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  • Italian For Dummies<sup>®</sup>

    Moller,Karen; Onofri,Francesca Romana

    Outlines basic Italian grammar, and offers useful words, phrases, expressions, and simple dialogue.

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  • It's Not What You Sell, It's What You Stand...

    Rushing,Haley; Spence,Roy M

    'Roy Spence is a brilliant, sparkling gem. True greatness comes in direct proportion to passionate pursuit of a purpose beyond money.' -Jim Collins, author of 'Good to Great' Over the last thirty-five years, Roy Spence has helped organizations such...

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  • Get Off Your "But" - How to End Self-Sabotage...


    'Sean is an amazing person with an important message.' —President Bill Clinton 'Sean Stephenson is the Yoda of personal development, with less pointy ears.'—Jimmy Kimmel, host of ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live 'As we struggle with inertia to become the best...

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  • e-book

    I Am Remnant - Discover the POWER to Stand...

    Pat Schatzline

    God is calling YOU to a particular assignment that will make a difference in this world for His kingdom’s sake. Rise up today and take your place.

  • Globe Manual For Use With Stand And...


    Excerpt from Globe Manual for Use With Stand and Suspension Globes As this is an elementary work on the globe, no attempt is made at precise exactness in statement and definition: for example, the earth is regarded as a sphere; the celestial equator,...

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  • Stand For Something: The Battle For America's...


    A former nine-time congressman from Ohio and one of the most respected commentators on politics and society, John Kasich believes that traditional American values are in serious danger of being lost. Kasich asserts that this erosion of moral values...

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  • audio livro

    Stand for Peace: MLK Middle East Peace Forum


    During the weekend of January 18-21 2013, as our country recognized the life and work of Martin Luther King Jr., First Lutheran and the La Crosse Area Synod invited everyone to Stand for Peace and to stand for those living under oppression around the...

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  • Stand for Something


    A former congressman and political commentator issues a warning about what he believes to be an erosion of moral values in America, citing such causes as poor leadership among elected officials, a lack of business ethics, and religious intolerance.

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  • Japanese Phrases For Dummies<sup>®</sup>

    Sato,Eriko, Ph.D.

    Japanese Phrases For Dummies®

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  • audio livro

    Stand Up For The Truth Podcast


    Educating, Empowering & Connecting Christians. Stand Up For The Truth airs live at 9am(ct) on 90.1 FM in Green Bay. Listen live at

    R$ 24,90
    (Assinatura Mensal com Conteúdo Ilimitado)
  • e-book

    Stand Up for Autism - A Boy, a Dog, and a...

    Georgina Derbyshire

    Parenting a child on the autistic spectrum can be tough, but few books take the time to celebrate the love and laughter an autistic child can elicit in their parents and those around them. In this warm, honest and laugh-out-loud tale of bringing up...

  • e-book

    Stand Strong America - Courage, Freedom, and...

    Mcfarland,Alex; Jason Jimenez

    Americans are weary of the poor character and decisions of their leaders. Widespread corruption has led many to lose hope and succumb to fear. - Every day Americans nervously watch the national debt climb to a whopping $20 trillion (with no solutions...

  • Chinese For Dummies<sup>®</sup>, Revised...

    Abraham, Wendy

    Outlines basic Chinese grammar, and offers useful words and expressions and simplified dialogue.

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  • The American Spirit - Who We Are And What We...

    Mccullough, David

    A timely collection of speeches by David McCullough, the most honored historian in the United States--winner of two Pulitzer Prizes, two National Book Awards, and the Presidential Medal of Freedom, among many others--that reminds us of fundamental...

  • e-book

    Stand by for Action - The Memoirs of a Small...

    Donald, William

    The author of this compelling memoir proved himself one of the most successful small ship commanders during the Norwegian campaign in 1940, and then served at sea continuously throughout the rest of the War.??In Norway, as second-in-command of a...

  • Blackberry<sup>®</sup> For...


    What’s part PDA, part smartphone, and part media player? Your BlackBerry, naturally! Whether it’s the popular Pearl, the sleek Curve, or the hardworking 8800, your BlackBerry handheld device is loaded with features to make your life easier—if you can...

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  • Ipod & Itunes For Dummies<sup>®</sup>, 6th...


    Whether you’re completely new to iPod and iTunes or you’d like to discover advanced techniques for playing, managing, browsing, buying, and storing music and other files, iPod & iTunes For Dummies, 6th Edition can help you! The iPod and iTunes have...

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  • Blackberry<sup>®</sup> For...


    Make phone calls, e-mail, track appointments, and even remember the grocery list Wow - it's a phone, a PDA, and an Internet connection, and it's one-fourth the size of this book! You need the book, though, to explain in plain English what it can...

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  • Blackberry<sup>®</sup> For...

    Kao, Robert; Sarigumba, Dante

    Describes the features and functions of a BlackBerry, covering such topics as using the address book, using MemoPad, sending and receiving email, browsing the Internet, making and receiving calls, and installing applications.

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  • Imac<sup>®</sup> For Dummies<sup>®</sup>, 5th...


    Congratulations! When you bought that shiny new anodized aluminum iMac, you made a great choice. Now you want take advantage and control of that baby's awesome speed, high performance, powerful operating system, and fantastic applications, and iMac...

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  • Ipod & Itunes For Dummies<sup>®</sup>, DVD +...


    Learn about the different iPod models and get started with your iPod with for Dummies. In a straightforward and fun way, you'll find out how to set up iTunes and your iPod, shop at the iTunes store, bring content into and play content in iTunes,...

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  • Harmonica For Dummies<sup>®</sup>


    Are you hankering to play the harmonica? Harmonica For Dummies is an easy-to-read practice guide that gives you step-by-step instructions and gets you making music in no time! Even if you’re an experienced harmonica player, this jump-in-anywhere...

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  • audio livro

    Stand by for Mars by ROCKWELL, Carey


    Tom Corbett - Space Cadet was one of the first multimedia sensations. In the 1950s the character had his own radio show, TV series, comic book, breakfast cereal, and a line of young-adult novels. A cross between Tom Browns School Days and Horatio...

    R$ 24,90
    (Assinatura Mensal com Conteúdo Ilimitado)
  • Stand Up for Your Life


    Provides strategies for making over one's inner life and explains how to transform such obstacles as self-doubt, conflict phobia, and anxiety into a firm foundation for building personal power and self-confidence.

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  • Photo Retouching & Restoration For...

    King, Julie Adair

    Explains how to fix problems on photographs scanned into a computer or shot with a digital camera, covering topics including color, exposure, scratches, compositions, focus, and red eye.

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  • Upgrading & Fixing Pcs For...


    Covers upgrades for gaming, digital video, and entertainment! Transform your PC into a glitch-free, turbocharged, multimedia machine Want to add punch to your PC? This handy reference helps add power to your old computer. Easy steps show you how...

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  • Guerrilla Marketing For Job Hunters 3.0 - How...

    Levinson,Jay Conrad; Perry,David

    The latest strategies for job hunters revealed in this revised and updated edition This new Third Edition features the latest job-hunting strategies for the Information Age. You'll discover key techniques to reach hiring managers at the employers you...

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  • Arabic For Dummies<sup>®</sup>

    Bouchentouf, Amine

    Arabic For Dummies®

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  • Switching To a Mac<sup>®</sup> For...


    Thinking of making the switch from your PC to a Mac? Congratulations! You’re in for a great, virus-free ride. And Switching to Mac For Dummies makes it smoother than you ever imagined. From buying the Mac that’s right for you to transferring your...

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  • Opera For Dummies<sup>®</sup>

    Pogue,David; Speck, Scott

    Introduces the history and terminology of opera, explains the stories of seventy-five favorites, and looks at major composers and singers

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  • e-book

    We Too Stand - A Call for the...


     We Too Stand seeks to enlighten and educate African American churches and communities across the country about the importance of supporting Israel. 

  • Islam For Dummies<sup>®</sup>


    Presents a guide to the Islamic faith, discussing its origins and history, rituals, tenets, varieties of belief, the Koran, and the role of Islam.

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  • e-book

    What Do You Stand For? For Kids - A Guide to...

    Lewis,Barbara A.

    True stories, inspiring quotations, thought-provoking dilemmas, and activities help elementary school children build positive character traits including caring, fairness, respect, and responsibility. Includes updated resources and reproducible

  • e-book

    What Do You Stand For? For Teens - A Guide to...

    Lewis,Barbara A.

    Young people need guidance from caring adults to build positive character traits--but they can also build their own. This inspiring book invites them to explore and practice honesty, kindness, empathy, integrity, tolerance, patience, respect, and...

  • e-book

    Victory (eBook) - Make a stand for God and...

    Elza Meyer

    In VICTORY Elza Meyer discusses biblical concepts that are relevant for today. Based on a vision she had, she urges people to turn back to God and start living according to His principles. Then they will triumph over the red horse of war, the black...

  • e-book

    How to Stand Out - Proven Tactics for Getting...


    Win the respect you deserve You probably already have the skills to be more fulfilled and successful. But sometimes it’s about showcasing these skills so that colleagues, customers, friends and the rest of the world can recognize what you do.Drawing...

  • What We Stand for

    Green,Mark J.

    An essential collection of original essays from seventeen of the leading scholars and experts on the policies and ideas that shape the state of our nation, with topics covering everything from international law to political reform by Gary Hart,...

    sob encomenda
  • e-book

    A Look at Life from a Deer Stand - Hunting...


    In short chapters filled with excitement and humor, Steve Chapman takes readers on his forays into deer country. As they experience the joys of scouting whitetail bucks and does, they'apos;ll discover how the skills necessary for hunting can help...

  • e-book

    Maria Takes a Stand - The Battle for...

    Lutz,Norma Jean

    Time Period:  1914  1914 is a tough year for twelve-year-old Maria Schmidt. Ever since the Kaiser started a war in Europe, Maria'apos;s German-sounding surname has brought her trouble at school. Even worse, her family'apos;s been threatened because...

  • e-book

    Basic Training for the Fight of Your Life,...

    Mayhew, Robert Sr.

    The purpose of the book is to revive the spirit of real Christianity in the United States, stand against our'Adversary' and turn from our collective moral drift. Done as an analogy by telling my experiences in Basic Training in the Army and how those...

  • e-book

    A Look at Life from a Deer Stand Study Guide...


    This companion study guide draws on the stories in A Look at Life from a Deer Stand to encourage men to deepen their spiritual walk with the Lord and discover how biblical truths and wisdom can make their lives richer and more meaningful. By focusing...

  • e-book

    Get Off Your "But" - How to End Self-Sabotage...

    Stephenson, Sean

    'Sean is an amazing person with an important message.' —President Bill Clinton 'Sean Stephenson is the Yoda of personal development, with less pointy ears.' —Jimmy Kimmel, host of ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live 'As we struggle with inertia to become the...

  • e-book

    How to Stand Out - Proven Tactics for Getting...


    Win the respect you deserve You probably already have the skills to be more fulfilled and successful. But sometimes it’s about showcasing these skills so that colleagues, customers, friends and the rest of the world can recognize what you do.Drawing...

  • e-book

    Nimble Leader Volume II - What Do You Stand...

    Andrew Ortyn

    Throughout  Nimble Leader  (six volume series), we explore key concepts that have proven to be practical, useful, and applicable to achieving sustained improvement in business performance over the long term.   In Volume II: What Do You Stand For?,...

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