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  • e-book

    The Supply Chain Management Casebook -...


    30 up-to-date case studies illuminate every aspect of modern supply chain management   • Risk management, analytics, global supply chain issues, and much more • Innovative processes, technologies, strategies, and tactics • An indispensable...

  • e-book

    SCM Studyguide Biblical Hermeneutics

    David Holgate

    SCM Studyguide to Biblical Hermeneutics offers entry-level undergraduates a framework for interpreting the Bible. The book goes beyond offering guidance on how to do exegesis, and is intended as a practical tool to help readers develop good...

  • e-book

    SCM Core Text The Bible and Literature


    The first textbook to engage with the crossover between the Bible and literature, covering all the key methods of literary criticism and presenting a truly inter-disciplinary approach.

  • e-book

    SCM Studyguide - Christian Doctrine


    An accessible textbook for all engaging with Christian doctrine for the first time. A valuable resource and suitable for all clergy and all training for ministry.

  • e-book

    SCM Studyguide Early Christian Doctrine and...


    The SCM Studyguides are becoming increasingly well known, recognized and adopted as accessible textbooks for level 1 students who have no prior knowledge of the subject. 'The SCM Studyguide Early Christian Doctrine and the Creeds' offers an...

  • e-book

    SCM Studyguide - Christian Ethics


    Providing the level one student with all they will need to know to understand their course fully, the textbook covers the major areas of ethical theory and methodology that are key to the use of the Bible in Christian ethics, natural law, conscience,...

  • e-book

    SCM Studyguide to Preaching

    Peter Stevenson

    A step by step guide to learning about preaching and more importantly how to craft and deliver a sermon. It offers a student friendly, jargon-free introduction that requires no prior knowledge of the subject.

  • e-book

    SCM Studyguide Practical Skills for Ministry

    Andrew Pratt

    The SCM Studyguide: Practical Skills for Ministry offers a practical introduction for those who are training for ministry, both lay and ordained, within the church. The book answers the questions asked by those preparing for ministry and by those who...

  • e-book

    SCM Studyguide Liturgy


    This book is designed as an introductory resource for the study of liturgy at level one in theological colleges and university courses, and will also be of use to local preachers, readers, local ministry teams and clergy wanting to look afresh at...

  • e-book

    SCM Studyguide Anglicanism


    The SCM Studyguide Anglicanism offers a comprehensive introduction to the many different facets of Anglicanism. Aimed at students preparing for ministry, it presumes no prior knowledge of the subject and offers helpful overviews of Anglican history,...

  • e-book

    SCM Studyguide - Christian Mission


    Explores the nature of Christian mission in contemporary post-modern society. This book examines the main historic types of mission in the Christian tradition, seeing how they were forged in the cross currents of history and how they continue to be...

  • e-book

    SCM Core Text Theological Ethics


    The SCM Core Text 'Theological Ethics' is intended for those studying Christian ethics at upper undergraduate level. The book offers a discussion of Christian moral thought in a variety of key areas. Many discussions of ethics start by considering...

  • e-book

    SCM Core Text Christianity and Science

    Weaver,John D.

    The SCM Core Text, 'Christianity & Science' provides an advanced introduction to the lively debate between the relative truth claims made by science and the absolute truth claims made by religions, and Christianity in particular. The author examines...

  • e-book

    SCM Studyguide Church History - SCM Study...


    An introduction to the study of the ways the church has evolved in its corporate life since its birth in the first century. Special attention is given to studying its changing relationship and interaction with the surrounding societies in which it...

  • e-book

    SCM Studyguide Pastoral Theology


    Through the course of their work with people engaged in ministries of various kinds - spiritual directors, healthcare chaplains, local clergy, theological educators, youth workers, the authors of this groundbreaking book have become convinced of the...

  • e-book

    SCM Studyguide - Theological Reflection


    Practical in emphasis, this textbook offers newcomers an introduction to understanding theological reflection and helps those training for ministry to explore which of the methods introduced best suits them and their particular situation.

  • e-book

    SCM Core Text Christian Doctrine


    The SCM Core Text: Christian Doctrine offers an up-to-date, accessible introduction to one of the core subjects of theology. Written for second and third-year university students, it shows that Christian Doctrine is not a series of impossible claims...

  • e-book

    The Pentateuch - SCM Core Text


    This book introduces students with a little background in biblical studies to the scholarly study of the Pentateuch (Genesis to Deuteronomy). Existing introductions to the Pentateuch are either mainly concerned with historical criticism or taken up...

  • e-book

    SCM Studyguide The Books of the New Testament


    SCM Study Guide: New Testament Books, together with its companion volume on 'New Testament Interpretation', offers an up-to-date, accessible introduction to this fast-changing area of theological study. Aimed at level one students, it encourages...

  • e-book

    SCM Core Text Sociology of Religion


    Sociology of Religion is an increasingly popular component of courses in religious studies at undergraduate level. While most textbooks on the Sociology of Religion are written from a sociological background, this new student-friendly textbook aims...

  • e-book

    SCM Core Text Theological Hermeneutics

    Jensen,Alexander S.

    This book introduces theological hermeneutics by giving a historical account of the development of hermeneutical thinking. It defines hermeneutics as the analysis of the obstacles to understanding. The history of hermeneutical thinking and responses...

  • e-book

    SCM Studyguide Old Testament


    This undergraduate text provides an introduction to the Old Testament covering all the core topics provided on a typical level one course. Features include: boxed explanations of difficult concepts, bullet pointed notes to remember, shaded areas of...

  • e-book

    SCM Core Text The Book of Revelation


    For most people, Revelation is a book that is either largely ignored, or it is the object of such fanatical study and fanciful interpretation that it passes from the realm of the interesting and helpful into the realm of fantasy and speculation. Much...

  • e-book

    SCM Core Text Paul


    Geoffrey Harris seeks to reconcile Paul the thinker and Paul the man of action. This student-friendly textbook provides clear information about research and writing on Paul in recent years, and shows how Paul's early life held important strands of...

  • e-book

    SCM Core Text Theology and Sexuality

    Susannah Cornwall

    The SCM Core Text Theology and Sexuality provides a clear overview of the theological debate surrounding sexuality as broadly understood. It gives an outline of the major themes surrounding sexuality in theological perspective, focusing on key...

  • e-book

    SCM Core Text New Testament


    An undergraduate textbook for use on modules introducing the New Testament. It argues that the New Testament reflects four streams of apostolic tradition, reflected in the 4 gospels. It includes bibliographies at the end of each section to guide the...

  • e-book

    SCM Core Text Religion and Modern Thought

    Victoria Harrison

    Written specifically for level 2 undergraduates, this textbook introduces readers to the extremely wide range of forms of religious thought, and the responses of religion to modern ideas, cultural phenomenon and events of the 20th century

  • e-book



    SAP SCM: Applications and Modeling for Supply Chain Management empowers you to capitalize on the sophistication of SAP APO. This book provides clear advice on the inevitable, critical decisions that can lead to project success or failure and shows...

  • e-book

    X-SCM - The New Science of X-treme Supply...

    Boyson,Sandor; Harrington, Lisa H; Thomas Corsi

    Supply chain management today has never been more complex, more dynamic or more unpredictable. The good news is that new techniques for analyzing country-level investments, network configuration and in-sourcing/out-sourcing decisions can enable more...

  • e-book

    Supply Planning with MRP, Drp and APS...


    This books explains the emerging technology of inventory optimization and multiechelon (MEIO) supply planning. It takes a complex subject and effectively communicates what MEIO is about in plain English terms. This is the only book currently...

  • e-book

    New SCM Dictionary of Liturgy and Worship


    This reference work incorporates the insights and expertise of leading liturgists and scholars of liturgy at work today, comprising 200 entries on important topics in the field, from vestments and offertories to ordination and divine unction. It is...

  • e-book

    SAP SCM Interview Questions Answers and...


    The Ultimate Reference & Learning Guide for S A P SCM Consultants SAP SCM Interview Questions, Answers, and Explanations! It' s clear that SAP SCM is the future for supply chain activity in SAP -- but finding resources can be difficult . SAP SCM...

  • e-book

    New SCM Dictionary of Christian Spirituality


    This dictionary attempts to give direct access to the development of Christian Spirituality. It is a series of pieces written by experts to provide instant, accurate and thought-provoking information of high scholarship.

  • e-book

    Supply Chain Management Strategy - Using SCM...

    Alexandre Oliveira; Anne Gimeno

    Drive more value from your supply chain by choosing and implementing the right models and strategies. Supply Chain Management Strategy offers expert guidance for comparing and choosing models, implementing governance, and strategizing to enable sales...

  • e-book

    Enhancing Enterprise Intelligence -...

    Kale, Vivek

    Enhancing Enterprise Intelligence: Leveraging ERP, CRM, SCM, PLM, BPM, and BI takes a fresh look at the benefits of enterprise systems (ES), focusing on the fact that ES collectively contribute to enhancing the intelligence quotient of an enterprise....

  • e-book

    A Guide to Supply Chain Management - The...

    Alexandre Oliveira; Anne Gimeno

    Managing supply networks for innovation and competitive advantage: Concepts, models, roadmaps, and more Capture, organize, and fully utilize your #1 supply chain resource:knowledge Systematically improve strategic, tactical, and...

  • e-book

    Instant Mercurial Distributed SCM Essentials...


    Filled with practical, step-by-step instructions and clear explanations for the most important and useful tasks. This book has a simplified, recipe-based approach, which shows the essential features of Mercurial SCM for software configuration...

  • e-book

    Multi Method Supply Planning in SAP APO


    Which supply planning method meets your company's business requirements? The answer might surprise you! Here's the truth: There is no one right supply planning method for all situations, even within one company! In fact, it is unnecessary to choose...

  • e-book

    Constrained Supply and Production Planning in...


    Which supply planning method meets your company's business requirements? The answer might surprise you! Here's the truth: There is no one right supply planning method for all situations, even within one company! In fact, it is unnecessary to choose...

  • e-book

    Planning Horizons, Calendars and Timings in...

    Shaun Snapp

    Planning horizons and timing settings are critical to controlling the behavior of planning applications. But few people understand the impact that timing settings in one APO application have on other APO applications, and what implications they have...

  • e-book

    Sustainability in Supply Chain Management...


    This reference is a comprehensive collection of original case studies on building sustainability into the supply chain. An ideal resource for graduate-level and executive courses in sustainability, operations management, and supply chain/logistics,...

  • e-book

    Daily Light Devotional


    Devotional derived from the Daily light range of 1999

  • e-book

    Learning Perforce Scm

    Cowham Robert Firth Neal Ralph

    Learning Perforce SCM is written in a friendly and practical style with a focus on getting you started with Perforce efficiently and effectively. The book provides plenty of examples and screenshots to guide you through the process of...

  • e-book

    Supply Chain Management Strategy - Using SCM...

    Alexandre Oliveira; Anne Gimeno

    Drive more value from your supply chain by choosing and implementing the right models and strategies. Supply Chain Management Strategy offers expert guidance for comparing and choosing models, implementing governance, and strategizing to enable sales...

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