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  • Fale Inglês Como um Americano - Inclui CD de...

    Igreja,José Roberto A.; Young,Robert C.



    A linguagem do dia a dia do falante americano em 30 diálogos repletos de expressões idiomáticas, phrasal verbs, gírias e termos informais. Cada unidade do livro apresenta: um diálogo sobre um tema específico; a compreensão das ideias; as expressões...

  • Fluent Business English - Business Dialogues

    Igreja,José Roberto A.; Young,Robert C.



    Fluent Business English é um livro dirigido a todos que desejam melhorar seus conhecimentos de Business English, o inglês empregado no mundo corporativo. Apresenta 30 business dialogues repletos de expressões idiomáticas, phrasal verbs e outros...

  • Inglês de Rua - American Slang

    Igreja,José Roberto A.; Young,Robert C.

    'Inglês de Rua – American Slang' é um livro dirigido a todos que já possuem um bom conhecimento do idioma, mas que precisam se habituar ao “inglês de rua”, o inglês coloquial que ainda é pouco ensinado nas escolas e que tanto faz falta em vários...

  • e-book

    The Young Fur Traders

    Ballantyne,Robert Michael

    In writing this book my desire has been to draw an exact copy of the picture which is indelibly stamped on my own memory. I have carefully avoided exaggeration in everything of importance. All the chief, and most of the minor incidents are facts. In...

  • e-book

    A Young Man in a Hurry and Other Short...

    Chambers, Robert William

    «Soyez tranquilles, mesdames.... Je suis un jeune homme pressé.... Mais modeste.» LABICHE.

  • e-book

    A Young Man in a Hurry - And Other Short...

    Robert W. Chambers

    Renowned author Robert W. Chambers dabbled in virtually every literary style under the sun, garnering acclaim from top writers and critics along the way. The story collection A Young Man in a Hurry brings together some of Chambers' most engrossing...

  • The Young Circus Rider, Or The Mystery Of...

    Alger, Horatio

    Excerpt from The Young Circus Rider, or the Mystery of Robert Rudd As the Pacific Series, just completed, is de voted to stories of life and adventure on the Pacific coast, the Atlantic Series, of which the Young Circus Rider is the initial volume,...

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  • Robert Schumann Album For The Young - Opus...


    Nearly the entire Robert Schumann piano catalog is now available in Centennial Library Editions. In basic order of difficulty these volumes include: Album for the Young (LB1993) Selected Works (LB1996) Sonatas (LB1997) Selected Masterpieces 1 & 2...

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  • Robert Schumann's Advice To Young Musicians -...


    If everybody were to play first violin, we could not have an orchestra. Therefore respect each musician in his own place. There is no end to learning. Originally published in1850, Advice to Young Musicians: Musical Rules for Home and in Life offered...

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  • e-book

    Teaching Young Children Mathematics

    Robert G. Ziegenfuss; Janice Minetola; J. Kent Chrisman

    Teaching Young Children Mathematics provides a comprehensive overview of mathematics instruction in the early childhood classroom. Taking into account family differences, language barriers, and the presence of special needs students in many...

  • Retire Young Retire Rich

    Kiyosaki,Robert T.

    This book is about how we started with nothing and retired financially free in less than ten years. Find out how can do the same. If you do not plan on working hard all of your life… this book is for you. Why nor 'Retire Young and Retire Rich'?

  • e-book

    Robert Schumann'apos;s Advice to Young...

    Steven Isserlis

    Robert Schumann was far ahead of his time, not least in his attitude to children and young people; his 'apos;Advice for Young Musicians'apos;, originally created to accompany his famous 'apos;Album for the Young'apos;, remains as relevant today as...

  • Forever Young - My Friendship With John F....

    Noonan,William; Huber,Robert

    An intimate portrait of the late son of President Kennedy and Jackie Kennedy Onassis, told by his closest friend, describes the shared loss that bonded their childhoods, the author's witness to John Jr.'s marriage to Carolyn Bessette, and the...

  • Tisha - The Wonderful True Love Story Of A...

    Specht, Robert

    The beloved real-life story of a woman in the Alaskan wilderness, the children she taught, and the man she loved. 'From the time I'd been a girl, I'd been thrilled with the idea of living on a frontier. So when I was offered the job of teaching...

  • Speech Of Mr. Hayne, Delivered In The Senate...

    Hayne, Robert Young

    Excerpt from Speech of Mr. Hayne, Delivered in the Senate of the United States, on the Mission to Panama, March, 1826 From these combined sources we will be enabled to derive the most satisfactory and conclusive information, as to the true char...

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  • e-book

    Young Philby - A Novel


    One midnight in January in the early 1960s, the Russian freighter Domatova quietly slipped out of Beirut harbour. The ship had sailed with a single passenger on board: an Englishman named Harold Adrian Russell Philby, nicknamed Kim. He had fled the...

  • e-book

    Young Eliot - From St Louis to The Waste Land


    Published simultaneously in Britain and America to mark the fiftieth anniversary of the death of T. S. Eliot, this major biography traces the life of the twentieth century'apos;s most important poet from his childhood in the ragtime city of St Louis...

  • Kidnapped - Adapted For Young Readers

    Stevenson,Robert Louis

    Seventeen-year-old David Balfour's villainous uncle has him kidnapped in order to steal his inheritance. David escapes only to fall into the dangerous company of rebels who are resisting British redcoats in the Scottish highlands.

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  • The Great Debate Between Robert Young Hayne...

    Hayne, Robert Young

    Excerpt from The Great Debate Between Robert Young Hayne of South Carolina and Daniel Webster of Massachusetts To understand properly the full significance of these two speeches, some knowledge of the events which preceded and occasioned them is...

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  • Snowflakes And Sunbeams - Or The Young Fur...

    Ballantyne, Robert Michael

    Excerpt from Snowflakes and Sunbeams: Or the Young Fur Traders; A Tale of the Far North Plunges the reader into the middle of an arctic winter; conveys him into the heart of the wilderness of North America; and introduces him to some of the principal...

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  • Earth from Above for Young Readers

    Arthus-bertrand,Yann; Burleigh,Robert; Giraudon,David

    Presents aerial photographs of various scenes from around the world including fishermen in Morrocco, a farm on the island of Crete, and a mangrove forest in New Caledonia.

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  • The Confusions Of Young Torless - Oxford...


    Based on the author's own experiences at an Austrian military academy; this novel is an intense study of an adolescent's psychological development as he struggles to come to terms with his conflicting emotions. Through his relationship with two other...

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  • e-book

    Young Soldiers Amazing Warriors - Inside One...

    Robert H. Sholly

    The beginning of the famous 'Nine Days in May' battles of the 4th Infantry Division in Vietnam and the heroes who fought them. The early fire fights and battles of one of the most highly decorated battalions of the Vietnam War. Eyewitness accounts of...

  • e-book

    Young Athletes, Couch Potatoes, and...

    Jessica Skolnikoff; Robert Engvall

    This book addresses a variety of topics regarding the nature of “play” in our society. It takes a close look at the concept of “helicopter parenting” and the impact that hyper-involved parents have upon the play of their children. It also examines...

  • A Call Upon The Stockholders Of The...

    Hayne, Robert Young

    Excerpt from A Call Upon the Stockholders of the Louisville, Cincinnati and Charleston Rail Road Company Of amount of tonnage, cost of frewht, insurance, and loss of iii ti'iest on Gnntls', brought to Kimwille, (tenn) liom the 1st of January to the...

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  • e-book

    Collector'apos;s Item

    Young,Robert F.

    We've often wondered what would happen if Robert Young should cease to be a lyrically intense writer for a story or two, forsaking the bright, poetic worlds of miss katy three and the first sweet sleep of night to become dispassionately analytical on...

  • The Ph Miracle for Weight Loss

    Young,Robert O.

    Arguing that weight is an acid-related challenge as opposed to a fat problem, a guide to weight loss through pH balance identifies how to make food and water choices that will help stabilize body chemistry and eliminate extra fat cells, in a guide...

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  • The Ph Miracle For Diabetes

    Young,Robert O.; Young,Shelley Redford

    A lifestyle program for diabetics builds on the theory that the condition is caused by excess body acidity and offers advice on exercising effectively, eating and avoiding the right foods, limiting stress, and reducing or eliminating insulin...

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  • The Ebb-Tide Weir Of Hermiston Heathercat -...

    Stevenson,Robert Louis

    Excerpt from The Ebb-Tide Weir of Hermiston Heathercat: The Young Chevalier It was late. Long ago the band had broken up and marched musically home, a motley troop Of men and women, merchant-clerks and navy Officers dancing in its wake, arms about...

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  • The pH Miracle for Weight Loss

    Young,Robert O.; Young,Shelley Redford

    Arguing that weight is an acid-related challenge as opposed to a fat problem, a guide to weight loss through pH balance identifies how to make food and water choices that will help stabilize body chemistry and eliminate extra fat cells.

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  • The Poetical Works Of Robert Young, Of...

    Young, Robert

    Excerpt from The Poetical Works of Robert Young, of Londonderry: Comprising Historical, Agricultural, and Miscellaneous Poems and Songs, With Copious Notes But however interesting may be the occurrences referred to they are by no means so much so to...

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  • e-book

    Environmental Enrichment for Captive Animals

    Young,Robert J.

    Environmental enrichment is a simple and effective means of improving animal welfare in any species – companion, farm, laboratory and zoo. For many years, it has been a popular area of research, and has attracted the attention and concerns of animal...

  • The Boys' Browning - Poems Of Action And...

    Browning, Robert

    Excerpt from The Boys' Browning: Poems of Action and Incident Compiled for the Use of Young People Split open the. Kegs of salted sprats, Made nests inside men's Sunday hats, And even spoiled the women's chats By drowning their speaking With...

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  • e-book

    Looking Younger - Makeovers That Make You...

    Robert Jones

    Robert Jones' tips are very practical and accessible.Looking Younger, a follow-up to Robert Jones' successful Makeup Makeovers and Makeup Makeovers: Weddings, provides unique techniques for taking the years off and looking stunning at any age....

  • Postcolonialism - An Historical Introduction

    Young,Robert J. C.

    Postcolonialism - An Historical Introduction

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  • The Confusion of Young Torless

    Musil,Robert; Whiteside,Shaun (TRN); Coetzee,J. M.

    The Confusion of Young Torless

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  • Desejo Colonial - Hibridismo em Teoria,...

    Young,Robert J. C.

    Furtivamente – dissimulada e misturada no caldo cultural da repulsa e da aversão étnicas – emerge a atração e a obsessão do colonizador pelo outro, pela miscigenação e pelo prazer transgressor do sexo inter-racial. Nesse sentido, o livro de Robert J....

  • e-book

    Yearning - Authentic Transformation, Young...

    Hendrickson, Robert

    Young adults (18-30) are searching for a Church that demands their best. Whether it is in mission, worship, theology or daily life, they want a Church that is relevant to them because it offers them a vision of the Holy and its transforming power....

  • Lectures To The Young (Classic Reprint)

    May, Robert

    Excerpt from Lectures to the Young So pleasant and useful was the impres sion made on their minds by this exercise, that it was regularly repeated for several weeks; Mr. May was encouraged by the success of this effort to extend his labours, and in...

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  • When They Were Young


    Combines prose by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Robert Coles with full page tritone images spanning 150 years of photography from artists including Lewis Hine, Dorothea Lange, and Marion Post Wolcott.

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  • e-book

    Shamanism for Teenagers, Young Adults and The...


    Teenagers becoming shamans! What is this world coming to. But when they finish reading this book, that's just what they'll be!

  • An Oration, Delivered In The Independent Or...

    Hayne, Robert Young

    Excerpt from An Oration, Delivered in the Independent or Congregational Church, Charleston, Before the State Rights Free Trade Party, the State Society of Cincinnati, the Revolution Society, the 76 Association, and Several Volunteer Companies of...

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  • An Oration - Delivered In St. Philip's...

    Hayne, Robert Young

    Excerpt from An Oration: Delivered in St. Philip's Church; Before the Inhabitants of Charleston, South-Carolina, on Monday the 4th of July, 1814, in Commemoration of American Independence; By Appointment of the 76 Association, and Published at the...

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  • Caring For Your Baby And Young Child, 6Th...

    Meissner,H. Cody, M.D.; Trubo,Richard; Shelov,Steven P.; Hannemann,Robert E.; Baker,Susan S.; Coleman,William L.; Dworkin,Paul H.; Agran,Phyllis F., M.D.; Altmann,Tanya Remer, M.D.

    All parents want to provide the very best care for their children. This essential resource from the most respected organization on child health is the one guide pediatricians routinely recommend and parents can safely trust, covering everything from...

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