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  • Toque Perigoso - Série Slow Burn

    Banks, Maya



    Criada em um rigoroso culto religioso durante toda a sua juventude, Jenna não conhece nada do mundo exterior além de vagos flashes de memória, que sequer parecem ser desta vida. Memórias que servem como consolo, principalmente quando os líderes do...

  • Descubra-Me - Trilogia Slow Burn - Vol. 3

    Banks, Maya



    Duas vidas entrelaçadas nos mistérios de um passado que precisa ser revelado.Há 12 anos, Zack perdeu o amor de sua vida. Sem saber se Gracie morreu ou se ela o abandonou, ele procura qualquer pista sobre o seu paradeiro, tentando pôr um fim ao...

  • Slow Food

    McCuaig,William (TRN); Petrini,Carlo; Waters,Alice (frw)

    Slow Food

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  • Thinking, Fast And Slow


    The guru to the gurus at last shares his knowledge with the rest of us. Nobel laureate Daniel Kahneman's seminal studies in behavioral psychology, behavioral economics, and happiness studies have influenced numerous other authors, including Steven...

  • Slow Man

    Coetzee,J. M.

    Slow Man has to get the award for 'hardest novel of the year to unwrap', in that it's actually more like three novels layered variously on top of each other, and all in a mere 263 pages! It is also, without doubt, the most challenging novel of the...

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  • Slow Your Clock Down

    Reichman,Judith, M.D.

    A guide for women in their forties and fifties offers insight into the biological processes of aging, outlining a program of healthy diet, exercise, and vitamins that can help address the effects of hormonal changes.

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  • Slow Motion


    The only child of Orthodox Jews in an anti-Semitic suburb, the author tells how she was forced to confront her alcoholism, her destructive relationship with a married man, and her past when her parents were seriously injured. Reprint. 35,000 first...

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  • Slow Cooker

    Distal USA

    Slow Cooker

  • Slow Cooker - Quick & Easy, Proven Recipes


    This great new recipe collection will show you how to achieve a range of delicious meals, allowing you to go to work in the morning and return to the tantalizing aromas of dinner. A slow cooker can cook much more than casseroles, and so a whole range...

  • Slow Cooking


    Make comforting, rich, rewarding meals without slaving over a hot stove. Try It! Slow Cooking allows you to sit back and relax while your preparation work is transformed into a hearty feast.Get your tastebuds tingling with more than 100 recipes in...

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  • Slow - Mouthwatering Recipes With Minimum...


    Slow is an irresistible collection of simple, delicious dishes to take your time over. James Martin shows how cooking slowly is the perfect way to draw out flavours and textures, enabling you to produce mouthwatering dishes with minimum effort....

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  • Slow Cooker

    Flame Tree Recipes; General Editor Gina Steer

    We have recently gained a revived interest in hearty, healthy, traditional and slow-cooked food. However, our lifestyles have not slowed down accordingly. This great new recipe collection will show you how to achieve delicious meals using your slow...

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  • Slow Stoppers

    Good Housekeeping Institute

    Good Housekeeping recipes tick all the boxes - They look great They taste delicious They're easy to make Now, learn how to be a clever cook with this amazing new cookery series. Each Good Housekeeping slow-cooked recipe - triple-tested for perfect...

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  • Slow Cooker Magic


    Many cooks who want to prepare healthy, homey meals feel that they don't have the time, but this cookbook proves them wrong. Slow cooking is ideal for people with all kinds of lifestyles, from parents who want to put the supper on after dropping kids...

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  • Slow Cooker Curries


    Slow Cooker Curries

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  • Slow Learner


    A collection of the five stories that launched the outstanding American novelist's career includes an introductory essay in which he sketches the milieu in which he began writing. Reprint. 20,000 first printing. NYT.

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  • Thinking, Fast And Slow

    Kahneman, Daniel

    The phenomenal New York Times Bestseller by Nobel Prize-winner Daniel Kahneman, Thinking Fast and Slow offers a whole new look at the way our minds work, and how we make decisions.Why is there more chance we'll believe something if it's in a bold...

  • Slow Burn


    When a woman returns to her tiny hometown after a long absence, she is stunned to find herself implicated in a decades-old murder and is left in the position of not knowing whom she can trust, or whom she should fear the most.

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  • Slow Kill


    Wrongly accused of murder while visiting a California ranch, Santa Fe police chief Kevin Kerney conducts his own investigation, wondering if there is a connection to the victim's son, a believed-to-be-killed Vietnam soldier who may be alive. Reprint.

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  • Slow Motion

    Archer,Devon Vaughn; Jordan,Wayne

    Includes Wayne Jordan's 'Capture the Sunrise,' in which a single mother, escaping from a painful past, finds a man who will stand by her no matter what, and Devon Vaughn Archer's 'Dark and Dashing,' in which a beautiful inn owner wins a dinner date...

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  • Slow Heat in Heaven


    Schyler Crandall, the adopted daughter of the founder of a logging empire, falls in love with Cash Boudreaux, a brash Cajun, but her sister's cruel lies, a dangerous and scheming pimp, family conflict, and a logging empire on the brink of ruin could...

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  • Slow Burn


    When a woman returns to her tiny hometown after a long absence, she is stunned to find herself implicated in a decades-old murder and is left in the position of not knowing whom she can trust, or whom she should fear the most.

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  • Slow Burn


    After the brutal murder of her husband, Spencer Huntington turns to her husband's former partner, ex-cop David Delgado, for solace, safety, and love, in a tale of passion and mystery set against Miami's glittering Gold Coast high society. Reprint.

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  • Slow Dollar


    When an inflatable carnival ride is destroyed, the first in a series of strange events surrounding a traveling carnival, judge Deborah Knott wonders about a carny's charm bracelet and her connection to Deborah's own family. Reprint.

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  • Slow Sex Secrets

    Adler,Marc (trn); Tokunaga,Adam

    Have you had great sex? Oh, you may think you have, at times eliciting vocal responses or squirms of seeming pleasure from your partner. And in comparison to your peers, your intimate moments may be a step above the curve. But according to author of...

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  • Superfood Slow Cooker - Healthy Wholefood...


    Over 60 recipes for delicious, home-cooked, nourishing meals from your electric slow cooker. For anyone who loves good food but has little time to spend cooking, an electric slow cooker (crockpot) can fit perfectly into a busy lifestyle. They can be...

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  • 200 Slow Cooker Recipes

    Lewis,Sara E.

    Would you like to cut down on convenience food? Want to eat home-cooked meals but just don't have the time or energy to prepare them after a busy day? Then a slow cooker could be the solution for you. Requiring only minimal preparation, a slow cooker...

  • Essential Slow Cooker Recipes - 103 Fuss-Free...


    A slow cooker is the ideal partner in crime when it comes to tackling dishes that can be too time- and work-intensive for every day, like French onion soup or chicken cordon bleu. And in this cookbook, we're going way beyond the expected soups and...

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  • Complete Slow Cooker Cookbook


    REDISCOVER THE JOYS OF FAMILY DINNERS AND TOGETHERNESSSlow cookers are for more than soups and stews. Slow cooking is bringing thousands of families back to the dinner table for hearty, homey dinners that are delicious, nutritious, and easy to...

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  • The Slow Cook Book


    Mouth-watering slow cook recipes from tasty tagines to fragrant curries. From pot roasts to North African tagines, celebrate the art of slow cooking with. The Slow Cook Book. The 200 recipes featured include all the more traditional slow cook dishes...

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  • The Slow Air of Ewan Macpherson

    Averill,Thomas Fox

    Growing up in Glasglow, Kansas, the son of a Scotsman devoted to his attempts to make a single-malt Scotch, Ewan MacPherson falls in love at the age of twelve with Shirley Porter, a devotion that follows him through adolescence into adulthood,...

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  • The Slow Burn Fitness Revolution

    Eades,Michael R.; Eades,Mary Dan; Hahn,Fredrick

    Outlines a program of slow-movement exercise that safely increases strength and burns fat in only half an hour per week, providing step-by-step instructions designed to work out the entire body, improve cardiovascular health, and enhance spinal...

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  • The Complete Slow Cooker


    Slow cookers are very cheap to run, environmentally friendly and incredibly versatile - everyone should have one! The Complete Slow Cooker will guide you through a fantastic selection of dishes you can make with a slow cooker, helping you to...

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  • Secrets of Slow Cooking

    Krissoff, Liana

    Secrets of Slow Cooking

    sob encomenda
  • The Complete Slow Cooker

    Lewis, Sara

    The Complete Slow Cooker

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  • e-book

    Slow Cooker and Crock Pot Low Carb, Weight...

    Tamra Barlow

    Slow cooker saves time of meal preparation. Combine all the ingredients in slow cooker, and feel free. Foods cooked in slow cooker have more flavors. It helps in the nutrient contents.Low-carb diet gives you an edge in losing weight. Helps you keep...

  • e-book

    Slow Burn

    Callan,Katherine; Mittleman,Stu

    Change your workout, change your lifeIn Slow Burn, endurance master Stu Mittleman delivers a program for creating energy and increasing endurance so you can go the distance and feel great doing it every day, week, and year.Think Stu shares his proven...

  • e-book

    Slow Cooker Cooking*


    When someone says "slow cooker," do you think of pot roast or chili? Now you can think Slow Cooked Salmon, Caramelized Onion Soup, falling-off-the-bone Lamb You Can Eat with a Spoon, and Flourless Pear Anise Soufflé. If these dishes whet your...

  • e-book

    Slow Cooker Desserts - Hot, Easy, and...


    HOT AND SCRUMPTIOUS DESSERTS STRAIGHT FROM YOUR SLOW COOKERDiscover the hassle-free way to have the most delicious dessert. Toss the ingredients in your slow cooker, let them cook while you enjoy a relaxing dinner. Then, serve the piping hot treat to...

  • e-book

    Slow Cooker Recipes

    Gooseberry Patch

    Easy-to-make homestyle meals with slow-simmered flavor. Chapters include Dinner in a Jiffy, Melting Pot, Mouthwatering Roasts, Family Favorites, Ooey Gooey Desserts & more.

  • e-book

    Slow Cooked - 200 exciting, new recipes for...


    In her first book, Miss South turns to one of her favourite kitchen appliances, her beloved slow-cooker, and shares 200 recipes for economical, adventurous food. Look forward to mouth-watering one pots, including Pulled Pork, Sausage Ragu, spicy...

  • e-book

    Slow Cookers For Dummies

    Vance,Glenna; Lacalamita,Tom

    The secret is out: That slow cooker that's been collecting dust in your kitchen cabinet is a wonderful and easy tool for making delicious entrees at the touch of a button. With new U.S. sales estimated at 6 million a year, more people are finding...

  • e-book

    Slow& Easy - Fast-Fix Recipes for Your...


    Slow cookers are incredibly popular among home cooks, and with good reason -- easy to use and cost, time, and energy-efficient, slow cookers are an ideal way to get dinner on the table fast. This book will provide slow cooker aficionados with expert...

  • e-book

    Slow Cooker Recipes

    Stacey Turner

    As slow cookers become a more popular option for many people the demand has also risen not only for information on these slow cookers and how versatile they can be but also for great recipes that can be prepared using this device. If you are one...

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