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  • Cultura e Imperialismo

    Said,Edward W.

    Depois do clássico “Orientalismo”, Said escreveu esta obra sobre a influência dos pressupostos imperialistas na política e na cultura ocidentais, desde os grandes romances do século XIX até a cobertura jornalística da Guerra do Golfo. Edward Said faz...

  • Orientalismo - O Oriente Como Invenção do...

    Said,Edward W.

    Nas palavras do romancista Milton Hatoum, Orientalismo é “um ensaio erudito sobre um tema fascinante”: como uma civilização fabrica ficções para entender as diversas culturas a seu redor. Para entender e para dominar. Neste livro de 1978, um clássico...

  • A Questão da Palestina

    Said,Edward W,

    Esta obra indispensável de Edward Saíd, ícone da resistência política e cultural da Palestina, está sendo editada pela primeira vez no Brasil. Escrita entre 1977 e 1978 e publicada originalmente em 1979, foi atualizada pelo autor no prefácio à edição...

  • e-book

    Said the Slave to the Master - A Conversation


    Said The Slave to The Master is a conversation between two men, one being Master Hawthorne, and the other, a mild mannered slave by the name of Roman. Hawthorne's curiosity regarding Roman is piqued by his recent odd and curious attitude. And in a...

  • e-book

    Said Like Reeds or Things


    Warning: this book may encourage a series of ungrammatical thoughts!Welcome to the poetic landscape of Mark Truscott, where less is more than you bargained for. Said Like Reeds or Things is a book of micropoetic and linguistic koans. With a quirky,...

  • e-book

    Said in Stone - Your Game, My Way


    Few men in Chicago sports history have been beloved on both the North and South Sides of such a baseball-crazy town. Steve Stone is a fan favorite. Following his last game as Cubs announcer, long after all the players had left the field, nearly...

  • e-book

    Said the Kitty to the Cat

    Spada, Vincent; Steve Whitlow

    Children will love to read about the delightful kitten and its mother as they try to open a box of chocolates, introducing the reader to various household pets along the way. Charming rhyming text and soft, warm illustrations capture the beautiful...

  • Representações do Intelectual - As...

    Said,Edward W.

    '[Said] é capaz de iluminar os mais turbulentos problemas humanos com uma luz serena e muitas vezes reveladora, que nos mostra não apenas os dois lados obrigatórios de cada questão, mas também uma terceira dimensão, geralmente não percebida.'- Gore...

  • e-book

    Nobody Said Amen - A Novel


    (Published in Association with the Westport Library, Westport, Connecticut)Written by an intimate participant in the turbulent civil rights movement in Mississippi, Nobody Said Amen tells the stories of two families’ lives, one white, one black, as...

  • e-book

    Bediuzzaman Said Nursi - Wonder of the Age

    Ramazan Balci

    In the many dimensions of his lifetime of achievement as well as in his personality and character, Bediüzzaman Said Nursi (1877–1960) was and, through his continuing influence, still is an important thinker and writer in the Muslim world. At a time...

  • e-book

    Granny Said"quot;DON'apos;T LIE"quot; - A...

    Timothy Poulsen

    You are reading the back page of Granny Said “Don’t Lie” to be enlightened of the contents before you look inside, and what’s inside is raw poetry as life’s journey unfolds, the thrill of many adventures with rhyming words are told. From the Great...

  • e-book

    She Said/She Saw


    When Tegan witnesses the murder of two friends, she struggles with people thinking she knows more than she is saying.

  • e-book

    Devil Said Bang


    Getting out of hell is just the beginningWhat do you do after you've escaped Hell, gone back, uncovered the true nature of God, and then managed to become the new Lucifer?Well, if you're James Stark, you have to figure out how to run Hell while also...

  • e-book

    Who Said I Was Up For Adoption?

    Colin Chappell

    Is there any expression of FRIENDSHIP as endearing as a dog voluntarily touching its nose to yours?When Colin Chappell contemplated the idea of adopting a dog, he did so warily, for he had seldom spent time with dogs and one of his primary canine...

  • e-book

    That Said - New and Selected Poems

    Shore, Jane

    This collection of poems by Jane Shore, one of America'apos;s most distinguished poets, traces the development of her career—from her first two award-winning volumes to a group of new poems that display her knack for discovering the uncanny in...

  • e-book

    Who Said It Would Be Easy? - One Woman'apos;s...

    Holtzman, Elizabeth

    A tour through America'apos;s changing political climate is seen through the career of former U.S. congresswoman Elizabeth Holtzman, the youngest woman ever to be elected to Congress, and shares her personal experiences and theories about modern...

  • e-book

    Who Said You Could Read My Book?

    Holmes,Chris; Asa Holmes

    This book has everything: Ghosts, goldfish, pirates, a cat with criminal tendencies, UFOs, a burglar, an awful lot of stuff about avoiding death and the police, bats, badgers... and it's all very, very silly. What more could you ask for in a book?...

  • Meu Coração Perguntou I - O Significado das...


    Este livro deseja brincar com o leitor e também fazê-lo pensar. Por isso se expõe por meio de trovas-advinhas, textos curtos, desenhos de corações incompletos e convites para pintá-los.

  • e-book

    He Said... She Said: Biblical Stories from a...

    Outcalt,Todd; Knight,Michelle Kallock

    He Said, She Said: Biblical Stories From a Male and Female Perspective, explores a host of Biblical narratives from both a male and female perspective, offering readers a unique blend of thought and commentary on relationships, marriage, parenting,...

  • e-book

    He Said. She Said.: Eight Powerful Phrases...

    Laffoon,Jay; Laffoon,Laura

    Practical and fun, this book empowers wives and husbands to meet their spouse's needs using eight phrases that will revolutionize their communication.

  • e-book

    Who Said Women Can'apos;t Teach

    Trombley, Charles

    This book gives the biblical answers to some of the most complexcontroversial questions in women's ministry. Does God choose only men to lead, teach,preach? What is God's vision for women in ministry? What do the Bible, the Jewish Talmud,early...

  • e-book

    Jesus Said,"quot;Follow Me"quot; - I Had No...

    Ted Martin

    A fun read that captures the adventures and misadventures of doing ministry. Martin lets the reader jump into the life of a pastor and experience the joy, camaraderie and compassion that surrounds this calling.'Perhaps you've given up on mainline...

  • e-book

    He Said What?! - Jesus'apos; Amazing Words to...

    Poinsett, Brenda

    Rekindle your sense of wonder and amazement as you examine Jesus' words to women. Through this in-depth and reflective looks at His words-what they meant then and now-He Said What?! helps women find less confusion in their lives, gain new...

  • e-book

    My Mama Said

    Carole Usher

    How many times in your life, has your mother, or grandmother told you, don`t give up. She knew that life was hard sometimes. It made you feel like your world was caving in. But she also knew that God was in full control of everything. Faith could...

  • e-book

    Destroy, She Said

    Marguerite Duras

    In this classic novel by the best-selling author of The Lover, erotic intrigue masks a chillingly deceptive form of madness. Elisabeth Alione is convalescing in a hotel in rural France when she meets two men and another woman. The sophisticated...

  • e-book

    The Dog Said Bow-Wow


    Science fiction and fantasy'apos;s most adept short-story author reinvents some classic themes in an engaging collection that includes three of his Hugo award–winning stories. These smart expansions of traditional themes summon dinosaurs, dragons,...

  • e-book

    There I Said It

    Matthew Fowler

    There I Said It is a short collection of lyric poetry for teenagers and young adults who are going through a bad time in their lives with mental health issues. I share my thoughts and feelings in the hope to inspire others.

  • e-book

    No One Said a Word


    It is the late 1970s, and Argentina is wracked by the worst excesses of its “Dirty Wars” as thousands have disappeared or have been tortured and murdered by a dying dictatorship. Luz Goldman, on the other hand, lives in a Buenos Aires bubble of...

  • e-book

    Something I Said? - Innuendo and Out the...


    What we have here is another mighty slim volume from Michael Feldman, best known (when known at all) for his public radio show 'Whad'ya Know' (sic). Feldman, who spouts off about things he knows 'not much' about weekly, here writes them down: ·...

  • e-book

    Paris, He Said

    Christine Sneed

    Jayne Marks is questioning the choices she has made in the years since college and is struggling to pay her bills in Manhattan when she is given the opportunity to move to Paris with her wealthy lover and benefactor, Laurent Moller, who owns and...

  • e-book

    No One Said It Would Be Easy


    NO ONE SAID IT WOULD BE EASY: A Husband'apos;s Journey Through His Wife'apos;s Battle With Breast Cancer is the gripping story of a man who lost his wife to breast cancer.  Told through his eyes, the reader sees everything both medical and personal,...

  • e-book

    THEN SHE SAID IT - by Tess Onwueme

    Tess Onwueme

    No longer able to contain the seething pain of indignity and silence, her voice finally erupted and broke through the guarded prison walls––where she had been subjected to exist (or die many times!) in her lifetime. Then she said it! At...

  • Well Said: Pronunciation For Clear...


    The Well Said series offers a lively and communicative approach to building and improving pronunciation and speaking skills through strategies development and abundant confidence-building activities. New and updated in this edition: Toefl IBT...

  • Responsabilidade Civil do Estado - 5ª Ed....

    Cahali,Yussef Said

    O livro é composto por dez capítulos nos quais se cuida - Da evolução histórica do instituto; Dos elementos internos do ordenamento jurídico brasileiro; Dos pressupostos da pretensão de ressarcimento; Dos aspectos relevantes sobre as pessoas...

  • e-book

    And God Said..."quot;Let There Be Light"quot;...

    Evangelist Theresa Hart Pullen

    This book will provide information that will help you through a journey of change. A better understanding of how to allow God to turn your life around and gain control of the mess you thought you have created.

  • e-book

    The Night We Said Yes

    Lauren Gibaldi

    A fun, romantic read, perfect for fans of Sarah Dessen and Susane Colasanti! What happens when Matt and Ella reunite one year after their breakup? Are second chances really possible?Before Matt, Ella had a plan. Get over her ex-boyfriend and graduate...

  • e-book

    The LORD Said,"quot;Spread My Joy!"quot; So I...


    Through the pages of this book, you will find words from the LORD that speak to your heart and to your spirit. Before you begin to read, pray to hear the LORD's Voice as He teaches, encourages, and tells you how much He loves you beyond measure!

  • e-book

    The LORD Said,"quot;Follow Me!"quot; So I Am!


    Through the pages of this book, you will find words that speak to your heart and to your spirit! Before you begin to read, pray to hear the LORD's Voice, as He teaches, encourages, and tells you how much He Loves You Beyond Measure!

  • e-book

    Then God Said - Contemplating the First...


    Then God Said teaches us to open our eyes and behold the gifts of creation that unfold before us in all their splendor. We abide in awe before the generative forces of the universe. We delight in the splendor of created things and thank God for this...

  • e-book

    Jesus Never Said to Plant Churches - And 12...


    Jesus Never Said to Plant Churches reveals the secrets on church planting so leaders will have the insight and confidence to complete their mission to see God's glory reflected in changed lives.

  • e-book

    The LORD Said,"quot;Call On Me!"quot; So I...


    Through the pages of this book, you will find words that speak to your heart and to your spirit. Before you begin to read, pray to hear the LORD's Voice, as He teaches, encourages, and tells you how much He Loves You Beyond Measure!

  • e-book

    Because God Said So

    Shaneen Harris

    I have often been asked where the words come from that I write. I have been asked how I write. My answer is that sometimes I write from an intellectual standpoint doing hours of research to familiarize myself with the subject of my writing. But, the...

  • e-book

    Has God Said? - Scripture, the Word of God,...

    John Douglas Morrison

    Has God said? Has God actually spoken, declared himself and his purposes to us? Historically the Christian faith has affirmed God's redemptive, revelatory speaking as historical, contentful, redemptive, centrally in Jesus Christ and, under Christ and...

  • e-book

    The LORD Said,"quot;Tell My People!"quot; So...


    Through the pages of this book, you will find words that speak to your heart and to your spirit! Before you begin to read, pray to hear the LORD's Voice, as He teaches, encourages, and tells you how much He Loves You Beyond Measure!

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