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  • Saints And Sinners


    Matt Maher, indicado ao Grammy e aclamado compositor, lança seu quinto álbum de estúdio Saints and Sinners. Todas as músicas do disco são baseadas em citações, orações, escrituras e personagens ao longo da história da igreja, que têm sido uma voz...

  • e-book

    Saints and Sinners - A History of the Popes;...


    This engrossing book encompasses the extraordinary history of the papacy, from its beginnings nearly two thousand years ago to the present day. In this new edition, the final chapter has been expanded to cover the last years of John Paul II and the...

  • e-book

    Saints and Sinners of Calvary

    Christopher Rengers O.F.M.Cap.

    Nothing connected with the Passion and Death of Christ was purely accidental. And although Our Saviour was unquestionably the central figure of Calvary, many other persons - by God's Providence - took part in the living drama of the first Good...

  • e-book

    Saints and Sinners Under the Pines


    Memoirs of a Lutheran Minister serving Northeastern Minnesota congregations. This book celebrates the good that small congregations do.

  • The Saints And Sinners Of Okay County


    Undereducated, broke and jobless, eight-months pregnant with her fourth child, and coping with an unfaithful husband, Aletta Honor is desperate to support her children and sets up a new career as a psychic, using the remarkable talents that she had...

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  • Sinners And Saints


    Shunned by her family after exposing her father's crimes, forensic nurse Chastity O'Connor receives an unexpected request for help from her brother-in-law when her sister goes missing in New Orleans, in a case that forces Chastity to reopen past...

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  • Sinners And Saints - A Tour Across The States...


    Excerpt from Sinners and Saints: A Tour Across the States, and Round Them; With Three Months Among the Mormons People under a ban - What the Mormon men think of the Anti Polygamy Bill - And what the Mormon women say of poly gamy - Puzzling...

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  • e-book

    Christians in the Movies - A Century of...

    Dans,Peter E.

    Christians in the Movies traces the arc of the portrayal in film of Christians from 1905 to the present. For most of the first six decades, the portrayals were favorable and even reverential. By contrast, from 1970 on, Christians-and especially...

  • e-book

    60 People Who Shaped the Church - Learning...


    Compelling, short biographies provide a unique glimpse into the lives of Christians who shaped the church since the time of Christ to the present day.

  • e-book

    Foreign Banks and the Vienna Initiative -...

    Caceres,Carlos; Anna Kochanova

    This paper analyzes the linkages between governance quality and country stress events. It focuses on two types of events: fiscal and political stress events, for which two innovative stress indicators are introduced. The results suggest that weaker...

  • On The Ganges - Encounters With Saints And...


    Journey along one of the world's greatest rivers and catch a glimpse into the lives and cultures of the people who live along its banksThe Ganges flows through northern India and Bangladesh for more than 1,500 miles before emptying into the Bay of...

  • A View Of This And Other World - With The...


    Excerpt from A View of This and Other World: With the State of Saints and Sinners in Both, Contrasted; Particularly Describing the Solemn Entrance Which the Soul Makes Into the World at Death, in Several Practical Discourses T here 15 a people, that...

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  • Saints & Sinners


    Saints & Sinners

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