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  • The Rolling Stones - A Biografia Definitiva


    A HISTÓRIA POR TRÁS DE UMA DAS MAIORES BANDAS DE ROCK DO MUNDO Nesta biografia, Christopher Sandford narra o drama que norteou a história dos Rolling Stones, desde sua improvável formação até o escrutínio dos episódios mais polêmicos da carreira da...

  • The Rolling Stones - On Air In The Sixties

    Havers, Richard

    This new official book tells the story, for the first time, of the Stones through their many radio and TV appearances as they rose to fame in the sixties. From their first TV appearance on Thank Your Lucky Stars!, buttoned up in matching hounds-tooth...

  • The Rolling Stones 1972

    Richards, Keith

    In 1972, the Rolling Stones marked their first decade as a band with the release of Exile on Main St. and a summer concert tour of America that set new standards for magnificence in live performance. Covering the tour for Life magazine, photographer...

  • O Sol & A Lua & Os Rolling Stones - Uma...


    Um novo mergulho na vida dos Rolling Stones através da lente apaixonada e crítica de um dos criadores da série Vinyl, da HBORich Cohen embarca na trajetória épica dos Rolling Stones como um jovem repórter que vai para a estrada com a banda nos anos...

  • Rolling Stones - 50

    Magasine Rolling Sto

    'This is our story of fifty fantastic years of the greatest rock 'n' roll band the world has ever known. Written by us, curated by us, and featuring the very best photographs and ephemera from and beyond our archives'.

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  • Rolling Stones

    Vários Autores

    Rolling Stones

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  • Sexo, Drogas e Rolling Stones

    Rodrigues,Nelio; Rondeau,José Emilio

    'Sexo, Drogas e Rolling Stones', é o nome do livro de José Emilio Rondeau e Nélio Rodrigues que a Agir lança em Abril, junto com a chegada aos cinemas de Shine A Light, documentário de Martin Scorsese sobre A Maior banda de Rock do Mundo. O livro...

  • Rolling Stones - 50 Anos De Rock


    Rolling Stones: 50 anos de rock (Escrituras Editora), de Howard Kramer. Esta obra traz a trajetória, desde 1962, da “Maior Banda de Rock and Roll do Mundo” - formada por Charlie Watts, Ron Wood, Keith Richards e Mick Jagger -, e esclarece muitos...

  • Rolling Stones , the


    Rolling Stones , the

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  • The Rolling Stones - Gravações Comentadas


    The Rolling Stones - Gravações Comentadas

  • Rolling Stones Gear All The Stones'...


    Rolling Stones Gear, is the first book to historically document all of the Rolling Stones' musical equipment. It's also the story of the Rolling Stones but with a new twist: their history as told through the instruments they used. This book covers...

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  • e-book

    The Rolling Stones


    Nesta biografia, Christopher Sandford narra o drama que norteou a história dos Rolling Stones, desde sua improvável formação até o escrutínio dos episódios mais polêmicos da carreira da banda. O autor entrevistou nos últimos anos as pessoas mais...

  • Rolling Stones On Air In The Sixties - TV And...


    The first official, in-depth history of the Rolling Stones told through the band’s television and radio broadcasts—appearance by appearance—published to tie in with the global release of a DVD containing recently discovered, never-before-released...

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  • Rolling Stones - O Começo


    A sociedade os via como repulsivos e obscenos, mas, apesar de não serem nem de longe desconhecidos em 1965, os Rolling Stones ainda não eram a maior banda de rock and roll do mundo. Depois de espalhar suas ondas de choque pela Inglaterra e pelos...

  • Like a Rolling Stone - Bob Dylan na...


    Em todo e qualquer período histórico, há sempre um momento-chave a partir do qual os eventos subsequentes mudam seu curso e todos os elementos envolvidos são alterados para sempre. Neste livro, o jornalista Greil Marcus consegue nos levarao dia 15 de...

  • The Rolling Stones - Kings Of Rock 'N' Roll


    For more than 50 years, the Rolling Stones have rocked the world—playing in front of 1,500,000 people, setting the record for the highest-grossing tour of all time, surviving every new music trend, and releasing a hit album in every decade since the...

  • The Rolling Stones Guitar Anthology

    Vários Autores

    The Rolling Stones Guitar Anthology

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  • The Rolling Stone Encyclopedia of Rock & Roll

    George-Warren,Holly; Romanowski,Patricia; Bashe,Patricia Romanowski; Pareles,Jon

    Compiles discographies, personnel changes, biographical information, and reviews of rock, hip-hop, electronica, and pop musicians including Radiohead, Britney Spears, Sleater-Kinney, Outkast, and King Crimson.

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  • e-book

    Rolling Stones - The Original Classic Edition

    O. Henry

    Rolling Stones - The Original Classic Edition

  • The Rolling Stones - In the Beginning


    From March 1965 to May 1966, photographer Bent Rej enjoyed access to The Rolling Stones, having become one of the trusted inner circle of friends and associates, accompanying them on their first European outing. This book presents Rej's collection of...

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  • Rolling Stones - La Historia Detrás De Sus...

    Margotin, Philippe

    Un extraordinario volumen que analiza y explica todas las canciones de los Rolling Stones, una banda cuya obra ha influido en gran medida en la historia de la música.El 7 de abril de 1962, Brian Jones conoció a Mick Jagger y a Keith Richards en el...

  • A Autobiografia de Um Rolling Stone




    Pela primeira vez, um membro da mais famosa banda de rock’n’roll do mundo conta sua história – e a do Rolling Stones. Bruto, imundo, desagradável e fascinante. Uma jornada incrível. O primeiro de sua família a nascer em terra firme, Ronnie Wood veio...

  • e-book

    Rolling Stones - The Quiz Book

    Wayne Wheelwright

    The Rolling Stones are one of the greatest bands the world has ever seen. After 50 years of material they are still a huge draw and their tours sell out all over the world. The Rolling Stones have topped charts all over the world and Jagger, Richards...

  • The Rolling Stones - Revealed

    Noyer,Paul Du; Jason Draper

    The Rolling Stones have long established themselves as living legends: still touring and recording they have survived departures and illness to remain one of the world's most popular bands, always topping best band or best album ever polls. Organised...

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  • Os Anos da Rolling Stone - Cada Foto Conta...


    Baron Wolman vivia no distrito Haight-Asbury em São Francisco e trabalhava como fotojornalista em 1967, quando um encontro fortuito com Jann Wenner, fundador da revista Rolling Stone, resultou em Wolman torna-se o primeiro fotógrafo chefe da...

  • e-book

    The Rolling Stone

    Chris Urch

    One day you'apos;re you. The next you'apos;re - I can'apos;t even say the word. Dembe and Sam have been seeing each other for a while. They should be wondering where this is going and when to introduce each other to their families. But they'apos;re...

  • Hey Jo - The Rolling Stones, Ronnie Wood, And...


    Jo Wood, model and ex-rockstar wife, shares her incredible life story in this candid and deeply personal memoir, offering an all-access look into the lives of the Rolling Stones and her former husband, guitarist Ronnie Wood, as only an insider can.

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  • e-book

    A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss

    Kristen Marie Math

    Kristen Math had it all. She was married to her best friend, Thomas. They had four young children and a baby on the way. After struggling through a difficult childhood, she built her life around her family. When she was sixteen weeks pregnant,...

  • Just A Shot Away - Peace, Love, And Tragedy...

    Austerlitz, Saul

    A thrilling account of the Altamont Festival--and the dark side of the '60s.If Woodstock tied the ideals of the '60s together, Altamont unraveled them. In Just a Shot Away, writer and critic Saul Austerlitz tells the story of 'Woodstock West,' where...

  • e-book

    The Rolling Stones'apos; Some Girls

    Cyrus R.K. Patell

    A fascinating look at the Stones in the late 70s - inspired by a year just spent in the disco/punk cauldron of New York City.

  • A Rolling Stone (Classic Reprint)


    Excerpt from A Rolling Stone I will tell you so much, that, ia stead of accepting a situation in the custom-house, or in the telegraph oflice, or a tobacconist's shop, or something at the' record office, the registry or the mayoralty, for they have...

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  • e-book

    The Rolling Stones'apos; Exile on Main Street

    Bill Janovitz

    Tracing the creation of Exile on Main Street from the original songwriting done while touring America through the final editing in Los Angeles, Bill Janovitz explains how an album recorded by a British band in a villa on the French Riviera is pure...

  • e-book

    The Rolling Stones'apos; Exile on Main Street

    Bill Janovitz

    Tracing the creation of Exile on Main Street from the original songwriting done while touring America through the final editing in Los Angeles, Bill Janovitz explains how an album recorded by a British band in a villa on the French Riviera is pure...

  • e-book

    The Rolling Stones and Philosophy: It's Just...

    Reisch,George; Dick, Luke

    From their commanding role in the so-called British Invasion of the early 1960s to their status as the elder statesmen (and British Knight) of rock and roll, the Stones have become more than an evanescent phenomenon in pop culture. They have become a...

  • e-book

    Always a Rolling Stone

    Mr. Alan Greenhalgh

    Always a Rolling Stone is a true story written with all the earthy excitement and suspense of work of fiction. Encompassing an extraordinary life of bittersweet memories, heartache, hardship and triumph the story provides incites into an austere,...

  • A Rolling Stone, And, Handsome Laurence...


    Excerpt from A Rolling Stone, And, Handsome Laurence You are looking at Handsome Laurence, aren't you she said, casting a most ironical and contemptuous glance at the light-hearted Antinous. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of...

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  • Los Rolling Stones - Desde The Rolling Stones...


    Aunque se han escrito numerosos libros y artículos sobre los Rolling Stones, ninguno había analizado su música y explicado las historias presentes tras sus canciones. Hasta ahora. Este libro es una guía esencial para abordar uno de los repertorios...

  • The Rolling Stones En Sus Inicios


    La sociedad los juzgaba como sucios y desaliñados, y aunque en 1965 no eran unos dsconocidos, los Rolling Stones no formaban todavía la banda de rock and roll más grande del mudo. Sin embargo, ya habían provocado una gran conmoción en Gran Bretaña y...

  • Mick Jagger e os Rolling Stones


    Há quase cinco décadas eles estão sobre o palco, sobreviveram a todas as crises e são, até hoje, simplesmente a banda de rock: The Rolling Stones. Willi Winkler conta como Mick Jagger e sua trupe levaram o mundo todo à loucura e passa em revista sua...

  • e-book

    Tracks of a Rolling Stone

    Coke, Henry John

    An amazing autobiography, the work completely chronicles the life of its author. From rare childhood memories to adult experiences, Coke has brilliantly captured the essence of his life. It not only impresses but inspires the readers to live their...

  • e-book

    Rhymes Of A Rolling Stone (ebook)

    Service,Robert W.

    Robert W. Service (1874-1958) was a Canadian poet best known for his poems about the Canadian North. Service came to Canada when he was 21 hoping to become a cowboy. Instead he ended up working in a bank in the Yukon Territory. 'The Shooting of...

  • e-book

    Experiencing the Rolling Stones - A...

    Malvinni, David

    Experiencing the Rolling Stones draws together a broad swath of postwar history as it covers the band’s origins in Swinging London through to their recording sessions outside of England. Malvinni takes an especially close look at Keith Richards’...

  • e-book

    Rolling Away the Stone - Mary Baker...


    This richly detailed study highlights the last two decades of the life of Mary Baker Eddy, a prominent religious thinker whose character and achievement are just beginning to be understood. It is the first book-length discussion of Eddy to make full...

  • Who Are The Rolling Stones?

    Rau,Dana Meachen

    Follow the bad boys of rock and roll from their beginnings in London to their unparalleled success around the world. Starting out over fifty years ago, the Rolling Stones took the music of the blues and blended it into rock and roll to create their...

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