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  • Soul Eater vol. 1

    Ohkubo, Atsushi

    Maka is a weapon meister, determined to turn her partner, a living scythe named Soul Eater, into a powerful death scythe - the ultimate weapon of Death himself! Charged with the task of collecting and devouring the tainted souls of ninety-nine humans...

  • Soul Eater Not!, Vol. 1

    Ohkubo, Atsushi

    Ding-dong! DEAD-dong! Class is about to begin, and you don't want to be late on your first day of school! Join Tsugumi Harudori in the NOT class at Death Weapon Meister Academy, a school dedicated to training transforming Weapons like Tsugumi and the...

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  • Soul Eater Not - Vol. 1


    A Academia da Morte para Armas e Artífices Neófitos, a 'AMAAN', uma escola especial para formar heróis que salvam o mundo, e frequentada por armas e artífices! Nela, os alunos são divididos em duas vertentes: os NOT (Normally Overcome Target), os...

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  • Kit Soul Eater Not - Vol. 1 Á 5


    Soul Eater NOT! se passa 1 ano antes do começo de Soul Eater, e conta a história de três alunas da AMAAN: Tsugumi Harudori, uma arma (e fã da Maka Albarn); e duas artífices, Meme Tatane e Anya Hepburn. É uma série de comédia, com o humor escrachado e...

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  • Soul Eater Vol. 1 Slipcased Edition

    Ohkubo, Atsushi

    Maka is a scythe meister, working to perfect one particular scythe until it is good enough to become Death's Weapon -- the weapon used by Shinigami-sama, the spirit of Death himself. As if that wasn't unusual enough, her scythe is a demon scythe...

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