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  • Heart of Spain


    Heart of Spain is devoted entirely to the finest of Robert Capa's images of the Spanish Civil War (1936-39). These photographs define a moment of great historic and cultural significance, and are seminal to the development of his career as a...

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  • Robert Capa

    Capa,Robert; Whelan,Richard

    Robert Capa (1913–1954), one of the greatest photographers of the twentieth century and a founding member of the Magnum photographic agency, had the mind of a passionate and committed journalist and the eye of an artist. His lifework, consisting of...

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  • Psicose - Encadernado - Limited Edition

    Bloch, Robert

    Edição especial capa dura com caderno de fotos do clássico do Hitchcock. Uma verdadeira edição de colecionador, para quem gosta e entende do assunto. “Psicose”, o clássico de Robert Bloch, foi publicado originalmente em 1959, livremente inspirado no...

  • The Best Of Doisneau - Paris


    The legendary photographer’s quintessential portraits of Paris—including several previously unpublished works in an affordable new paperback. Robert Doisneau’s ability to infuse images of daily life with poetic nuance has given enduring popular...

  • Above Washington

    Cameron,Robert W.

    Photographs taken from the air present striking views of the buildings and monuments in Washington, D.C. and the surrounding area

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  • Anonymous

    Johnson,Robert Flynn

    A collection of two hundred classic images by unidentified photographers features pieces that reflect the psychological insights of their creators or the transcendent qualities of depicted subjects, in a volume organized under such themes as birth,...

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  • Papercraft 2

    Klanten,Robert; Meyer,B.

    Paper is arguably the most influential material in human civilization. In our digital age, paper has become less important as a medium for the immediate transmission of information. As this shift occurred, designers and artists increasingly...

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  • Yvon's Paris


    Presents images taken by the photographer flaneur between the First and Second World Wars, in a volume depicting the City of Light at different times of day and in varying weather conditions.

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  • Tribal Asia

    Schmid,Robert; Trupp,Fritz

    Tribal Asia

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  • Red-Blooded American Male

    Trachtenberg, Robert

    Paul Rudd checking out the merchandise . . . Jimmy Kimmel playing dress up . . . Jack Black getting a one-of-a-kind pedicure . . . Elon Musk unveiling his newest Tesla . . . Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David taking a coffee break. . . . From leading men...

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  • When They Were Young


    Combines prose by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Robert Coles with full page tritone images spanning 150 years of photography from artists including Lewis Hine, Dorothea Lange, and Marion Post Wolcott.

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  • Côte D'azur - Miracle de Lumière

    D'lstria,Robert Colonna

    Côte D'azur - Miracle de Lumière

  • Above New York

    Goldberger,Paul; Cameron,Robert

    Contemporary aerial photographs of New York are placed alongside historical photographs to depict the evolution of the city, its skyline, and its landscape over the years.

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  • Andre Kertesz

    Greenough, Sarah; Kennel,Sarah; Gurbo,Robert

    More than one hundred and fifty of Andre Kertesz's vintage photographs are featured in a study that also includes excerpts from his journals and correspondence, as well as essays by the authors on major phases in his career.

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  • A Touch Of Code

    Klanten,Robert; Ehmann,S.; Feireiss,Lukas

    Thanks to the omnipresence of computers, cell phones, gaming systems, and the internet, a broad audience has traded its past reservations against technology for an almost insatiable curiosity for all things technical. Against this background,...

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  • Art & Agenda: Political Art And Activism

    Klanten,Robert; Hubner,M.; A. Bieber

    Art & Agenda: Political Art And Activism

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  • The Barns of the North Fork

    Spencer,Mary Ann; Mackay,Robert B.

    More than 150 full-color photographs highlight a photographic study of the various types of barns located in a sixty-mile strip of land that runs from Riverhead to Orient Point on New York's Long Island, revealing a rich variety of structures that...

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  • Hollywood Unseen - Photographs From The John...

    Kobal, John; Dance, Robert

    'Hollywood Unseen' is a tribute to the incredible inventiveness and ingenuity of the great Hollywood film studios: Columbia, Paramount, MGM, Universal, Warner Brothers, RKO and Twentieth Century Fox. From the late 1920s to the early 1960s these...

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  • William Helburn - Mid-Century Fashion And...

    Helburn,William; Lilly,Robert

    William Helburn was the go-to photographer for many of the top advertising agencies in New York in the 1950s and 1960s. Shock value and an unrelenting hunger for success helped Helburn to a pioneers share in the revolutionary era of advertising and...

  • Earth from Above

    Arthus-bertrand,Yann; Brown,Lester Russell; Bras,Herve Le (CON); Brown,Lester Russell (CON); Pitte,Jean-Robert (CON)

    Both low- and high-level aerial photographs document places around the world and form the starting point for discussions of ecology, sustainable development, and the current state of the world, in a new edition of the acclaimed visual odyssey that...

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  • Henri Cartier-bresson, the Man, the Image And...

    Leymarie,Jean; Delpire,Robert; Clair, Jean; Arbaizar,Philippe; Cookman,Claude; Jeanneney,Jean-Noel; Toubiana,Serge; Galassi,Peter

    A richly illustrated retrospective of the critically acclaimed work of the master photographer honors the ninety-fifth birthday of Cartier-Bresson with a collection of some of his finest works, representing all periods of his life, along with a...

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  • Polished To Perfection - Japanese Cloisonn e...

    T. Singer, Robert

    Cloisonne , the art of applying enamel to objects, dates back to the early Byzantine Empire. It then spread rapidly to China, Southeast Asia, Russia, and eventually the whole of the European continent. It is in Japan, however, that the technique was...

  • Vocação Para o Mal - Capa Dura

    Galbraith, Robert

    Quando um misterioso pacote é entregue a Robin Ellacott, ela fica horrorizada ao descobrir que contém a perna decepada de uma mulher. Seu chefe, o detetive particular Cormoran Strike, fica menos surpreso, mas não menos alarmado. Há quatro pessoas de...

  • Projeto de Máquinas - Uma Abordagem Integrada...

    Norton,Robert L.

    Livro baseado na longa experiência do professor em sala de aula oferece na primeira parte os principais conceitos da disciplina. Os vários tópicos são então unidos, na segunda parte, por meio de estudos de caso. Conta com CD com diferentes programas...

  • Administração da Produção - 4ª Ed. 2015

    Slack,Nigel; Johnston, Robert; Brandon-jones, Alistair

    A 'Administração da produção' é importante porque é responsável pela criação de todos os produtos e serviços de que dependemos. É estimulante porque está no centro de muitas das mudanças que afetam o mundo empresarial.

  • A Bela e a Fera - Edição Em Pop-up


    Bela, uma linda jovem, é levada pelo pai para viver em um castelo mágico, cercado de jardins verdejantes, onde habita uma estranha e gentil criatura de feições monstruosas. Cheia de contratempos, a convivência entre os dois personagens culmina na...

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  • Robert E. Lee

    Robertson,James I.

    Presents the life and military career of Robert E. Lee, the commander-in-chief of the Confederate Army during the Civil War.

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  • Robert Capa (l'oeil Du 6 Juin 1944)

    Quetel C

    Robert Capa (l'oeil Du 6 Juin 1944)

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  • Frankenstein - o Médico e o Monstro - Drácula

    Shelley,Mary; Stevenson, Robert Louis; Stoker, Bram

    Nesta edição, reunimos três clássicos do terror mundial. 'Frankenstein' (1818), da autora inglesa Mary Shelley, tornou-se um dos maiores clássicos da literatura de terror e conta a história do dr. Victor Frankenstein. Essa história ficou imortalizada...

  • Robert Doisneau

    Gautrand, Jean Claude

    Através de mais de 400 fotografias, esta retrospectiva da carreira brilhante de Doisneau, apresenta as suas fotografias mais famosas e outras menos conhecidas, algumas inéditas, que são recriadas em 'os gestos comuns de pessoas comuns em situações...

  • Introdução À Interpretação Bíblica

    William W. Klein; Robert L. Hubbard Jr.; Craig L. Blomberg

    Introdução à interpretação bíblica é um livro que marcará muitas gerações de estudantes da Bíblia. Ele revela de forma ampla as complexidades da seriedade da interpretação correta das Escrituras e abre a mente para desenvolver uma compreensão da...

  • Administração da Produção - 3ª Ed. 2009

    Slack,Nigel; Johnston, Robert; Chambers,Stuart

    Este moderno livro-texto fornece um caminho lógico nas atividades de administração da produção e um entendimento do contexto estratégico em que os gerentes de produção trabalham. Está estruturado em torno do modelo de programação, planejamento e...

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  • Robert Redford

    Callan,Michael Feeney

    The long-anticipated biography of Robert Redford. Among the most widely admired Hollywood stars of his generation, Redford has appeared onstage and on-screen, in front of and behind the camera, earning Academy, Golden Globe, and a multitude of other...

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  • Robert Louis Stevenson Seven Novels...

    Stevenson, Robert Louis

    He wrote stories of chance and peril, pirates and buried gold. He told tales of good and evil, of men struggling with the darkest parts of their souls. Acclaimed Scottish writer Robert Louis Stevenson was a master whose works offer compelling insight...

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  • Robert Crumb's, Sex Obsession


    From the very beginning, even before the sexual revolution made Robert Crumb the world’s most celebrated underground cartoonist, he felt compelled to commit his sexual fantasies to paper. Once upon a time, he’d destroy them, fearful of others...

  • Robert Junior de La Langue Française


    This is a Monolingual Primary School dictionary: for ages 7-11. It features: 20,000 head-words; true definitions with explanations for difficult words; synonyms, opposites and homonyms; 2,000 line drawings and photos in colour with tableaux (animals,...

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  • Count Robert of Paris

    Scott,Walter, Sir; Alexander,J. H. (edt)

    Count Robert of Paris

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  • Robert & Collins Francais - Anglais /...

    Robert Staff

    Robert & Collins Francais - Anglais / Anglais-francais

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  • Robert A. M. Stern

    Dixon,Peter Morris; Rybczynski,Witold

    A beautifully illustrated monograph of remarkable houses built over the last decade in diverse settings across the United States--from a valley in Colorado with sweeping views of the Aspens to a bluff overlooking the Long Island Sound--reveals the...

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  • Robert Moses - The Master Builder Of New York...

    Christin, Pierre

    The achievements of one man changed the the face of an entire city. Robert Moses: the mastermind of New York.

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  • The Strange Case Of Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde -...

    Robert Louis Stevenson

    The respected Dr. Jekyll appears to have fallen under the spell of a disreputable character named Edward Hyde. Hyde has access to Jekylls bank account and Jekyll has named Hyde as his sole heir in a recently drafted will. And there is something even...

  • O Bicho - da - Seda - Capa Dura

    Robert Galbraith

    O detetive Cormoran Strike, protagonista de O chamado do Cuco, está de volta, ao lado de sua fiel assistente Robin Ellacott, no segundo livro de Robert Galbraith, pseudônimo de J.K. Rowling. Dessa vez, o veterano de guerra terá que solucionar o...

  • Robert B. Parker's

    Atkins, Ace

    Boston PI Spenser and right hand Hawk follow a con man’s trail of smoke and mirrors in the latest entry of the iconic crime series. After conning everyone from the cable news shows to the local cops, it looks like the grifter’s latest double cross...

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  • Utterly Amazing Science

    Winston, Robert

    Learn about the awe-inspiring world of science with pop-ups, pull-outs, and fantastic facts with Professor Robert Winston Utterly Amazing Science is an engaging, eye-catching approach to exploring what makes the world go round. Professor Robert...

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