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  • e-book

    Divine Devine'apos;s Love Song

    Garcia, S. A.

    In a world destroyed by nuclear mismanagement, a deformed young man named Trill finds an intact Netpad. Once he secures a working battery, he discovers a story penned by Sam Devine, a hacker who led a rebellion against the insane corporation BCM...

  • e-book

    Black Owned - Life Sentence: Chastity Cuckold...

    Smythe, Constance Pennington

    Todd and Evelyn Grant are white-collar criminals, convicted and sentenced to prison. Yet they are given a second chance by hardened prosecutor Tanika Jones, who offers them a new sentencing “alternative”. Instead of fifteen to twenty in a...

  • e-book



    Mary Madison is educated and redeemed, a powerful voice in Washington, D.C. But she also has a past that shamed polite society. A survivor of unspeakable horror, Mary has battled paralyzing fear, faithlessness, addiction, and promiscuity. Yet even in...

  • e-book

    Abandonment To Divine Providence -...

    Jean-Pierre De Caussade

    The Rev. Jean Pierre de Caussade was one of the most remarkable spiritual writers of the Society of Jesus in France in the 18th Century. His death took place at Toulouse in 1751-His works have gone through many editions and have been repubished, and...

  • e-book

    The Divine Ryans


    Wayne Johnston is Canada'apos;s Roddy Doyle'quot; Anne-Marie McDonald, author of Fall Down on Your KneesYoung Draper Doyle Ryan lives in a most peculiar household. His relations, proudly eccentric and passionately Catholic, run a rather shabby...

  • e-book

    The Divine Comedy

    Dante Alighieri,

    Inferno, Purgatorio, and Paradiso — the three fates of the deceased become the three pillars of an epic poem. The Divine Comedy, written by Italian poet Dante Alighieri in the fourteenth century, is considered the foremost work in Italian literature....

  • e-book

    The Divine Office

    Quigley, Rev. E. J.

    Rev. Quigley has written an in depth description of the Breviary. It is an excellent text for college students or anyone else wanting to learn more about the church. Quigley believed that before ordination it is essential to spend a great deal of...

  • e-book

    The Divine Comedy - Purgatorio

    Dante Alighieri,

    To run o'er better waters hoists its sai

  • e-book

    The Divine Husband: A Novel


    One of the most talented and award-winning writers of his generation, Francisco Goldman’s third novel, The Divine Husband, appeared to wide and rapturous acclaim. Beginning with a single, possibly scandalous love poem by Jose Marti, Cuba’s greatest...

  • e-book

    The Divine Comedy - Inferno, Purgatorio,...

    Dante Alighieri,; H. F. Cary

    The Divine Comedy (Italian: La Divina Commedia) is an epic poem written by Dante Alighieri between 1308 and his death in 1321. It is widely considered the preeminent work of Italian literature, and is seen as one of the greatest works of world...

  • e-book

    The Divine Comedy - Inferno, Purgatory,...

    Dante Alighieri,

    The story of Dante's journey through the three realms of the dead, lasting from the night before Good Friday to the Wednesday after Easter in the spring of 1300. The Roman poet Virgil guides him through Hell and Purgatory; Beatrice, Dante's ideal...

  • e-book

    The Divine Comedy Selected Cantos - A...


    Sublime poetic masterpiece follows Dante through Hell, Purgatory, and Paradise. Includes unabridged texts of 33 of the original cantos plus summaries of omitted text.

  • e-book

    The Divine Dance - If the World is Your Stage...

    Primicerio,Shannon Kubiak; Gunn,Robin

    Shows teen girls how to stop "performing" for those around them-friends, family, teachers-and inspires them to perform for an audience of One.

  • e-book

    Abandonment to Divine Providence (ebook)

    de Caussade, Rev. J.P.

    A portion of this remarkable work in English has already appeared in America, but many readers, to whom this precious little book has become a favourite, will welcome a complete translation, especially as what has already appeared in the English...

  • Revelations Of Divine Love - Oxford World's...

    Julian of Norwich

    Julian of Norwich is one of the subtlest writers and profoundest thinkers of the Middle Ages, and the earliest woman writer in English. Her Revelations describe a loving and merciful God and a positive vision of humanity. This sensitive new...

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  • e-book

    The Divine Romance


    A breathtakingly beautiful saga spanning from eternity to eternity, presented from the view of angels. Experience creation, the crucifixion, and the resurrection from this unique viewpoint, and gain a better understanding of the majestic love of God....

  • Dangerously Divine


    The author of the 'wonderful' (Tamora Pierce) Baba Yaga novels and Dangerously Charming is back with a magically mesmerizing new tale about the dashing and daring Broken Riders... The Riders: Three immortal brothers who kept the Baba Yagas safe,...

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  • e-book



    In the classical myth, Zeus, the king of gods, kidnaps the beautiful youth, Ganymede, to live with him on Mount Olympus. In this modern retelling, Zeus is from the stars and lusts after rock star Ganymede. In any setting, their love is legendary.

  • e-book

    Divine Torment


    A tale of forbidden love from the talented author of the bestselling Cruel EnchantmentIn the ancient temple city of Mulhanabin, the voluptuous Malia Shai awaits her destiny. Millions of people worship her, believing her to be a goddess incarnate. She...

  • e-book

    Divine Love

    Sekayi Weaver-Nixon

    Love is indeed a many splendored thing. This collection of short erotic stories is intended to highlight just how sweet love is, arousing our appetite for life. From the raw to the sublime, Divine Love is an encouragement to play, safely in the arms...

  • e-book

    Divine Scream

    Kane Benjamin Ethridge

    For Jared Kare, every part of life is terrifying. He relies heavily on his friends and family for everything in his day to day existence. So when he is confronted by a banshee who would soon herald his death, Jared finds a new type of terror.There...

  • e-book

    Love Perfected, Life Divine - A Novel


    Inspired by Marie Corelli'apos;s book, Kriyananda retells the dramatic story of a woman'apos;s discovery of her twin soul-which propels her to undertake an arduous and perilous climb to the loftiest heights of spiritual awakening. Fueled by her love,...

  • e-book

    Divine Knight - A Neighborlee, Ohio. Novel

    Levigne,Michelle L.

    Equinox: Maurice has a day of full-size freedom to spend with his true love, Holly. Their day of fun ends in panic, when Angela is attacked and the defenses of Divine's Emporium are breached. In the search to find out who hired thieves to steal books...

  • e-book

    Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood


    When Siddalee Walker, oldest daughter of Vivi Abbott Walker, Ya-Ya extraordinaire, is interviewed in the New York Times about a hit play she's directed, her mother gets described as a 'tap-dancing child abuser.' Enraged, Vivi disowns Sidda....

  • e-book

    Divine Songs and Meditacions - The Original...


    Divine Songs and Meditacions - The Original Classic Edition

  • Dark Divine

    Despain, Bree

    Atrama entrelaça passado e presente, trazendo referências da mitologia antiga que resgatam a época das Cruzadas e dos cavaleiros templários, para compor a historia de um flã amaldiçoado, que sobrevive através dos tempos em busca de salvação.

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  • e-book

    Touched by Grace - A Divine Love Story


    Touched By Grace is a love story which embraces Chris Simon's altruistic love for Grace Foster. The two meet by chance one night in a hospital. Chris, years removed from being one of America's most prominent artists, battles his drinking demons as...

  • e-book

    The Goddess'apos; Gift - Becoming Divine Book...

    C. A. Sinclair

    While on a seemingly normal, relaxed train journey to see her friend Megs, Karen McMillan meets the handsome yet enigmatic Alex McEwan in the most bizarre circumstances. Despite his arrogance and self-confident approach to women, he is charming and...

  • e-book

    Naughty Whispers

    Olson, Jodi; Olson, Jodi

    What's a girl to do when she's got two hot men, willing, able and more than ready to take care of her needs? Gina had almost everything she could ever want: a college degree, money, and a new business - everything except the love of a man; let alone...

  • e-book

    Black Owned

    Smythe, Constance Pennington

    Master Marcus moves in and takes control of a white wife, Rebecca, and her submissive sissy maid husband. Both Marcus and Rebecca have a long-term plan and everyone lives happily ever-after, when they are Black Owned.

  • e-book

    My Cowboys

    Suzanne, Mary

    Callie Jackson left New York, buying a ranch in Colorado and searching for a new muse for her writing career. Ranch hands Aiden and Jacob were more than enough to fire her fantasies and imagination, but would she act on those fantasies. It's a sexual...

  • e-book

    Mistaken Identity

    Suzanne, Mary; Suzanne, Mary

    It was supposed to be a well-deserved, three-week tropical getaway for Kaitlin. It turned out to be an erotic nightmare when she was kidnapped and taken away by a dark handsome stranger. Josh Anderson had returned to claim his prize, Kathleen. When...

  • e-book

    Mistress Karin

    Smythe, Constance Pennington; Smythe, Constance Pennington

    What happens when a man gets his wish to be submissive, when a Woman embraces her Dominant self? For Karin Calloway and her hapless husband, known as her submissive maid Suzette, it becomes an erotic power exchange that gives them both what they...

  • e-book

    Home for Christmas

    Olson, Jodi

    When Matt invites his Navy buddy, Zack, to spend the holidays he can't predict the fireworks between his sister Mallory and Zack. A raging snowstorm and two lonely souls turn up the heat when a stranger comes Home for Christmas.

  • e-book

    The Breaking Cage

    Smythe, Constance Pennington

    Karin is back and showing friend Joanna the ropes - chains - whips - and advantages of owning a sissy maid. A chance encounter leads Gary, Joanna's husband, down the path of submission. Can any male survive Karin's tool, The Breaking Cage, whose...

  • e-book

    Leather and Pleasure

    Labelle, Jennifer

    Rowan Avery Walker is planning to surprise her husband after ten years of marriage. On their anniversary she decides to enact one of his most desired fantasies, and there's no traditional night out on the town for this couple. She's no stranger to...

  • e-book

    Christmas in Cuffs

    Olson, Jodi; Olson, Jodi

    Debbie Langston was older than the handsome young policeman, Brian, in the apartment below her. And she had more curves than the waifs she occasionally saw him with. But that didn't stop her from wanting him-and his roommate Jason as well. Debbie had...

  • e-book

    Double Your Pleasure

    Suzanne, Mary

    The night her car broke down and she wandered lost in the woods was something Jenny Logan would have liked to have forgotten. Instead, she forgot who she was - a fall in the forest and she awakes in a cabin, but not alone. Two handsome strangers tend...

  • e-book

    Hitler'apos;s Will

    Causey, Greg

    1945, Berlin: In the last days of the war SS Major Jürgen Strasser is summoned to the Führerbunker for one last, desperate mission.Present Day: Antiques dealer, and ex IRA assassin, Patrick Deveraux is caught up in a race to find the answers to a...

  • e-book

    An Exposition of"quot;Paradise"quot; from the...


    This e-book gives a fairly detailed summary of the contents of 'Paradise' of 'The Divine Comedy.' This study is based on the original Italian of Dante. It is an excellent introduction to Dante's epic.

  • e-book

    Corporate Slaves - The Women - Recruitment

    Smythe, Constance Pennington; Smythe, Constance Pennington

    Ellen Clark was looking for-Ellen Clark. Marriage? That hadn't worked out, and now it was behind her. She needed a job and someone to care about her. A career at the prestigious firm of Verdun & Associates wasn't her only hope, it was her best hope....

  • e-book

    Female Domination - Short Stories: Vol. I

    Smythe, Constance Pennington; Sardax,Sardax

    Female Domination - Short Stories: Vol I is the first short story anthology from erotic author Constance Pennington Smythe. This work contains six short stories of chastity, cuckolding, giantesses and more; all with the themes of Female Domination...

  • e-book

    Sinfully Sexy - Leather and Pleasure 3

    Labelle, Jennifer; Labelle, Jennifer

    Sable Dixon and Lila Davis have been lovers since they started working at the ever popular fetish club Leather and Pleasure, but Lila has curiosities and would like to know how Sable feels about having a third join them sometime. She's a little...

  • e-book

    Naughty Noel - Leather and Pleasure 4

    Labelle, Jennifer; Labelle, Jennifer

    Noel Lewis has had a lot of firsts in her life, but this holiday season she's making memorable. She's the star of her first holiday performance at the fetish club she works at: Leather and Pleasure, and finds herself leading her first ménage a quatre...

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