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22 produtos
  • Hamlet - Col. L&pm Pocket - Mangá


    Esta coleção traz para o leitor brasileiro os textos de grandes clássicos da literatura universal adaptados para a linguagem ágil e dinâmica das histórias em quadrinhos japonesas. Hamlet, um dos ápices da produção dramática de William Shakespeare...

  • Hamlet - Mangá Shakespeare

    Vieceli,Emma (ilt)

    Dois lançamentos combinando o estilo do mangá japonês e uma adaptação dos diálogos de Shakespeare, dando uma cara jovem às histórias. Cada volume é ilustrado por um quadrinista diferente, e traduzidos para o português pelo poeta Alexei Bueno. Em...

  • Mangá Shakespeare - Romeu e Julieta


    Famílias rivais, os Montéquio e os Capulento estão em constante desavença. Enquanto isso, alheio às brigas, Romeu tenta desesperadamente esquecer sua namorada, Rosalina. Para tal, e com a ajuda e incentivo de seu amigo Benvolio, resolvem ir a uma...

  • Ricardo III - Mangá Shakespeare


    Obstinado pelo poder, o duque de Gloucester planeja o assassinato do irmão, do sobrinho e da sobrinha, filhos do rei Eduardo IV, e ainda envenena a própria mulher. A derrota de Ricardo em 1485, em Bosworth, marcou o fim da Guerra das Rosas e deu...

  • Macbeth - Col. Mangá Shakespeare

    William Shakespeare

    “Macbeth” chega à coleção que combina o estilo do mangá japonês e Shakespeare “Salve, Macbeth, que será rei!” Com esta enganadora profecia, três feiticeiras plantam a semente da ambição criminosa na alma do chefe guerreiro “Macbeth”. Incitado por...

  • Hamlet - Manga Shakespeare


    The future - a divided world. A great quake divides our planet. Separate colonies have formed and the state of Denmark has grown seemingly prosperous. Its founding family is wealthy; their residence a palace equal to those of ages past. Success,...

  • Othello - Manga Shakespeare


    Othello is considered to be one of Shakespeare's greatest tragedies. Beginning with an argument in a street in Venice, the grudges and passionate jealousies that fuel Othello's misfortunate plot are quickly revealed in this fantastical manga version...

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  • Macbeth - Manga Shakespeare

    Appignanesi,Richard; Dean,Robert

    Samurai warriors have reclaimed a future post-nuclear world of mutants in the original manga version of Shakespeare's tale of skulduggery. The series keeps true to Shakespeare's original text, but is specially abridged for use in the manga, which...

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  • Twelfth Night - Manga Shakespeare

    Li ,Nana

    Shakespeare turned a tale of unrequited love, family dispute and fatal shipwreck into a miraculously evergreen Christmas favourite. At the beginning of the story, everyone is alone; by the end, everyone - well, almost everyone - has found their other...

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  • Henry VIII - Manga Shakespeare

    Shakespeare,William; Warren,Patrick

    King Henry VIII is married to Katharine of Aragon, an upright and virtuous wife. Henry, a proud and wilful monarch, wishes to defy Rome's ban on divorce to marry the beguiling Anne Boleyn. Despite attempts to sway the Pope by Cardinal Wolsey,...

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  • The Tempest - Manga Shakespeare

    Shakespeare,William; Duffield ,Paul

    Illustrated by leading UK manga artists, this series feeds into the growing popularity of manga worldwide, and presents Shakespeare's classic works in a highly visual and dynamic form. Shakespeare's tale of fantasy has fascinated audiences for...

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  • Richard III - Manga Shakespeare

    Shakespeare,William; Warren,Patrick

    Illustrated by leading UK manga artists, this series feeds into the growing popularity of manga worldwide, and presents Shakespeare's classic works in a highly visual and dynamic form. Shakespeare's epic history play Richard III reveals the power of...

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  • Julius Caesar - Manga Shakespeare

    Appignanesi,Richard; Chowdhury,Mahbub

    This manga recreation of Shakespeare's text transfers the action from Ancient Rome to a future Iraq, once again facing dictatorship after its prolonged struggles to establish a democracy. Part of the successful Manga Shakespeare series, a fusion of...

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  • King Lear - Manga Shakespeare


    This manga version of King Lear is set during the era of the Last of the Mohicans - circa 1759, during a crucial era of invasion and displacement along the American frontier. Lear is a venerated Mohican chieftain entering his final days. His elder...

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  • e-book

    Shakespeare'apos;s Hamlet - The Manga Edition

    Sexton,Adam; William Shakespeare; Tintin Pantoja

    The sudden death of the king, later revealed to be murder. The queen’s all-too-sudden remarriage to the king’s brother, the murderer. The grieving, suspicious Prince Hamlet. Supernatural visitations. Plots, leaks, and counterplots. Poisoned wine. A...

  • e-book

    Shakespeare'apos;s Macbeth - The Manga...

    Sexton,Adam; William Shakespeare; Eve Grandt

    Witches and prophesies. Fate and fortune.. Murders and atrocities. Insomnia and insanity. Unchecked aspirations and even decapitation. Power-crazed and convinced of his own invincibility, Macbeth, the Scottish war hero, turns into a serial killer,...

  • e-book

    Shakespeare'apos;s Romeo and Juliet - The...

    William Shakespeare

    Feuding families—the Montagues and Capulets. Star-crossed lovers—Romeo and Juliet. A street brawl and a masquerade ball. Comedy and tragedy. Murder and revenge.  True romance. A secret marriage. A double suicide. This manga edition features a...

  • Romeo And Juliet - Manga Shakespeare


    Everyone retells the Bard. But rising British manga star Leong delivers her adaptation with panache, creating an all-ages text likely to usher in new readers. Traditional manga styling - large eyes, incredibly graceful figures, expressive backdrops,...

  • As You Like It - Manga Shakespeare

    Shakespeare,William; Kutsuwada,Chie

    As You Like It is perhaps Shakepeare's sunniest comedy, but there are patches of shade amidst the love-drenched brightness. Political corruption, fraternal rivalry and melancholy all serve as thematic counterpoints to Shakespeare's investigation of...

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  • Much Ado About Nothing - Manga Shakespeare

    Appignanesi,Richard; Vieceli,Emma

    In this popular Shakespearean comedy of society and romance, readers find two couples falling in love despite the scheming of the embittered Don John and the comic incompetence of Dogberry. This romantic comedy is one of Shakespeare's most enduring...

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  • The Merchant Of Venice - Manga Shakespeare


    One of Shakespeare's greatest and, in recent years, most controversial plays. After borrowing a large sum of money from the Jewish money-lender, Shylock, the merchant Antonio faces a devastating credit crunch when his fleet of ships is sunk in a...

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  • A Midsummer Night's Dream - Manga Shakespeare

    Shakespeare,William; Brown,Kate; Appignanesi,Richard

    Shakespeare's enduring characters are set adrift in present-day Athens, but a present with a massive difference - an alternative history. Rigid class systems and `god given' monarchies of the past have not been lost. Modern technologies meet ancient...

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