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  • Classic Beauty - The History Of Makeup

    Hernandez, Gabriela

    The definition of a beautiful face has never been constant. See how political and social climates have molded accepted beauty rituals and the evolution of cosmetics from ancient times through today. This colorful reference book chronicles historic...

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  • Tarot Leaves

    Seilonen, Beth

    Explore the Tarot through the beauty of nature as seen in images drawn within the silhouettes of the Maple, Apple, Oak, and Birch leaves.Utilizing color to convey the meanings on 78 artistic Tarot cards, each card is represented by a leaf in which...

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  • Making Wood Jewelry - Southwest Style

    Freese, Thomas

    Craft pins, beads, pendants, and earrings that evoke delightful desert art. Explore options including wood burning, inlayed stones, and recycled exotic woods.

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  • Bushido

    Kitamura,Takahiro; Kitamura,Katie M.


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  • Street Shop Tattoo Stencils - Creating New...


    Learn the proper techniques in creating and applying a tattoo stencil through an illustrated step-by-step guide. A gallery of original illustrations created by the authors for their clients, displays the new direction of skin art from an artist's...

  • Planets In Composite


    Planets In Composite

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  • Paradise In Brazil

    Nabuco, Joaquim

    Head back to paradise with another tantalizing collection of images from Brazilian photographer Joaquim Nabuco. In more than 150 color and black and white images, the stunning women of Brazil grace equally beautiful tropical landscapes, including...

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  • Flying Through The Clouds - Surf Photography...

    Russi, Jim

    Capture the surfing world through the lens of photographer Jim Russi. Over 180 warm, dazzling photos from around the globe take readers on this surfing tour de force through Hawaii, Tahiti, California, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Fiji, Bali, Indonesia, and...

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  • Transparent Oracle

    Carding, Emily

    Prepare to be amazed. This 76-card circular deck is filled with magical symbols and images inspired by the natural world, and printed on clear plastic to be read in layers. Form inspirational mandalas and seek answers from kaleidoscopic whispers with...

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  • Femmes Fatales Of The 1950s

    Yeager, Bunny

    Look out! Here come sixty sultry femmes fatales captured at their most alluring by world famous photographer Bunny Yeager. Each image was hand-picked by Yeager herself from her vast photo archives of seductive, flirtatious, beautiful women. These...

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  • Planets In Aspect


    Planets In Aspect

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  • Surf Art!


    Surf Art!

  • Silver Era Tarot

    Moon,Russell J.

    Art photography brings life to a subject in this Tarot card deck. Black and white images highlighted with a color accent on each card draws the reader into an experience with Tarot. Includes an accompanying book.

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  • Bunny Yeager's Pin Up Girls of the 1960s


    Famed photographer Bunny Yeager presents the latest retrospective of her own work, revisiting the spirited, fun-loving women of the flower-power decade. More than 230 color-packed images present 80 beautiful women, captured in the 1960s in a...

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  • Dream Raven Tarot

    Seilonen, Beth

    As a dream carrier of messages for the soul, Dream Raven Tarot opens the gateway from the dream world to the conscious world via the wonderful aviary watercolors of Beth Seilonen. By bringing dream information into conscious thought, this lively...

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  • The Skateboard Art of Jim Phillips


    The Skateboard Art of Jim Phillips

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  • Bunny Yeager's Pin-up Girls of the 1950s

    Yeager,Bunny (pht)

    Bunny Yeager's Pin-up Girls of the 1950s

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  • Picture Perfect Pools

    Skinner,Tina; Roseberry,Dinah

    Picture Perfect Pools

  • 100 Boston Artists


    This beautiful and engaging book provides a stunning visual tour of the vibrant world of Boston arts. It is a testament to the creativity and nobility of the human spirit manifest in the work of artists who channel their creative energies into works...

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  • Designer Showcase

    Cardona,Melissa; Wolfgang-Price,Nathaniel

    Designer Showcase

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  • The Art Of Brazilian Architecture

    Nabuco, Joaquim

    Photographer Joaquim Nabuco has found art in the architecture, interiors, and landscapes designed by his fellow Brazilians. Through more than 160 large, lively images, Nabuco welcomes you on a journey to see more than 15 properties, including log...

  • Bunny Yeager's Bouffant Beauties

    Yeager, Bunny

    Celebrity photographer and model Bunny Yeager picks the best of her mid-century beauties, each sporting an enviable hair-do. You'll get nostalgic as you enjoy the images of pin-up girls sporting the glorious bouffants that were all the rage in the...

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  • Planets In Signs


    Planets In Signs

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  • The New American Pin-up - Tattooed & Pierced


    This new book continues the tradition of the American pin-up girl, while taking it to new territory. It celebrates not only the stunning beauty of the models, but the artistry of tattoos and piercings that adorn their bodies. These new cultural icons...

  • Thanksgiving - An Illustrated History

    Thomas,John Wesley; Thomas,Sandra Lynn

    There's nothing like enjoying turkey and pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving, the oldest American holiday, with nostalgic memories of family gatherings around the dining room table. See how illustrators have portrayed this day of thanks through the years....

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  • New York City Graffiti

    Destiny Children

    This true story and retrospective documents the life and times of members of The Destiny Children (TDC) graffiti crew from 1985 to 2000. From Long Island, New York, The Destiny Children/Unlimited Styled Artists commemorate the 25-year history of the...

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  • Westclox



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  • Making Mobiles

    Fox, Bruce Cana

    When observing an especially beautiful mobile, beginning artists often think, Wow, I want to make one like THAT! If you have stood under a mobile by Alexander Calder and entertained such thoughts, this book will help you make one like that. This...

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  • Striptease Artists Of The 1950s

    Yeager, Bunny

    Here are the ladies who pioneered and perfected the art of titillating performance in the 1950s, as captured by famous female photographer and pin-up girl Bunny Yeager. Celebrities shown include Dixie Evans, Blaze Starr, Bonnie Bell, Michelle 'Toots'...

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  • Fresh Floral Jewelry - Creating Wearable Art...

    Andrade, Wendy

    An innovative designer is always looking for new concepts. Fresh Floral Jewelry, an instructional introduction to the world of floral design jewelry making, is the first of its kind. Learn how to make beautiful, intricate jewelry with wire, beads,...

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  • Irresistible - The Art Of Lingerie, 1920-1980


    Slip into something more comfortable as you peruse this comprehensive overview celebrating the art of women's underwear and lingerie. In this elegant display of vintage, collectible lingerie in satin, lace, silk, and chiffon, experience the evolving...

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  • Westclox



  • Beautiful Bedrooms


    Beautiful Bedrooms

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  • Contemporary Kitchens

    Cardona,Melissa; Wolfgang-Price,Nathaniel

    Contemporary Kitchens

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  • Fifties Furniture


    Fifties Furniture

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  • Victorian Gardens


    Victorian Gardens

  • A Dandy Guide To Dating Vintage Menswear -...


    Vintage clothing is a part of our style history, is an acceptable way to individualize the way we dress, and is an increasingly popular way to 'go green.' This reference book is an easy-to-use compilation of information for dating menswear garments...

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  • Natural Swimming Pools


    Natural Swimming Pools

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  • Houseboats



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  • Ironwork Today 3 - Inside And Out

    Snyder, Jeffrey B.

    Over 450 vivid color photos provide a sweeping overview of the amazing range of iron artwork being created by 82 of today's artist-blacksmiths. These works in metal are found in public spaces, offices, and homes. They vary in size from small,...

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  • Today's Journey Tarot

    Expanding Dimensions

    Today's Journey Tarot is a fresh approach to the ancient wisdom offered by the classic Tarot. Everyday experiences come alive with the power of archetypal imagery. The deck of 78 cards represents the true essence of the Tarot, spiritual enlightenment...

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  • Burlesque - Exotic Dancers Of The 50s & 60s


    Presented here are 125 burlesque queens and belly dancing stars from the 1950s and 1960s portrayed in 8'' x 10'' glossy ''booking photos.'' These attention-grabbing and sometimes startling photos are the publicity shots that dancers handed out to...

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  • Mexican Style, Sustainable


    Mexican Style, Sustainable

  • Beautiful Bathrooms


    Beautiful Bathrooms

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