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  • Sister Cristina


    Após vencer o programa The Voice da Itália, receber tweets e elogios de artistas do calibre de Alicia Keys e Whoopi Goldberg, finalmente Sister Cristina lança seu álbum de estreia pela Universal Music. O álbum inclui 10 novas versões covers de...

  • Sister Noon

    Fowler, Karen Joy

    San Francisco in the 1890s is a town of contradictions, home to a respectable middle class, but with the Wild West lingering in the imagination, and even the behaviour, of some residents. Lizzie Hayes, a seemingly docile, middle-aged spinster, is...

  • The Bronte Sisters

    Bronte, Charlotte; Bronte, Anne; Brontë, Emily

    The Brontë Sisters features three classics of literature collected in a single volume. Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Brontë, is the tale of governess Jane Eyre and her passionate romance with Lord Rochester, her employer, whose dark and secret past comes...

  • Os Irmãos Sisters

    Dewitt ,Patrick

    Best-seller e reconhecido pela crítica, este divertido romance de faroeste chegará aos cinemas com Jake Gyllenhaal e Joaquin Phoenix no elenco O ano é 1851. O enigmático Comodoro decide que Hermann Kermit deve morrer, e cabe aos seus capangas Eli e...

  • e-book

    Sister Noon

    Fowler, Karen Joy

    'apos;Words were invented so lies could be told'apos; Mary Ellen PleasantSan Francisco in the 1890s is a town of contradictions, home to a respectable middle class, but with the Wild West lingering in the imagination, and even the behaviour, of some...

  • e-book

    Sister Carrie

    William H Coles

    A literary psychological thriller by award-winning author William H. Coles. Two orphaned sisters, facing a future of want and loneliness, quarrel when the older sister, responsible for her dependent teenage sibling, repudiates her sister’s affair...

  • e-book

    Sister Trouble - A Pair of Mail Order Bride...

    Doreen Milstead

    Mail Order Bride: Twin Sisters With A Secret, For The Two Brothers In Montana - Twin sisters who have lost their parents, seek a way to support themselves, but the only way they can get their inheritance is to marry and stay married for three years....

  • e-book

    Sister to the Fae - Fool'apos;s Gold


    Six months ago John Talik discovered that fairies were real, joined a secret government agency, and single-handedly stopped an evil entity from destroying the city.And now, he’s bored.With humanity saved and danger thwarted, the official training...

  • e-book

    Sister Carrie

    Theodore Dreiser

    Dissatisfied with life in her rural Wisconsin home, 18-year-old Caroline moves to the big city where she starts realizing her own American Dream by first becoming a mistress to men that she perceives as superior and later as a famous actress. It has...

  • e-book


    Patricia MaCDonald

    Could finding her long lost sister be the biggest mistake Alex Woods has ever made? |Having recently lost both her parents in a tragic car accident, Alex Woods is shocked to discover through the family lawyer that her beloved mother was keeping a...

  • e-book


    Wingate, Lisa

    Experience three novellas about the joys and trials of sisterhood!The Sea Glass SistersA mother-daughter road trip is the last thing Elizabeth Gallagher needs. But with an impending hurricane, they are determined to convince Aunt Sandy to abandon her...

  • e-book

    Sister Carrie

    Theodore Dreiser

    Sister Carrie is the story of Carrie Meeber, an 18-year-old country girl who moves to Chicago, and then moves to New York. She starts out poor and living with her sister and then becomes a successful Broadway star. This is Theodore Dreiser's first of...

  • e-book


    Ada Cambridge

    In the nineteenth century, marriage was often regarded as the be-all and end-all of women's lives. In the keenly observed novel Sisters, English-born author Ada Cambridge takes a closer look at this widespread belief and its implications and...

  • e-book

    Sister Carrie

    Theodore Dreiser

    The first masterpiece of the American naturalistic movement, Sister Carrie made its controversial debut in 1900. Condemned for its alleged immorality, the novel traces the fortunes of a small-town girl'apos;s rise from obscurity to fame.

  • e-book

    Sisters In Song; Women Hymn Writers

    Leslie Clay

    Few people read the credits in their hymnals to learn who wrote the hymns they sing and love. Leslie Clay does. Over one hundred women are featured along with their most loved hymns in Sisters in Song. Learn some of the surprising facts the author...

  • e-book

    Sister'apos;s Choice


    A young woman maneuvers to gain the attention of a handsome young man, but she has much to learn about love in this historical romance.

  • e-book

    Sisters of Shiloh

    Kathy Hepinstall; Hepinstall Hilliker,Becky

    Amid the ravages of the Civil War, two sisters join the Confederate Army disguised as men—one seeking vengeance for her husband’s death, the other hoping to keep them both alive but then finding love on the battlefield.

  • e-book

    Sisters of Mercy

    Caroline Overington

    Sisters of Mercy by Caroline Overington is the haunting crime novel story of two sisters - one has vanished, the other is behind bars...Snow Delaney was born a generation and a world away from her sister, Agnes. Until recently, neither even knew of...

  • e-book

    Sister Aimee - The Life of Aimee Semple...

    Epstein, Daniel Mark

    Sister Aimee was a scamp in school, a young widow in China, and a neurotic housewife in Rhode Island, but when the Lord spoke to her, she accepted her ministry and began preaching. This book “fills a significant gap in the history of revivalism” (New...

  • e-book

    Sisters by Choice - A Romantic Suspense...

    Lillian Duncan

    Step into a world of intrigue, danger and romance. Discover how these contemporary women-sisters by choice-find strength in God and in the support of the men who love them. This Sisters by Choice Anthology includes a trilogy of novels by beloved...

  • e-book

    Sisters of Spicefield


    The modern family comes with all sorts of blendings and combinations.Jessica stared at her from head to toe, lost in her legs, her hair, her eyelashes, her cheeks. How was she supposed to feel? What on earth was happening in this world if you could...

  • e-book

    Sisters of Mercy Flats


    When the wagon carrying Abigail McDougal is attacked, she'apos;s rescued by Mr. Hershall Digman. She steals his horse and rides off to the nearest town, not giving him another thought...until she discovers those secret papers in his saddlebags. Could...

  • e-book

    Sisters in Mischief


    Seldom have two women had so little and everything in common. One exudes the pedigree of high society while the other would rather party like a rock star. The two meet at college shortly after Astrid has been uprooted from her home, just as Dandy is...

  • e-book

    Sister Carrie

    Theodore Dreiser

    Dissatisfied with life in her rural Wisconsin home, 18-year-old Caroline moves to the big city where she starts realizing her own American Dream by first becoming a mistress to men that she perceives as superior and later as a famous actress. It has...

  • e-book

    Sister Beneath the Sheet

    Linscott, Gillian

    Springtime in Biarritz means playtime for the fashionable Edwardian crowd, until a high-class prostitute commits suicide, leaving the suffragettes her fortune. Nell Bray travels to protect the money, but begins to suspect foul play. Also tasked with...

  • e-book

    Sister Girl Blog

    Katrina Gilder

    After a messy divorce and time on her hands, Ashley Parsons came up with an idea to create a blog on Empowering Women. With the help of three close friends the blog becomes a hit until one article written goes wrong. Different backgrounds, different...

  • e-book

    Sister Songs; an offering to two sisters

    (3164525) present you this new edition. This poem, though new in the sense of being now for the first time printed, was written some four years ago, about the same date as the Hound of Heaven in my former volume.

  • e-book

    Sisters In Slavery

    Charles Graham

    Maxine Osborne discovers a massive fraud being perpetrated in her company and takes her findings to CEO, Andrew Morrison. She'apos;s unaware that Morrison and his fellow Directors, Carlo Crespi and Dawnelle O'apos;Keefe, are the authors of the fraud,...

  • e-book

    Sister Carrie - The Pennsylvania Edition

    Theodore Dreiser

    The Sister Carrie edition that was published in 1900, long regarded as a watershed work in American fiction, was actually a censored misrepresentation of Drieser'apos;s original story. When, 80 years later, the Pennsylvania Edition first appeared,...

  • e-book

    Sister Carmen

    Corvus,M.; 1stWorld Library

    The first rays of early dawn threw their shadowy light over hill and dale, and all nature seemed animated with new life as the fresh spring breeze kissed the young blades of grain in the fields. Ever brighter and more glowing grew the eastern horizon...

  • e-book


    Ansay,A. Manette

    'When my brother disappeared in 1984, I began to see myself in the third person as if my life were a story being told to someone else.'Abigail Schiller lives a seemingly normal childhood in a rural Catholic commuinity in Wisconsin. But that life is...

  • e-book

    Sisters of Salome

    Bentley, Toni

    This book details for the first time the Salomania craze and four remarkable women who personified Salome and her seductive dance. Bentley shows how each embraced the persona of the femme fatale and transformed the misogynist idea of a dangerously...

  • e-book

    Sisters - A Pair of Mail Order Bride Romances

    Doreen Milstead

    Mail Order Bride: Three English Sisters, One Cowboy & The Navajo Nation - Three sisters from London strike out for the Americas, where one already has a fiancé in waiting - a cowboy in Nevada.Mail Order Bride: Three Sisters & Ships, Trains &...

  • e-book

    Sisters Storm

    Glen W. Christen

    Sara and Sally are not your average young women of the early twentieth century. They are as feisty and independent as their mother, U.S. Marshal Sue Storm, the only female in the Marshal Service. They follow in her footsteps, using their wits, and...

  • e-book

    Sister Wife

    Hrdlitschka, Shelley

    In their strict religious community, sisters Celeste and Nanette try to come to terms with plural marriage, family obedience and finding their own place in the world.

  • e-book

    Sisters of Holmes County Omnibus

    Brunstetter, Wanda E.

    Enjoy the bestselling Sister’s of Holmes County series of three novels all under one cover. Follow an Amish family’s struggle through a series of mysterious misfortunes to a love-filled conclusion.

  • Sister Love & Other Crime Stories (oxford...

    Escott. John

    Sister Love & Other Crime Stories (oxford Bookworm Library 1) 3ed

  • e-book

    Sisters of the Sword

    Maya Snow

    I see you blink with surprise. A girl? you are thinking. Surely a girl cannot be asamurai. But you are wrong.Kimi dreams of being a great samurai warrior, but she and her sister, Hana, are young ladies of ancient Japan, daughters of the Jito of the...

  • e-book

    Sisters of the Sword 3: Journey Through Fire

    Maya Snow

    Sometimes a samurai's most dangerous opponent is herself. Ever since their father's murder, Kimi and Hana have honed their fighting skills and prepared for vengeance against their vicious uncle Hidehira. They have become true warriors with the hearts...

  • e-book


    McPhail, David

    Celebrate sisterhood with this new bilingual edition of David McPhail's Sisters.

  • e-book


    Sincere Sanders

    A story about the bond sisters share and how they overcome differences.

  • e-book

    Sister of the Bride


    Barbara can hardly believe her older sister is getting married. With all the excitement of wedding plans going on, Barbara can't help dreaming of the day she will be the bride. She can't wait to fall in love.But as the big day gets closer, wedding...

  • e-book

    Sisters in Sanity


    'Where are they taking me?''It's for your own good, Brit,' Dad said.I was shoved into a small, stuffy room, and the door was locked behind me. I waited for my dad to realize he'd made a terrible mistake and come get me.But he didn't.For...

  • e-book

    Sisters of the Sword 2: Chasing the Secret

    Maya Snow

    We held our weapons ready. I felt power humming through my limbs.Kimi and her sister, Hana, disguised themselves as boys to learn the ways of the samurai—and to prepare themselves to take revenge on the uncle who murdered their father and older...

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