy itAllegory-laden horror-satire in which Stanley, one of the 'ordinary', is so evil his touch alone freezes girls’ minds with fear; caught up in porn, in their...

  • e-book

    THE ABC of 1-2-3 - The True Story

    Billy Ritchie

    1-2-3 are now acknowledged as  having a major influence on what became of music in the 1970s. Yet the band disappeared without trace in history, only to surface decades later, in circumstances that Mojo Magazine described as "Archaeology". The man...

  • e-book

    House of Pigs

    Christopher Ritchie

    2013 INDIEFAB Book of the Year Award Finalist, Horror. Christopher Ritchie shows he's a skilful writer, with his 'The ordinary' a 2015 IndieFab Awards SILVER WINNER.A world where nothing is as it seems.SURREY LIFE magazine: "This brain-twister of a...

  • e-book

    Dust of the Desert

    Robert Welles Ritchie

    New Yorker Grant Hickman is a civil engineer who is desperately seeking a change of pace. He decides to travel west to turn over a new leaf in the vast desert of the U.S. Southwest. Little does he know that this fateful decision will alter the course...

  • e-book

    The Day the Angel Came

    Jean Ritchie

    'apos;I'apos;ll always remember that Christmas. It was the day the angel came...'apos;It is Christmas Eve and Lisa faces another Christmas alone. After running away from home as a teenager to live with a man who treated her badly, Lisa has spent...

  • e-book

    Uncovered Secrets of Wartime An Auctioneer...

    Marlene Ritchie

    After auctioneer Lisa Spencer's adventures in 'Cabbagetown' (Murder in Cabbagetown), she is ready for things to get back to normal. Unfortunately, that also means that business is back to being slow, and the auction scene just isn't what it used to...

  • e-book

    Murder in Cabbagetown - Toronto Auctioneer...

    Marlene Ritchie

    Life for Lisa Spencer has been a little boring recently. As an auctioneer in Toronto, she's had her share of interesting clients and expensive and sometimes even exotic lots to auction, but as of late, nothing seems to pique her interest. Take her...

  • e-book

    Inside the Lines

    Earl Derr Biggers; Robert W. Ritchie

    This early work by Earl Derr Biggers was originally published in 1915 and we are now republishing it with a brand new introductory biography. The story of 'Inside the Lines' deals with an intrigue to blow up the English squadron at Gibraltar by...

  • e-book

    Files of a Sex Therapist -Subject - Luca...

    Wendy Jay; RJ Ritchie

    Files series Book 3! Continue your adventure with Olivia and Luca with a little Charlie and Janine mixed in! Read Files of a Sex Therapist-Subject: Luca Zavatonni by Wendy Jay and RJ Ritchie. A collaboration of minds that will not only intrigue...

  • e-book


    Paul Revill

    THE GREATEST BAND YOU’VE NEVER HEARD OF follows the fortunes and failings of a late 60s Rock group, through the highs and lows of the music business ........... This book is based on true events......... all persons appearing in this work are who...

  • audio livro

    Leon Ritchie Lost In Hollywood


    Join me to talk about the latest on Pop-Culture, Hollywood, and Plastic. Leon Ritchie, Lost in Hollywood. Commentary, Stories, and Listeners Input about our current twenty-something debacles.

    R$ 24,90
    (Assinatura Mensal com Conteúdo Ilimitado)
  • e-book

    Performing Live Comedy

    Ritchie, Chris

    Performing Live Comedy offers a breakdown of the process of live comedy and provides a basic toolbox for the student and aspirant comedian.

  • e-book

    The Emotional House - How Redesigning Your...

    Ritchie,Dawn; Kathryn Robyn

    Two home consultants lead the reader through the program they use with their own clients, designed to help create an emotionally, physically, and psychologically supportive living space through organizing, cleaning, decorating, and living tips.

  • e-book

    Successful Study - Skills for Teaching...

    Ritchie, Christine; Paul,Thomas

    Specifically written with the needs of teaching assistants who are undertaking the foundation degree in mind, this book clearly explains what is expected from study in Higher Education and how this can be put into practice by including: clear...

  • e-book

    The American Vision - World history, United...

    Ritchie,Joyce; CTI Reviews

    Facts101 is your complete guide to The American Vision. In this book, you will learn topics such as Creating a Constitution, 1781-1789, Federalists and Republicans, 1789-1816, Growth and Division, 1816-1832, and The Spirit of Reform, 1828-1845 plus...

  • e-book

    Successful Study - Skills for teaching...

    Ritchie, Christine; Paul,Thomas

    Successful Study is an essential guide for students embarking upon an education related Foundation Degree without previous study experience. The world of study at university can be a daunting and bewildering place for new students unfamiliar with the...

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