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  • A História Secreta da Mulher-Maravilha




    A história secreta da maior super-heroína de todos os tempos “Com cem vezes a capacidade e a força dos nossos melhores atletas homens e mais fortes lutadores, ela aparece do nada para vingar injustiças ou corrigir as maldades! Bela como Afrodite;...

  • Mulher-Maravilha - Sementes da Guerra


    “Se você precisa parar um asteroide, você chama o Superman. Se você deseja resolver um mistério, você chama o Batman. Mas se você quer acabar com uma guerra, você chama a Mulher-Maravilha!”– Gail Simone, roteirista da DC ComicsAntes de se tornar a...

  • Little Women

    Alcott, Louisa May; Alcott,Louisa May; Eiselein,Gregory (edt); Phillips,Anne K. (edt)

    Little Women

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  • Good Women


    Exploring the theme of what it means for a woman to be good, a trio of novellas by the author of Several Deceptions explores the lives of a widower and gardening fanatic who becomes radicalized late in life, a housewife on a murderous mission from...

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  • Moon Women


    Ruth Ann's life is turned upside down when she takes in her elderly mother, Marvelle Moon, and her nineteen-year-old daughter, Ashley, fresh out of rehab and three months pregnant, not to mention her ex-husband, who is not sure he wants to stay...

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  • Divining Women


    In 1918, Maureen Ross struggles to deal with a difficult pregnancy and her emotionally abusive husband Troop, until the arrival of Troop's niece, Mary Oliver, the child of a wealthy, freethinking family who sets out to protect her aunt.

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  • Two Women


    Two Women

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  • Divining Women


    In 1918, Maureen Ross struggles to deal with a difficult pregnancy and her emotionally abusive husband Troop, until the arrival of Troop's niece, Mary Oliver, the child of a wealthy, freethinking family who sets out to protect her aunt.

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  • Three Women


    Suzanne Blume has been enjoying a restful and happy period in her life when suddenly everything begins to fall apart, with her grown daughter moving back in and her independent mother having a stroke that leaves her helpless. Reprint.

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  • Fast Women


    Following her divorce, Nell Dysart takes a job working for a detective agency and finds herself knee deep in embezzlement, bribery, blackmail, arson, adultery, murder, and passion with her boss, Gabe McKenna. Reprint.

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  • Smart Women


    B.B. and Margo, two forty-year-old divorcées, are unprepared for the frustrations, pain, and passion that arise when B.B.'s ex-husband hits town, in a story about a complex romantic triangle. Reprint.

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  • Bad Women, Bad Men


    Dashin Buhl and James Malory had been called in by the CIA to deal with an evil terrorist group known as the Uncle Sam's Teamsters. The radical terrorists want to kidnap Mister Stock Market because he is a British American who is a financial...

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  • Two Women of Galilee


    In first-century Galilee, Joanna, wife to Chuza, King Herod's chief steward, changes her destiny when she journeys to Nazareth to ask Jesus to heal her broken body, becoming one of his disciples and friends with Jesus's mother, Mary.

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  • Before Women Had Wings

    Fowler,Connie May

    Avocet Abigail 'Bird' Jackson embarks on a spiritual quest for salvation for herself and her troubled family as she struggles to escape the chaos, fear, and turmoil of her parents' lives and make sense of a confusing and desperate world. Reprint.

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  • Before Women Had Wings

    Fowler,Connie May

    Avocet Abigail 'Bird' Jackson embarks on a spiritual quest for salvation as she struggles to escape the chaos, fear, and turmoil of her parents' lives and make sense of a confusing and desperate world

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  • Wonderful Women By the Sea

    Tate,Joan; Fagerholm,Monika

    Rosa and Isabella, two young Americanized women in Finland, cannot avoid the social and political upheaval of 1968 that brings an end to the innocence of the 1960s

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  • The Women of Primrose Creek

    Miller, Linda Lael; Lael Miller, Linda

    Bridget She lost her husband to the Civil War; now, starting a new life out West, she never dreamed his best friend, Trace Qualtrough, could spark a forbidden passion. Christy All she wanted was a secure, steady home life in Primrose Creek....

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  • Leading Women: How Church Women Can Avoid...

    Carol Becker

    Traditional doctrines of sin and salvation center primarily on the moral agency of the sinner. Andrew Sung Park addresses the relational consequence of sin--the pervasive reality of victims' suffering and the scar from the sins of others who have...

  • Men Without Women


    A collection of 14 short stories reveals Hemingway's impressions of life and mankind

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  • Confissões de Uma Mulher Madura

    Maria Elisa Domingues

    «Ah! Já não a via há tanto tempo. Está com uma cara óptima, um aspecto cada vez mais jovem!» Quantas vezes, nas nossas vidas, a partir de certa idade, acontece deixarem de nos referir ou situar pelo que fazemos, pelo nosso percurso profissional,...

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  • Mulher do Viajante no Tempo, a


    UM ROMANCE INTENSO SOBRE UMA VIAGEM ALUCINANTE AO PASSADO E AO FUTURO · TOP: Nº 6 na Publishers Weekly (revista americana) – consultar anexo. · GÉNERO: romance. · PÚBLICO ALVO: leitores dos 18 aos 80 anos. SINOSPSE: O que faria se conhecesse o...

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  • The Little Women


    An original novel based on the classic work follows three adolescent sisters--Meg, Jo, and Amy--as they work through their disappointment over learning of their mother's affair and their father's easy forgiveness.

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  • Dead Dancing Women

    Buzzelli,Elizabeth Kane

    Dead Dancing Women

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  • Women & Fiction

    Cahill, Susan

    Twenty-six stories by Mansfield, Wharton, Woolf, Porter, Lessing, Oates and others illuminate the special experience of being a woman.

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  • Women Of War

    Potter,Alexander; Huff,Tanya

    An unrivaled collection of stories from some of the best science fiction and fantasy writers centers around strong, daring women protagonists who, by standing their ground on distant worlds, in space, and here on Earth, hold the fate of the universe...

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  • Women In Your Eyes


    The Scarlett Lady and Sir James Malory must stop two mad scientists from destroying the planet earth. Nerkie Kroskie and Octopussy who went to Moscow University and Zurich University. 'The Octopussy Experiment' would be discussed. The experiment is a...

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  • The House Of Women


    The House Of Women

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  • Fearless Girls, Wise Women, And Beloved...

    Ragan,Kathleen (edt)

    The first anthology of its kind to feature a variety of multicultural heroines, this definitive sourcebook of folktales and fairytales chronicles the stories of courageous mothers, clever young girls, warrior women, and wise women who ruled their...

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  • Arms and the Women


    When someone tries to kidnap Peter Pascoe's wife, he and his partner Andy Dalziel begin to think that one of their cases, past or present, is linked to the crime, leading them on search for the truth. Reprint.

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  • Beware of Virtuous Women


    When Eleanor Becket, a self-proclaimed spinster with quiet ways and an unfortunate limp, encounters Jack Eastwood, the one man who looks beyond the surface and recognizes the beautiful and adventurous soul within, she risks everything--her family and...

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  • The Land of Women


    Fiona O'Faolian describes her final summer in Ireland, her changing relationship and growing friendship with her mother, her own burgeoning sexuality, and the devastating betrayal and shame that drove her away to Santa Fe, into the arms of Carlos...

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  • One Thousand White Women


    Follows May Dodd as she travels to the Cheyenne, becomes the bride of Little Wolf, chief of that tribe, and struggles with living in and being loyal to two different worlds

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  • Women In the Grove

    Peterson,Paula W.

    The author of Penitent, with Roses offers a poignant but strikingly candid portrait of life with AIDS in this collection of stories about women who discover they are HIV-positive.

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  • Women In The Grove

    Peterson,Paula W.

    A new collection of short stories by the author of Penitent, with Roses focuses on the trials of women who live with the AIDS virus, presenting the epidemic from a women's perspective with humor, dignity, and great insight. Reprint.

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  • Women in His Life

    Bradford,Barbara Taylor

    The life of billionaire Maximilian West unfolds through the eyes of the women who surround him--his wives, mother, mistress, and nanny--as he struggles to resolve old secrets with the help of the woman who holds the key to his past and future

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  • Women With Big Eyes/Mujeres de Ojos Grandes


    A collection of mystical fables follows the experiences of a range of extraordinary women who share a common strength in the form of feminine intuitive powers, which enable them to find resolve in the face of adversity, pursue their passions, and...

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  • -21%

    Fantasia Pop - Mulher Maravilha - DC Comics -...


    Os pequenos poderão viver incriveis aventuras com a Fantasia Pop - DC Comics - Mulher Maravilha - Princesa da Sulamericana. A fantasia auxilia no desenvolvimento dos pequenos e permite a maior aproximação com o personagem preferido, inspira bons...

    R$ 109,99
    R$ 85,99
    em 4x sem juros de R$ 21,49
  • -30%

    Fantasia Infantil - Mulher Maravilha -...


    A Fantasia Mulher Maravilha da Sulamericana transforma sua filha em uma linda heroína! Faça parte deste clube e divirta-se com a sua filha. Confeccionada em helanca poliéster, composta de tiara, collant, cinto, braceletes e capas de botas.

    R$ 159,99
    R$ 111,99
    em 5x sem juros de R$ 22,39
  • Lancheira Termica Mickey Roupa


    As Lancheiras do Mickey são térmicas, ideais para guardar marmita ou manter a temperatura das suas bebidas e alimentos.“Possui certificado Inmetro”

  • Lives of Girls and Women


    A poignant portrayal of a young girl's youth in a Canadian town and her awakening to womanhood in the 1940s follows Del Jordan as she explores the dark and bright sides of womanhood and records the frustrations, joys, triumphs, and trials of...

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  • A Monstrous Regiment of Women

    King,Laurie R.

    Becoming bored with family life, Mary Russell follows Sherlock Holmes to London, where she meets a former Oxford classmate and becomes involved in a mystery that places her in a collaboration with Holmes

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  • God's Gift to Women


    The night before leaving Chicago with his ten-year-old daughter for a job on a late-night talk show in Houston, Julian Payne has a sexual encounter with Olivia Brown, who follows him to Houston, determined to make him hers at any cost.

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  • e-book

    Maternity and Women'apos;s Health Care -...

    CTI Reviews

    Facts101 is your complete guide to Maternity and Women's Health Care. In this book, you will learn topics such as as those in your book plus much more. With key features such as key terms, people and places, Facts101 gives you all the information you...

  • Cubana: Contemporary Fiction By Cuban Women

    Cluster,Dick (TRN); Yanez,Mirta

    Featuring such writers as Rosa Ileana Boudet, Achy Obejas, mylene Fernandez Pintado, Ena Lucia Portela, and Magaly Sanchez.

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