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Resultados para: romance gay livros

24 produtos
  • O Meu Melhor Amigo É Gay

    Dielson Vilela

    Carlos e Márcio são dois amigos de longa data. Um dia, um acontecimento leva Carlos a descobrir que o seu melhor amigo, Márcio, é gay. Ele se vê paralisado diante dessa revelação. E, agora?Em meio a essa surpresa, Carlos se torna testemunha de um...

  • e-book

    Toque Sombrio - Romance Gay

    W. F. Oliveira

    Não foi fácil!Sim, tudo o que eu tinha vivido com Marcos, ainda estava presente na minha vida, me lembro das nossa férias, e tudo parecia que estar tão distante de tudo aquilo que eu sonhava, se vocês meus caros leitores acharam que minha vida seria...

  • e-book

    Não me Toque - Romance Gay

    W. F. Oliveira

    Não me toque! É um romance descrito pra abalar os sentidos dos jovens, vai tratar de assuntos que envolve a sociedade LGBT de uma forma complexa e deliciosa. Trecho do Livro Não me Toque: 'Por favor, as palavras não fazia sentido pros ouvidos dele,...

  • Ovelha - Memórias de Um Pastor Gay

    Magnani ,Gustavo

    Este livro, estreia impressionante de um jovem e talentoso escritor, é o relato pecaminoso de um decadente. A história de um homem religioso e carismático, temente a Deus, mas amante insaciável de sua própria carne exótica, a carne de outros...

  • e-book

    Gay Romance

    Dixon, Landon; Cutler, E.C.; Duncan Mayers

    A collection of ten stories by some of Xcite'apos;s best-selling authors from the UK, US and beyond. The road to true love isn'apos;t always smooth for the men in these stories, but everyone deserves a happy ever after, and they'apos;ll do whatever...

  • Corpocorpo

    Gay,Marco Antonio

    O carro não parou em sinais. Ultrapassava veículos de motor pesado, rodava na periferia. Os arrochadores calados,eu calado.Saímos do asfalto, sacolejamos, cheiros de pinheiral. Pra que lado me levam?, os pinheirais cercam Curitiba estacionamos, o...

  • e-book

    Gay Billionaire - 10 Erotica Gay Romance...

    Green, Scott

    Ten stories means it's ten times the heat, with this collection of hot gay erotica, right here for taking.This BUNDLE is filled with many facets of love, pleasure and romance of rich gays in different circumstances, era and various sexcapades.Get...

  • Frat Boys: Gay Erotic Stories


    Paddlings, partying, hazing, wrestling at the frat house — these gorgeous undergrads know how to have fun, especially with each other. The stories of Frat Boys not only make the grade but go to the head of the class with page-turning, arousing action...

  • e-book

    Alex Forever - A Sexy Gay M/M Vampire College...

    Steam Books; Corey Stark

    Kyle is the regular gay twenty-one year old college student who majors in philosophy and only cares for his friends and booze. Although not as loose as others, Kyle still spends most of his nights at parties looking for his next hook-up, however one...

  • e-book

    Ghostly Penetration - A Sexy Gay M/M...

    Steam Books; Jolie James

     When a man finally buys his first home, he is surprised by intense dreams about a young man from the house'apos;s past. The dreams are simply a precursor to a paranormal encounter between the new owner and a lost and suffering soul. His dreams...

  • e-book

    Sensual Reunion - A Sexy M/M Gay Erotic...

    Steam Books; Jolie James

    Jolie James now writes both ways! 'quot;Sensual Reunion'quot; marks her M/M debut. After growing up with one another, Jordan moves away from the neighborhood he shared with Damon. Ten years pass and the two are reunited. Over the course of their...

  • e-book

    Manly Hospitality - A Sexy M/M Gay Erotic...

    Steam Books; Dara Tulen

    Lawyer Tristan Perry has been jaded since his last relationship ended badly and never wants to fall in love again. Everything changes when, due to a freak blizzard, Tristan meets Bryce Stanton, a handsome writer who shows Tristan that it'apos;s okay...

  • e-book

    No Escape from Pleasure - A Kinky Gay BDSM...

    Steam Books; Melody Lewis

    For the past eight months, Russell has been Derek'apos;s slave and he is more than happy to be, especially since he realized he has fallen in love with his Master. But Derek has been distant lately, making Russell worried that he has found another...

  • e-book

    Damien and the Casual Thing - A Sexy Gay Jock...

    Steam Books; Corey Stark

    It seems things are looking up for towel boy Damien: he'apos;s just experienced a whirlwind night of pleasure out of his wildest dreams with Matthew, the sexy but obnoxious captain of the swim team. But when Matthew wants to keep their secret affair...

  • e-book

    Just the Way You Are - A Sensual M/M Gay...

    Steam Books; Dara Tulen

    Twenty-eight year-old paralegal Brian Finley never dreamed this day would come. After spending most of his twenties watching his straight friends get married, it's finally his turn. Now, it's two days until he gets to say his vows to his college...

  • e-book

    Between Passion and Honor - A Sexy Historical...

    Steam Books; Melody Lewis

     In the late 19th century, Hitoshi Ichihara is one of the few remaining samurai, prepared to die by the edge of the sword, if required. What he wasn't prepared for, though, was a confession of love from his childhood friend and lord, Akihiro...

  • e-book

    Quivering on the Edge - A Sexy Historical...

    Steam Books; Melody Lewis

    Ambrose, the fearsome Earl of Glasshall, has a secret. He has a lover, a male one. And he will do anything to ensure that his lover remains his. Only his. Even if it means being cruel... WARNING: This 4,133-word short story (about 21 pages) is a...

  • e-book

    A Groom For the Earl - A Sexy Gay M/M BDSM...

    Steam Books; Melody Lewis

     The Earl of Whitecliff has a reputation for being eccentric and cold-hearted, but to a groom desperately seeking work such as Allen, this accounts for nothing, and so he goes to work for the Earl'apos;s stables. Quickly, he realizes just how...

  • Garcia Lorca o La Imaginacion Gay


    Garcia Lorca o La Imaginacion Gay

  • e-book

    Gay Erotica - Gay Erotic Romance Stories

    Jeremy Mitch

    Gay Erotica: Gay Erotic Romance Stories has an explosion of Hot and Steamy Gay Erotic action sure to please anyone's desires.

  • e-book

    Gay Erotica - This Life, Gay Romance

    George Copine

    Gay Erotica: This Life, Gay Romance: fantasy,? or is this reality life. gay bareback story.

  • Sim, Sou Gay...e Daí?

    Valdeck Almeida de Jesus; Valdeck Almeida de Jesus

    Ao invés de um coelho serelepe, são os vizinhos, uma prostituta, revistas gay e telefones públicos que fornecem o portal por meio do qual o narrador se lança em sua quase sempre dolorosa busca por amor e compreensão, uma aventura de autoconhecimento...

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  • Canceled Courtship

    Gloria Gay

    Canceled Courtship

    Produto indisponível

  • First Season

    Gloria Gay

    First Season

    Produto indisponível

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