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  • The Seven Deadly Sins - Vol. 24


    Embora tenha sido por consequência da maldição, Meliodas finalmente volta à vida! Todos aguardavam o retorno do herói de Lyonesse, e isso marca o contra-ataque dos humanos contra os Dez Mandamentos! As figuras mais fortes do continente, desde os...

  • The Seven Deadly Sins - Vol. 19

    Suzuki, Nakaba

    Quando Ban acha que finalmente se encontrou com Elaine viva, é brutalmente atacado por ela. Isso porque o segredo por trás de sua ressurreição é uma maldição dos demônios que está controlando diretamente as ações da santa. Agora, para poder salvar...

  • The Seven Deadly Sins - Vol. 23


    Meliodas está morto! O herói desceu ao Purgatório, Lyonesse afundou nas trevas dos Mandamentos e o moral do povo é estraçalhado. Será que o castelo real vai cair diante do ataque dos Dez Mandamentos sem poder reagir?! O impiedoso “Honra” colide...

  • e-book

    Sete histórias de alzheimer

    Márcio F. Borges

    Este livro preenche uma grande carência no mercado editorial, quando o assunto é a doença de Alzheimer. Principalmente, que seja acessível para a maioria da população. Rico em detalhes e dicas, certamente ajudará a você, leitor, que deseja aprender...

  • e-book

    Seven Pillars of Wisdom - A Triumph

    Lawrence, T. E.

    When T. E. Lawrence's 'Seven Pillars of Wisdom' first appeared in 1922 it was immediately recognized as a literary masterpiece. In writing his extraordinary account of the Arab Revolt of 1916-1918 and his own role in it, T. E. Lawrence sealed his...

  • The Seven Deadly Sins - Vol. 18

    Suzuki, Nakaba

    Os Dez Mandamentos iniciam a sua marcha em direção à conquista de toda Britannia. Para detê-los, Meliodas, Arthur e os Paladinos passam pela provação na terra dos druidas. Contudo, eles não serão os únicos a se levantarem contra a ameaça dos demônios...

  • e-book

    Seven Scents - Healing and the Aromatic...

    Dorothy P. Abram

    Examining the psychoactive nature of seven aromatic plants, this book centres on scent as a line of inquiry in the exploration of spiritual and healing states. Offering an exciting entry into the complexities of human experience, this book also makes...

  • e-book

    The Seven Deadly Sins 7

    Nakaba Suzuki

    The Wrath Awakens Meliodas escapes the Goddess Amber, but he emerges from his prison strangely silent and with a new look. In the blink of an eye, he wrecks Guila and Jericho and begins delivering an epic beating to Sir Helbram, who somehow manages...

  • The Seven Deadly Sins - Vol. 15

    Suzuki, Nakaba

    O selo de três mil anos se quebra e os Dez Mandamentos despertam, e quem ficará no caminho deles não poderia ser outro senão Meliodas! Seguindo a profecia do Rei de Lyonesse, uma tropa avançada dos Dez Mandamentos ataca Camelot, e os Pecados Capitais...

  • e-book

    Seven Deadly Sins

    Taylor, Corey

    'apos;I was 22 years old, a hard-on with a pulse: wretched, vice-ridden, too much to burn and not enough minutes in a hour to do so'apos;The action begins in West Des Moines, Iowa, where Corey Taylor, frontman of heavy metal bands Slipknot and Stone...

  • e-book

    Seven Deadly Sins

    Mary Reason Theriot

    He must save the town of Bear Corner, Louisiana from the wicked. The first of the seven sinners, Pride, has been cleansed of her sins. He has six more to go before his mission is complete.God chose him for this mission. He must eradicate the...

    sob encomenda
  • e-book

    The House of the Seven Gables

    Nathaniel Hawthorne

    Greedy Colonel Pyncheon builds his mansion on ill-gotten ground, setting the stage for generations of suffering. Years later, a country cousin and young boarder attempt to reverse the tide of misfortunes surrounding the house.

  • e-book

    The Flowers of Autumn - Seven Romantic Short...

    Hart, Susan

    Jousting In The New Mexican Desert - A woman's father sends her off via a matchmaker to a man with a castle in New Mexico. Dropping the Rare Book Into a Bucket of Water - A woman working in a rare bookstore accidentally drops a precious book into a...

  • e-book

    Seven Against Mars

    Martin Berman-Gorvine

    Trapped in the Warsaw ghetto in 1942, teenager Rachel Zilber escapes the horror by writing about the adventures of Zap-Gun Jack and Princess Anya of Mars. When her parents are captured by the Nazis, Rachel's transported into her make-believe world,...

  • e-book

    Seven Moves

    Anshaw, Carol

    Christine Snow, a Chicago therapist, wakes one morning to find her live-in lover gone. At first Chris thinks that Taylor has left in a funk because they fought the night before over a minor flirtation. But too many clues point to another explanation:...

  • e-book

    The Room of Villains - Emergence of the Seven

    D.K. Authords

    Fifty years ago, Evivrous and five of his six sons were imprisoned in another world-one much more dangerous than the human world. The villainous son who remains in this human world has the task of sending Jackie Ti, the grandson of Evivrous' nemesis,...

  • e-book

    The Seven Chabad-Lubavitch Rebbes

    Chaim Dalfin

    To find more information on Rowman & Littlefield titles, please visit

  • e-book

    Seven Deadly Sins - The Uncomfortable Truth

    Boone, Dan

    Sin. It's ugly. It's deceptive. It meddles with contentment, confuses wisdom, and disfigures love. It's the one thing that keeps us from really knowing God. But talking about sin makes us uncomfortable. It's a loaded word. What is sin to one person...

  • e-book

    Wardstone - Seven Sins and Virtues - Anger


    Alethea Warder wanted nothing more than a quiet life, but she had one violent event in her immediate future. Avenging her mother and destroying her father. Rhys has been sent to stop her, and act as her guardian and husband as far as the Dragon...

  • e-book

    Pirouette - Seven Sins and Virtues - Greed


    Aaron Keller is a man suffering serious delusions. He's convinced, the redhead who's captured his heart, long after he'd thought he had no heart left to capture, is a naiad--a spirit of the magical fountain in which he finds her dancing. And that...

  • The Seven Deadly Sins - Vol. 5

    Suzuki, Nakaba

    A taverna do Meliodas chega à cidade de Byzel, sabendo que será realizado um festival de mercadores e que lá pode estar à venda a relíquia de um dos Pecados Capitais. O que eles não sabiam é que a relíquia em questão não está à venda coisa nenhuma, e...

  • e-book


    Ennis, Garth

    Created by acclaimed filmmaker John Woo, (Mission Impossible 2; Face-Off; Red Cliff)The story of the Seven Brothers rushes towards its conclusion as the Son of Hell makes his play. Rachel'apos;s efforts turn the brothers into fighters have proved...

  • e-book

    Seven Minutes


    Can love be found in seven minutes?Heavy metal singer Stone Manson never acknowledged his attraction to men. But when he meets sexy cross-dresser Devon at a party and spends Seven Minutes in Heaven with him, he can'apos;t deny his reaction. His...

  • e-book

    Seven Days

    Grey, Andrew

    A Seven Days StoryCan a person'apos;s life change in just one day? How about seven?This is the story of seven pivotal days in Evan Donaldson'apos;s life. Evan was a teenage street hustler when Father Valentin talked him into coming to Saint...

  • e-book

    Seven Notebooks

    McGrath, Campbell

    An ant to the starsor stars to the ant—which ismore irrelevant?Weekend Jet Skiers—rude to call them idiots,yes, but facts are facts.Clamor of seabirdsas the sun falls—I look upand ten years have passed.'—from 'Dawn Notebook'Such is the expansive...

  • e-book

    Seven Daze

    Charlie Wade

    Released from prison, and hacked off with a life of petty crime, Jim takes a new job: contract killing. But, what happens when your first hit fails? When the target has a heart attack before you can pull the trigger?Charlotte, a keen city worker,...

  • e-book

    Seven-Card Stud

    Ava Drake

    A Wild Cards NovelTemptation, peril, and dirty poker.Love is a high-stakes game.When Collin Callahan, British secret agent, goes up against math genius turned surfer bum Oliver Elliot, the battle is epic-and so is the attraction. They'apos;re pitted...

  • e-book

    Seven Cities

    Jayna Ostler

    Dee's just met Malcolm, lead singer of the biggest rock group of their decade, by breaking his nose in a bar. Surprisingly, he lets her set it back in her van for the chance to get to know her. Thinking they'll never see each other again after that...

  • e-book

    Seven Wishes

    Jeff Brown

    Seven Wishes is a collection of seven short stories that expose the darker side of different situations and experiences.

  • e-book

    Seven Men

    Beerbohm, Max

    Seven Men is a collection of five stories by the English satirist Max Beerbohm. He studies, satirizes and eulogizes the fin de siecle - the decadent final decade of the 19th Century. His characters are writers: unrecognized poets, fashionable...

  • e-book

    Seven Mile Beach

    Gilling, Tom

    From Tom Gilling&#8212The New York Times Notable author of The Adventures of Miles and Isabel&#8212comes a skillful, compulsively readable modern thriller about re-inventing one’s identity.It was just a harmless lie&#8212to say he was driving Danny...

  • e-book

    Seven Generations

    Martin, Margaret

    Seven Generations is a historically accurate novel of successive generations of a Shoshone Indian family from 1825 to 2013. The first part contains the stories of Trees-Told-It; a Shoshone Indian who was born to the 'old way' in 1825 then lived a...

  • e-book

    Seven Maids of Far Cathay


    'The English Notes which go to make up this Chinese Class book are the result of a game which the President of the Woman's Anglo-Chinese College of Neuchang, China, induced the seven Chinese girls of the graduating class to play during the last six...

  • e-book

    Seven Secrets of Seduction

    Mallory, Anne

    Scandalous and provocative, The Seven Secrets of Seduction is an intoxicating insight into the mind of men and the desires of women—and the book has all the ton talking.Secret #1: Every good seduction begins with a baited hook . . .Well-educated, but...

  • e-book

    Seven Icelandic Short Stories

    Various, Authors

    Of the seven Icelandic short stories which appear here, the first was probably written early in the thirteenth century, while the rest all date from the early twentieth century. The Norsemen who colonized Iceland in the last quarter of the ninth...

  • e-book

    Seven Minutes to Noon

    Lief, Katia

    'A gripping story that pulls you in and doesn't let go until the end.' -Book Review CaféA GRISLY CRIMEOn a day that seems perfectly ordinary, Alice Halpern waits for her best friend at the playground where they always meet with their children in...

  • e-book

    Seven Discourses on Art

    Joshua Sir Reynolds
    (3373550) present you this new edition. It is a happy memory that associates the foundation of our Royal Academy with the delivery of these inaugural discourses by Sir Joshua Reynolds, on the opening of the schools, and at the first annual meetings...

  • e-book

    Seven Days in Rio

    Levy, Francis

    An incendiary and provocative new novel from 'quot;Nicholson Baker and Mary Gaitskill'apos;s French-kissing cousin'quot;!

  • e-book

    Seven Days In Cell Block 7

    Dusseau, Lizbeth

    The lovely redhead Olivia Bennington is a shrewd young attorney, heading up the prosecution of drug lord Sonny Sanchez. One night while working late, Olivia believes she is drugged then sexually assaulted in her office by a mysterious assailant. The...

  • e-book

    Seven in a Tent

    Don Puckridge

    Study leave in Switzerland, England, Canada and the USA with four children aged 1 to 10 and family friend Gail brought many challenges. At the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology the author lectured on Agricultural Development and the children...

  • e-book

    Seven Lies about Catholic History

    Moczar, Diane

    The world hates the Church that Jesus founded, just as He said it would (John 15:18). It reviles her doctrines, mocks her moral teachings and invents lies about her history. In every age, but especially in our modern day, historians and political...

  • e-book

    Seven Dials (Book 12 of The Performers)


    It is 1946 and London is still reeling from the destruction and suffering of the Second World War. The formidable Letty Lackland helps to raise funds for Queen Eleanor's Hospital, destroyed in the Blitz. Dr Charlie Lucas helps Brin Lackland come to...

  • e-book

    Seven Rainbows Over Santa Rosa


    Synopsis: Inspired by a true story, Seven Rainbows Over Santa Rosa is one man'apos;s unique and serendipitous experience during one of America'apos;s more turbulent times. Set in 1968 in a small Northern California town against the backdrop of the...

  • e-book

    Seven Tales

    G.C. McRae

    A girl who loves sneaking. Seven daughters who all pretend to be the same person. A witch who tricks a man into carving his own children out of stone. And just for good measure, a giant or two, who may or may not be friendly. In the Seven Tales,...

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