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20 produtos
  • Rei Conan - A Fênix na Espada - o Deus da...

    Howard,Robert E.; Truman,Timothy; Dysart,Joshua

    O segundo e espetacular volume de Rei Conan está chegando com uma dose dupla de emoções hiborianas! Nosso grande destaque é a mais nova adaptação do primeiríssimo conto do Cimério escrito por Robert E. Howard: A Fênix na Espada. Pela primeira vez...

  • Conan - A Lenda

    Howard,Robert E.; Busiek,Kurt

    As Aventuras Que Forjaram A Lenda! A Mythos Books orgulhosamente apresenta “Conan: A Lenda”, uma nova publicação planejada para reunir minisséries e aventuras fechadas do aventureiro criado por Robert E. Howard. Esta edição inaugural compila...

  • Conan - o Deus na Urna - Vol. 2

    Howard,Robert E.; Busiek,Kurt

    O celebrado escritor Kurt Busiek e os artistas Cary Nord, Thomas Yeates, Tom Mandrake e Dave Stewart apresentam uma nova adaptação de um texto clássico de Robert E. Howard, o criador de Conan. Com sua habitual maestria, a premiada equipe criativa...

  • Chronicles Of Conan - 16

    Howard,Robert E.; Thomas,Roy; DeMatteis,J M

    This new collection allows readers to re-live Conan's greatest adventures, adapted from Robert E. Howard's legendary Conan stories by J.M. DeMatteis and Roy Thomas.

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  • Chronicles Of Conan - 15

    Howard,Robert E.; Thomas,Roy; DeMatteis,J M

    As Conan pushes his way across the Corinthian desert landscape, the Cimmerian soon learns he is not alone in this vast and desolate wasteland. The clash of swords and the mystery of sorcery collide in this collection as the mighty barbarian finds...

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  • Chronicles Of Conan - 13 - Whispering Shadows...

    Howard,Robert E.; Thomas,Roy

    A new era begins for Conan the Barbarian as he sets out, once more alone, into the savage heart of Hyboria - his wit, his strength, and his blade, his only allies against a flood of foes both human and super-human.

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  • Chronicles of Conan

    Howard,Robert E.; Thomas,Roy; Buscema,John; Windsor-Smith,Barry; Dawes,Peter (CON); Sokoliwski,Ian (CON); Kashton,Dennis (CON); Glass,Wil (CON)

    Featuring completely remastered color and text corrections, and containing material not available for nearly thirty years, this first book of a Conan series collects the beginnings of the author and illustrator's 24-issue run together from the 1970s....

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  • Conan The Barbarian The Jewels Of Gwahlur Dom...

    Bill Bowler; Robert E. Howard

    'Conan!' cried Valeria. 'What are you doing here?' Conan the Barbarian follows Valeria the Pirate south. Together they escape from a fierce dragon, and enter a strange city in the desert. Two enemy clans live in the city, and Conan and Valeria are...

  • Conan (Dark Horse Unnumbered) - Conan And The...

    Howard,Robert E.; Yoshida,Akira

    When King Conan receives an invitation from the Eastern kingdom of Khitai to open trade in precious jewels and spices, he leads his elite guard into this long-mysterious land. Yet to do so is perilous, as those who have requested his company have...

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  • The Coming Of Conan The Cimmerian

    Howard, Robert E.; Howard,Robert E.; Schultz,Mark

    Fourteen short stories featuring Conan the Barbarian present in the first of three intended volumes several of the sword-wielding fantasy hero's most popular adventures, complemented by lavish black-and-white illustrations as well as a number of the...

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  • The Weird Tales Of Conan The Barbarian

    Howard, Robert E

    Before he conquered books, comics, and movies, Robert E. Howard's immortal character Conan the Cimmerian was born in the pages of the pulp magazine Weird Tales. Reprinted as they originally appeared in that legendary publication from 1934 to 1936,...

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  • e-book

    Fantastic Stories Presents - Conan the...

    Howard,Robert E.

    The editors at present the Conan Super Pack: twenty-three short stories and poems and a full length novel. Conan the Barbarian was the greatest hero of the Hyborian Age. Orphaned at a young age he was forced...

  • The Conquering Sword Of Conan

    Howard,Robert E.; Manchess,Gregory

    The final volume in a three-volume series containing the complete adventures of the legendary warrior Conan includes 'Beyond the Black River,' 'Red Nails,' and other action-packed tales of action, adventure, and sorcery. Original. 20,000 first...

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  • Conan

    Howard,Robert E.

    THE CLASSIC STORIES THAT INSPIRED THE BLOCKBUSTER FILMConan the Barbarian is one of the greatest fictional heroes ever created a swordsman who cuts a swath across the lands of the Hyborian Age, annihilating powerful sorcerers, deadly creatures, and...

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  • e-book

    Conan - o Bárbaro

    Howard,Robert Ervin

    Pela primeira vez, o público brasileiro terá a oportunidade de apreciar o único romance escrito por Robert E. Howard, criador do personagem Conan, o bárbaro. Neste livro, também são publicados três contos inéditos: 'Além do Rio Negro', 'As negras...

  • Conan - o Bárbaro

    Howard,Robert Ervin

    Pela primeira vez, o público brasileiro terá a oportunidade de apreciar o único romance escrito por Robert E. Howard, criador do personagem Conan, o bárbaro. Neste livro, também são publicados três contos inéditos: 'Além do Rio Negro', 'As negras...

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  • Chronicles Of Conan - 21 - Blood Of The Titan...

    Howard,Robert E.; Thomas,Roy; Fleisher,Michael; Yakata,Larry

    The only man who has called Conan 'Little Man' and lived to tell the tale - Fafnir of the red beard, friend of Conan, brawler, and general tavern body, makes his triumphant return to action in this volume.

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  • The Chronicles Of Conan

    Howard,Robert E.; Thomas,Roy; Buscema,John

    Recounts the adventures of Conan as he roams the world and encounters foes and villains wishing to destroy him.

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  • Conan - O Cimério - Vol. II

    Howard,Robert E.

    'Conan - O Cimério - Volume II' reúne as histórias que integram o primeiro ciclo das aventuras Conan de Robert E. Howard. Estão presentes nesta edição, em versão integral, os contos clássicos do guerreiro bárbaro escritos e publicados nos anos 1930....

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  • Heroes In the Wind: From Kull To Conan


    Howard's swashbuckling fantasy stories feature the adventures of the enigmatic Conan: a free barbarian from distant Cimmeria who ventures into the splendid kingdoms of the south to find his fortune in the lost eons of the Hyborian Age between the...

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